Who Are The Sheep?

A lot has been written out here about the common man being nothing more than a member of a herd of sheep.  I can understand where that sentiment comes from.  It looks that way from a distance.  There are definitely herd tendencies being displayed in our modern world.  This analogy is also been applied to the Western Gentile as a whole, by the anti-jewish blogosphere.  And I can see that too.  But I do not agree wholeheartedly. 
Yes, the ashkanazi mindset….that of supremacy…has finally achieved most of its goals, I think.  They occupy the true seats of power now. They rule.  The world is a mess.  They apparently aren’t very good at it.  Or perhaps this is what they envisioned in the dark alleyways of Krakow a few centuries ago.  Maybe this is how they want things to be.  I dunno.  Kinda sick, if you ask me.  But hey…I’m not jewish…so maybe I just don’t get it.  Or they may not be finished yet.  Many people in the above mentioned blogosphere…real Gentile people…would have you understand that their scheme will not see fruition until we are all in chains…literally.  I don’t know if I agree with that either.
But I think that we can all agree, that they don’t all seem to agree on their “protocols”…if there even are such contrivances.  Whatever.

But I think of another jew.  One that isn’t caught up in any grand scenario of world dominance.  There are plenty out there.  And of course they are going to be offended by sites like mine.  Detraction of their culture as a whole.  Broad sweeping virulent generalizations about their families and their cultural heritage.  You would too…I think.  
So when I see some mouthy jewish kid defending his cult…I gotta think…isn’t he part of a large herd of misguided even-toed ungulates?  I mean aren’t we all?…by definition.  We all look to our leaders for….well…leadership.  Direction.  Sanity even.  For a way to view reality that makes sense and that we can take home and live by.  Or rather live without.  That is to say, most people I have met are more interested in just getting on with their lives than philosophy.  They have kids to raise…jobs to hold down…etc.  Most do not have the inclination or the acumen for social aesthetics.  And I cannot fault them for that.  Even the common Western jew.  For he is also trying to live his life.  Albeit using different basic rules than the Gentile, he too looks to his leaders for guidance and a cultural meme that works well enough so that he can get on with “life on the ground”, so to speak.
Among the truths that most men( at least most Gentiles) accept is the notion that all men are equal.  So any culture that defies that fact is bound to rankle those that accept it.  It is so basic and simple and apparent.  To posit supremacy of any particular group of people is ludicrous to us.  Not only ludicrous…but taboo.  As well it should be.  For to even entertain that flawed thinking leads down a very dangerous slippery slope.  For those that would accept it…and those that would suffer from it.  So the leaders of this cult of judaism…the ones that provide the basic view of life to most Western jews…espouse such nonsense. And they do so either blatantly as through rabbinical views, or between the lines in their propaganda. So then the jewish “sheep” that accept this edict are no better than those Gentiles that are so counter-anthropomorphized.  Does that make sense? For all the alleged superior intelligence that this cult-ture of judaism assumes that they possess inherently, they unquestionably purchase more of their own mythology than the fundamentalist Christian of the dullest mentality.  Even Gilad Atzmon, a jew that is very critical of his own culture, and someone that I hold in high esteem for his considerable influence, accepts the myth of the holocaust as being a fact.  Go figure.

Maybe I am picking the fly-poop out of the pepper as they say, but to me this is integral in understanding how this cult has achieved so much power. Myth.  For us; for them.  Many speak to the jewish propaganda foisted upon the Gentile…but what of the myths hammered into the brains of their own?  This little mental exercise of mine, is in no way meant to excuse the machinations of the yiddish crime cult wielding so much power right now and the horror it has unleashed upon the world.  I am in no fashion a jewish apologist.  You should know that by now.  However, to defeat your enemy…you must understand him.  As a supremacist cult…he certainly understands us, and our “sheep-like” quality.  He must… to dominate us as he has.  I am merely trying to return the compliment…and by so doing…perhaps uncover his Achilles heel.

