Spits and Spats, And The Lady Doth Protest Too Much…

I have resolved to continue this madness.  In spite of the trouble it brings, I wouldn’t be able to face myself if I didn’t at least try to renew my efforts here.
New rules however:  I won’t be publishing ANY more hasbara-type comments…nor will I spit-and-spat with any spoiled argumentative jewish children that refuse to listen or are trying to make “points” by defending israhell or judaism in general.  I don’t have the time…and my patience is running out.  From now on, what I write is what I write.  If you have a problem with it…tough.  If you have legitimate contrary points to make…I will listen.  But I will not be dragged into long, drawn out conversations that lead nowhere.  This is not a forum.  This is my opinion….my site.

I realize this sounds a bit “my-way-or-the-highway-ish” but as I have said many times before…tough shit.  You don’t like it?  Move on.

That being said…
New rule number two: This one is for ME to follow.  I won’t be trying to come to anyone else’s defense.  I am apparently not very good at it anyway.  And it countermands what I also have been hammering on about here for quite a while.  And that is that we all have more important things to fight, than each other.  So I will not allow myself to become party to any more “he-said-she-said” activities out here.  It doesn’t pay.  In my recent little episode I felt a little like Lennon must have, after his comment about Beatles and Christ. “…wrong or taken wrong, then all this”.  So, as I’m sure he WISHED he could have said, “forget about it and get over yourselves”.

I truly want to continue this effort now…in these exciting times.  As I am sure you are aware, today Abbas delivered the 3-part bid for Palestinian Statehood.  The shit is going to hit the fan.  Israhell and the jewish neocons that have taken over the United Snakes, stand embarrassed in front of the Gentile world. And it is going to get worse…very soon.  Veto or not…both the US and the knesset understand that this bid cannot be stopped…even by them.  I am reveling in all this.  I haven’t heard this amount of good news for many a moon.  And I think few but the ashkanazi realize the depth of what this means.

Although I tend to side more with Hamas in these issues…that is to say that I believe the zionist state of israhell should be dismantled altogether… I also understand that the jews in Palestine will not be budged without a fight.  We all know what happens when you corner a rat.  And they have the weaponry; the hubris; and the blood-lust to show you. Some horse’s asses in the world do not understand when they are not wanted.  So as with the spoiled brat…they will not be disciplined without screaming bloody murder.  There will be blood.  Already a Palestinian has been killed  by the IDF this morning over this development.  There will be much more.  But contrary to O-bomb-a’s plea from yesterday…this is not about “peace”.  Not peace-at-any-cost.  This is about true freedom and JUSTICE.  
One of my readers likened the situation very aptly to a man that has been caught red-handed, cheating on his wife.  He pleads with his spouse not to take this dirty laundry to divorce court…begging to “talk about it” instead.
If nutty-yahoo and our steppin-fetchit leader are sooooo concerned about “peace” and feel that a UN statehood bid is not the way to achieve it…well, I guess I would ask wherein lies the harm of the attempt to do so?

Well, of course, neither of those leaders want justice OR peace for Palestine.  As with the cheating husband…they don’t want the dirty laundry of their inhuman punishment and war crimes being aired to the world, or taken legitimately to an international war-crimes court.  Which is exactly what is going to happen.  I couldn’t be happier if “I’m-a-dinner-jacket” actually DID push the jews into the Mediterranean.  We are going to see red jewish faces and red jewish asses… even in the jewish press.  They won’t be able to spin this story.  Things are what they are.  The world will finally understand.  I am confident in this.  And HALLELUIAH!… it is heaven to see those zionist hebes begging for a change.  I’m sure it isn’t easy for them.

Shakespeare taught us many things through the characters he created.   One such…was Lady Macbeth.  I was fortunate to have seen his “Scottish Play” last summer at the Globe theater in London.
Although I have seen countless treatments of the play, this character’s greed and boldness never really hit home with me like it did on that warm summer’s evening.  I thought then about the cold calculation of those that choose to tread down that path, within this human sphere of possibilities.  The one that those that follow judaism have always chosen.  As in that play..the outcome will be bloody.  Bloody for all concerned.  But especially for those that chose that trail to begin with.  The “chosen” ones.  They too will not be able to wash those damned spots from their murdering hands.

As far as the mouthing of disgusting zionism that the U.S. puppet feebly attempted in the UN yesterday…I reference another of Shakespeare’s ill-fated women, Queen Gertrude, and observe that: “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks”.
So I say, revel in these times.  Enjoy if only for the moment, the point at which the tide turns.  For it is an ill wind indeed…

I am back although I never really left.  We all need to encourage this change that we see beginning before us.  I cannot  allow petty squabbles to dissuade my efforts especially in these interesting times.  So like it or lump it…I have chosen to forge on, hell or high water.  And I wish for neither.


