Worship, Bananas And The Real Answer…

This whole thing is an elaborate joke.  Or you could see it as a billion-piece jigsaw puzzle.  But there is a punch-line.  There is a solution.

I have been reading all my life…so far.  I don’t think there is a view of things that I haven’t experienced.  I know, you might well say that is a fairly sweeping generalization.  But I have read so much over the years that my eyeballs routinely fall out on the table…then I have to put them back in.  It has been a worthwhile journey, however.  I have come to a few conclusions.

I have read the opinions of thousands of people spanning the ages.  Philosophers.  Gurus. Politicians. Military heroes. Playwrights.  Poets. Supposed prophets.  I have also read the thoughts of the ” common” man.  It is all the same.  No one says anything different…just differently.  Varying versions of the same assessment of the human condition. 

Some express this assessment in anger, or calm resolve… or creatively.  The patterns are as predictable as the rising sun.  People express what they learn.  Sometimes it contains true insight.  And these are watermark observations.  We look to those that can gain a grasp point…a foothold in our evolution to understanding who we all are, and some of us revere their accomplishments.  These creative thinkers should be heeded.  Not worshiped.  Because they are you.  Self-worship is a fools errand.  As is worship in general.  To worship is to subjugate the self.  The self is all man.  Therefore to relent to worship is to diminish the very object of worship.  I think.
I know this all sounds a bit intricate and subjective.  But it is rather simple. 
We all have a certain amount of shit in our craniums.  Heaven knows I have enough of it.  But I’m cleaning it out…bit by bit.

Of course this is just a summation…a cliff-notes version of a religion I intend to start.  I am God.  You will come to understand this in time…that is to say…”I” will eventually worship myself.

William Shakespeare’s father was a glover.  Vincent Van Gogh had a penchant for absinthe and he would, as many painters of the time, touch his brush on the tip of his tongue when he painted.  Wolfgang Mozart was a heavy drinker/party-er.  John Lennon ingested LSD many times.
You can look at these things in two ways.  These are but a few examples of exceptionally creative people in our human experience, but human nonetheless.  Whether they merely enhanced their creativity with the use of or exposure to chemicals is a debatable issue.
I am not a mystic.  I do not worship anyone or anything.  I believe in the here and now only.  I am in this game…and I kinda play by the rules as I see them.  I do not BELIEVE in something I do not know.  That isn’t to say that something invisible to my eyes does not exist…it just doesn’t exist in my perception of things.  My rules, which are a subset of rules of reality.  
I understand how people can allow for the possibility of another type of reality in which old bearded men lord over our little game of life.  It’s probably entertaining and comforting to them.  And hell’s bells…life…this little game can be boring.  It can be painful.  It can be two-dimensional and frustrating and contradictory.

Eyewitness testimony is unreliable.  We all understand this.  We are all like little cameras viewing things that go past us.  Seeing these things through these little lenses from different perspectives produces what all photographers know as “parallax error”.  That is, the shape of the lens does not necessarily produce the exact projected image as does another set of lenses just a few feet away.  You can see this graphically illustrated by looking at the paintings of the “Old Masters”.  What are now known as paintings whose amazing “reality” was reproduced so faithfully, by using a camera obscura, and merely painting over the image of light that was reflected on the canvas.  If you look at these paintings carefully, you will notice that, for instance, a subject’s hand may be bigger than his head.  Well of course that is the error of the curvature of the lens…reproduced faithfully by the artist.
There was a famous experiment which demonstrates what I am talking about.  It was prearranged that several men with paper bags over their heads would rush into a classroom full of students, holding bananas as guns, and threaten the students…tell them to get on the floor…then kidnap the teacher.  That is what actually happened.  The range of eyewitness testimony following the incident by the students was laughable.  As I recall, not one of the students reported the events as they actually happened.  The stories almost in their entirety included real guns, and the bags became a range of masks.  The orders given to the students by the intruders were almost completely remembered incorrectly.  That’s what happens when you surprise a human brain.
So maybe I am trying to surprise you…me.

I know…you are thinking “Where in hell is he going with all this?”
I wish I knew.
Many have questioned my beliefs here.  Why don’t I believe in some deity or other?  Well, I guess I am trying to lay out what I DO understand to be “truth”.
Up at the top of this piece, I said that this whole thing is a very elaborate joke.  And I think it is.  Reality.  Our existence. 
I think that someday we will, as a species here, understand this.
We will grasp that all of our billions of little pieces of consciousness in our billions of craniums are merely pieces of one.  I think either through drugs or technology we will evolve back to what I am.  When I say “I” am…I mean… you are me and I am you.  That’s the joke.  
I also mentioned those humans among ourselves we worship…I don’t care if it is Shakespeare and the chemicals used in his father’s vocation that may or may not have influenced the resultant creativity to which we genuflect…or Elvis Presley’s shimmying hips.  It’s all the same worship.  These are seen as the best we can be…the best “I” can be.
I see the worst “I” can be in what used to be Palestine.  And Wall Street.  And the bank of England…and hollyweird.   The evil in “me”.
Most religions can be rather innocuous and negligible…if followed to the letter.  All but one.
You may think I have gone off the deep end.  Perhaps I have.
However, I think…no actually, “I” PLAN for a time after the evil in myself is conquered, and that will happen…I will synthesize myself back into myself as the whole that I was before this joke was told.

  And by this synthesis, I will understand all that I am.  For even if you don’t see that I/WE are one, simply distributed billions of times over this planet…you/I will.  There will come a time in the “life” that your children (we) will live, that “I” will, through the drugs or technology “I” provide…that the joke will be over.  And I will be amazed.
Time for a rubber-room say you?  Actually I intend to start a religion.  One in which I am God.  Since I realize that I am the first nano-consciousness to realize who I am…I understand my responsibility to myself/yourself.  My first task as you, is to rid myself of judaism, me/you.  After that I will start to come back together, because these are those that will not allow this synthesis.
I don’t require your worship.  Just your credit card number.



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