I met a young jew recently.  All of this is news to him.  His father is an israeli. His mother is an amerikan flibbertigibbet. He has little to no knowledge of what is going on in the world outside of his own little routines…like most of us.  He isn’t rich.  He isn’t filled with hate.  Just a pretty normal guy.  Agreed, he is probably more on the “exception” side of judaism, than the “rule”.  But he is a seemingly unassuming human being…not exceptional in any particular way.  I attribute this in him to the fact that he wasn’t raised by or around a close-knit jewish family/community.  More the better, as I have told him.  He has a unique perspective of things.  If anything, he is more reluctant to admit to his cultural heritage than assume that it would give him an advantage in his surroundings.
I mention him here to lend credence to my belief…firstly that jews are after all, only humans.  And secondly to drive home the importance of cultural mythology and its dulling and sometimes dangerous effect on such blank slates as children’s minds.  At this point the young man in question only knows that his culture is hated.  I don’t think he fully understands why.  But I see that as part of my mission…having been on the receiving end of his cult’s supremacist myths…to school him.  

For along with this site, which is viewed as offensive to those of his heritage that are perhaps too entrenched in the hate taught them…I see it as a responsibility to open the eyes of as many “sheep” as possible.
Gentile…or jew.
“A group of 36 US lawmakers have in a letter to the FBI and the US State Department urged the Palestinians released from Israeli prisons to be put on the terrorist watch list.”


The Chess Game, Or "Don’t Go In There, Tex…It’s A Trap!"

Have you ever been at a protest?  Well, if you haven’t…you haven’t lived.  What an adrenal rush.  How empowering it feels.  The camaraderie…the bodies…it’s almost sexy.  It is sexy.  It is something to hear your own voice mixed with those of your fellow dissidents flying in the face of the “man”.  No matter who the man is.  And when it comes right down to it…it is always cops.  Cops doing their job….as they view it…the best they can.  Reactive….with emotions running through their brains, spilling from duty to defense to offense.  It has a circus atmosphere of daring,  potential violence and the false thrills of a really kick-ass drug.
And it usually accomplishes nothing.  Nothing for the participants anyway.  I don’t attend them anymore.  I never relished the idea of being the lowest chess piece on the board.

I remember as a kid watching silly westerns on a Saturday afternoon at a matinee just for kids.  There was always the part where the hero unwittingly walks into a trap set by the bad guy.  We in the audience know that the hero…if he isn’t careful…will fall for it.  And he always does.  Every time.  Of course he gets out of the trap eventually, and it only served to prove that the bad guy was REALLY bad.  Anyone that would deliberately ambush our hero like that! 

I also remember kids around me screaming at our hero not to fall for it…not to go in that door…not to open that chest; as if he could hear them.  I looked around at the emotional faces of my friends and wondered what in hell could be going through their heads…screaming at a movie screen like that.  Then caught myself doing it.  Fun times.  Harmless.

I’m going to partake in that emotive activity again here today.  I am going to address those attending the many “occupy” protests.
“It’s a trap!” 
“Don’t go in there!”

Well…maybe it isn’t quite that urgent.  But having that same feeling I had as a kid…knowing that things aren’t as they seem to the hero…I can once again try to help our celluloid idol.  For if you attend…that is what you are.  A fiction.  A yiddish one.

Go to the protests.  Show your solidarity against corporate greed and war.  Do it.  Enjoy the experience and let your voice be heard. Enjoy the sexiness of it all.  But don’t take it too seriously.  It is indeed a trap of sorts.  It has been planned like that chess game of which I spoke, up there somewhere.  Planned by a chess-master.  You can foil a few of his moves.  You can raise a defense here and there…but the game is his…as long as you choose to play.  When you sit down to play by established rules…it is his game.  And he will win.

