How Can You…

As I have stated here several times on this site, I had Palestinian friends.  I have no idea if they are still alive.  They went back home from the US, many years ago.  I miss them.
People ask me why I chose the Palestinian/israeli “conflict” as my “cause”.  Well this is one reason.  There are a million and a half others.  They also live and die in that open-air prison that used to be Palestine.
But there are other reasons closer to home.

I once knew a guy that was bent on owning a handgun.  He was a nice enough guy…but for some reason, too much testosterone perhaps, he was bound and determined to own one.  He was never threatened, nor did he live in a dangerous area…he just liked the idea.  You could see his excitement as he poured over catalogs, looking at the shining weapons.

I don’t want to open a can of worms here.  I don’t want to get into a heated debate over rights to own weapons…there are so many angles to the issue and it is a tired unsolvable subject as I see it.  There are good arguments on both sides.  Yes, I understand that the JPTB are on the side of  gun control.  And, yes I understand why.  But aside from the arguments to be made for either side…I don’t like guns.  Never did.  I don’t care what anyone says…guns are for killing.  I am against all forms of killing…anything or anyone.  Period.
That being said, I’m sure you won’t be surprised that when I learned of my friend’s intention to purchase such a weapon, I tried to talk him out of it.  “No good will come of this, John”…says I.  And on and on I went, trying to dissuade this childish dream of owning  a handgun.  I knew I wasn’t going to stop him.  I gave up.  I wish I hadn’t.

He bought said weapon.  One with more fire-power needed to drop an elephant.  He did all the legal things of course…registered, endured a waiting period…all that.  Until he finally had it in his possession.  I didn’t hear anything more about it from him.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t see John around as much as before.  When I questioned a mutual friend about his scarcity, I was told that John was having a hard time…and that he didn’t want to face me.  I further learned that John had started carrying the gun he had purchased in his car…locked securely…and with no ammo.  He said he only intended to keep it there with the thought that just pulling it out would be enough to get him out of any sticky situations that might befall him.

This gun remained locked and hidden in his car for a full month…before it was stolen.  He had yet to report the theft, before he was contacted by the police and was informed that his gun had been used in a robbery in which an innocent person had been shot to death.
This is a true story.  Certainly not one that I am proud to relate.  But true nonetheless.
I know…you are saying that this is an isolated incident.  Yeah.  You may be saying that this sounds like a story with a moral about the evil of owning guns, and that could very well be easily used as an example by the jewish-led gun control lobby…and all this is true.  But not the point I wanted to make.

Aside from the obvious bent of this little tale, it means more to me than that.  
After having watched “Tears Of Gaza”, I thought of that gun.  I thought of my friend providing…unwillingly…the weapon to kill.  Say all you want about whether the thief that took John’s weapon might just as well have gotten his instrument of death from another source if John hadn’t provided it.  That isn’t important.  What is important is that I am providing…unwillingly…the weapons that maimed and killed children.  And unlike John, I am providing it still.  Every year that I file federal taxes, I pay for the weapons that murder children.
Of course this money is stolen from me.  Of course I have no legal choice in the matter.  But that doesn’t make me sleep any better when I see images of burning bodies of innocent children.  Those lives ended and/or ruined at the hands of these psychopathic thieves that have broken into my government and stolen the means to carry out these inhuman acts of violence.  This must stop.  This must stop now.

I urge you to send the link to this movie to EVERY person that you can think of.  Facebook the link…twitter the link…reddit it…whatever.  Get it in front of all the eyes you can.  I understand it is difficult to watch.  Difficult for us especially.  We that understand.  You mustn’t give up like I did.  You see what this terrorist religion is capable of.  You know that this is happening and you must help get it stopped.  This is not propaganda…it is truth.  And truth in its ugliest form.  It must be seen.  People must know what they are allowing in their names.  And what they are paying for, against their will.  For no one in their right mind would condone what is going on there.  So when I ask “How Can You?”  I am not referring to the 94% of israeli jews that supported the “cast lead” slaughter of men, women and children in Palestine.  They have already spoken.  We all know how they can.

I am asking those of us with human conscience to spread this knowledge…how can you not?


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