Fraud, Ghost Authoring And The Times, They Are Finally A-Changin’…

This isn’t going to be about music.  This isn’t going to be about Bobby Zimmerman.  But it is going to be about what I am coming to think of as “Gentile Autumn”.  Non-jewish folks are awakening in this time of the year in which we all normally get a bit drowsy.  Dawn is coming to crowds around the Bull(shit) on Wall Street and the S/M-MSM is scared as hell to cover it.  All yiddish hucksters have something to worry about.  I can almost hear the zionist editors screaming into their phones as I type this…can’t you?

When the zionists pushed a little too much, and ghost-authored the “Arab Spring”… it got out of their control…and all hell broke loose.  This very well could be the beginning of the end.  They cannot explain the difference between an Egyptian rebel…and a Palestinian one.  Fat-happy Amerikans are taking mace in the face to help bring down corrupt financial thuggery.  Ah…autumn.  That time of year when things end.

I like endings.  Happy or not…all things must pass.  I take solace in that.  I never cling to anything or anyone too closely because the ends of those relationships are always near.  Of course near is relative.  Near could be two weeks…or sixty-three years.  But it always comes.  No matter what you plan…no matter how much you wish something to continue…sooner or later it will end.

I said I wouldn’t talk about that spoiled jewish kid from Duluth…y’know the guy…Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham…(or as he is commonly known by the name he co-opted from a dead Gentile poet), Bob Dylan.  The guy who got old…long before he got old.  
I lied.
Normally I am not one to say “I told you so”.  Well almost.  Well sometimes I refrain.  Ok…I am the type.
Many singers buy songs.  Most buy the “rights” to such original music as well, when they do.  That means that when the jewel-box liner notes say “written by—-” that doesn’t really MEAN it was necessarily written by the person listed.  Some think that this is OK.  It doesn’t harm anyone really.  Who cares?  It’s just that this practice encourages people to sell themselves as something they are not.  It is fraud….really.  Nothing more.  Apparently, Joni Mitchel’s denouncement of this urchin, was not quite the off-the-wall personality assessment that many thought.  Oh well.  Some people have a habit of calling a spade, a spade.  Or telling emperors about their wardrobe mishaps.

And in these exciting times when the bad guys are just about to taste the lash…get their come-uppins…in this changing scene,what could be more trivial than some no-talent old guy getting caught and finally outed as a cheating, fraudulent plagiarist?  Well, I think it speaks to a deeper fraud.  There was a time, when all this was taken at face value.  Holohoaxes and poor down-trodden intelligent, and talented jews.  Those wonderful people that wanted nothing more than to be recognized for the maligned few that they were…the shat-upon that have such a horrible history of exclusion from and persecution by the Gentile.  We bought it hook-line-and-sinker.  Swallowed it all, because it fit the times.  A time when we were trying to muster all the tolerance we could for those cultures with which we were not familiar.  For at the time, we accepted the guilt of several previous generation’s treatment of racial minorities.
Those times…as Mr. Zimmerman pointed out in a song,(that I am sure he paid some tin-pan Gentile song-smith for) are a-changin’.  And not a moment too soon.  This jew-for-jesus’ latest fraud is all over even the kosher-owned press.  This couldn’t have happened 20 or so years ago.  And I am sure that some ashkanazi editors didn’t have time to scream into any phones about this news item.  They were too busy trying to cover their asses and mend the cracking empire that is judaism, coming down around their ears.

As any genealogist will tell you…the word “removed” in the language of ancestry refers to a generation.  That is to say that if your parent has a cousin, that person is also your cousin, but once removed because you are one generation apart.  
The world has had justice “twice removed”.  For just over two generations, Palestine and indeed all of us in the Occident have seen fairness across the board give way to the fruition of zionism and the jewish influence in media, industry and politics.  I think twice removed is enough.  What do you think?


