Fraud, Ghost Authoring And The Times, They Are Finally A-Changin’…

This isn’t going to be about music.  This isn’t going to be about Bobby Zimmerman.  But it is going to be about what I am coming to think of as “Gentile Autumn”.  Non-jewish folks are awakening in this time of the year in which we all normally get a bit drowsy.  Dawn is coming to crowds around the Bull(shit) on Wall Street and the S/M-MSM is scared as hell to cover it.  All yiddish hucksters have something to worry about.  I can almost hear the zionist editors screaming into their phones as I type this…can’t you?

When the zionists pushed a little too much, and ghost-authored the “Arab Spring”… it got out of their control…and all hell broke loose.  This very well could be the beginning of the end.  They cannot explain the difference between an Egyptian rebel…and a Palestinian one.  Fat-happy Amerikans are taking mace in the face to help bring down corrupt financial thuggery.  Ah…autumn.  That time of year when things end.

I like endings.  Happy or not…all things must pass.  I take solace in that.  I never cling to anything or anyone too closely because the ends of those relationships are always near.  Of course near is relative.  Near could be two weeks…or sixty-three years.  But it always comes.  No matter what you plan…no matter how much you wish something to continue…sooner or later it will end.

I said I wouldn’t talk about that spoiled jewish kid from Duluth…y’know the guy…Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham…(or as he is commonly known by the name he co-opted from a dead Gentile poet), Bob Dylan.  The guy who got old…long before he got old.  
I lied.
Normally I am not one to say “I told you so”.  Well almost.  Well sometimes I refrain.  Ok…I am the type.
Many singers buy songs.  Most buy the “rights” to such original music as well, when they do.  That means that when the jewel-box liner notes say “written by—-” that doesn’t really MEAN it was necessarily written by the person listed.  Some think that this is OK.  It doesn’t harm anyone really.  Who cares?  It’s just that this practice encourages people to sell themselves as something they are not.  It is fraud….really.  Nothing more.  Apparently, Joni Mitchel’s denouncement of this urchin, was not quite the off-the-wall personality assessment that many thought.  Oh well.  Some people have a habit of calling a spade, a spade.  Or telling emperors about their wardrobe mishaps.

And in these exciting times when the bad guys are just about to taste the lash…get their come-uppins…in this changing scene,what could be more trivial than some no-talent old guy getting caught and finally outed as a cheating, fraudulent plagiarist?  Well, I think it speaks to a deeper fraud.  There was a time, when all this was taken at face value.  Holohoaxes and poor down-trodden intelligent, and talented jews.  Those wonderful people that wanted nothing more than to be recognized for the maligned few that they were…the shat-upon that have such a horrible history of exclusion from and persecution by the Gentile.  We bought it hook-line-and-sinker.  Swallowed it all, because it fit the times.  A time when we were trying to muster all the tolerance we could for those cultures with which we were not familiar.  For at the time, we accepted the guilt of several previous generation’s treatment of racial minorities.
Those times…as Mr. Zimmerman pointed out in a song,(that I am sure he paid some tin-pan Gentile song-smith for) are a-changin’.  And not a moment too soon.  This jew-for-jesus’ latest fraud is all over even the kosher-owned press.  This couldn’t have happened 20 or so years ago.  And I am sure that some ashkanazi editors didn’t have time to scream into any phones about this news item.  They were too busy trying to cover their asses and mend the cracking empire that is judaism, coming down around their ears.

As any genealogist will tell you…the word “removed” in the language of ancestry refers to a generation.  That is to say that if your parent has a cousin, that person is also your cousin, but once removed because you are one generation apart.  
The world has had justice “twice removed”.  For just over two generations, Palestine and indeed all of us in the Occident have seen fairness across the board give way to the fruition of zionism and the jewish influence in media, industry and politics.  I think twice removed is enough.  What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Fraud, Ghost Authoring And The Times, They Are Finally A-Changin’…

  1. Bob Dylan is an entertainment shyster, huh? I guess deep down I knew that by reading about some of the people he hung around with. My favorite lyrics in the whole world is the song he allegedly wrote about Eddie Sedgwick, the spoiled little rich girl from New England (her family, anyway) "Like a Rolling Stone." I LOVE those lyrics. I love that song. Joni was in with the Laurel Canyon crowd I learned from the link Blammo left here, do you recall? That was good reading.

  2. Hey Timster, I never could find much on the plagiarism subject and Dylan, just a short article on the spat with Mitchell. Good posting, as usual. M. Beaver, ps, nice to hear from you

  3. Hey Timster,… I tried to read "No direction Home" a decade or so ago, what a waste of dough, that self-centred yiddish drivel made we wince. $39.99 for that arse-paper, I got 7 bux for it at my local second-hand book shop, I said "what"? to the book store guy and he dragged out a box full of the things – haa, zimmermanstein is a dick!Gnerational libel? Yep, two's enuff! Time to take some kosher names and kick some yiddish arse.Cooooeee, flaming torches at 11:The revelation WILL be televised!veritas

  4. Genie – Yeah. I liked some to the songs he said he wrote too…when other artists did them. That was my first clue.I read that article, and yes it is good reading, although in my opinion most of it just isn't true. I think wing will back me up on that(if he's out there somewhere) He and I were there in the beginning. The Laurel Canyon crowd actually had VERY little influence in the 60's. No one that I knew took anything they recorded very seriously. But then again there was nothing coming out of that canyon that was very serious to begin with. Whether or not they were all military brats was of little consequence. I had this discussion with the author when the article was originally published. But he set me straight on a few things…even though he wasn't even born during those years. Thanks for reading!

  5. Beav – Yep. It's all out there, but you gotta dig. Most suspected it at the time…but no one really gave a shit. There were more important things going on(like today) than to worry about some yid kid that "didn't get" the 60's.

  6. Timster, did this discussion with McGowan happen to occur online, somewhere wherest we might take a gander at it? My mother, though she says she was detached from popular culture and preferred folk, if anything, still found the series very intriguing. As you said, it is a good tale regardless, and factually, seems to be about %80+ true, based on the details I sought confirmation of. I'm inclined to believe that the ability to be taken seriously is definitely not on the list of prerequisites for influencing the masses (the LC scene was developing at a time when some half of the Beetles lyrics consisted of "yeah, yeah, yeah"). Similarly, when you say "No one that I knew took them seriously", you may be misrepresenting your status as being in the mainstream just a tad. Know what I mean? I wouldn't consider someone who argued their way out of the draft as representative of the average American Joe of the time. What do you think of McGowan's other work?"Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham" -that's a tongue twister.Shabtai Zisel idle deedel daidel daidel ben…

  7. Blammo – I don't remember if it was in the form of comments like this or just an email exchange. Well, the artists in that era and that area, aside from CSN and Joni weren't recording anything that I would consider "revolutionary". And definitely nothing good. When I say no one took them seriously, I mean they weren't Black Panthers or John Lennon or Che or the SDS before infiltration(yes I was an early member). As far as the early stuff…Don Van Vleet and The Mothers…ahead of their time, perhaps…but they were not a movement in and among themselves? Does that make sense? Birth of the "hippie generation"? I don't think so. A conversation I had with "wing"(cousin of Gracie Slick) summed it up…he referred to that LC crowd as preening jewish kids with too much money and too little talent to have garnered such a reputation. He should know, he lived there with them. To me his article cam off as more revisionism than reality. I haven't read anything else by McGowan. He is an entertaining writer.

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