Goddamn It….and trucks…

Beware.  I am not in a very good mood.  Skip this one unless you are prepared to take some smacks on the butt.  Unless you are willing to listen to me go off on stupidity.

You know, I write and write and live and live.  Some listen.  Some learn.  Some disagree. Some teach me.  But Goddamn it, I am getting pissed off at some things.  It may go with the territory. I dunno. But.

If I see one more “alternative” blog…or watch one more “alternative” video telling people that we have to bring “real” democracy to the people of the earth…I swear…I am going to go off.  And it won’t be pretty.  I am going to cause a shit-storm that will smell for 40 days and 40 nights…and that’s a long time.

Number One.  How fucking stupid are you people? Democracy is the ultimate 3-card Monty. The jewess Amy Goodman is as willing to screw the masses in their asses as Joseph Stalin. Why do people keep using that word?  I have been harping on this for years…and you people keep saying “if we only had true democracy”.  You aren’t listening.  Democracy is 51 percent of the mob telling 49 percent what they are going to do and how they are going to live.  That’s it in a nutshell.  That’s all there is to it.  And as you know…since you are apparently incapable of pulling that fucking talmud-vision off the wall and tossing it to the curb…51 percent of the populace can be as easily convinced that they live in the best country in the world, as they can be convinced to have a Coke.   The only thing we in the US of I  mistakenly borrowed from this ‘political system from hell itself’…is popular election.  And if you are foolish enough to think that, beyond the elections at the local sewing club, any elections can’t be and haven’t been rigged…you are too stupid to be alive.  Do us all a huge favor and crawl in the hole and pull your own dirt down.  I can’t be bothered.

The people of Libya…the real people that have lived under Gaddafi’s inhuman horrible rule for decades can tell you…fuck democracy.  They were happy and prosperous until CNN came to town. And CNN and Al Jazeera are going to take him down and install “democracy”…even if they have to manufacture it in their own hand-held cameras first.  It’s as if “democracy” is some kind of crowd-pleasing term that can dilute even the most critically thinking of you all.  You will not demonize this word…this concept.  You liken it to patriotism and true representation of all people.  WTF?  You see evidence of the evil of this system that makes communism look desirable, everywhere out here…and yet you still watch and worship “Democracy Now”.

Number two(and I mean that both ways).  You still listen to Max Kaiser telling you that there really IS a fair way to operate monetary systems based on usury….all we have to do is lock up all the bad banksters and let the good banksters run the show. This is a man that founded the “hollywood stock exchange” fer chrissake!   I mean how entrenched in talmudic filth can you be? What?… you think he has found Jesus all-of-a-sudden?  You think he has grown a Christian heart and turned over a new leaf…one in which he has only your best interest in mind?  He has “interest” on his mind…that I will grant you.  You people are almost not worth even lecturing.  
I never went back for my PhD…but holy shit…even I can call bullshit on this crap.

Ok.  I am being a bit soap-boxy.  I am appealing to the common and the profane in man.  I am doing a bit of screaming here.  But what else can I do to get through to the people obfuscating till there is no more oxygen left in their lungs?  What do people from George Carlin to …yes, even Ron Paul…have to do to make you see that it’s all a scam, and you are applauding it?  Democracy is a jewish SCAM.  That is a fact and I challenge ANYONE to debate this with me.  Any left-leaning pol-sci major…any former politico…any yiddish pants-presser turned talk-show pundit.  Anyone.

I say things here that people don’t want to hear.  That is probably why I am not as popular in the alternative blogoshpere as I used to think this kind of blathering could make me.  It is as if we are all at the beach and I am wading out too far.  I am getting too deep into the waves and people are frightened to go with me…afraid of getting their tushys wet.  Tough shit.  Bullshit is bullshit.  I will call it.  You do what you want with it.  Maybe some are listening…taking note…maybe not.

Also…I abhor the trucking industry.

But that’s a discussion for another day.


2 thoughts on “Goddamn It….and trucks…

  1. Democracy has become Minority Rule. The minorities get whatever they want while berating the majority for it. Look at all the wiggers out there. It's crazy that white children want to dress and act black. It's like cars. I used to know the year a car was made. I have no idea anymore. Likewise, often I can't distinguish the race or gender of the young. Downtown looks like a GAP ad to me, a busy pride party for transexual Chinitos.

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