Spits and Spats, And The Lady Doth Protest Too Much…

I have resolved to continue this madness.  In spite of the trouble it brings, I wouldn’t be able to face myself if I didn’t at least try to renew my efforts here.
New rules however:  I won’t be publishing ANY more hasbara-type comments…nor will I spit-and-spat with any spoiled argumentative jewish children that refuse to listen or are trying to make “points” by defending israhell or judaism in general.  I don’t have the time…and my patience is running out.  From now on, what I write is what I write.  If you have a problem with it…tough.  If you have legitimate contrary points to make…I will listen.  But I will not be dragged into long, drawn out conversations that lead nowhere.  This is not a forum.  This is my opinion….my site.

I realize this sounds a bit “my-way-or-the-highway-ish” but as I have said many times before…tough shit.  You don’t like it?  Move on.

That being said…
New rule number two: This one is for ME to follow.  I won’t be trying to come to anyone else’s defense.  I am apparently not very good at it anyway.  And it countermands what I also have been hammering on about here for quite a while.  And that is that we all have more important things to fight, than each other.  So I will not allow myself to become party to any more “he-said-she-said” activities out here.  It doesn’t pay.  In my recent little episode I felt a little like Lennon must have, after his comment about Beatles and Christ. “…wrong or taken wrong, then all this”.  So, as I’m sure he WISHED he could have said, “forget about it and get over yourselves”.

I truly want to continue this effort now…in these exciting times.  As I am sure you are aware, today Abbas delivered the 3-part bid for Palestinian Statehood.  The shit is going to hit the fan.  Israhell and the jewish neocons that have taken over the United Snakes, stand embarrassed in front of the Gentile world. And it is going to get worse…very soon.  Veto or not…both the US and the knesset understand that this bid cannot be stopped…even by them.  I am reveling in all this.  I haven’t heard this amount of good news for many a moon.  And I think few but the ashkanazi realize the depth of what this means.

Although I tend to side more with Hamas in these issues…that is to say that I believe the zionist state of israhell should be dismantled altogether… I also understand that the jews in Palestine will not be budged without a fight.  We all know what happens when you corner a rat.  And they have the weaponry; the hubris; and the blood-lust to show you. Some horse’s asses in the world do not understand when they are not wanted.  So as with the spoiled brat…they will not be disciplined without screaming bloody murder.  There will be blood.  Already a Palestinian has been killed  by the IDF this morning over this development.  There will be much more.  But contrary to O-bomb-a’s plea from yesterday…this is not about “peace”.  Not peace-at-any-cost.  This is about true freedom and JUSTICE.  
One of my readers likened the situation very aptly to a man that has been caught red-handed, cheating on his wife.  He pleads with his spouse not to take this dirty laundry to divorce court…begging to “talk about it” instead.
If nutty-yahoo and our steppin-fetchit leader are sooooo concerned about “peace” and feel that a UN statehood bid is not the way to achieve it…well, I guess I would ask wherein lies the harm of the attempt to do so?

Well, of course, neither of those leaders want justice OR peace for Palestine.  As with the cheating husband…they don’t want the dirty laundry of their inhuman punishment and war crimes being aired to the world, or taken legitimately to an international war-crimes court.  Which is exactly what is going to happen.  I couldn’t be happier if “I’m-a-dinner-jacket” actually DID push the jews into the Mediterranean.  We are going to see red jewish faces and red jewish asses… even in the jewish press.  They won’t be able to spin this story.  Things are what they are.  The world will finally understand.  I am confident in this.  And HALLELUIAH!… it is heaven to see those zionist hebes begging for a change.  I’m sure it isn’t easy for them.

Shakespeare taught us many things through the characters he created.   One such…was Lady Macbeth.  I was fortunate to have seen his “Scottish Play” last summer at the Globe theater in London.
Although I have seen countless treatments of the play, this character’s greed and boldness never really hit home with me like it did on that warm summer’s evening.  I thought then about the cold calculation of those that choose to tread down that path, within this human sphere of possibilities.  The one that those that follow judaism have always chosen.  As in that play..the outcome will be bloody.  Bloody for all concerned.  But especially for those that chose that trail to begin with.  The “chosen” ones.  They too will not be able to wash those damned spots from their murdering hands.

