Of Politics And Packaging…

This is going to be one of those rare occasions in which I address politics.  I know…yawn.  Well, not really.
Civilization is a curious thing.  We are not all equal in our ability to deal with reality.  Some appear to be better at it than others…so a lot of we of the human species have, for the past gazillion or so years…give or take a few months…found the need to have leaders.  Those that we deem capable of telling us how to deal with that reality that we can sometimes find so confusing. Thinkers.  Planners.  Thinkers and planners that can grasp the way humans should interact with their environment and each other, while the rest of us find in difficult enough to open a loaf of bread.  You know…one time the little twisty thing is righty-tighty/lefty loosey….the next loaf it’s just the opposite.  One loaf is in two bags and gets green in two days…another loaf is in one bag and lasts a week.  Sheesh.
Because of this need for leadership, we have devised various systems of political structure.  That is to say a tiered pyramid type of shape in which these thinkers and planners are at the uppermost in this scale.  I don’t buy into it…but that’s just me.  Maybe I was meant to be one of the thinker/planners but just lacked the ambition to complete my destiny. I dunno.
But these leaders come in all shapes, sizes and agendas.  So do the systems that lie beneath them.  The United Snakes of Amerika is one such system.  It is the latest “empire” in this world.  The latest one to rise and fall.  Oh well.  It happens.  Some of the worst of these systems seem to last the longest…and some ideas which start out like a house-a-fire and appear to be the best yet…a real advancement toward the sublime for the species…disintegrate like so much sand in a tide.  Shame really.
The U.S. of A. had what I think was a pretty good idea.  If you feel this need to be led somehow…besides the bread thingy…you should write the rules down that you all agree upon first.  Once written they become what you do as a society.  No more need to debate the basic rules…why should you?  You already wrote them down.  Well…that good idea didn’t last very long.  It was too good.  You can’t make any gain off of rules that everyone agrees are the best ones for all the inhabitants of a society.  Then everyone is treated equally under this law…and no one is cheated.  But then again no one has an unfair advantage.  That won’t wash.  There are those among us…usually the thinkers/planners that want that unfair advantage.  They want to be at the top of the pyramid…and they damned well will be.  They may not be thinkers…but they are planners.
Anyway.  If you were to save that good idea…bring it back from the oblivion to which it was cast in the name of greed…I don’t think most people would mind.  They are still trying to open that damned bread package.  Of course you can’t. Bring it back, I mean.  At least not here where the greedy planning money-men have already climbed to the top of the structure.  But if you could.  We could all be happy and live our lives without having to worry about anything.
Then we get back to earth.  This filthy planet with filthy leadership.  I call them judaic because you can always trace the decline of such good ideas back to these khazarian decedents. But you know this.
I just watched this interview with Ron Paul.  No, I don’t support any political candidates because I simply do not believe in political solutions to any of society’s ills.  Especially not here in the land of the ashkanazi. But if I did, I would vote for this anachronism.  I think that is the best way to describe him.  I don’t even think he would be offended at such a description.  He really seems to believe all the things that those aristocratic guys wrote down a couple hundred years ago.  That Constitution thing.  That “let’s write it down and follow it” mentality.  A republic.  Good for him.  Bad for us.  Because we will never see the day that such a sensible system will actually be a working model for humans that struggle with packaging…and that is a shame.  It could work for any country.  We could be the model for the world, as we were told we used to be.
So anyway, I’m listening to these young people asking Paul some pretty tough questions…and I’m thinking if this guy could name the beast he would.  He’s almost that good. He has an interesting take on compromise.  He understands that democracy is the new demon of the world.  And he does get a lot of things right.  Especially that conspiracy is just a buzz-word for like-minded thinking.  And in that definition lies the problem.  And also why he will never get anything accomplished in the here and now.  Not enough people think beyond the bread packaging issue.  But plenty of a certain religious culture are like-minded in their planning.  Therein lies their fortune…and our downfall. 

Sorry Doctor Paul.  Not in this lifetime.  Not in this country.  Not on this planet.


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