Peripheral Vision, The Coming Revolt And The Hater Goes To Hatesville…

Sometimes you wonder where comedians get those crazy off-the-wall ideas that make us laugh so.  Mark Twain used to say that there was always more material in any newspaper than was needed for a an entire humorous lecture.  And he was right.  This offering is going to be filled with links to such comedy/tragedy…depending on how you look at it.  I suggest you follow the links or you won’t get the joke.

There are a lot of people in the world. I mean a LOT.  So many that mathematically speaking, you don’t really even exist.  People over the ages have lived and died and no one even remembers their presence on this planet.  You are such a person.  Well, I assume you are.  Since I don’t know you.  That is kind of an example of what’s been going through this little pea-brain(self-deprecation…a device to get you on my side) of mine of late.  
I talked recently about seeing faint stars out of the side of your eye that cannot be viewed straight on.  A reader was kind enough to point out that the acuity of our peripheral vision is exceptionally keen.  Probably a throwback from our hunter/gatherer days in which such side-glance observation could spell the difference between a nice day in the sunshine or having our viscera caught between the teeth of a predator.

We don’t really use that physical attribute much anymore…or at least not for the particular reasons that it had evolved.  Of course it helps to see a bus speeding toward us from the side that wasn’t there just seconds before we turned our heads to walk across a street.  But these exercises in using that ancient ability are becoming fewer as we evolve into a different kind of human.  One that can look things straight on without any fears of attacks from the periphery.  Or is this so?

I read that Glenn Beck has taken his hate carnival on the road and he is now playing in Hatesville.  Well, good for him.  He should go over big there.   They are an easy crowd to please if you are such a court jester for them already.  Attending the royal court of haters should be a great gig for him.  His message precedes him there.  They know all about evil mooslims…and that horrible Sharia law that forbids yiddish usury.  Maybe he will be the final hate-catalyst to get this WWIII rolling that Christian fundies and the offspring of zionism seem to want.  Who knows. Who cares.

But back to peripheral vision. This genetic talent of ours is being selectively bred out of our species.  Hatred plays a big part in this.  It comes out of that panel hanging on your wall 24/7.  If “they” want you to hate…you will.  It is just a matter of directing that hate for their benefit.  Just as that middle-aged drill Sargent instills racist hatred in the young troops that require it…so are you programmed in your relatively meaningless(see above) lives.  I say relatively, because your hatred is needed.  Your hatred and your labor.  Complacency also…but that comes with the new LED teevee, and is covered in the warranty.
But it is important to get rid of this side-vision in us. Or at least control it.  We are not to see clearly to our left and right, or we might catch a glimpse of our handlers and their dark purpose.  As the blinders on a horse will make it calmer…so also does it narrow its purpose of running straight ahead to whatever destination its rider chooses.  But when the blinders get knocked off…all hell breaks loose and the paid haters get a little nasty.
But that vision you caught just for an instant…that shadow…that star in the darkness…really is there.  There really is a force for destruction of all of our meaningless lives.  Just because you can’t see it when you look straight at CNN…you have to remember that you are looking at a set.  A room where these stories are performed for your hateful edification.  You do not see the producers and directors on the left and right.

The problem with seeing these faint stars…and understanding that they are really in that region of the sky…is that once you caught a fleeting glimpse of them, it is hard to forget.

More and more of these blinders are getting knocked off.  I think it is negligence of the riders that is causing it…or just that there are SO many of us to corral nowadays. There will be a revolt.  It is just around the corner.  Not the same corner around which they tell you that prosperity lurks…but very near.  The orchestrated revolts here and there are not playing as well as the directors had hoped.  The real revolt is gaining real ground…reported or not by MSNBC.  The journalist-paid “guys in a truck” revolutionaries are being glanced at by the world through this 180-degree-vision, and seen for what they really are.  Hired guys in a truck in the desert.  Not a popular uprising demanding the latest “ism” being sold by the synagogue.

It is hard not to agree with the doomsday glee with which the late St. George Carlin(I just canonized him…hope you don’t mind) viewed these coming events.  To stand back and laugh at the idiots that cause the mega-death and destruction of themselves…and even wish for more of it.  I can understand where St. George was coming from. 

If Glenn Beck can play israhell to rave reviews and the general populace of the world does not see the hysterical irony of it…well to hell with them and their useless lives, I say.
I’m often accused of being a “hater”.  Well I am…sort of.  I just hate the wrong things and I don’t hate enough actual people.  Just the things I see them doing… to the side.


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