As far as the mouthing of disgusting zionism that the U.S. puppet feebly attempted in the UN yesterday…I reference another of Shakespeare’s ill-fated women, Queen Gertrude, and observe that: “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks”.
So I say, revel in these times.  Enjoy if only for the moment, the point at which the tide turns.  For it is an ill wind indeed…

I am back although I never really left.  We all need to encourage this change that we see beginning before us.  I cannot  allow petty squabbles to dissuade my efforts especially in these interesting times.  So like it or lump it…I have chosen to forge on, hell or high water.  And I wish for neither.

Let’s All Move This Over To Facebook…

This is going to be the last.  At least the last time I am going to explain myself personally.  It isn’t going to be profound…nor pretty nor entertaining…or have anything to do with why I started this site.  Skip this one if you don’t want to hear a rant about “social networking”.

I joined facebook a couple of years ago.  Wow. It was great.  For about 8 days.  It took me that long(I’m a little dull mentally) to realize that this premier “social network” was nothing more than a pool of gossip mongering for 14-year-old girls, interrupted by commercials . Wait a minute…this is the same shit that is on that tv I threw away years ago…only with inane childish back-stabbing  chit-chat mixed with the ads.  Meh.  I didn’t go back…they kept sending me spam about the damned thing, so I deleted my account.  Actually I think I had to do it about 4 times for it to take.  And although I longed to connect to those like-minded individuals about some issues/causes that I have held dear over the years…I could see that this was no place to do it.  To do so you would have to endure “personalities”.  I don’t care for personalities.  I don’t care for egos bumping around with their feelers at attention, ready to become offended…or trying to do so to others.  It reminds me of a barbershop or hairdresser’s parlor, or leaning over the back fence spreading rumors.  I have better things to do.  Please don’t drag me into this shit…but they do.  Hell…maybe “I” do by just being here.  I dunno.  Probably.

I have said this all on my site here about 6 hundred gazillion times…in as many different ways.  There is a faction that either does not agree…or is not really getting it.  Or god forbid…isn’t ACTUALLY reading what I write. 

I made an off hand tongue-in-cheek comment on a blog entry…a silly-ass hit piece…and I linked the article in my last post….to reiterate that point that I have tried in vain to make, which people don’t seem to get.  It apparently was taken wrong.  Well, my sense of irony isn’t for everyone.  But as I intimated…I don’t give a shit about personalities.
If there is one thing that I have learned from running this little blog that started out innocently enough…it isn’t what it appears to be out here.  It is becoming “facebook”.  It is becoming all about personalities.  It is becoming all about tender egos.  My satirical comment was meant to speak to that…but alas…probably due to my inabilities to communicate effectively…or my warped sense of irony… my intended compliment(ironically),has once again dragged me into “facebook”.
Oh dear.
I have written one “hit piece” in my history here.  It was on Mike Rivero’s site…and ironically(again) having taken my legitimate thoughts about his actions to heart…the subject of this rant(Mr. Friend) actually took Mike to task on his radio show.  Ah, the irony of it all.
If there is anything that would make me throw in the towel here…it would be this type of thing, that I have had to put up with( we all have to at one time or another it seems).
“Did you read what Peggy said over at Gullibaloney?”  “Well she said, that he said….”  and on and on and on….
If I had twenty bucks for every time I have been maligned personally out here…been called an agent of israhell…been outed as a disinfo agent…been called a jew…well, I could quit one of my jobs; retire again, and concentrate more time maintaining this “facebook” page.  But they don’t pay you.  They don’t reimburse for the time that all this crap takes.
What one writes is becoming less and less important.  Who you align yourself with is becoming more and more strategic.  I’ve about had it with this soap opera. 
I started to see this stuff happening…Jeff Rense, D.B. Smith, Alex Jones et al…and I thought why the hell are they infighting like this?  Isn’t the cause of cutting through the fabric of lies in the MSM enough to occupy their time spent out here?  Apparently not.  When humans are involved…there will be spitting and spatting…even on the same side of things.  As I am wont to say “oh brother”.

So in summation, I will say that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about ANY personalities out there.  I don’t care if John Friend or Nobody was born, or raised in Tel Aviv or on Venus.  I am not looking to make friends and schmooze(oh no…I used a jewish idiom!).  If my readers don’t know why I am here…or if they care who I am, more than about what I am typing…then they can kiss my big ass. 

