Let’s All Move This Over To Facebook…

This is going to be the last.  At least the last time I am going to explain myself personally.  It isn’t going to be profound…nor pretty nor entertaining…or have anything to do with why I started this site.  Skip this one if you don’t want to hear a rant about “social networking”.

I joined facebook a couple of years ago.  Wow. It was great.  For about 8 days.  It took me that long(I’m a little dull mentally) to realize that this premier “social network” was nothing more than a pool of gossip mongering for 14-year-old girls, interrupted by commercials . Wait a minute…this is the same shit that is on that tv I threw away years ago…only with inane childish back-stabbing  chit-chat mixed with the ads.  Meh.  I didn’t go back…they kept sending me spam about the damned thing, so I deleted my account.  Actually I think I had to do it about 4 times for it to take.  And although I longed to connect to those like-minded individuals about some issues/causes that I have held dear over the years…I could see that this was no place to do it.  To do so you would have to endure “personalities”.  I don’t care for personalities.  I don’t care for egos bumping around with their feelers at attention, ready to become offended…or trying to do so to others.  It reminds me of a barbershop or hairdresser’s parlor, or leaning over the back fence spreading rumors.  I have better things to do.  Please don’t drag me into this shit…but they do.  Hell…maybe “I” do by just being here.  I dunno.  Probably.

I have said this all on my site here about 6 hundred gazillion times…in as many different ways.  There is a faction that either does not agree…or is not really getting it.  Or god forbid…isn’t ACTUALLY reading what I write. 

I made an off hand tongue-in-cheek comment on a blog entry…a silly-ass hit piece…and I linked the article in my last post….to reiterate that point that I have tried in vain to make, which people don’t seem to get.  It apparently was taken wrong.  Well, my sense of irony isn’t for everyone.  But as I intimated…I don’t give a shit about personalities.
If there is one thing that I have learned from running this little blog that started out innocently enough…it isn’t what it appears to be out here.  It is becoming “facebook”.  It is becoming all about personalities.  It is becoming all about tender egos.  My satirical comment was meant to speak to that…but alas…probably due to my inabilities to communicate effectively…or my warped sense of irony… my intended compliment(ironically),has once again dragged me into “facebook”.
Oh dear.
I have written one “hit piece” in my history here.  It was on Mike Rivero’s site…and ironically(again) having taken my legitimate thoughts about his actions to heart…the subject of this rant(Mr. Friend) actually took Mike to task on his radio show.  Ah, the irony of it all.
If there is anything that would make me throw in the towel here…it would be this type of thing, that I have had to put up with( we all have to at one time or another it seems).
“Did you read what Peggy said over at Gullibaloney?”  “Well she said, that he said….”  and on and on and on….
If I had twenty bucks for every time I have been maligned personally out here…been called an agent of israhell…been outed as a disinfo agent…been called a jew…well, I could quit one of my jobs; retire again, and concentrate more time maintaining this “facebook” page.  But they don’t pay you.  They don’t reimburse for the time that all this crap takes.
What one writes is becoming less and less important.  Who you align yourself with is becoming more and more strategic.  I’ve about had it with this soap opera. 
I started to see this stuff happening…Jeff Rense, D.B. Smith, Alex Jones et al…and I thought why the hell are they infighting like this?  Isn’t the cause of cutting through the fabric of lies in the MSM enough to occupy their time spent out here?  Apparently not.  When humans are involved…there will be spitting and spatting…even on the same side of things.  As I am wont to say “oh brother”.

So in summation, I will say that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about ANY personalities out there.  I don’t care if John Friend or Nobody was born, or raised in Tel Aviv or on Venus.  I am not looking to make friends and schmooze(oh no…I used a jewish idiom!).  If my readers don’t know why I am here…or if they care who I am, more than about what I am typing…then they can kiss my big ass. 

I understand that this all sounds as if I have been offended.  I haven’t.  I don’t know any of these people out here personally, so offense is not an option available to them. Disheartened…depressed a bit…yes.  Offended?  Not a bit of it.  I too defended myself personally when attacked on various sites…when I first started.  But I learned quickly that you have to have a pretty tough hide to stay the course… and keep what you write… above the “facebook” mentality.

