>Here We Go Again…


One more time,kids.  Democracy is 3 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.  Why don’t normal people get that?  This is not just a “cute-ism”.  It is fact.  I am like sooooo tired of reading and hearing purported anti-government, anti-war, anti-jewish people going on and on about how we need to get back to “democracy”.  I gotta be missing something here.

Ok…let’s go through this step by step.  The U.S. was founded on the principles of a Constitutional Republic…yes?  That is…the rule of law.  Written law.  Law which no man, party, PAC, foreign government, or corporation can change.  Ok…so when you have these laws…this Constitution, set in stone and unalterable, you follow it.  You don’t debate it, interpret it or pay money to a body of whores to change it without the will of the people it governs. Yes?  

Administration of these laws should be no more than a minor government function. A computer function.  A dummy could do it…if the laws are well written.  And aside from the somewhat archaic language form…I think the Amerikan Constitution is a fair one.  I mean it is comprehensive…not obfuscated by legalese and it’s user-friendly.  If we were still a Republic and an administrator of  these written-down laws…say a cop…stops you while you are driving to work, and wants to search your car for something unlawful…you tell him that unless you were disobeying a law for which he intends to arrest and charge you… go fuck himself…and drive off.  Legally.  But of course he wouldn’t stop you in the first place.  If this country was still ruled by law.  He would be busy administering that law to those that have broken it.  Not shaking you down for undisclosed infractions.  But in reality…that’s what happens constantly.  Daily.  This is what democracy brings you.  I would much rather live under the rule of a monarch than a corrupt(and there is no other flavor)democracy.

Don’t fasten your seat belt?  Ticket.  Shake-down.  Shake-down for the insurance companies….essentially.  They pushed this law through.  Whether it is a good law or not, isn’t relevant.  What is relevant is that a group of corporations got this law on the books for THEIR benefit.  Not yours.  Their actuaries benefit through a lower number of injury claims…therefore they make more profit. This is not a law that was made by people that “care” about you. And this is just a negligible example of a minor “law”. This is how democracy works, folks.  The ones with the power subjugate the ones without it.  Us.  Same old story of any type of government ruled by a few.
On one level this could be legitimately called organized crime…and it is.  But it also can be termed democracy…because it is.  And yet those that are the most negatively effected by this shell-game are the ones screaming for more of it.  It baffles me.  Fuck democrazy.

Well, the reason they are screaming for one more lash of the democracy whip, is that they are told that it is a form of government FOR the people.  And it is. The PEOPLE at the top.  The top of corporations and government. Mostly jews.  They have slid us into this mire of corruption.  Taken away our Republic.  Until sixty years or so ago…the word democracy was not linked with our way of life in the States.  As well it shouldn’t be.  That time in our history coincidentally coincides with a great deal of other negative things that began happening here…and indeed in many Western countries.
But if you think it is a daunting challenge to awaken people to the threat of judaism…try telling them that democracy is NOT what they want.
Anyone can fix an election.  Elections of these administrators of law that I speak of, are not elections in any sense of the word.  You know this.  However…even if they were honestly administered, they would still be contrary to the notion of a Constitutional Republic.  Because this democratic system gives those “elected” power OVER the rule of written law. People in government seats should have no more significance than which janitor you choose to clean City Hall.  These offices should be filled with truly public SERVANTS…not rulers.  The rule of law is the ruler.  Why can’t people see this?

In a perfect world…this “democracy” as we understand it might work.  All those elected would be noble honest wise men that wish only the best for each and every one of his constituents.  People that are  above malfeasance.  And with all the power inherent in these offices, they would make new laws when needed, and repeal old ones with only the will of the people and their own exacting wisdom as guides.

Yeah, right.  What planet are YOU from…that believe this is in any way possible?  You cannot depend on anyone to lord over your rights.  These rights must be agreed upon in advance…benefit ALL people and be written down. They must be based on individual rights…not the will of a mob.  Not the bloody majority.  A majority that can be swayed by media lies and agenda.  These laws must be carved in stone.  In like…a constitution.  Oh wait…we already got one.  Well…had one.

I understand that new things bring new requirements for legislation. Our founding fathers that wrote the constitution did not foresee, for instance…an Apple software application that completely simulates the sexual experience.  By merely plugging this app into your I-life unit and holding it in your hand, you are transported mentally into a wild virtual life-like sexual adventure with the partner(s) of your choice…anytime…anywhere.  Well, when Apple came out with this, they didn’t envision that High School kids would be virtually banging their teachers in the classroom while their back was turned.  So….some sort of law is required.  Well, when common sense fails, in some instances a new piece of legislation is needed…perhaps(although it sounds fun to me).  So using technology to solve technology…and electronically tapping into the common sense of all people affected, through their I-life units, the question is asked.  “What kind of law do we need to curb such behaviour with the new Apple I-screw app?”  Almost instantaneously through approximately 400 million transmissions, the proposed law is formulated with an algorithm embedded in the mainframe that is checked and double-checked in an almost infinite amount of 
permutations…in milliseconds.  The new law is sent back to the constituents… they approve, or disapprove…it is tweaked and set in stone.  It is fair for all concerned.  No human leader or his agenda is in the loop.  The people truly decided for themselves.  Perhaps the I-screw will be banned entirely.  Perhaps it will be limited.  But the point is Apple’s profit margin is not in the algorithm.  This is the only way that a new law can be implemented in a Constitutional Republic.  When all people take a part in their government by mandate.  Like a small village.  But our society isn’t structured that way.  THEY understand and exploit that fact.  Our new form of government is now a group of thugs doing anything they want, without input from anyone outside their group.  I think an astute pol/sci major would tell you that democracy is a convenient  stepping stone to it’s very close cousin; fascism.  It is the nature of the beast.

Of course the above is an extreme scenario, but when people scream for democracy…I don’t think they understand that they are begging to be exploited.  There is no form of government that is more easily corrupted than one that is based on the supposed integrity of one, or a small group of people.  People that can be purchased.  People that can be blackmailed, or threatened. Psychopaths that enjoy lying.  A person is weak.  The written word is strong.

I dunno…maybe, as I have said before…I’m nuts.  If I’m not seeing something in my simplistic view of the universe here…please point it out(politely?).


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