I understand that this all sounds as if I have been offended.  I haven’t.  I don’t know any of these people out here personally, so offense is not an option available to them. Disheartened…depressed a bit…yes.  Offended?  Not a bit of it.  I too defended myself personally when attacked on various sites…when I first started.  But I learned quickly that you have to have a pretty tough hide to stay the course… and keep what you write… above the “facebook” mentality.

There.  I have said my last piece on the subject.  Or perhaps my last entry altogether.  As I said…I tire of all the time this junk wastes, and how it gets in the way of more important things.  If I have offended…as Veritas said…”chill brother”…and get over yourself.
Or we could all move our efforts over to facebook and really get things heated up.

Clutter And Hijacking The Fact Railroad…

I just did a search on the top MSM websites…since I didn’t see it listed…for “day of rage”.  Nothing.  I guess they were told not to cover the Wall Street protests. Apparently the new fad in the media is double-standards. For social revolution and regime change…for Arab Spring vs Palestine.  So much for the last gasp of journalism.  It died a horrible lingering death.  It has been ebbing away for a hundred or so years here in the United States of Israel.  But it is gone now. I never placed much hope in it anyway.  Shame.  It was such a good idea.  Freedom of the press.  Well so was this country, if the truth be known.  Melding pot…all that.
I also downloaded a new app for the iphone.  “jew or not jew?” .  Neat app.  Some French yid thought it up.  The hubris behind it is amazing but his fellow ash-can-nazis in France weren’t amused. They banned it there and whacked Apple’s pee-pee for even letting it get licensed.  You can still get it in English…for now.  Better hurry.  I’m sure the kosher-nostra will shut it down here and make Steve Jobs approve a “find your lost relative from the holohoax” app. I’m still looking for the “Muslim or not Muslim” app.  No luck. It is a useful tool at any rate…for those of you, like myself…that try not to patronize anything yiddish.  There is even a feature with which you can look up any movie and…if it isn’t apparent…find out if you are supporting jewish actors, directors et al.

I also watched a VERY good interview  over at twelfth bough, with PLO representative Hannah Ashrawi that had nothing but good news for those humans among us awaiting Palestinian Statehood and international zionist embarrassment.  This woman is brilliant in her assessment of the situation.  Give a listen.  You can learn more in these 12 minutes than 12 years of zionist bullshit media.  Of course if you are of a different bent, and wish to demonize human beings for wanting their country back…you can always look to Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry…who is getting his zio-dick-sucking posture in gear for the upcoming “elections”.  You can depend on this jerk’s appointment to the white whore-house in our “Tel Aviv on the Potomac”.  But it won’t work.
The veil is so worn even the legally blind are beginning to see through it.

There is also continuing chatter out here about the hijacking of this movement of which I proudly count myself a member.  That is…cointelpro type infiltration of our efforts.  Well, I’m divided on that, as any regular reader here knows.  It boils down to that horrible word…”trust”.  I never placed much faith in that emotion either.  Of course it is a relative term.  You can trust your dentist.  You can trust the guy changing your tires…but of course that is limited to the duties performed.  You can trust your spouse and have your life totally devastated by such confidence betrayed, because of the nature of what you relinquish in such a relationship.
But out here…in the social/political interaction… trust is a contract, I believe.  One in which the small print is the message.  You cannot relinquish much when the words are there in front of your eyes.  In other words, no one can make you believe something with which you do not agree.  You can be convinced through argument that it is raining when you see the sun shining.  At first.  But eventually you will feel the sun on your shoulders and all arguments to the contrary simply melt away.  That is the neat thing about logic…it’s kinda universal.  You cannot tell me that a small aquatic bird that quacks and has a bill and waddles when it walks…is not somehow related to the duck family.  Not for long anyway.  Not if I have any ability to think critically.  And isn’t that what this whole movement is about?  Critical thinking? 

