It’s Official…

I hate to be the one that pees in the pool.  A lot of people out here are going to disagree with me on this one.  Well, that’s ok.  That’s what this whole alternative blogosphere is about after all.  Voicing opinions…getting every dynamic on the table…so we all can look at them…examine them and come up with the best direction.

That being said, I predict that unless something radical…and I mean violently radical happens in the next week or so…the “revolution”, the “occupy” movement is officially dead.  Dissuaded.  Diluted.  Ineffectual.  Dead on the vine. 
I just read that the “unions” are stepping into this phenom…on the side of the workers.  Call it off.  No one out in the streets will have lung power to stop this derailment.  You might as well start serving apple pie, getting up a game of scrub baseball and calling your Moms out to the “revolution”.  No one is going to say “no” to the unions.  Along with all the above mentioned icons, unions and “democracy” are some of those entities that the masses always fall for.  No one ever sees the jewish hand that moves THAT body of infiltrators…at least no one in recent generations.  Who needs agent provocateurs, when you have the funds and organizing power of the union bosses.  They will guide this revolt to calmer waters.  You can bank on that one.  Hollyweird celebs haven’t got a chance in hell of matching their capabilities for deflection. Everyone knows that unions are on “our side”. 
Call all the kids home.  It’s over.  For now anyway.  And the next time that celebrities and unions show up…maybe we will have learned.  But I doubt it. People will never see that the JPTB and unions are now…and have always been…nose to nose like a pair of lovers.  In a dark alley though.  Not out in the open so that you can see the “good cop-bad cop” routine clearly.

Unions in this country…since the wobblys of the early twentieth century… to the defusing of the recent debacle in Wisconsin…have been the PTB’s slight of hand.  As they say, to control the opposition…lead it.  And unions ALWAYS have.  Worker’s unions are a jewish enterprise in this country, that stems from communist Russia.  Any pol/sci major can tell you this…but then again, such students of history are more likely to be drinking champagne than on the street carrying signs.

So assuming that I am right on this one(and I am always right)…where do we go now?  Now that they have called in the heavy artillery.

Well, as I said up there at the top…unless something VIOLENT happens, you might as well go back to work tomorrow.  Of course I cannot say that I condone violence here on this site.  Even if I did…which I don’t.  But if history has shown us anything, in this country anyway, nothing gets accomplished…or even started…without it.
A few CNN talkers need to decorate some Wall Street light poles.  A union president needs to be found face down in a park fountain…if this revolt is going to get its message across.  But these things won’t happen.  Not now.  This revolt is designed after the “peaceful” revolution of Egypt.  And it’s going to be just about as potent at the end of the day.  That is to say “meet the new boss…same as the old boss”.

I’m sorry to be the wet blanket.  I don’t enjoy this.  I, more than almost anyone I know, want to see the yiddish toppled in this country…this world.  I didn’t start this site to give up. But I don’t see it happening.  Not right now.  I don’t see the focus…I see only subterfuge and submission and slight of hand.

I know…what a party-pooper.  What a nay-sayer.  What the hell do I want?  Blood in the streets?  No.  Not unless it is the blood of jewish bankers leaping to THEIR death from lack of any other option, as a lynch-mob makes their way up to their offices.  I want them to feel the desperate resignation felt by the office workers that chose to leap to their end on 9/11.  I want it ALL to come home to these ashkanazis.  But it won’t as long as they have their people leading the dissent.  And now they do.  The Unions!


33 thoughts on “It’s Official…

  1. i am so glad you wrote this. i thought the same thing when i read about the pilots marching..then the marines marching.. then the unions marching. my first reaction was to recoil, but none of the alternative news feeds batted an eye! in fact, they seemed relieved, and delighted! this is a done deal now.. over. the fat lady sang off key at a ball game years ago.. remember?

  2. Like Alex Jones and the MSM you have decided to "turn people off" to the Wall Street occupation. Your disinfo tail is showing. "but jewsw are unions!". Dumb fuck.

  3. So the poseur hippie wannabe movement is co-opted already? That didn't take long. I'm sorry the poor little rich kids will have to pay for things and the hopey changey magic unicorn fairy utopia is postponed until further notice. The poseur hippie movement will vote for the choco jesus the great friend of the lil' guy and anti-wall street crusader.

  4. This will probably be more dashed hopes, and dreams, and failed negotiations, and spin. There is more to this, Nature knows this species can only try. Just when it look like the same old shit (I'm old enough to have been through this a few rides), there is the weather, and fire, and rumblings from deep down. It is already here, and protest is not meaningless if it is a declaration of agreement with what is right. Nature doesn't take sides, but choosing wisely will hopefully help some to understand the rest of it.

