Well, it’s that time of year again.  That time when I am obliged to join the screaming choir.  The choir that throughout every year provides the almost imperceptibly low and ominous background of a soundtrack to TRUTH on the internet.  The 9/11 choir.  The “inside jobbers”.  The ones that carefully demand a new independent investigation of the WTC disaster of now 10 years past. I say carefully, because the majority of them artfully sidestep the obvious “evil-doers” of that day.
They demand truth and justice from a corrupt government that is beyond their control.  They wish to be heard saying that they care not where the chips may fall when the facts of this false-flag event are finally uncovered.  They say that they have proof that the events of that day did not happen as described by this aforementioned government.

They say a lot.
I say that I am obliged to write on this subject.  And I am. It is part and parcel to an alternative blog…I guess.
But my heart isn’t in it.  For the most part, I am not a conspiracy nut-job.  I don’t believe in most of the more popular conspiracy theories. To me these people have their ladders leaning against the wrong tree.  They are up there hacking away at the limbs and essentially pruning their own demise.
But I have a fading viewpoint of  a lot of past “conspiracy” lost causes.  JFK, Gulf of Tonkin…that sort of thing.  These murders and false-flags will never be investigated by those complicit in their execution.  Let me repeat that key word…NEVER.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Never will.  Don’t look for it.
If your spouse suspects you of screwing around on them…which by the way, you are…are you going to hire a detective to follow yourself to the hotel where you and your lover meet every week?  Again…never.

That is not the tack.  Stop wasting precious energy on this.  

You know that phenomenon…the one where if you turn your head very quickly at night while looking at the sky,  and you can see faint stars that weren’t in that location when you looked directly there? Ever done that?  Try it.  It’s cool.  I’m sure it can be explained scientifically, but it works like magic nonetheless.  The star that you caught a glimpse of, really is there…but you can’t see it if you look too close.   Well that is kinda the way I see false-flags like 9/11.  A quick glance and you know who was responsible.   It wasn’t evil A-rabs.  It wasn’t shape-shifting monarchs from Venus.  It wasn’t the evil Masonic Bush family(they couldn’t mastermind a picnic).  It was israhell and the dual-israhelli citizens that wormed their way into our government.  You know this…you can’t prove it yet…but this isn’t a court of law, and the evidence for such an accusation will never be presented in a courtroom.  It will all fall out in due time, however…as will JFK, and all the rest of the “conspiracy” enigmas over the last dozen or so generations.  If you put your ladder away and start hacking at the roots of the appropriate tree, all will become clear.  If you don’t, you will fall into the “JFK” trap.  It leads nowhere.  That is what the perpetrators want.  For you to keep going around in circles amassing more and more evidence…arguing with each other…plane-no-plane…cellular calls-no cellular calls…stand-down order no stand-down order…building 7…on and on and on…
I am as tired of it all…and it’s circular motion…as tired as I was by 1968 with the “JFK” conspiracy nuts.  A poll done some years after that assassination revealed that only one out of four believed the “lone gunman” official story of our government.  So?  What did it get them?  A re-investigation? It all becomes a mythology…and you become part of it.  Not me.

Of course…on this upcoming anniversary of the biggest false-flag in history…I understand that 19 Arabs didn’t defeat the defenses of the most powerful country on earth.  A child can see that. 
Not that the event wasn’t important…but NO one is going to jump from the shadows of obscurity and shout AH-HAH!…with the final conclusive piece of evidence that George Bush in fact flew the planes into the towers with a little remote-control device in his jacket, while reading about goats.  And this fictional investigator will NOT be presenting his proof to some jew on the evening news.  So put this little mouse-trap on the back burner and look east.   Stop wasting yours and everyone else’s time with this constant barrage of inconclusive circumstantial evidence about something of which we all should know the cause.  Zionism…judaism…ashkanazi greed and supremacism.
If “truthers” spent half as much time and energy on going after the real perpetrators of that day, as they do finding an illusive “truth”, then the next 9/11 wouldn’t happen.
To me…9/11 was the largest item yet on the bill that the usurious Bank of Rothschild has presented to the world.  The price we have to pay for our lack of vigilance against the Synagog of Satan.  The interest on accepting their political correctness, and their brand of “tolerance”.

If I have offended…well tough shit.  Get over it and get busy in the war against judaism.  People are dying out here.

There.  I fulfilled my obligation.


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