I never really liked the game of chess.  I was good at it when I was younger…but I didn’t care for the uncomfortable feeling of deceit that one has to assume, to play it well.  To master the game, you must be deceitful.  You must assume that you are in a war trying to outwit your foe.  Outwit is not the right word though.  Out-sneak is more descriptive.  You must deceive your opponent into believing that you are going to attack on one front…while you are mustering your forces on another.  It is nerve-racking for those that are basically honest people.  There are such animals.  One has to suspend that openness to be furtive.  Be furtive to win the game.  On some level during any game I have played…I was also incessantly battling with my conscience over being so dishonest…even if only a little.  But enough to tell me that winning a silly board game isn’t worth that suspension of my personality.  So I don’t play it anymore.  There are many out there that are better at the game than I.  And they worry me.  I think the best of them are almost always of khazarian strains.
Hmmm…I wonder if there is a connection there?  Of course there is.  The qualities required of this particular game are intelligence,of sorts(assuming that intelligence is the relative ability to solve problems), and….let’s face it…most importantly…sneakiness.  The same process that the bad guy has to have to set traps for our hero.  There is nothing noble about this game.  It is war on a table.  And by deception we will do war.

But back to the protests.  I said a few posts back that I believe these world-wide revolutions are all planned.  Planned by the chess-masters.  The bad guys.  I have seen nothing recently to dissuade me from that position.  Have you?  Aren’t these just well-played chess moves that force an outcome? And isn’t the outcome of all this revolt always “new boss=old boss”?  And isn’t the new boss worse than the last?  Remember…as in chess, they must create a problem…then provide the solution for which you the opponent will fall…a trap.  A trap that wins the game for them.  You may put up your defenses here and there against the master…trying to protect all that is dear to you.  Fending off every attack, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. You may take a few sacrificed pieces of the enemy…while he is having you chase chem-trails and Freemasonry…watching celebrities while Palestine loses its voice in the UN.  Occupying Wall Street, while he lives in luxury in the Hamptons or Brentwood.
We are still playing “their” game.  We are sitting opposite them at their table.  This will never win anything against the master in his contest. But life isn’t the game that the ashkanazi banker thinks it is. We will eventually get out of the trap.  The real historic episode will begin when the board is dumped and his pieces go flying to the floor. But not before.

So enjoy your protesting…for now.  Feel the power that you could have.  You will need that spirit later.  Thrill at the “coming attractions”.  Then think about taking the battle off the chess board.  Off the screen.  The only place we can actually win.

We Were Talking About Hate…

A couple of posts ago, I brought up the emotion.  And that is what it is. Hate. An almost uncontrollable urge.  A cave-man survival tool.  We still have it in spades.  It lurks in our prehistoric brain box that we carry around with us.  It will pop up and tell us things…about society…about ourselves.  Like most urges, it can be stimulated artificially.  It is always at the ready.  Ready to defend us; to preserve us; to destroy us.

Likes and dislikes are those thoughts that require thought process.  Experience.  I dislike seafood.  Through the experience of having consumed it on many occasions…I have decided that I don’t care for it, thank you anyway.  But that dislike was borne of involving myself in the experience.  I don’t hate seafood.  I don’t hate argyle socks.  I just don’t care for them.  They can evoke an emotion similar to hatred…but I am not on a crusade to ban them forever.  I don’t secretly feed my hate monster by burning them in effigy. Some guys like them…I don’t hate those that do. 

I do hate judaism.  This is both a dislike and a hatred.  It is borne of experience that I have allowed to transcend to that ancient brain function…for purposes of survival.  I try not to blindly hate those that practice that gutter religion…and by practice, I don’t mean those that merely worship in a synagogue.  I refer to those jews that have bought into the very anti-human “chosen-ness” of it’s culture.  Those that accept the religious teachings of judaism just enough to think themselves better than their fellow humans.  These are not holy people.  Not that I have much tolerance for anything “holy”.  That state of being never produced anything positive in my estimation.  But that may just be me.  I am speaking now of “jews” that take that edict and run with it; that can become the object of my hatred.  They are mostly secular.  That is to say that they are happy to be part of a culture that they have been told are supreme human beings, but relegate all else taught in their religion/culture to its proper place of supernatural voodoo.  In my view of things, they are right to do that.  But the ones that pick up on the supremacist part of the religion and nothing else, stimulates that defensive hatred in me.  And it should you.  Of course all religious people “pick and choose” what fits them best and make it their modified Christianity, or Islam…for few religions could withstand strict adherence to all their edicts.  Judaism, however is the only religion that includes in its dogma, the notion of the supremacy of its followers.  And that…as we have witnessed…is an exceptionally dangerous notion.