  5. maybe we need some bank robbers or something,if I was a bank robber this would be an opportune moment,but them bank robbers would need to then take that money outside and burn it in front of the wall street tyrant rat squids….that would get a few hearts pumping that glorious stuff,burning the jew rat squids god will probably give half of them a heart attack…..I dont trust the unions eitherfrom now on am going to start naming the jews timster,but I have to define between little people jews who I have met and are nothing like that rat squids,so I say we need some bank robbers….neil

  6. Hey Timster,…Yeah, I saw that coming too. As soon as that fat fucking fraud Michael Moore appeared, getting the stooges to call out in unison, everything he said; it reminded me of a famous Football player here in Australia, who was something of a "media" rogue. "Jacko", the guy was nutz in a made-for-Telaviv-ision nutz way.Well, this one time, he was at a "youth rally" celebrating Kultural diversity and all things "progressive", however, he took the opportunity to take-the-piss out of the event, he organised this swaying massive crowd of kids that had been subjected to pro-melting-pot pop-rock and the banalities of the pop-rock celebrities, to jump into the air in unison and shout "I'm an Individual!", which was the title of a pop/rap song he had released in rothschalia, which went to number 1 with a rocket. (must watch, Those kids jumped and screamed in unison at his beck and call several times, eventually "Jacko" the Football hero up there on the stage, was in paroxysms of laughter, not one of those kids got the irony of it. He was beside himself with hysterical laughter. I met him in a trendy Night-Cafe/Bar shortly after this event, I was still a Journo at the time, he is no mug, he was eloquent and lucid, and he was disdainful of the education system and the Teacher's union, that while taking an active part in dumbing down the children, were at the same time striking for pay and conditions claims! Yids own the unions and the executive thereof.So sad, yet so true, when peaceful revolution is not possible, violent revolution is inevitable…veritas

  7. Beaver said…(insert name of favorite blood thirsty deity here), I hope you're not right, but you do have a point. I thought the "Marines" marching looked a bit funny. What if their commander told them not to, then it's insubordination, and (more deity naming) knows what would be done to them.Thanks for the insight,M. Beaver

  8. Neal – You said "protest is not meaningless if it is a declaration of agreement with what is right." I agree with that. It can however be co-opted, and that is what I think we are seeing…the MSM is making it look like a sporting event, a McDonalds protest. It, like so many before it, have been dodged by the PTB. But we must keep trying. I suggest hangman's nooses instead of placards.

  9. V – Thanks for the link. That dude is Uhhhhgly(and he can't sing). Reminds my of the LOB scene, "You are ALL individuals!… YES, we are ALL individuals!…(I'm not)"

  10. Rumor is, Soros funds this one too. Take it from there.Big Soros Money Linked to “Occupy Wall Street” Morgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million To NYPD On Eve Of Protests saw it coming. More planned demolition and distractions to diffuse the steam of the passionate ones.Now, get over it and go mourn the death of Steve Jobs like a good Amerikkkan!

  11. Noor – It does have all the earmarks."…it's the only thing that explains the ease of our escape".Is Jobs going on the "suspicious deaths" page, I wonder?

  12. Hey Timster,…Noor, well there it is! Soros the satanic twat, always has his grubby little yid hands in the shitcan. Never fear space-cadets, I cousin veritas6464 have the answer: Jeroboam sized (coincidentally, the alleged name of the alleged founder; and first king of the alleged Israel, 931-910 BC – ah, the poetry of the justice SINGS!) Champagne bottles filled with Molotov Cocktail fuel and delivered to the executive levels of the JP Morgan offices in the Elevator, obsequious "With Compliments" slips attached – when those fat spiders see those bubbly babes, they'll be all over them like a cheap suit.When the filthy parasites try to twist out the corks. "Click" – "fizz" – "flash" – "Ka-fucking-Boom!" 70 or 80 toasted cockroaches peeling of the walls like soggy Pop-tarts!OK? Sweet, consider that one sorted, next problem please.cousin veritas

  13. Regarding Jobs, I doubt it. He has been waging this battle for a very long time. Those others were fast growing but he did the implant route and everything. This was a long term struggle. Besides, he invested in China labour just like the other big boys.

  14. Sim – What do you mean…"mildly"…hahaha.Thank you. At least someone got it. It's an "israeli" company that sent me an email stating that they had "noticed" my blog got a lotta hits and wouldn't it be great to increase my readership by podcasting the content. I simply couldn't resist. I mean if I can make it easier for them to track me…even down to the point that some hasbara goon won't have to actually "read" my blog…well, I say, why not, huh?No one but you has actually pointed this out. I appreciate your observation! Now I can feel the joke wasn't lost entirely…

  15. Thank you for your reply Tim. Strike then, that "mildly surprised". Dumbfounded was more like it, but I thought that saying so might be a bit strong.I reasoned that it had to be a joke, or that you had lost your marbles…As your marbles remain in situ, here's hoping that when the punchline to the joke does arrive, that it's not on us 😉

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