Dumbing What?

There are some expressions I hate.  I’m sure you have a few. “Jewish ethics” is one of these.  “Dumbing down” is another.  Neither are descriptive of anything that exists. There are many such goofy descriptions of things…but dumbing down just makes no sense.  I know.  I know what these particular buzz words are attempting to get across…but they purvey a ridiculous image.  One cannot be “dumbed”. Down or otherwise.  As anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of human development can tell you, a child’s perception of the world is formed in the pre-school years.  And intelligence is innate. What a child does with that capacity for problem-solving…what we call intelligence is almost entirely volitional.
You and I went through an educational system much like it exists today.  Believe me…I just finished observing 12 years of my child’s “education” in the United Snakes…and I know what public training is like currently.  It is full of nonsense for the most part…as it has been for many a generation.  The system only reflects what today’s society deems important for our children to learn.  Which, apart from math, is mostly bullshit. Those in charge write the world’s history…the recent winners.  Language is always changing.  The political correctness of the day is always taught on many levels.  In essence, it hasn’t changed much here since Horace Mann came back from Prussia in the 1830’s and instituted his “anti-intellectualism” reform that he learned there, which was used to train the soldiery of the area. It was a system to prepare youth for war.  Period.  So from then on, our schools have not been about educating anyone…they have been about training.  Big difference.  And one that the general populace in the U.S. has never seemed to grasp.  And many countries world-wide have adopted such a model of “education”.

True education, is a self-imposed phenomenon.  It can certainly be guided this way or that…but at the end of the day…what one truly knows is garnered by intellectual curiosity.  It has always been that way.  It is the way of things.
So when I hear that our youth is being “dumbed down”, I understand that the phrase refers to the “training” provided in those brick buildings to which we send our young, however…these training grounds cannot make anyone “dumb”, unless of course they remove our children’s power of speech.  This discourse does not cover the medications that the system has in store for the children that question their training.  Any parent that is “dumb” enough to subject their child to such abuse…shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce in the first place…but that’s a different discussion altogether.

In this, what I like to refer to as “the age of the jew”, our embedded youth-training systems fit as nicely into the talmudic ill-regard for non-tribe members, as does the television in the corner of your living room.  They both attempt an indoctrination of the masses that is “somewhat” effective.  But certainly not entirely.  As I said before, education comes from within…not from training.
You and I went through this military training and if anything, we are not worse for it…we are not “dumb”…but we are more inquisitive, more “educated”…because of it.  For a lifetime of training can be entirely in vain, when intellectual curiosity rears its head.  And it does.  Right here.  It always has…and it always will.  Truth will out.

I am old enough to have seen the ashkanazi influence creeping into our training schools.  Just as my mother was able to speak Latin that she learned in public primary schools of early in the last century, I too was taught many things that have gone by the wayside in public training system.  I remember a time when the devastation of WWII, for instance was not taught as merely a “jewish” pogrom.  We were made to understand that over 50 million people died in that conflict world-wide, and we knew nothing of imaginary “death camps” in Germany and Poland.  Of course not because these were facts that had not yet come to light…but that the narrative had yet to be invented for our “poor jew” training.  As is said, history is written by the winners.  And the jewish won that war big-time.  And they now pen world history…as it is presented as training.  But that is not education by any stretch of the imagination.

So when I hear people out here decrying the state of our “educational systems”…saying that they are “dumbing down” our youth, I have to give pause and wonder what they mean by those phrases.  To my way of thinking, such a combination of words is a bit oxymoronic.  And it has nothing to do with intelligence, or those few precious developmental years in which we as parents must help guide our children by encouraging their natural intellectual curiosity. And we must do this long before Horace Mann and his currently yiddish-designed training system becomes ineffectual.  And ineffectual it will be, if upon these blank slates of tiny minds, we as parents, implant the notion to question anything that does not make sense.


20 thoughts on “Dumbing What?

  1. Howdy Timster(?)My first comment at your blog. Have seen several of yourcomments elsewhere, you are obviously well educated(well trained?).for some reason I squirmed whilsts reading this piece of yours.Hopefully, i have misunderstood your thrust.Let's see, where to begin?** Any parent that is "dumb" enough to subject their child to such abuse…shouldn't be allowed to reproduce in the first place…but that's a different discussion altogether**Let's take that tangential path, shall we?A parent without the proper training will not know enough to avoid medicating their child…no?I mean any parent would not intentionally harm their child .Consequently, any parent doing that is not dumb but uneducated(badly trained)…no?please correct me if I am mistaken or i misunderstand you.The privileged put their children into private schools knowing full well the public schoools are wholely inadequate to prviding proper training. Generally speaking, the difference between the privileged private schools and under privilged public shcools is the quality of training…no?I apologize if i misunderstood what you were attempting to convey.I am sure you will clarify this. Thankssheesh wv medum medicate them? *shivering with dread**