I have implied up there that I try not to hate anything before I understand it.  Jews fall under this personal guideline.  Especially those that exhibit all the outward indications of “jewishness”…because I understand that all jews are not supremacist assholes.  I know this to be a fact.  Through experience.  I am not easily duped…and I question most everything.  I have always been such a pain in the butt.  So if I meet a well-heeled person with a huge hook-nose, beady close-set eyes and kinky dark hair…then yes, warning signals go off in my head.  But I do not act on them.  I am merely overly sensitive to what follows.  And that’s a shame.  But that is what I have learned from experience.  What the jew has taught me.  But I don’t unleash this primal emotion that he wants me to.  Not until I get to know the person.  No matter how many strikes they have against them…they still get all the pitches.

When I see in the media…the social engineering that to me is blatant…the artificial stimulation of hatred in its intended audience…my blood boils.  The primordial emotion comes to the surface and it is strong.  Its strength lies in the fact that it is both…a reflection of experience…and that blunt instrument of violent thought.  Not that I would react with violence.  I understand that this is just what the stimulation is attempting to produce.  I will not harm others.  Yet.

A reader asked me “who” will finally succumb to the violence that the system procures. Whether you see the “system” as a natural progression of the “Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion”…or merely greedy non-denominational banksters. Who will be one to cast the first stone?  If you are to apply the wisdom of the biblical parable and answer that those without sin will be the first…and we are talking about the “sins” of the ashkanazi…then I would conclude that most Gentiles certainly have the moral rationale to initiate such action.
I say most.  Not all.  For part and parcel to the horror that this tribe has brought to the world, is the willing non-jew’s participation.  The ones that enable this cult and their quest for artificial supremacy.

So I answered the reader’s query by saying “you”.  And so it shall be…I believe.  It will come to this; they will push it to this.
Obfuscate all you want, but at no point will those jews in the seats of power, retreat.  At no juncture will they say: “Sorry…our bad.  We have been naughty and we won’t do it anymore…here is all your money and power back”.  The very nature of the beast that I describe knows no such disengagement.  It ain’t gonna happen.  So as a fellow writer once stated, “when their push comes to our shove”…finding the one that will cast the first stone will not be difficult.  That time is coming.  They will be at your door…and you will know them.
They have taught us to go regularly to that well of hatred within ourselves.  To dip deep into such emotion to hate their enemies.  We know the path to that reservoir..all too well.  That is among their many mistakes.  No one rules the planet for long…because it is against the diversity within human nature.  That very “diversity” that they espouse…for the Gentile…not for themselves.  Those that have attempted global dominance in the past have suffered horrible defeat, relative to their efforts.  The judaic will also suffer the hate that they have visited upon the world…tenfold.  Hate breeds hate…even in the best of us.  Count on it.
Hate is unreasoning.  We have been taught to use it…and use it we will…for our survival.

Wait For It….

Like a really corny vaudeville joke…the punch line is coming.  And soon…if you can stand the suspense.  And even if you can’t.

As you know if you read here regularly…and fewer and fewer do…I don’t normally talk about economics.  It bores me to distraction.  And as the Dicken’s character Skimpole said “I am a child when it comes to matters of money”.  Not because, for my part, that I can’t understand it.  It just doesn’t interest me in the least…money and the usury that produces it. Too yiddish for me.

One of the oldest political tricks in the book is : create a problem, then launch the solution.  This is how I see the OWS movement.
I not only believe that it has been hijacked….I’ll go you one better…I think the occupy movement was dreamed up in its entirety by the very bankers that it was meant to bring down.  The jewish one-percent.  The movement and what it protests, is the “problem”.  For every jewish pundit has now come around to saying that these protesters really have something there.  They are right to get out on the streets.  Uh-huh.  When this happens, I have made up my mind(what there is left of it), that we are being played like a cheap fiddle.  On a roof, no less.

