Goddamn It….and trucks…

Beware.  I am not in a very good mood.  Skip this one unless you are prepared to take some smacks on the butt.  Unless you are willing to listen to me go off on stupidity.

You know, I write and write and live and live.  Some listen.  Some learn.  Some disagree. Some teach me.  But Goddamn it, I am getting pissed off at some things.  It may go with the territory. I dunno. But.

If I see one more “alternative” blog…or watch one more “alternative” video telling people that we have to bring “real” democracy to the people of the earth…I swear…I am going to go off.  And it won’t be pretty.  I am going to cause a shit-storm that will smell for 40 days and 40 nights…and that’s a long time.

Number One.  How fucking stupid are you people? Democracy is the ultimate 3-card Monty. The jewess Amy Goodman is as willing to screw the masses in their asses as Joseph Stalin. Why do people keep using that word?  I have been harping on this for years…and you people keep saying “if we only had true democracy”.  You aren’t listening.  Democracy is 51 percent of the mob telling 49 percent what they are going to do and how they are going to live.  That’s it in a nutshell.  That’s all there is to it.  And as you know…since you are apparently incapable of pulling that fucking talmud-vision off the wall and tossing it to the curb…51 percent of the populace can be as easily convinced that they live in the best country in the world, as they can be convinced to have a Coke.   The only thing we in the US of I  mistakenly borrowed from this ‘political system from hell itself’…is popular election.  And if you are foolish enough to think that, beyond the elections at the local sewing club, any elections can’t be and haven’t been rigged…you are too stupid to be alive.  Do us all a huge favor and crawl in the hole and pull your own dirt down.  I can’t be bothered.

The people of Libya…the real people that have lived under Gaddafi’s inhuman horrible rule for decades can tell you…fuck democracy.  They were happy and prosperous until CNN came to town. And CNN and Al Jazeera are going to take him down and install “democracy”…even if they have to manufacture it in their own hand-held cameras first.  It’s as if “democracy” is some kind of crowd-pleasing term that can dilute even the most critically thinking of you all.  You will not demonize this word…this concept.  You liken it to patriotism and true representation of all people.  WTF?  You see evidence of the evil of this system that makes communism look desirable, everywhere out here…and yet you still watch and worship “Democracy Now”.

Number two(and I mean that both ways).  You still listen to Max Kaiser telling you that there really IS a fair way to operate monetary systems based on usury….all we have to do is lock up all the bad banksters and let the good banksters run the show. This is a man that founded the “hollywood stock exchange” fer chrissake!   I mean how entrenched in talmudic filth can you be? What?… you think he has found Jesus all-of-a-sudden?  You think he has grown a Christian heart and turned over a new leaf…one in which he has only your best interest in mind?  He has “interest” on his mind…that I will grant you.  You people are almost not worth even lecturing.  
I never went back for my PhD…but holy shit…even I can call bullshit on this crap.

Ok.  I am being a bit soap-boxy.  I am appealing to the common and the profane in man.  I am doing a bit of screaming here.  But what else can I do to get through to the people obfuscating till there is no more oxygen left in their lungs?  What do people from George Carlin to …yes, even Ron Paul…have to do to make you see that it’s all a scam, and you are applauding it?  Democracy is a jewish SCAM.  That is a fact and I challenge ANYONE to debate this with me.  Any left-leaning pol-sci major…any former politico…any yiddish pants-presser turned talk-show pundit.  Anyone.

I say things here that people don’t want to hear.  That is probably why I am not as popular in the alternative blogoshpere as I used to think this kind of blathering could make me.  It is as if we are all at the beach and I am wading out too far.  I am getting too deep into the waves and people are frightened to go with me…afraid of getting their tushys wet.  Tough shit.  Bullshit is bullshit.  I will call it.  You do what you want with it.  Maybe some are listening…taking note…maybe not.

Also…I abhor the trucking industry.

But that’s a discussion for another day.