Are we not those that use our varying degrees of intelligence to investigate and segregate the lies from what we know to be fact?  So in my estimation, those that would hijack…those that would derail a “truth” movement have several strikes against them before they even get in the batter’s box.  They are starting in the hole. If in fact there are disinfo agents being paid to dissuade us from our goal of fact versus fiction aren’t they a bit outclassed?  I think they are, and that is why the Alex Jones’ of the alternative media are not taken seriously by any of us…and why no matter whom they will throw at us next will be equally ineffectual in their nefarious objectives.  Simply because we cannot be made to believe through the methods of Hasbara or any zionist think-tank…no matter how seemingly convincing their arguments…that for instance…israhell was not the force behind 9/11.  Or various other facts that we have proven beyond a shadow of our collective doubt.  The rails for this movement are already laid.  Anyone seeking to put a gun to our heads and demand that our train take us all to another destination is laughable.  The route is laid in steel.  It cannot be moved away from its destination…no matter how big the threat or how we are cajoled or seduced.
It is a shame that we all have to be wary of these hopeful hijackers, but if we limit our “trust” to the facts at hand…they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

Back To Basics…

As anyone that operates a site like mine can tell you…that is to say, one that is even the least bit critical of the ruling ashkanazi or that nest of vipers occupying Palestine…you get a lot of commentary on your posts.
Actually most of it is, and always has been positive.  However, you also get the other types.  I classify them as, a)Hasbara-paid israeli youth counteracting what they deem as anti-semitic on the net…or b) trolls – they will nay-say anything you write and apparently get all goose-pimply when you react emotionally.  Or c) those that are truly so steeped in the indoctrination of our rulers in this “age of the jew”, that they feel compelled to straighten me out on a few issues.

The first two types don’t get published here.  The last one gives me pause to reflect and assess how well I am doing in this personal quest of mine.  These are normally considerate and thoughtful people.  They are usually almost pleasant in their rants, so I try to be in return.
Yesterday I received such a comment on my last article.  I not only chose to publish it along with the other positive comments, I thought this a good opportunity to rebut a few points about which “anonymous” has attempted to make…and to make my response an entire post.  It could get long.  You might want to read it in shifts.

Firstly, I am grateful for the comment.  Really, I am. And I admire Mr./Ms Anon for commenting in this fashion.  It gives me a chance to air my position concerning judaism for those that require a bit more fundamental explanation.  I have a tendency to move a bit too fast for some…assume that everyone is with me on some basic things.  The comment that follows clearly shows how many are not:

 Anonymous said…
I really don’t appreciate your page. You’re looking for a simple solution to the world’s problems by taking one group of people and putting all the blame on them. NEWS FLASH: The Jewish people are not the source of all the evil in the world. You’re just another person illogically blaming the Jews for everyone’s problems. No matter what I say, you will always believe the Jews are the root of all evil. You’ll still bleat about “The Holohoax,” yet according to this post and your page, you endorse the death of “all things Judaic.” (Irony? I think not. And you know it’s true.) You’ll continue to blame 911, the Kennedy Assassination, WWI, WWII etc. on the Jews. You’ll continue to falsely claim that all media is owned by Jews and that we can’t trust anything Jewish. (Quite a clever Catch 22, Mr. Streicher, but it ain’t gonna work this time.) I really do pity you. You have devoted your life to a hateful, despicable cause. I invite you to cease your false accusations against the Jewish people. You know what you are doing is wrong. Please, if you truly are for world peace, start advocating it. Right now, all you’re doing is looking for a scapegoat to put all your problems on. Life just ain’t that simple whether you like it or not.
The easiest way to proceed with countering this opinion would be to take it point by point, and then address the tone of the comment.   So I will.
Mr./Ms Anon says right off the bat that he doesn’t appreciate my page.  Ok.  I can live with that.  It isn’t for everyone(nor am I personally if the truth be known).  But they go on referencing many things I have said throughout many many past posts…so I can only conclude that this is a person bent on masochism, to read so much with which you do not agree.  Personally if someone says, for instance that Beyonce is the most talented vocalist of all time…I ain’t gonna read much further…but that may just be me.
Next they say that I am looking for a simple solution to the world’s problems by blaming a group of people and provides a news flash that I had yet to hear…that jews are not the source of all the evil in the world.  Well, that’s kinda straw-man tactics.  I have never said that any group of people are the cause of all “evil”(a rather subjective term) in the world.  I have said many times that the jewish religion allows most of what is negative in the world.  Big difference.