I would honestly wager my life(for I have come to value that quite a bit less than I used to), that very soon the JPTB via their mainstream media…are going to come up with a “solution” to the economic woes that have befallen us.  A solution that you ain’t gonna like.  It will probably have to do with one-world currency and phony taxes on the rich.  Mark my words.  And the “occupy” hipsters will fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.  It will look so good to them that they will jump at it like a drunk at a kebob. 
A one-world currency!  No more devaluing of this dollar or that yen.  Every country’s economy will balance out in the world’s market.  I can almost here the speeches now.  It is going to happen.  Take my word.  But as George Bailey warned his depositors…”Potter isn’t selling…he’s buying”.  
We already have part of this “solution” starting to be peddled by the next commander in chief.  That man from Texas that likes performing fellatio but doesn’t care for foreskins.  One of the main planks of our possible future president, Mr. Perry… besides the blatant and obligatory kissing of israhell’s ass, is a flat tax.  The same for the rich as for the poor.  Oh brother…here we go again.  And people are going to eat it up.  But it doesn’t really matter who they appoint to the WH next…the new agenda will be sold.
It will be the “solution” to our protests.  It is almost too obvious.  Almost.
I would wager that the new “World Bank” will be located in Tel Aviv…but that is just a guess.

Since this grass-roots rebellion has begun, it has had a kosher flavor to it.  That can’t be good.  When jews in this country claim that they are part of the 99%…watch out…you are being sold a bill of goods.  And what are the solutions to this economic slavery proposed by the the protestors?  I haven’t heard much about “ending the fed”.  I haven’t once seen a sign that says “abolish banking”.  I have heard a tiny few say that we should ship zionist jews out of this country…which would accomplish the above objectives…but none address the core problem.  Banking itself.  That age-old scam that enslaves the world.  None appear to want to go that far.  So few are willing to dump the entire industry.  They seem to think that it can somehow be overhauled to produce a fair economic system for which currency was originally intended…not the “make money from money” shell game that it has become.  And they think that this major overhaul can be accomplished with the same yiddish bankers in charge.  Some people are dumber than they look.  I should sell used cars…I could make a fortune.

So when your trusted leaders start talking about solutions WITHIN the existing system… and they start talking about standardizing currencies… or new fairer taxation of the rich, but refuse to address jewish usury as the rotten apple…get out the rope.  Or you are dooming your grandchildren to a life of slavery that will make today’s hell pale in comparison.

I would have you think about it.  This protest has gone from “media black-out to media circus” as Jon Leibowitz put it.  Don’t you think there is a reason for this parlay?  OWS cannot go unanswered by our government.  And it was never meant to.  O-bomb-a has already initially responded that we shouldn’t be angry at the banks because they haven’t done anything illegal.  Duh.  How much more of  a setup do you need to see?  If the banks aren’t the problem, then it must be the slightly faulty system itself that needs a bit of change…and change it will get.  From a chiefly Western scam to a world-wide rape.  The signs are posted all down this path.  Just read them on your way to hell.  The final solution is going to be provided for all your misery…just wait for it.
As I said up there before…get out the rope.  Anything else is meaningless, and playing their game.