That is a dangerous word…”probably”. 

I have always wanted to write that essay.  That book.  That play.  That piece of prose that explains everything that I think and imagine.  That missive that makes it all clear for everyone to see.  From the most academic to the most clueless…everyone that reads it will come away with my understanding of the world…and more importantly…give or take a few points…they would all agree, and be better people for having read it.
That probably won’t happen.

Try as I might, the above is a tough nut to crack.  If it is even in the realm of possibility.  Given that I don’t have all the answers that would produce such enlightenment, it is definitely improbable.  But I plod on.

I was looking at the stars with a friend the other night, and spotting what was obviously the faint light of a satellite, he remarked about the technology behind this man-made wonder in the heavens stating that “if they can do that, they probably have the technology to see us right here to the point of being able to tell which side we part our hair on”.
I think I added…”or how long our penises are”.
And it hit me.  That word “probably”.  It is used differently today than I think it used to be.  It is a defense of sorts in this world in which technology plays such a huge role in our everyday lives.  Of course, I didn’t live during the industrial revolution, but maybe they used it similarly…”if they can come up with the idea to make a machine that can actually sew on buttons, just imagine what they aren’t telling us about.  They probably have machines that can automatically wash clothes”.   Who knows what they thought.  It just seems to me that “probably” has taken on a negative connotation of late.  And I can understand that.  Outside of neat little gadgets that they sell us…most change that we see is not for the betterment of mankind.   So the word, probably…has become a bit  of a defensive “they don’t fool me” comment that fosters all kinds of idle theories that push us all away from what is before our eyes.

I have had the good fortune to have known many types of people during my sentence here on earth so far.  I have learned a lot from them.

A good friend I had worked all of his adult life for ATT.  Although back then it was known as “Ma Bell”.  Anyway, one day we were out and about…not doing anything in particular, and he says “hey, you wanna see something neat?”  Who wouldn’t, right?  So he says…”let me see…pull over up there in back of that strip mall”.  We get out…he pulls out a bizarre-looking key and opens a little metal trap door in the cement of the parking lot.  He reaches in and flips a light switch and says “c’mon…and welcome to the future”.  We climb down a metal ladder and he turns on even more lights and I stood there in a perfectly clean white tile hallway staring at disbelief as an entire humming complex opened up before my eyes.  I got a little dizzy trying to take it all in.  As we walked down these various halls to different rooms covered with screens reading out information in astounding resolution, I was aghast at the immensity and intensity of it all.  This underground office building that seemed to, and truly did…go on for miles under our city was, at the time, not yet online.  It was ATT’s newest foray into broadband telecommunication via light-fiber.  I felt I had walked into a science fiction movie set…only all this was real.  There were people coming and going in shirts and ties and business dresses and my buddy handed me a tag to put on my shirt as we toured the complex.  It was truly amazing.  And at that time…entirely unknown  to the common man walking in the world above.  I remember saying to him that if ATT had this kind of technology, they could probably listen into our conversations any time they wanted to…or something to that effect.  My friend said “Why would they want to?”   “Think about it”, sez he.  “Who cares about what people say on their phones?  I have been listening to that inane chatter on the lines for years and I have heard nothing that wouldn’t put you to sleep”.  “You, the public”, he said, “…aren’t very interesting”.  I had never really thought of it that way.

I also had a friend that served in the regular army during war.  A world war.  The first one.  I often got him talking about these experiences.  He laid communication cable in France during the world-wide conflict.  When I asked him what that whole war was all about, he told me “I dunno…probably something big”.  This was a man, mind you…that was German American…he didn’t even speak English till he was in puberty.  When I asked him what in this experience was his biggest memory, he said “I got a lot of French pussy”.  

If you are wondering where this is all going…join the club.  We have jackets.  But it is going to have to be long to get any semblance of a point across.  So here goes.