A Gentile could follow the talmud’s teachings to the letter and I would vilify such activity just as strongly.  It is the religion that I have a problem with.  Not people.  Yes, those raised in jewish homes, of course are more likely to follow the supremacist teachings of that disgusting cult, because they become part of the tribe.  However, again, I do not hate people for what they are through no control of their own.  I hate those that when faced with a decision, decide to follow such an immoral path as judaism.  I have stated here many times that I have known several people raised in jewish homes and bear the names of their cultural lineage…and have totally rejected the precepts of exclusivity which they were taught.

Our commenter then states that I am somehow ironic because I bleat on about the ‘holohoax’ and yet I endorse the death of all things judaic.  I’m afraid I don’t really get that one.  Firstly I have never endorsed anyone’s “death”.  I certainly endorse the death or universal banning of judaism as a cult.  I thought I had made that clear here many times.  Perhaps not.  I understand that when the general populace of this planet grasps the havoc that this cult has brought to us…yes, indeed…there will be death.  I will not be one of those causing it.  Nor do I advocate violence in any form.  Even my most ardent detractors would not assert that I have ever done so.

Moving on…
Our reader goes on to list the anomalies that I ascribe to the machinations of those that follow this religion.  I will go him one better.  I would start around 1744 with the birth of Mayer Amschel Rothschild(nee Bauer).  It was he that brought usury to world politics.  It was he that financed both sides of the Napoleonic wars.  It was he that through the financial empire he created, essentially purchased Britain.  From that period to today, the practice of money changing became a dangerous political tool used by his family and all the jewish bankers with which he surrounded himself.  This is all a matter of factual history and I won’t go into the details here, but I suggest Mr/Ms Anon avails themselves of such research.
As far as our reader’s assertion that jewish zionists do not own the Western media…well, that is almost too ridiculous to respond to.  Any even casual research will confirm their ownership/control.  I won’t spend any effort in re-proving that point.
I am then accused of a “catch 22” because I understand the above fact to be true…and so I tell my readers not to trust their media.  How is that a “catch 22”?  As I remember the book and how it defines it…a catch 22 refers to contradictory rules.  As in, you can’t get out of flying bombing missions because you are crazy, because no one that is crazy is allowed to fly bombing missions.  I don’t see the contradictions in what I  bleat on about.  Perhaps I am crazy?

I agree, I have HAD to devote quite a bit of my life to this hateful cause. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t.  I hate the jewish religion.  Period.  Those that are taught it and choose to follow it, ARE despicable.

There are many groups of people that have conquered and ruled the world.  Or the world known to them at the time.  If I had lived in ancient Rome, I would have been scrawling graffiti and attending protests of their hegemony.  It was no less than what I see as the ashkanazi plan for domination.  Had I lived under the rule of the Catholic church of the middle ages, I would have decried the reigning Pope’s marketing of indulgences to guild the church and to launch crusades.

The judaic are just the latest political assholes that have gained power in the world…with a twist.  Their religion actually encourages such plundering…if it is for jewish exhaltation only.  Lastly our friend implores: “…if you truly are for world peace, start advocating it.” 
I am not for world peace.  I thought that was clear.  I am for world JUSTICE.  Period.  “Peace” is usually accomplished at the end of a gun.  Without justice, there is no true peace.  Give the people of the world the justice that the ruling tribe has denied them…and real peace will follow. 

Perhaps I am being too hard on Mr/Ms Anon.  I have used them as an example of the readers that peruse my site and somehow just don’t get it. Although I think I have stated my position over there at the left rather clearly…many still insist on putting words in my mouth and misunderstanding what I feel is my mission here.
I welcome criticism such as this… at times. It’s a chance to get back to basics.