There.  I have said my last piece on the subject.  Or perhaps my last entry altogether.  As I said…I tire of all the time this junk wastes, and how it gets in the way of more important things.  If I have offended…as Veritas said…”chill brother”…and get over yourself.
Or we could all move our efforts over to facebook and really get things heated up.


17 thoughts on “Let’s All Move This Over To Facebook…

  1. Hi Timster,Yes i've been following that little spat over at Nobby's place and i must say i'm bemused. Apparently Nobby thinks john's a cointelpro goon and…..well you know the story.Disagreements and infighting over unsubstantiated allegations can only harm the cause of all those who seek the truth and justice,and are perhaps best kept at arms length.it's self inflicted divisional suicide as if the job is not hard enough.Anyway Timster shouldn't you be somewhere on wall street relieving that bull of its gonads with all those other heroic folks?Now that is a worthwhile cause…

  2. timster,I gave up with that fb thing when after posting obscene amounts of what would be called antisemitic news,I found that the stupid thing would not allow me to post any more for a couple of weeks,,,,,I therefore decided that it must be evil and rarely use it anymore,….anyway respectabilitys to yourself sir……neil

  3. Timster,I am hoping that this will not be your last post as I am a late arrival here. I know little about blogs and I mostly read and trust my being on what is truth to me. I rarely visit sites, I was at 9/11 truth sites for a time till I was banned or bored. I love your crankiness, your courage in saying what you feel. It is very inspiring. We are supposed to act happy as if that makes us worthwhile!! I want to just be myself and if happy isn't there yet, well I am very patient for the real thing. I simply prefer the real to be expressed no matter how startling or uncomfortable or even depressing. Please stick around, your real being is speaking volumes. Marigold

  4. "So and so scored 533,780 Points, crushing Stacy Moore Andersen's measly score of 438,050. To celebrate, so and so is giving FREE BONUSES to friends!"LOL..rock on fb friends!

  5. Hi Timster, well said, and i agree about the bit about chilling…i think that is what is needed and calling people out as this and that is not doing anyones blogging any good,Or the important messages/truth/opinion that gets posted up.personal discression and gut feelings/intuition should be kept to oneself about judgement of others and basically, you either like what some blogger writes as it resonates, or you don't.so therefore you don't read their stuff…i don't feel there is a need to get personal.Cheers and many regards to you.A13

  6. Hey Timster,…Mannn, as soon as I saw that link, blam! I knew you were sitting there with your head in your hands thinking, why did I do that? Most of the folks out here are dumber than duck shit; pearls before swine.I also thought the farce-book thing might prove useful to the cause – nope – it's a load of shyte.This yoo-hoo, boo-hoo shit is normally the grist of the "anon-imals". Best to let the "nominals" who engage in petty internecine rivalries, go for it. I made the mistake of piling in on a personal level with some shit I read two years ago that offended me personally – never again. Belligerent sweeping generalizations is MY game, "No Names, No Pack Drill" yeeehaaa!Thanks for the mention, DOH!Keep on keep'n on ol' mate there's a mess'o'anti-semite-sm left in ya that needs a'ventin'!(grin)veritas

  7. All – Thanks for the support. Well, I think the nature of what we all write out here sometimes makes us a bit overly sensitive…defensive and if the truth be known…more than just a little paranoid.This latest is just the straw. I have just finished dealing with 3 other "readers" that don't really read and want to argue…and I have had it. I may come back, but as for now…I'm giving it a rest. Thanks again for reading my 'misunderstood' drivel.

  8. Timster,My guess (and moreso hope) is that you will be back within a week.You see sir honest dedicated caring souls like yourself cannot leave this behind, it is not in your nature. Think of it this way, for every negative here, there are ten times more positives. You rock man….. keep rockin'Respects Steve B