It probably won’t matter to those affected…but Masons laugh like hyenas at the popular notion that they are a nefarious evil cult bent on world domination.  This is a fact.  Not a probably.  Don’t you ever wonder why members of this little-boy secret club don’t officially denounce such accusations?  Cause it’s funny.  Funny and harmless, and flattering.
Whether there “probably” was an alien landing in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947…and beings from their spacecraft became shape-shifting leaders of the free world…isn’t really important.  Also hilarious…but probably not important.

What is important, is that the ones that AREN’T laughing at speculation about their group…but are hellishly defensive over it…REALLY do hold the seats of power in the financial an media capitols of the world.  They REALLY are killing men, women and children all over our planet.  They REALLY do operate the biggest “concentration camp” the world has EVER known.  And they are getting away with it.  Probably because the majority of the rest of the world is looking under their beds and thinking…”probably”.
So I guess I am just asking you to turn your head and see what is…not what “probably” is.

Peripheral Vision, The Coming Revolt And The Hater Goes To Hatesville…

Sometimes you wonder where comedians get those crazy off-the-wall ideas that make us laugh so.  Mark Twain used to say that there was always more material in any newspaper than was needed for a an entire humorous lecture.  And he was right.  This offering is going to be filled with links to such comedy/tragedy…depending on how you look at it.  I suggest you follow the links or you won’t get the joke.

There are a lot of people in the world. I mean a LOT.  So many that mathematically speaking, you don’t really even exist.  People over the ages have lived and died and no one even remembers their presence on this planet.  You are such a person.  Well, I assume you are.  Since I don’t know you.  That is kind of an example of what’s been going through this little pea-brain(self-deprecation…a device to get you on my side) of mine of late.  
I talked recently about seeing faint stars out of the side of your eye that cannot be viewed straight on.  A reader was kind enough to point out that the acuity of our peripheral vision is exceptionally keen.  Probably a throwback from our hunter/gatherer days in which such side-glance observation could spell the difference between a nice day in the sunshine or having our viscera caught between the teeth of a predator.

We don’t really use that physical attribute much anymore…or at least not for the particular reasons that it had evolved.  Of course it helps to see a bus speeding toward us from the side that wasn’t there just seconds before we turned our heads to walk across a street.  But these exercises in using that ancient ability are becoming fewer as we evolve into a different kind of human.  One that can look things straight on without any fears of attacks from the periphery.  Or is this so?

I read that Glenn Beck has taken his hate carnival on the road and he is now playing in Hatesville.  Well, good for him.  He should go over big there.   They are an easy crowd to please if you are such a court jester for them already.  Attending the royal court of haters should be a great gig for him.  His message precedes him there.  They know all about evil mooslims…and that horrible Sharia law that forbids yiddish usury.  Maybe he will be the final hate-catalyst to get this WWIII rolling that Christian fundies and the offspring of zionism seem to want.  Who knows. Who cares.

But back to peripheral vision. This genetic talent of ours is being selectively bred out of our species.  Hatred plays a big part in this.  It comes out of that panel hanging on your wall 24/7.  If “they” want you to hate…you will.  It is just a matter of directing that hate for their benefit.  Just as that middle-aged drill Sargent instills racist hatred in the young troops that require it…so are you programmed in your relatively meaningless(see above) lives.  I say relatively, because your hatred is needed.  Your hatred and your labor.  Complacency also…but that comes with the new LED teevee, and is covered in the warranty.
But it is important to get rid of this side-vision in us. Or at least control it.  We are not to see clearly to our left and right, or we might catch a glimpse of our handlers and their dark purpose.  As the blinders on a horse will make it calmer…so also does it narrow its purpose of running straight ahead to whatever destination its rider chooses.  But when the blinders get knocked off…all hell breaks loose and the paid haters get a little nasty.
But that vision you caught just for an instant…that shadow…that star in the darkness…really is there.  There really is a force for destruction of all of our meaningless lives.  Just because you can’t see it when you look straight at CNN…you have to remember that you are looking at a set.  A room where these stories are performed for your hateful edification.  You do not see the producers and directors on the left and right.