  2. For some reason while reading this, the thought of dumbing up kept running through my mind.@Peter. With all due respect, a parent without proper training would be a prime candidate for medication of their child. A parent without proper training is more likely to cause their child harm. And as a matter of fact, most parents don't even qualify as parents.Ben-

  3. Peter – Welcome to the wonderful world of how dare i comments! Well, not to put too fine a point on it…if a parent would allow authorities to medicate their children…that is to say, to go along with the program…then they have received their indoctrination and are therefore trained well. And in my estimation…inadequate as parents.But thanks for the comment. It shows that you actually read your assignment and I give you a B+…

  4. Yup…dead on Timster.I've been teaching kids (6 of my own)and thousands of others for 45 years.And I've watched the progressionfrom bright intuitive kids…to abject drug induced, Talmud-visionimpaired, gutless, aimless moronswho only know how to push buttons.Mission Accomplished.

  5. First of all with a name like Timster Howdarei, you aren't from the states are you? Second you use words I don't hear in my beighborhood! Thirdly you need to witness firsthand some of the home boys I encounter where I work! Fouth it's natural for young men in my hood to be innates. Fifth the young girls use their well rounded, you know so they sometimes get violent. Damn some of them sisters are mean!!! Six we sure as hell ain't going to let no one named Horace in our neighborhood! Seven, we educate ourselves. I viewed the movie Phenomenon when no one was watching. It gave me some of that intellectual curiosity, you be talking about. I been reading all kinds of books since the Phenomenon movie, even checked out a Portuguese book from the library. I'm now inquisitive about everything, my Bro's think I'm strange. I even understand the tresspassing sign. Am I a oxymoron?When I'm not reading your blog, my brain is full of sweet sorrow… Can you help me Mr. Howdarei? I'm trying to be Smartened Up!!! AH, HAHAHA, YOUR GOOD BUDDY, GLENSTER RA TRICKSTER. (seemed like a good post to act dunb & dumber on, i have never seen that movie though!)

  6. @Benmost parents don't even qualify as parents.Ben- This is chilling BEn, while in theeory I maaaay agree, in practice you are advocating what the globalists say: "Hand over your kids to the state cuz you ain't qualified."No matter how unqualified parents are, so-called experts have no business telling parents what to do with their offspring. Even if parents are unqualified.The sad part of this situation is, the dumbing down of generations is now complete and those several generations are nothing more then drugged insects inside a glass jar.

  7. Hi Timster!Wow, I could comment on this subject endlessly!! Btw, great comments so far, although your b+ student must become more alert and inquisitive. You may be right, the schools that most of us endured did nothing to satisfy our natural curiosity, so we only became thirstier to really know something real and true and relevant. You and I went through these institutions of bullshit and still came out questioning and even more determined to know. And did the schools ever ask us to explore the vast world of ourselves, no!!!! They skipped the most essential and concentrated on numbers and historical lies!I was a straight-A student and learned absolutely nothing in school…. Just to go along, be a good girl ( I was in Catholic schools ), and DON'T ask questions! Still, it is true, they could not destroy the part of me that must know for myself what is true and good and real. I am still asking….I have six children, I sent them off to school at times, I also homeschooled them for many years. It was fulfilling for me, but as adults now they still believe in that whole educational system! So we do our best, but allowing your child to be drugged by these people is just too much!I encourage all children to be wild and free and just be yourself. If you happen to rock boats, who cares!!And too, watching my beautiful grandchildren, they seem to be going along with things, but we shall see. Thanks for bringing up a most interesting topic that really needs to be explored again and again! If I had my choice, we would close all of the schools and perhaps have learning centers that would not be mandatory. Thank you again,Marigold

