Clutter And Hijacking The Fact Railroad…

I just did a search on the top MSM websites…since I didn’t see it listed…for “day of rage”.  Nothing.  I guess they were told not to cover the Wall Street protests. Apparently the new fad in the media is double-standards. For social revolution and regime change…for Arab Spring vs Palestine.  So much for the last gasp of journalism.  It died a horrible lingering death.  It has been ebbing away for a hundred or so years here in the United States of Israel.  But it is gone now. I never placed much hope in it anyway.  Shame.  It was such a good idea.  Freedom of the press.  Well so was this country, if the truth be known.  Melding pot…all that.
I also downloaded a new app for the iphone.  “jew or not jew?” .  Neat app.  Some French yid thought it up.  The hubris behind it is amazing but his fellow ash-can-nazis in France weren’t amused. They banned it there and whacked Apple’s pee-pee for even letting it get licensed.  You can still get it in English…for now.  Better hurry.  I’m sure the kosher-nostra will shut it down here and make Steve Jobs approve a “find your lost relative from the holohoax” app. I’m still looking for the “Muslim or not Muslim” app.  No luck. It is a useful tool at any rate…for those of you, like myself…that try not to patronize anything yiddish.  There is even a feature with which you can look up any movie and…if it isn’t apparent…find out if you are supporting jewish actors, directors et al.

I also watched a VERY good interview  over at twelfth bough, with PLO representative Hannah Ashrawi that had nothing but good news for those humans among us awaiting Palestinian Statehood and international zionist embarrassment.  This woman is brilliant in her assessment of the situation.  Give a listen.  You can learn more in these 12 minutes than 12 years of zionist bullshit media.  Of course if you are of a different bent, and wish to demonize human beings for wanting their country back…you can always look to Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry…who is getting his zio-dick-sucking posture in gear for the upcoming “elections”.  You can depend on this jerk’s appointment to the white whore-house in our “Tel Aviv on the Potomac”.  But it won’t work.
The veil is so worn even the legally blind are beginning to see through it.

There is also continuing chatter out here about the hijacking of this movement of which I proudly count myself a member.  That is…cointelpro type infiltration of our efforts.  Well, I’m divided on that, as any regular reader here knows.  It boils down to that horrible word…”trust”.  I never placed much faith in that emotion either.  Of course it is a relative term.  You can trust your dentist.  You can trust the guy changing your tires…but of course that is limited to the duties performed.  You can trust your spouse and have your life totally devastated by such confidence betrayed, because of the nature of what you relinquish in such a relationship.
But out here…in the social/political interaction… trust is a contract, I believe.  One in which the small print is the message.  You cannot relinquish much when the words are there in front of your eyes.  In other words, no one can make you believe something with which you do not agree.  You can be convinced through argument that it is raining when you see the sun shining.  At first.  But eventually you will feel the sun on your shoulders and all arguments to the contrary simply melt away.  That is the neat thing about logic…it’s kinda universal.  You cannot tell me that a small aquatic bird that quacks and has a bill and waddles when it walks…is not somehow related to the duck family.  Not for long anyway.  Not if I have any ability to think critically.  And isn’t that what this whole movement is about?  Critical thinking? 

Are we not those that use our varying degrees of intelligence to investigate and segregate the lies from what we know to be fact?  So in my estimation, those that would hijack…those that would derail a “truth” movement have several strikes against them before they even get in the batter’s box.  They are starting in the hole. If in fact there are disinfo agents being paid to dissuade us from our goal of fact versus fiction aren’t they a bit outclassed?  I think they are, and that is why the Alex Jones’ of the alternative media are not taken seriously by any of us…and why no matter whom they will throw at us next will be equally ineffectual in their nefarious objectives.  Simply because we cannot be made to believe through the methods of Hasbara or any zionist think-tank…no matter how seemingly convincing their arguments…that for instance…israhell was not the force behind 9/11.  Or various other facts that we have proven beyond a shadow of our collective doubt.  The rails for this movement are already laid.  Anyone seeking to put a gun to our heads and demand that our train take us all to another destination is laughable.  The route is laid in steel.  It cannot be moved away from its destination…no matter how big the threat or how we are cajoled or seduced.
It is a shame that we all have to be wary of these hopeful hijackers, but if we limit our “trust” to the facts at hand…they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.


7 thoughts on “Clutter And Hijacking The Fact Railroad…

  1. HI Timster, I have seen lately a lot of writers coming down on others as "Gatekeepers", and the like. And of course, the stories are getting outlandish and who is to be believed? At least we can eliminate anything coming over the airwaves from MSM. One writer they are talking about is Ben Fulford, although his articles and news can be verified, his whole thing is supposedly him being a speaker for Oriental organized crime. I have to remember to quit wallowing in it, LOL. I think the acid test is if someone says anything to be true that agrees with the MSM version, they are working for them. Not unusual as I see it. It is strange, I haven't seen anything today about the Palestinian vote at the UN, outside of American congressmen trying to apply heat to get the vote either stopped or vetoed. It must be lousy, living a life that depends totally on pleasing an unpleasable master such as AIPAC. I guess the term treason and it's meaning do not mean anything in DC anymore, only who has the money!! Gawd, at least drug dealers are honest in the fact they give you something tangible for your money. And only ask/demand that you pay for service/products rendered, when rendered. I think a good slogan for Rick Perry, besides being a Zionist hopeful, is "He'll slaughter your daughters for Merck". What a pile of trash, but it figures, Texas has the Bushes too. That says it all. IT's good you wrote this particular piece, I'm sure you're not alone in this train of thought. all the bestM. Beaver

  2. ooops, got my date for the vote wrong. Sorry, I'm not as stupid as I appear. Incidentally, an explosion from a car bomb in Ankara, Turkey today. I would bet Israel is behind it, and the MSM will of course blame someone else. But remember, Israel and Greece signed a defense pact to defend against Turkey. Since their relations with Israel took a nosedive after the murdering on the high seas of Turkish citizens.M. BeaverM. Beaver

  3. thanks for the link, so much of what we are seeing comes down to trust. bibi wants abbas to talk, don't make the speech please let's talk. it's like a guy who was caught in cheating on his wife begging to talk it over. pathetic. they don't want that speech made. they don't want the words uttered. the words that will go out into the world and make sense to people. this is why the brothers grimm et al wrote down fairy tales like the boy who cried wolf, so little children would learn basic facts of life such as you don't break trust with people and expect to get away with it forever.

  4. AP – You are welcome to my little reference. That is a very apt comparison about Nutty-Yahoo…and ties in very neatly with my "trust" theme. Thank you for the obs.

  5. Yeah, I know those disinfo types, those COINTELPRO, hasbara types, those "hopeful hijackers" that are trying to lead people astray in this movement. They talk about 9/11 all the time, constantly pointing out the fact that Zionist Jews were behind it from start to finish, and frequently point out that Zionist Jews completely control the US government, media and private sector. Those fucking assholes, can you believe the nerve of them? Some of them even have sections on their blogs titled, "ISRAEL DID 9/11," and have other links to important sources clearly documenting the Zionist crime gang in charge today.If only we could weed THOSE disinfo peddlers out of this movement, we'd be a lot better off.

  6. John – No kidding…jerks. The ones I really hate are those that think this whole thing is a soap opera…gossiping over the back fence. We have bigger fist to fry here! Glad you are with me on this.

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