The problem with seeing these faint stars…and understanding that they are really in that region of the sky…is that once you caught a fleeting glimpse of them, it is hard to forget.

More and more of these blinders are getting knocked off.  I think it is negligence of the riders that is causing it…or just that there are SO many of us to corral nowadays. There will be a revolt.  It is just around the corner.  Not the same corner around which they tell you that prosperity lurks…but very near.  The orchestrated revolts here and there are not playing as well as the directors had hoped.  The real revolt is gaining real ground…reported or not by MSNBC.  The journalist-paid “guys in a truck” revolutionaries are being glanced at by the world through this 180-degree-vision, and seen for what they really are.  Hired guys in a truck in the desert.  Not a popular uprising demanding the latest “ism” being sold by the synagogue.

It is hard not to agree with the doomsday glee with which the late St. George Carlin(I just canonized him…hope you don’t mind) viewed these coming events.  To stand back and laugh at the idiots that cause the mega-death and destruction of themselves…and even wish for more of it.  I can understand where St. George was coming from. 

If Glenn Beck can play israhell to rave reviews and the general populace of the world does not see the hysterical irony of it…well to hell with them and their useless lives, I say.
I’m often accused of being a “hater”.  Well I am…sort of.  I just hate the wrong things and I don’t hate enough actual people.  Just the things I see them doing… to the side.

Of Politics And Packaging…

This is going to be one of those rare occasions in which I address politics.  I know…yawn.  Well, not really.
Civilization is a curious thing.  We are not all equal in our ability to deal with reality.  Some appear to be better at it than others…so a lot of we of the human species have, for the past gazillion or so years…give or take a few months…found the need to have leaders.  Those that we deem capable of telling us how to deal with that reality that we can sometimes find so confusing. Thinkers.  Planners.  Thinkers and planners that can grasp the way humans should interact with their environment and each other, while the rest of us find in difficult enough to open a loaf of bread.  You know…one time the little twisty thing is righty-tighty/lefty loosey….the next loaf it’s just the opposite.  One loaf is in two bags and gets green in two days…another loaf is in one bag and lasts a week.  Sheesh.
Because of this need for leadership, we have devised various systems of political structure.  That is to say a tiered pyramid type of shape in which these thinkers and planners are at the uppermost in this scale.  I don’t buy into it…but that’s just me.  Maybe I was meant to be one of the thinker/planners but just lacked the ambition to complete my destiny. I dunno.
But these leaders come in all shapes, sizes and agendas.  So do the systems that lie beneath them.  The United Snakes of Amerika is one such system.  It is the latest “empire” in this world.  The latest one to rise and fall.  Oh well.  It happens.  Some of the worst of these systems seem to last the longest…and some ideas which start out like a house-a-fire and appear to be the best yet…a real advancement toward the sublime for the species…disintegrate like so much sand in a tide.  Shame really.
The U.S. of A. had what I think was a pretty good idea.  If you feel this need to be led somehow…besides the bread thingy…you should write the rules down that you all agree upon first.  Once written they become what you do as a society.  No more need to debate the basic rules…why should you?  You already wrote them down.  Well…that good idea didn’t last very long.  It was too good.  You can’t make any gain off of rules that everyone agrees are the best ones for all the inhabitants of a society.  Then everyone is treated equally under this law…and no one is cheated.  But then again no one has an unfair advantage.  That won’t wash.  There are those among us…usually the thinkers/planners that want that unfair advantage.  They want to be at the top of the pyramid…and they damned well will be.  They may not be thinkers…but they are planners.
Anyway.  If you were to save that good idea…bring it back from the oblivion to which it was cast in the name of greed…I don’t think most people would mind.  They are still trying to open that damned bread package.  Of course you can’t. Bring it back, I mean.  At least not here where the greedy planning money-men have already climbed to the top of the structure.  But if you could.  We could all be happy and live our lives without having to worry about anything.
Then we get back to earth.  This filthy planet with filthy leadership.  I call them judaic because you can always trace the decline of such good ideas back to these khazarian decedents. But you know this.
I just watched this interview with Ron Paul.  No, I don’t support any political candidates because I simply do not believe in political solutions to any of society’s ills.  Especially not here in the land of the ashkanazi. But if I did, I would vote for this anachronism.  I think that is the best way to describe him.  I don’t even think he would be offended at such a description.  He really seems to believe all the things that those aristocratic guys wrote down a couple hundred years ago.  That Constitution thing.  That “let’s write it down and follow it” mentality.  A republic.  Good for him.  Bad for us.  Because we will never see the day that such a sensible system will actually be a working model for humans that struggle with packaging…and that is a shame.  It could work for any country.  We could be the model for the world, as we were told we used to be.
So anyway, I’m listening to these young people asking Paul some pretty tough questions…and I’m thinking if this guy could name the beast he would.  He’s almost that good. He has an interesting take on compromise.  He understands that democracy is the new demon of the world.  And he does get a lot of things right.  Especially that conspiracy is just a buzz-word for like-minded thinking.  And in that definition lies the problem.  And also why he will never get anything accomplished in the here and now.  Not enough people think beyond the bread packaging issue.  But plenty of a certain religious culture are like-minded in their planning.  Therein lies their fortune…and our downfall. 