I DO go on…

This is going to be one of those entries.  One in which I have a whole hodge-podge of things swirling around and I am grasping at the mini-hurricane…pulling out this thing and that…trying to make something.  I probably won’t succeed, but…

I CAN go on about the sixties.  And for that I apologize.  Especially to those of you that are too young to remember that turbulent time, and have had it all put in a sweater-box for you, labeled “social revolution”.  The media likes to do that.  Tie up things all neatly in a pre-labeled package for your casual perusal…those that didn’t experience it.
Anyway, I was thinking about this recent anniversary of 9/11 and how much more every year, the official myth is being left un-purchased. About the internet and how it keeps beating the pee out of that story of evil A-rabs.  It will get worse for them y’know.  For the zionists that push that fantasy.  The ones that actually did it.  And when it does…when it reaches critical mass…and no one believes their propaganda any more, a lot of people are going to be disillusioned.  I know something about that.  About how you can gloss over the obvious and try your best to continue on as if things really were as simple as you have been told.

In the late sixties there were riots.  Many of them.  Mostly racially charged. Few cities escaped them, for there was an underlying anger in the fabric…the very woof and warp of our amerikan cloth.  It was being fomented by the media, and it wasn’t being fomented by the media.  They loved it…but it got out of control and addressed some things that it wasn’t supposed to.
So I am in my middle-class HS and a fight broke out in the cafeteria.  It spread like wildfire because it was time.  It was originally between a white guy and a black guy…and I think it was actually concerning a girl, if the truth  be known …after the National Guard had left the smoldering empty devastated building.  Everyone chose their sides…mostly along the color line.  Of course I sided with the blacks.  We tore that school apart….literally.  In the halls there was an infection that spread from student to student, student to teacher, teacher to teacher.  An infection of blind rage.

Toward the close of the event, I was wandering around the halls…looking for my girlfriend and another fight, while trying to avoid the guards.  I saw a friend of mine…a mulatto fellow…a guy that never hurt anyone and light enough in complexion that he fit in nicely with the white crowd.  I suppose you would describe his reaction as ambivalence.  He was sitting on the floor and crying. His world had come crashing down upon him in a matter of an hour.  Everything he had led himself to believe up till this day had betrayed him.  He didn’t know which way to turn…with which gang to side.  He was truly lost.  I tried my best to get him out of harm’s way, but it struck me then that in that time of social revolt, that you had to be this way or that.  One side or another.  And all bets were off.
It is coming to that again. The rage is still there. The Guard will be called out for the last time.  But they won’t clear the building this time.  They will not be in charge.  The rage will be in charge.
When those like my friend are caught weeping on the floor, because the mob-think has finally figured it all out…there will be those pushed this way or that…and not always by choice.  Every Cohen and Shapiro will be pushed back to the group to which they now cling, even if they attempt to deny that group.  Many innocent people will be hurt and killed.  The rage knows no adjudication.  It simply is, and it all happens so fast.
When it becomes common knowledge, contrary to their bleating media, that zionist israhell was behind the twin towers…when we all know…the infection of “jewishness” will be torn out by its roots.  It won’t be pretty.  It will be a justice of sorts…a blunt instrument trauma to the world.

And when this world-epiphany happens…the one that is beginning now in the Middle East and Northern Africa…the spoiled brats living in  israhell that aren’t even aware of their own state’s complicity in the Trade Center attacks, will show the world the hubris they have been taught.  And they will express the sentiment that, as Sarah Silverman so aptly put it: “so what if we did kill Christ…I’d do it again”. This will happen…I guarantee it.  I will also guarantee that they will find out very quickly when they own these atrocities, that no army can defend them.  The world will not have it.  And they will pay.  And they won’t fully understand it.  Like my friend, they will be lost.  Lost in a world in which there is no group that wants them.

So forgive me my trip back to another time and place.  Forgive me for seeing the parallels between the small revolt that I lived through and the coming one. But as I saw a lot of racial bigotry get its come-up-ins then, mark my words…ALL jews are going to pay dearly, and soon.
That’s my prediction…I stand by it.
But I DO go on…


I have a problem with hubris.  Because with hubris…”chutzpa”…there is always superiority.  There is always “holier than thou”.  There is always a delusional self-appraisal.  For what would generate such bravado, if not for assuming some phantom higher ground.

Israhell refuses to apologize to Turkey for executing Turkish citizens.  Israelis are incensed that they have to be questioned and searched when they leave that hell-hole of theirs and try to enter another country…like say Turkey.  Well this is more than just a spat.  Turkey has promised to escort future relief ships through the Mediterranean to Gaza…exercising a bit of THEIR “hubris”.  Or I should say their courage to get back into the neighborhood bully’s face.  I wish them well.  Perhaps they will be the ones to start this hard lesson to be taught to the false jews.  I wish the world to see the cowards that are the IDF, get bested at their own game of bullying.