  8. Tim, I understand your problem with the term "dumbing down". We gave all seen the onslaught on education that really set in with the upsurge of 'Holoco$t sensitivity training". Suddenly, as you say, the whole curriculum began to drop to the point it is at now.The thought that a kid can now graduate from high school without taking Math or English or History still knocks my socks off. I know a kid who took "bachelor survival" as an option! This is NOT education.But I do believe that the lowering of the educational standards and the lowering of IQ levels via drugs and fluoride are having an effect on the younger generations. One aspect is the big rush to medicate kids who question or do not blindly follow curriculum and behaviour.Not addressed also is the latest American treat of having terrorism training in the class room as part of basic curriculum. What does this do to young minds? And does it not also teach potential murderers just how to go about it better?Is there a more accurate term for "dumbing down" that you would find acceptable. To me, the lowering of IQ levels IS dumbing down, or just, the lowering of IQ levels. The lowering of comprehension and human compassion, cause and effect, the human cost of actions (ie war), the ability to problem solve. These are things that just don't seem to be of importance in the educational systems today. My girls were lucky to have access to a school in which parents played an active role. There were educational standards but the parents had a direct hand in how the curriculum was presented. It was definitely the way to go.No one had last names. The principal was "Liz", first name basis for all. They still learned when to use appropriate forms of address.I taught them by example of boycott and they FINALLY thanked me for never giving them mind numbing crap cereals or taking them to Disneyland. I was too poor to buy premade so everything was scratch food. No barbie dolls. At the ages of 5 and 9 they were arrested for protecting trees up in the wilderness. It was their choice once I had made sure they were educated on the options.(BTW they loved lasagna or pizza for breakfast).To me raising responsible compassionate intelligent young women was the goal. Education is what we put into our kids, and the insight we, as parents, provide. Call me a freak, but that was what my instincts told me to go about it. Some folks still question a few of my parenting techniques, but they paid off. A good example of my style: My younger wanted, at 14, to grow up to be a dominatrix. Sheesh I had to look up the word! Anyhow, to deal with this, I took her to a fetish art show where she got a public controlled view of things and met a r/t Dominatrix. Then we learned, it was all about the footwear, nothing more, a fashion statement. (Which she grew out of immediately). BAD irresponsible MOTHER I was called by family. But it worked.To be able to wage the struggle for their freedom we have to teach our children in an age appropriate way about the reality of oppression not as a closed world from which there is no exit, but as a limiting situation which they can turn around. The huge key was keeping optimism alive without that pie in the sky foolishness.THE COLLEGE CONSPIRACYhttp://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2011/07/college-conspiracy.html(Apologizes for title)THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICAhttp://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2010/12/deliberate-dumbing-down-of-america.htmlTHE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN EDUCATIONhttp://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2009/06/destruction-of-american-education-and.htmlThis last article is definitely worth a read, folks. OOOPS, I rambled. Sowwy.

  9. Peter-I would never advocate handing over a child to the state. That's a teenyweeny bit far out there. As a matter of fact, I don't advocate much of anything. It just seemed to me, that your statement came from a more balanced place than the one we currently occupy and call reality.peaceBen-

  10. if ya hav the time…and inclination…most of gatto's 'underground history of american education' is worth the read.free in entirety onlinehttp://www.johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/ chap 8, sub chap; plato's guardians is one i use a lot for quotes.

  11. Kikz – I swear by Gatto's works…always have! The man is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for linking him. All: GO TO THIS LINK AND READ! You won't be sorry. He has a LOT to teach us all.

  12. Noor – Thank you for your comment and the links. I'm sure my readers will find them helpful.You pose many interesting questions. IMHO…IQ is and always has been a bit of a myth. The classic definition of intelligence…the attribute that this quotient is supposed to represent…is the ability to solve problems. Testing for this quality is always culturally loaded…even the most esteemed psycho-babblers agree on that. So what is this number but a vague and subjective separator for even more social engineering?I don't believe that this number can be reduced or increased by outside stimulus after the formative years of childhood. I think the ability to solve problems can be severely impaired by drug usage…and I have a HUGE problem with these synthetic psychotropics being given to children that do not "behave". Give me the child that misbehaves and I will show you an independent thinker as a child…a leader as an adult. But of course that type of personality does not fit into the regimen of the public training systems that we refer to as schools.What word or concept would I use in place of "dumbing down"? I think there are many…indoctrination, brow-beating…limiting horizons…negative reinforcement…or simply, LYING to otherwise intelligent children about the way things are in the world. But that never works for long with a child of normal to superior problem-solving skills. As it hasn't with you and I.

  13. Kikz, thanks loads for the link. I used Gatto's work when I first began blogging then lost my links. The man is amazing and even just reading ONE page a few moments ago has given me "fresh" insights into our current system of mind control. AND how we came to be where we are now.Thanks a lot and Timster is right. EVERYONE stands to learn from this man.

  14. you're very welcome timster… and you too noor! hi :)here are 3 more frm my 'required reading' bkmks, first 2, by a triber.. but very informative.. sorry, can't find a link for free e's. also sorry, i'm too tech challenged to do tinyurl's.. or live links in comments :)gustavas myers history of great american fortuneshttp://books.google.com/books/about/History_of_the_great_American_fortunes.html?id=5tkJAAAAIAAJmyershistory of the supreme courthttp://books.google.com/books?id=Mt89AAAAIAAJ&source=gbs_book_similarbooksboth, horizon widening tomes.. other related books of myers' there too.oooh, and my all time fav.. this is an odd but short one… i had no idea, until i had to find a current link, that this has a lib/congress card cat #?! cliff notes for zioworld domination…the occult technology of powerhttp://www.rexresearch.com/articles/ocultech.htmenjoy y'all ๐Ÿ™‚

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