Hate Values…

I watched a couple vids yesterday that had a deep effect on me.
They both addressed the same issue.  They were both telling and chilling in their essence.
The first was Keith Olberman’s take on charges of “anti-semitism” being present in the OWS movement.  The second was of two women at such an “occupy” rally, passing out leaflets and screaming about jews being the unnamed one-percent that the protests decry.
 I say these vids were “chilling”.  Perhaps portentous would be a better word…but definitely spooky…the pair of them.
Firstly, Keith was playing the role…and even had a guest to help…of the naysayer.  This movement is not anti-semitic  in nature and the GOP commercial that they ran of a man standing among the Wall Street protesters with a poster that said “Google Jewish Bankers”, was merely a ploy by the Republican party to put a nasty spin on the protest efforts.  Well, that is to be expected.  Nothing new there.  Find a “nut-case” and make your case… for whatever agenda you are pushing…on his back.  Olberman was correct in that assessment.  However, the commercial interested me more.  For in it, after showing the man garnering all types of reactions to his particular brand of protest…ie vilifying the correct crowd…the tag line, “hate is not an American value”, flashed on the screen.  I don’t own a television machine…so I hadn’t seen that particular commercial before…or heard it’s desperate message.
I beg to differ.  Hate most certainly is an amerikan value.  One of the most important, I reckon. It defines we here in the Occident.  Unfortunately.  And I find it particularly important, in a last-ditch desperation sort of way, that the JPTB are airing such views.  They…of all people.  The ones that foment that very emotion in their media.  Bloodthirsty “Injuns”, the maniacal “Hun”, the sneaky “Japs”, the disgusting “Gooks”, evil “A-rabs”…all of our wars and our racial strife in this country have been brought about by media-instilled hatred.  Hatred that is condoned and proffered by those in power.  And as far as I can see…the reigns of power in this Western world of war, have never really been in any other hands but those of the ashkanazi jew.  Either blatantly…or behind the scenes.
But it is different when the hatred that is so profitable to them, is starting to turn toward them as a group.  That blind emotion must not be allowed to be directed at the one cult that manufactures it.  Funny the way things have of coming home to roost.  Live by hate…die by it.  As it has, throughout the history of the jew in his mischievous wanderings through the Gentile world, his hatred has come back to him yet again.
The second video is of two gals handing out leaflets and yelling about the jews in power, at an “occupy” gathering in the nest of the yiddish…Florida.  If ever I have seen two females with testicles…these are they.  
When I see such bravado in the face of overwhelming opposition, it is a bit frightening.  These women were saying little if anything with which I disagree.  However, the position that they were shouting from the street corners…firstly, is not something that the protestors want to hear…at the moment.  Secondly, when hawked like cheap watches, it has the ring of simple-minded, indefensible and reactionary bleating to it.  The sheets of paper they were handing out probably did more good than their shouting…at this point.
But as I have said here many times before…this is the face of what is to come.  It will NOT be pretty.  The identification of talmudic philosophy in world politics, and its negative influence of such…will not be discussed over brandy in a comfortable men’s club.  The issue of banning such a fanatical cult and its supremacist ethos, will not be debated calmly by gentlemen in any kind of rational forum.  It will be hammered home with broken glass and blood.  That is the way things are truly settled in the West.  How the west was won….so to speak.  The mob knows no other method.  A mob driven by hate…and it will be.  Hatred will be in the driver’s seat, for we have learned it from those that will suffer the most from it.  No amount of pontificating in their media…no amount of “hate them…not us” being broadcast will stop the slaughter.  This I guarantee. And it is only beginning. Their media and their money will lose the power to sway a crowd that is sick of suffering both.
It will take some time.  But it will boil down like cabbage… to its essence.  And the essence of blind hatred is not going to be on the evening news.

So when I see this unfolding, I recoil a bit.  Not that I do not want to see the resultant disdain…say some 20 to 30 years down the line…of judaism.  The time when even mention of the word “jew” will bring memories of hatred. But the path we must endure till then will be horrific.  Innocents will suffer and die. Group-think will rule the day.  Violence will fill the streets and hearts of those in them.  But through these growing pains, perhaps a better world will emerge.  One in which the haters will not teach their poison.  When all we hate will be our own history.  And the judaism that has brought us to this revolution…will be banished and forgotten.

Under The Radar And There’s An App For That…

I see that Susan-has-been-Sarandon is staying in the news with her offensive remark, defaming Nazis.  Why can’t people leave the Nazis alone?  They are compared to some pretty nefarious characters nowadays…and are no longer around to defend themselves.  Maybe that’s the reason.  I think there’s an app for that.  You just fill in a name…add an equal sign…and the ADL goes off like that teakettle  you wish you hadn’t bought.  Don’t these mouthy hollyweird types understand that words like “nazi” and “holocaust” are copyrighted?  Sheesh…some people’s children. I see that Jon Leibowitz is throwing all his considerable political weight behind his brother on Wall Street….surreptitiously.  There’s an app for that too. It’s called misdirection.  You can get it for the 4-s.  It is guaranteed to baffle even the most educated of college students as this little sparrow-fart leads them laughing…off of yonder cliff.  Oh well…