It is a simple lesson to learn.  Not bullying, I mean.

When I was a grade-school punk I grew a bit faster than my classmates.  I was taller, stronger…and if the truth be known…a bit more of a jerk because of it.  This is true.  I used to look forward to the walk home from school, because I got to bully the smaller kids.  Literally.  I remember that to this day.  One of those portions of your life…a chapter that you would rather not remember.  Anyway…I did.  I pushed and shoved and challenged anyone smaller than myself.  It was a rush…that power.  I had toadies too.  Smaller kids that had learned that if they sided with me…they were less likely to get punched in the face.  What a miniature asshole was I.  
This didn’t last very long actually.  Kids complained to their parents…parents complained to the school…etc.  Upshot….I was called into the principal’s office.  I remember that like it was yesterday.  He asked me if all these horror stories were true…expecting me to lie.  Which I did.  Then he said “you wanna bully me?”  Well, duh…not only no, but HELL no.  The guy was over 6ft and built like a brick house.  So he tries to get through to me that there is always someone bigger and stronger…and I had better watch out with this path I was on.
I’ll never know if he arranged what happened next…although to this day, I suspect he did.  His lecture quieted me down for about a day…then I was back to the pushing, shoving and punching and the thrill of it all.  All I remember about the incident that day, was pushing a little kid into a pile of dirt on the way home.  The next memory was looking up from the ground at his older brother and realizing that I couldn’t feel anything in my face.  It was numb…and there was blood coming out of my nose. It didn’t really hurt that much …but it scared hell outta me, and I ran all the way home.  I lied to my parents about what happened, and never intentionally bullied anyone again in my life.  So far.  I ain’t dead yet.  I have been thinking about returning to the M/E…and I just may return to my ways of hubris…so long forgotten.

A friend recently decried that we have very little choice in the matter of how to solve the problem of that shitty little terrorist state that is bullying way too many people in this world. I hear him.  A bigger bully may be what is needed.  To bloody a few noses.

But maybe not.  One thing I know about bullies…is that they are ALL cowards…when it comes right down to it.  It comes with the territory.  Shakespeare said “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once…” In the instance of our modern “cowards”, one could substitute “six million” for “many times”.   They enjoy this victim status so much now…but I doubt that they will enjoy it when they are truly taught some hard lessons.  For as they treat the Palestinian atrocities they have committed, we can once more turn to the Bard; “…he jests at scars that never felt a wound”.

  There is a feeling when you are punching and kicking someone else…a feeling of distorted empathy, I think.  It is as if you understand the pain you inflict on others so acutely,that you will avoid receiving such misery yourself at all costs.  You wish to keep it on a vicarious level.  Bullying is an attempt to feel the power of influence that you imagine the courageous feel.  Only without having to expend any real energy in sacrifice.  The courage in we that are not bullies is reflexive.  We separate people fighting, without regard to our own safety.  We run back into that burning building without thinking of anything other than those we have to rescue.  This type of act is not as uncommon as you might think…in we that are not bullies.  It is more nature than thought process.  Knee-jerk concern for your fellow man.  Effort applied for good.  Not vanity.  For bullies are vain.  And what a surprise that vanity and hubris go hand-in-hand.  If there is anything in this cult of judaism that I abhor and stands out above it all, it is this attitude of superiority, for I know first-hand what that produces.  Bullying.

I don’t know who is going to teach the followers of the talmud their final lesson.  The one they don’t inflate or forget.  The one that remains in their collective conscience, but quietly.  The lesson that turns them away from their bullying forever.  But someone is going to.  They always do.  This someone (and it will be many someones) will reflexively bloody some noses. When zionists push too hard…when they tip their hand too many times, it is going to come home to them…and unfortunately, to all with a jewish background.   And yes it is a shame that some…even myself at one point…can only be taught this way.  But being a bully they know nothing else.  They won’t listen to reason.  I didn’t.