That is a dangerous word…”probably”. 

I have always wanted to write that essay.  That book.  That play.  That piece of prose that explains everything that I think and imagine.  That missive that makes it all clear for everyone to see.  From the most academic to the most clueless…everyone that reads it will come away with my understanding of the world…and more importantly…give or take a few points…they would all agree, and be better people for having read it.
That probably won’t happen.

Try as I might, the above is a tough nut to crack.  If it is even in the realm of possibility.  Given that I don’t have all the answers that would produce such enlightenment, it is definitely improbable.  But I plod on.

I was looking at the stars with a friend the other night, and spotting what was obviously the faint light of a satellite, he remarked about the technology behind this man-made wonder in the heavens stating that “if they can do that, they probably have the technology to see us right here to the point of being able to tell which side we part our hair on”.
I think I added…”or how long our penises are”.
And it hit me.  That word “probably”.  It is used differently today than I think it used to be.  It is a defense of sorts in this world in which technology plays such a huge role in our everyday lives.  Of course, I didn’t live during the industrial revolution, but maybe they used it similarly…”if they can come up with the idea to make a machine that can actually sew on buttons, just imagine what they aren’t telling us about.  They probably have machines that can automatically wash clothes”.   Who knows what they thought.  It just seems to me that “probably” has taken on a negative connotation of late.  And I can understand that.  Outside of neat little gadgets that they sell us…most change that we see is not for the betterment of mankind.   So the word, probably…has become a bit  of a defensive “they don’t fool me” comment that fosters all kinds of idle theories that push us all away from what is before our eyes.

I have had the good fortune to have known many types of people during my sentence here on earth so far.  I have learned a lot from them.

A good friend I had worked all of his adult life for ATT.  Although back then it was known as “Ma Bell”.  Anyway, one day we were out and about…not doing anything in particular, and he says “hey, you wanna see something neat?”  Who wouldn’t, right?  So he says…”let me see…pull over up there in back of that strip mall”.  We get out…he pulls out a bizarre-looking key and opens a little metal trap door in the cement of the parking lot.  He reaches in and flips a light switch and says “c’mon…and welcome to the future”.  We climb down a metal ladder and he turns on even more lights and I stood there in a perfectly clean white tile hallway staring at disbelief as an entire humming complex opened up before my eyes.  I got a little dizzy trying to take it all in.  As we walked down these various halls to different rooms covered with screens reading out information in astounding resolution, I was aghast at the immensity and intensity of it all.  This underground office building that seemed to, and truly did…go on for miles under our city was, at the time, not yet online.  It was ATT’s newest foray into broadband telecommunication via light-fiber.  I felt I had walked into a science fiction movie set…only all this was real.  There were people coming and going in shirts and ties and business dresses and my buddy handed me a tag to put on my shirt as we toured the complex.  It was truly amazing.  And at that time…entirely unknown  to the common man walking in the world above.  I remember saying to him that if ATT had this kind of technology, they could probably listen into our conversations any time they wanted to…or something to that effect.  My friend said “Why would they want to?”   “Think about it”, sez he.  “Who cares about what people say on their phones?  I have been listening to that inane chatter on the lines for years and I have heard nothing that wouldn’t put you to sleep”.  “You, the public”, he said, “…aren’t very interesting”.  I had never really thought of it that way.

I also had a friend that served in the regular army during war.  A world war.  The first one.  I often got him talking about these experiences.  He laid communication cable in France during the world-wide conflict.  When I asked him what that whole war was all about, he told me “I dunno…probably something big”.  This was a man, mind you…that was German American…he didn’t even speak English till he was in puberty.  When I asked him what in this experience was his biggest memory, he said “I got a lot of French pussy”.  

If you are wondering where this is all going…join the club.  We have jackets.  But it is going to have to be long to get any semblance of a point across.  So here goes.

It probably won’t matter to those affected…but Masons laugh like hyenas at the popular notion that they are a nefarious evil cult bent on world domination.  This is a fact.  Not a probably.  Don’t you ever wonder why members of this little-boy secret club don’t officially denounce such accusations?  Cause it’s funny.  Funny and harmless, and flattering.
Whether there “probably” was an alien landing in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947…and beings from their spacecraft became shape-shifting leaders of the free world…isn’t really important.  Also hilarious…but probably not important.

What is important, is that the ones that AREN’T laughing at speculation about their group…but are hellishly defensive over it…REALLY do hold the seats of power in the financial an media capitols of the world.  They REALLY are killing men, women and children all over our planet.  They REALLY do operate the biggest “concentration camp” the world has EVER known.  And they are getting away with it.  Probably because the majority of the rest of the world is looking under their beds and thinking…”probably”.
So I guess I am just asking you to turn your head and see what is…not what “probably” is.


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