Sorry Doctor Paul.  Not in this lifetime.  Not in this country.  Not on this planet.


Well, it’s that time of year again.  That time when I am obliged to join the screaming choir.  The choir that throughout every year provides the almost imperceptibly low and ominous background of a soundtrack to TRUTH on the internet.  The 9/11 choir.  The “inside jobbers”.  The ones that carefully demand a new independent investigation of the WTC disaster of now 10 years past. I say carefully, because the majority of them artfully sidestep the obvious “evil-doers” of that day.
They demand truth and justice from a corrupt government that is beyond their control.  They wish to be heard saying that they care not where the chips may fall when the facts of this false-flag event are finally uncovered.  They say that they have proof that the events of that day did not happen as described by this aforementioned government.

They say a lot.
I say that I am obliged to write on this subject.  And I am. It is part and parcel to an alternative blog…I guess.
But my heart isn’t in it.  For the most part, I am not a conspiracy nut-job.  I don’t believe in most of the more popular conspiracy theories. To me these people have their ladders leaning against the wrong tree.  They are up there hacking away at the limbs and essentially pruning their own demise.
But I have a fading viewpoint of  a lot of past “conspiracy” lost causes.  JFK, Gulf of Tonkin…that sort of thing.  These murders and false-flags will never be investigated by those complicit in their execution.  Let me repeat that key word…NEVER.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Never will.  Don’t look for it.
If your spouse suspects you of screwing around on them…which by the way, you are…are you going to hire a detective to follow yourself to the hotel where you and your lover meet every week?  Again…never.

That is not the tack.  Stop wasting precious energy on this.  