I see that the celebs that are really suffering in this economy are getting out there in force for y’all .  All the 99%’s from Alec Baldwin to Naomi I’m-not-a-beautiful-Gentile-so-I-will-write-a-book-about-the-evils-of-beauty Wolf.  They share your pain. Truly.  You aren’t paying enough attention to them…you are wandering around in the streets protesting their paychecks.  There’s an app for that.
When I was a kid, the first thing a jew did when they were seeking acceptance as a phony-baloney celeb for the Gentile majority…was to get some rhinoplasty.  It seems they don’t have to now.  Even non-ashkanazim are going for the jew look.  What a wonderful development for them…their noses have come out of the closet, sort of.  We accept them for what they are now.  I dunno…maybe I’m being mean.  But like I said…it was when I was a kid.  Things change.  There are apps.  There is even an app for MAD magazine.  That was my first…I guess…exposure to “jewishness” back then.  I didn’t know it at the time.  I didn’t get 80% of it’s “humor”.  It was just a magazine that kids looked at.  It was a bagel in print.  I didn’t even get the tag line(what, me worry?) for the Gentile-looking dummy/mascot of the zine….Alfred E. Newman.  A Gentile with a jewish name?  
Was William Gaines making fun of me?  Sure.  But then it was under the radar like so many super-hero comics the tribe published for us.  The ones that tenderized us goyim children.  Anyway…we didn’t really get it.  But it wasn’t wasted on a subconscious level, I don’t think.  Humor is a funny thing.  It can tell the truth…it can lie.  It can do both with equal power….equal dynamics.
I see that the Palestinian bid for statehood in the U.N. is struggling along quietly under the radar…there are more important things to think about.  There are exotic animals on the loose in Ohio, fer chrissake!  There are exotic animals loose on Wall Street.  There is NO app for that.  There’s….Baby Lisa…people tied up in basements…people tied up in debates…”Occupy The Ignorant” movement…we are swamped with news and the apps are being developed as we speak.  Or as I speak.  You just listen.  You listen…I’ll tweet.  They’ll twitter.  I will translate.  I’ll podcast.  You download.  It’s all so confusing.
There was a domestic incident in my neighborhood one night last week. All we heard as we were sitting out on the back porch was a woman screaming bloody murder as she ran by our house.  It happens in even the best of areas…my wife tells me.  I don’t remember that as a kid growing up…but maybe it was just under a kid’s radar.  I dunno.  All I know is it happened quickly.  Then the woman was in a patrol car and the black-and-whites were prowling the local streets for the perp.  Apparently it was her Marine husband that I know just by sight.  He has served a hitch or two in one of the wars for israhell.  Anyway…apparently he snapped.  Maybe too many bleeding peasant women in his dreams…but a switch got flipped in his brain…and he went after his wife. They didn’t find him that evening.  But much later…around two a.m. when I normally wander out for a smoke…I heard him creeping through my woods.  For just an instant…I reflexively thought to yell out for him to get the hell offa my property…then I thought better of it, thinking he might have a weapon, and startling him in such a fashion could garner a large bore projectile through my body.  So I didn’t.  Then I thought…why not?  That would be a respectable…if even ironic way to pay my final bill and check out.  So I did.  Damn.  He wasn’t armed, I guess.  He just ran.
I didn’t hear anything more about his domestic problems, or whether they eventually caught him.  It kinda went under the radar.  This area is very big on servicemen as heroes…all that.  Oh well.  An opportunity missed for the both of us.  He could have gotten rid of an anti-war dinosaur…and I could have gotten out of this mess for good.  It was not meant to be cheri’.  I’m sure there is an app for that too.

Seriously…there are some dumb MF’ers out there. But that isn’t even the point.  Not the one I am trying to sneak up on today.  Well, it’s rainy and cold, and I am about fed to the teeth with all the apps.  All the misdirection.  Nothing is as it is presented.  This faux reality created for our enjoyment and distraction is pissing me off. Mankind seems to be at a tenuous position at the moment.  Somewhere between “voicing concerns” and “hanging the motherfuckers”.  But the weapons aren’t firing yet.  You figure it out.  I can’t.