  9. Claps.Well said.I learned the hard way. If you align yourself against someone you end up in feces. As a result, I post from many sources including those who have been "outed" for whatever. I have long felt that, except for some who are obvious, we all come from different places. We all have different specialties. I think we are dumb to throw out babies with the bathwater and to take what works and go with it. EVERYONE has an agenda, be it unknown or serving a purpose of an outside agent. The best disinformants use 90% truth to slip in or omit basic facts and it is up to the rest of us to be grateful for those truths and use our own common sense on what to work with.I am all for inclusion. Unless of course there is a huge problem with someone or your own flags rise up. I know I sound naive here, but everyone pretty well has something to contribute unless you KNOW they are a gateway of some sort. I know if someone pushes an obviously dishonest or easily disproven slant on things, it is up to ME to ignore them or do as I wish. I just don't speak of them. We already have enough strife, why create more between ourselves unless there is a realllllllly good reason to mention whatever it might be about whoever it might be.As for Facebook or any of those things, I am in full agreement. I am going to get it back soon but ONLY because I can see what my family is up to. That is all. Nothing else. I had it once before and just hated it but now, with family moved away, it is ok for just that alone.Why help the CIA track me? I mean, if people are stupid enough to pour out their lives to the world…. High five kiddo.OK I have spouted. Now I go and kick some blogging ass. BTW, is yours really fat? And does it matter?When you gonna get that radio thing up and going? Waiting to hear you with Mark and Jonathan again sometime!

  10. Hey Timster,…From Noor's comment:"Waiting to hear you with Mark and Jonathan again sometime!"Wattha? Have I missed something Timster old buddy? Are you a multi-media celebrity bro'? Chuck some links my way, I would love to hear you ranting on the radio(grin).veritasm

  11. Noor – Yeah. Live and learn. I'm not coming to anyone's defense after this mess. But have resolved to continue in spite of spits and spats. Mostly because of the response I have gotten from loyal readers and one in particular that spanked me pretty hard for even considering throwing in the towel(which I will post later).Thank you…and all the rest…for your encouragement.

  12. I have struggled over the past few days debating about jumping in the midst of the sophomoric exchanges that have come to reside in How Dare I's comments section … and unfortunately have infected other blogs, sites, etc. I have followed Timster's articles since the site started and I have to say I'm appalled at the degeneration of "comments" as of late. I am a journalist and I take my work very seriously. I fact check, recheck and triple check before I publish anything. And I understand the Timster's frustration with the bickering and "personalities" running amok. It is juvenile and typical, really. People would rather go off half-cocked spewing drivel and baseless arguments to simply "join the club." And that is truly sad. I read and reread Timster's comment that sparked this whole bruhaha … and I have to say I am amused. Anyone who has followed his blog knows he was being IRONIC. But rather than take his comment for what it was … a select few decided to go on the attack. What happpened to arguing with basis? Instead of going on the offensive UNARMED and resorting to namecalling, why not take a minute to really think abouut things? But then, maybe I expect too much. Res ipsa loquitur.Timster, for you to even contemplate abandoning your gift and stop posting is not an option. Your articles have opened the eyes of many and brought focus to that which needs to be addressed. The whole "he said, she said" is typical of society's FB-based mentality. Just as my field of journalism has been inundated with "citizen journalism," which by the way has created a true conundrum for journalism ethics and has jeopardized the true "fact-finding" mission of the journalist, so too have you become the target of newbies and hacks who irresponsibly express their baseless two cents. I have found that those who lash out uncontrollably … as proven by the aforementioned bickering … are the ones who have an incessant need to feel accepted. What does a typical person do when they feel threatened? They lash out. And such is the case w/you. If others can't take your comments for what they are … shrug it off. Don't reinforce or reward bad behaviors. Like so many of the filthy swine that feel the need to perpetuate the onslought of mis-information, hate mongering and immature rhetoric that fuels the R and D factor, these individuals who squirm under the lessons and information you offer through your writing are, as much as I hate to say it, unworthy. They aren't worth the time or effort or angst their comments can incite.I really don't feel comfortable wasting the energy to further discussing "personalities" that have no place in the intellectual domain you have attempted to provide with your work. The truth hurts. And stroking the audience's ego should not your concern. And, I know you don't give a shit about egos. And I applaud you for that. If people get offended, forget 'em. Those who truly want to learn, to know what is going on and to make educated connections and arguments will continue to follow you on this journey. And for those who I may have "offended," I don't owe you anything. And neither does the Timster. Period. My only advice to those who are jumping up and down crying "Foul!" is to do your research. Don't take the Timster's words as gospel. He didn't start this blog for it to degenerate into such a "common, FB template" for high school mentality and "politics." And if your intent is to stoop to the depths you've demonstrated … I suggest you move on and let the rest of us engage in civil discussions as originally intended.

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