You know that phenomenon…the one where if you turn your head very quickly at night while looking at the sky,  and you can see faint stars that weren’t in that location when you looked directly there? Ever done that?  Try it.  It’s cool.  I’m sure it can be explained scientifically, but it works like magic nonetheless.  The star that you caught a glimpse of, really is there…but you can’t see it if you look too close.   Well that is kinda the way I see false-flags like 9/11.  A quick glance and you know who was responsible.   It wasn’t evil A-rabs.  It wasn’t shape-shifting monarchs from Venus.  It wasn’t the evil Masonic Bush family(they couldn’t mastermind a picnic).  It was israhell and the dual-israhelli citizens that wormed their way into our government.  You know this…you can’t prove it yet…but this isn’t a court of law, and the evidence for such an accusation will never be presented in a courtroom.  It will all fall out in due time, however…as will JFK, and all the rest of the “conspiracy” enigmas over the last dozen or so generations.  If you put your ladder away and start hacking at the roots of the appropriate tree, all will become clear.  If you don’t, you will fall into the “JFK” trap.  It leads nowhere.  That is what the perpetrators want.  For you to keep going around in circles amassing more and more evidence…arguing with each other…plane-no-plane…cellular calls-no cellular calls…stand-down order no stand-down order…building 7…on and on and on…
I am as tired of it all…and it’s circular motion…as tired as I was by 1968 with the “JFK” conspiracy nuts.  A poll done some years after that assassination revealed that only one out of four believed the “lone gunman” official story of our government.  So?  What did it get them?  A re-investigation? It all becomes a mythology…and you become part of it.  Not me.

Of course…on this upcoming anniversary of the biggest false-flag in history…I understand that 19 Arabs didn’t defeat the defenses of the most powerful country on earth.  A child can see that. 
Not that the event wasn’t important…but NO one is going to jump from the shadows of obscurity and shout AH-HAH!…with the final conclusive piece of evidence that George Bush in fact flew the planes into the towers with a little remote-control device in his jacket, while reading about goats.  And this fictional investigator will NOT be presenting his proof to some jew on the evening news.  So put this little mouse-trap on the back burner and look east.   Stop wasting yours and everyone else’s time with this constant barrage of inconclusive circumstantial evidence about something of which we all should know the cause.  Zionism…judaism…ashkanazi greed and supremacism.
If “truthers” spent half as much time and energy on going after the real perpetrators of that day, as they do finding an illusive “truth”, then the next 9/11 wouldn’t happen.
To me…9/11 was the largest item yet on the bill that the usurious Bank of Rothschild has presented to the world.  The price we have to pay for our lack of vigilance against the Synagog of Satan.  The interest on accepting their political correctness, and their brand of “tolerance”.

If I have offended…well tough shit.  Get over it and get busy in the war against judaism.  People are dying out here.

There.  I fulfilled my obligation.

Of Surprises Or Jews Be Not Proud…

I hate surprises.  I don’t know how to act.  Not that it is that easy to surprise me.  I dunno…I have always had a gearbox in my cranium somewhere that precludes most things unexpected.  A set of gears that constantly grinds out permutations of most given times and/or circumstances.
It whirs along silently all the time.  I had a few life-changing surprises at a young age…and that set the gears in motion.  They haven’t stopped. They are autonomous.
I said I don’t know how to act in the face of surprise.  That’s not entirely true.  I have done some acting in my day.  Even did a waaaaay off Broadway board-treading.  Was in a couple minor motion pictures.  With emphasis on “stink”.  But I studied the “art of pretense” enough to know a competent performance from a bad one.  So when I am supposed to be stupefied by the unexpected, and I know my motivation, I can usually give an acceptable performance.  I can even pen my own lines, milliseconds before.  And they are for the most part, believable.
But as I said, little surprises me.  I guess we have all climbed into that watercraft of late.  It’s a matter of sensitivity, I guess.  The more outrageous the events in the recent swirl around us, the less shock value these things have.  We have all become dulled to the unexpected, because we expect anything.  I think this is a plan…by someone.  But what do I know.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.  I also wouldn’t be amazed to learn that it isn’t.
I never understood that phrase “shock value”.  I suppose I just don’t understand what value, if any, that shock can have.  Unless of course you are talking about outside the theater.  The value of the shock of 9/11 is obvious now to most.  It had a true dollars and cents value.  By furthering the agenda of the minions of Rothschild, it also had geopolitical value.  But what of those shocked?  Can the concept of “value” be applied negatively?  You can pee your pants when you see some crazed maniac jump from the shadows and chainsaw a teenager in half…and I suppose that has value.  From that moment on, every time you see a man in a hockey-mask wielding such a lumber-jacking instrument in real life, you will be cautious.  As well you should be.  But I think that is just common sense…and I don’t think that is the intent of slasher flicks.
But I digress.  As a matter of fact this whole article is an exercise in digression…as are most of my rants.  I guess I don’t lend much legitimacy to the cause most of the time with these obs.  But that’s just me.