When the goddamn Jews take over America…

“When the goddamn Jews take over America”: Robert Crumb cartoon strip, introduced by Xanadu

Robert Crumb, cult cartoonist

The cartoon strip published below — “When the Goddamn Jews take over America” — is not, as its title might suggest, anti-Semitic in intent. On the contrary, it is a highly sophisticated satirical spoof by Judeophile cartoonist Robert Crumb that brings together a number of anti-Semitic “canards” and “stereotypes”. Far from being anti-Semitic, the cartoon strip is therefore an attempt to poke fun at the anti-Semites and their ridiculous “conspiracy theories” about Jews.

It must be remembered that Robert Crumb’s second wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, was Jewish. Born into a middle-class Jewish family in New York, the Goldsmiths, Aline was a highly talented underground comics artist in her own right. She was known to collaborate with her husband Robert on many of his assignments. So it is more than likely that Aline collaborated with Crumb on this particular cartoon strip with its tongue-in-cheek anti-Semitism.

When Aline met Robert in 1978, it was love at first sight. She was attracted to the bearded humorist because she thought he was Jewish. This is what she has to say:

“I had read Robert’s work before I met him and I thought he was Jewish because he was so whiny. He’s such a kvetch. When I saw Robert’s comics, I thought: here is Jewish humor at its best. When my grandparents met him, they thought he was a rabbinical student. When we finally told them the truth, they were really disappointed. My grandmother tried to get him to convert [to Judaism] for years. Robert seems to be somewhat of a Jewophile because I’m his second Jewish wife.” (See here)

Robert Crumb and his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Cartoonist Robert Crumb and his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

If Crumb’s humor is “Jewish humor at its best”, this does not say much for Jewish humor — however anarchic and irreverent Jewish humor is meant to be. Crumb’s work has elicted harsh comment from many critics. It has been denounced as racist, anti-feminist, and sexually perverted.

Crumb’s contributions, for example, appeared in Nasty Tales, a 1970s British publication that faced obscenity charges at the Old Bailey courthouse in London in 1972. Though the publishers were acquitted on that occasion, the mud stuck to Crumb — and his reputation as an unwholesome influence with sex on the brain has persisted.

R. Crumb’s Sex Obsessions, a collection of the cartoonist’s most explicit sex-oriented drawings and comic strips, was released from TASCHEN in November 2007. This may have boosted Crumb’s reputation among pornophiles, but it diminished his appeal elsewhere.

In August 2001, on Crumb being invited to attend a graphics artist festival in Sydney, Australia, an Australian tabloid labeled him a “self-confessed sex pervert”. The hostile headline asked, Cult genius or filthy weirdo?

As a result of this “unjustified” abuse, Crumb had second thoughts about visiting the rude antipodean Crumbophobes and decided to cancel his trip to Australia in a fit of pique.

Today, Crumb and his Jewish wife Aline reside in a small village near Sauve in the South of France, where they are often visited by their family.

Soon after completing this cartoon depicting the everyday life of a typical American  family,  Crumb decided to consecrate his genius to illustrating  the Book of Genesis.

Partly because of his Jewish connections and his distinctly Jewish humor—possibly the result of heavy collaboration with his Jewish wife—Crumb’s reputation as a cult figure is guaranteed. He received the world’s ultimate accolade by recognition and publication in the Thanksgiving edition (2004) of  The New Yorker, a magazine (as we know) under full Jewish ownership, like the bulk of America’s mass media.

You will note that the above statement is itself an anti-Semitic “canard”, i.e., an allegedly false belief offensive to Jews — but one that happens, nevertheless, to be true!

The mass-media-under-Jewish-ownership “canard”, ironically, is utilized by Crumb himself in Frame 3 of the cartoon strip below: “AND THESE YIDS HAVE SECURED TOTALLY THEIR GREASY HANDS OWNERSHIP OF THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE OF MIND CONTROL IN THE MODERN WORLD — THE MASS MEDIA!”

Knowing all this, it’s amazing to think that so many otherwise intelligent people should regard the cartoon strip below as “anti-Semitic”  when it is in fact almost the reverse: a satirical spoof by a philosemite and his Jewish wife.

“Xanadu” is an alternative pen name used by Lasha Darkmoon, usually for online comments and short impromptu pieces.