25 thoughts on “Spits and Spats, And The Lady Doth Protest Too Much…

  1. Timster,Methinks you have made a grand decision! I haven't been around for all of your troubles, but I am here now and happy to be. Are we to prepare for the worst on the 27th, as many are saying. A possible false-flag with the drills going on in Denver?Thanks for your part in peacemaking and truth-seeking. Marigold

  2. Hey Timster,…Great Post, ya big teaser, glad to see you toughen the fuck up(grin), cement tastes like shit, however, it does clarify ones loins!When I feel the toil is wasted, when I am distracted by frustrating conflicts, when the time and the energy squared that is required as charitable devotion to the keyboard, I Google Gaza, then I remember that which motivated me: Maintain the rage brother, maintain the rage at this moment – this is the time you should write – you are a fighter not a choirboy of the kumbaya crew.Your passion has been aroused by the inequities you see in this world today, I say this to you brother; the best blacksmiths love the heat and smoke of the forge! As with a soldier's lot…Oh and yes, we SHOULD revel in our time! Why piss and moan, we're at the front, Fight! Fight until the fight is done!This thing we are engaged with is destined to be a huge fucking mess, yet, there is no air to breathe which is sweeter than the air we breathe after a storm has passed! Ever played in a Finals game? Victory is everything, participating for its own sake is PC bullshit, let's win this thing!Fresh air now!"Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant"!Centurio Veritasitus Antipodicus Bellicosius Nutjobicus Maximuswww.youtube.com/watch?v=IIAdHEwiAy8Cooooeeeus!

  3. HI Timster, good going. I read what the one troll had written to you the other day, you have more patience than I would. I have seen the megaphonies writing their comments on Ahmadinejad, which most were immature to a point where farm animals would not have stooped to that level. I am also given to thinking, if Palestine is "made" a state, then Israel suddenly becomes the aggressor in a state of war, and no amount of Jew spin on it will keep the world from seeing their actions as what they really are.M. Beaver

  4. i just watched the Abbas speech. it was a very good speech, a sincere speech. the Palestinian "story", their narrative, is very powerful, emotionally powerful, as all of us know who have watched and written about it for years. and, of course, for the newbies it has the added advantage of being TRUE, and VERIFIABLE, by people in this day and age with internet connections and sufficient wits and curiosity to bypass the boob tube. and in fact it has been verified and witnessed by many millions of people around the world, and that was demonstrated by the genuine applause that Abbas received during the speech at various points. so this is the thing that has been unleashed into the world now, the truth. wv: perpas. we have identified the perps.

  5. AP – I too watched the speech. Tears of joy…really.I just perused the MSM and was looking at the op-ed view of the events and came across an article entitled: "Palestinian Bid Seeks To Isolate Israel". The jewess that wrote it is correct. I didn't even have to read her whining…I knew what she was going to say. We can all only hope that this bid at least accomplishes that goal.

  6. Been reading your blog for quite some time. Never posted. Noticed the irregularity of the postings, the self examination and the possibility that you were going to quit. I remember thinking: he's lost his mojo. Another one bites the dust. Glad to see that you just misplaced your balls. Welcome back.The Fool on the Hill.

  7. Hey Timster,…Dad buys a LIE DETECTOR ROBOT which slaps people when they lie.He decides to test it at dinner."Son, where were you today?" The son says "At school dad." Robot slaps the son!"OK, I watched a dvd at my friends house!""What dvd?" Asks Dad."Toy story." replies son.Robot slaps the son again!"OK, it was a porno" cries the son.Dad yells, "What?! When I was your age I didn't know what porn was!" Robot then slaps the dad! Mom laughs "Ha Ha Ha! He's certainly YOUR son."Robot then slaps the mom!***At the UN: Nutjobyahoo, says, "Peace talks are the way to achieve peace."Robot…veritas, shouts from the rooftops:"Ich Bin Ein Palestina!"

  8. Sorry Timster, I was too tired to read, so I looked at your pictures. I really like your pictures they seem to tell a story. I think you should replace your words with all pictures, that away, they can view between the lines. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Sorry I was in a silly mood oops!

  9. life has but three imperatives,namely metabolise,replicate,and adapt. Human beings in addition also have a thirst for recognition and fairness. The infant science of ponorology,the study of evil people tells us that psychopathic personalities are adept at manipulating others because they are not tempered by things honesty and fairness. They only see that the world revolves around them. That cannot see that the world also revolves around you too. As Giordano Bruno said,"One can safely say with certitude that the universe is all center. Its center is everywhere and its cicumference is nowhere. Israel wants to be the center without recognizing your right to be the center too. If they were a psychatric patient,they would have to be diagnosed as criminally insane. The world has never been in greater danger from itself that now. Thats why your site is so important. Dialogue is the first step. Thanks again.

  10. Wow, go away for a week and all hell breaks loose!I spent the week at the coast. Limited out on Dungeness twice.That's all you need Timmy boy. A vacation. Go catch yourself a nice case of crabs 😉

  11. Hey Timster. If you come back and read these posts. I got a message for you.Get off your lazy ass and start posting on a regular basis. Submission is not an option. Quitting is not an option. If you're going to post sporadically, then don't post at all. You didn't used to do this. You started down this road, now you want to lay in the grass and lick your balls. The road is still there. Get up, dust your self off, zip up your pants and get to gitting. There's something big coming and we need someone to comment on it.BEN-

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