You English scholars out there will have to excuse my borrowing of the line from John Donne’s classic verse “Divine Sonnet X” ,for the title of this piece.
It just hit me that there is a parallel there.  With death and the ruling class of the judaic.
Maybe I’m nuts.  Maybe I don’t really get the sonnet.  The poet was known to bury confounding philosophies in layers of complexity which few could decipher.  But I took my meaning and brought it back to the house.  Unpacked it, and it sits on the mantle here.  If it is just a cheap knock-off of the original…I don’t mind.  It serves.

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee

Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;

For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow,

Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.

From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be,

Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow,

And soonest our best men with thee do go,

Rest of their bones, and soul’s delivery.

Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,

And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell;

And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well

And better than thy stroke; why swell’st thou then?

One short sleep past, we wake eternally,

And death shall be no more Death, thou shalt die.

I have seen many dead humans.  Unfortunately, I have seen quite a few of them before their expressions have been modified to a more peaceful one by the funereal arts.  Doubly unfortunate is the fact that several of these people were family.  But what always impressed me about the countenance of these shells left behind is the final register of their emotion captured in their facial map.  It has always been my experience that along with many other hints of emotion…one that is universal…is surprise.  You can see it in a wide eyed and slack-muscled look of a resignation.  An OMG and “Oh, I get it” message written in the skin of the face.  
I know that there are many that will tell you that at the transition period between life and non-life, that a pre-planned DNA instruction in all of us, injects a chemical into our brain that makes us see a tunnel with light at the end.  And that this activity is a survival instruction to relax the mind and body in such an event that is life threatening.  That their are hundreds of thousands that experienced this “near-death” experience of heavenly light and peace, before they were resuscitated.  I’m told that this phenomenon can even be artificially reproduced by a drug commonly used by veterinarians to anesthetize animals.  I dunno.  Ipso facto…I would like to try it.  I’ll ask my vet if DHS will knock down my door while I partake, should he sell me a dose.
But anyway…it’s the “death” thing that Donne was talking about.  Personification.  An instant.  That which all man fears.  The poet explains that this demon is easily beaten because it is a construct of the fearful…the apprehensive feeling of what lies beyond this mortal coil.  Once he is conquered, the journey…be it oblivion or afterlife… can begin.
But what does this have to do with shock value, surprises in general and chainsaws?…you might well ask.
I dunno.
It just seems that it is very easy to demonize.  If you understand that there is a jewish mindset…”jewishness”…that when practiced in the real world, rankles the rest of us; that the talmudist philosophy of supremacy is at the bottom of most of the world’s most seemingly unsolvable problems…there is a danger of personifying this cult too much.  As the concept of death…that black-figured reaper of souls…is so horrifying and is in reality so easily conquered…so too can the spectre of world rule by the ashkanazi.  They, as death, have as much power in our minds as we give them.  No less…no more. We must be vigilant not to inflate their power over us.  As in the passing from this life to…whatever…the world’s problems can be set upon freely, once this hovering shroud of yiddish darkness is dispelled.
So yes, in my interpretation of the 16th century sonnet, I liken any fears that I would tend to have to that personification of death, and declare “..be not proud”, because you do not surprise me. Little does or ever will, until perhaps that final moment in the process of passing out of this world.  I wouldn’t be surprised…

How Can You…

As I have stated here several times on this site, I had Palestinian friends.  I have no idea if they are still alive.  They went back home from the US, many years ago.  I miss them.
People ask me why I chose the Palestinian/israeli “conflict” as my “cause”.  Well this is one reason.  There are a million and a half others.  They also live and die in that open-air prison that used to be Palestine.
But there are other reasons closer to home.

I once knew a guy that was bent on owning a handgun.  He was a nice enough guy…but for some reason, too much testosterone perhaps, he was bound and determined to own one.  He was never threatened, nor did he live in a dangerous area…he just liked the idea.  You could see his excitement as he poured over catalogs, looking at the shining weapons.

I don’t want to open a can of worms here.  I don’t want to get into a heated debate over rights to own weapons…there are so many angles to the issue and it is a tired unsolvable subject as I see it.  There are good arguments on both sides.  Yes, I understand that the JPTB are on the side of  gun control.  And, yes I understand why.  But aside from the arguments to be made for either side…I don’t like guns.  Never did.  I don’t care what anyone says…guns are for killing.  I am against all forms of killing…anything or anyone.  Period.
That being said, I’m sure you won’t be surprised that when I learned of my friend’s intention to purchase such a weapon, I tried to talk him out of it.  “No good will come of this, John”…says I.  And on and on I went, trying to dissuade this childish dream of owning  a handgun.  I knew I wasn’t going to stop him.  I gave up.  I wish I hadn’t.

He bought said weapon.  One with more fire-power needed to drop an elephant.  He did all the legal things of course…registered, endured a waiting period…all that.  Until he finally had it in his possession.  I didn’t hear anything more about it from him.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t see John around as much as before.  When I questioned a mutual friend about his scarcity, I was told that John was having a hard time…and that he didn’t want to face me.  I further learned that John had started carrying the gun he had purchased in his car…locked securely…and with no ammo.  He said he only intended to keep it there with the thought that just pulling it out would be enough to get him out of any sticky situations that might befall him.

This gun remained locked and hidden in his car for a full month…before it was stolen.  He had yet to report the theft, before he was contacted by the police and was informed that his gun had been used in a robbery in which an innocent person had been shot to death.
This is a true story.  Certainly not one that I am proud to relate.  But true nonetheless.
I know…you are saying that this is an isolated incident.  Yeah.  You may be saying that this sounds like a story with a moral about the evil of owning guns, and that could very well be easily used as an example by the jewish-led gun control lobby…and all this is true.  But not the point I wanted to make.

Aside from the obvious bent of this little tale, it means more to me than that.  
After having watched “Tears Of Gaza”, I thought of that gun.  I thought of my friend providing…unwillingly…the weapon to kill.  Say all you want about whether the thief that took John’s weapon might just as well have gotten his instrument of death from another source if John hadn’t provided it.  That isn’t important.  What is important is that I am providing…unwillingly…the weapons that maimed and killed children.  And unlike John, I am providing it still.  Every year that I file federal taxes, I pay for the weapons that murder children.
Of course this money is stolen from me.  Of course I have no legal choice in the matter.  But that doesn’t make me sleep any better when I see images of burning bodies of innocent children.  Those lives ended and/or ruined at the hands of these psychopathic thieves that have broken into my government and stolen the means to carry out these inhuman acts of violence.  This must stop.  This must stop now.

I urge you to send the link to this movie to EVERY person that you can think of.  Facebook the link…twitter the link…reddit it…whatever.  Get it in front of all the eyes you can.  I understand it is difficult to watch.  Difficult for us especially.  We that understand.  You mustn’t give up like I did.  You see what this terrorist religion is capable of.  You know that this is happening and you must help get it stopped.  This is not propaganda…it is truth.  And truth in its ugliest form.  It must be seen.  People must know what they are allowing in their names.  And what they are paying for, against their will.  For no one in their right mind would condone what is going on there.  So when I ask “How Can You?”  I am not referring to the 94% of israeli jews that supported the “cast lead” slaughter of men, women and children in Palestine.  They have already spoken.  We all know how they can.

I am asking those of us with human conscience to spread this knowledge…how can you not?