>Plain Language For Plane People…


One would think that it can’t get any plainer. It can’t be any simpler. And it is just that…plain and simple. There is a group of we monkeys that are never satisfied with how much control they have over the rest of us monkeys. That’s all there is to it.
They have always been around and they teach their young about their glorious dreams of lording over the rest of us. So it continues. And with each successive generation, it gets worse for most of us out here in the trees. Whether you believe that this group of primates grasping at the reigns of power, are of a different species, or whether you hold my notion that it is just an un-monkey-like sect…it is happening. There is no monkey-god that is going to save us from ourselves. No rapture, other than what we can construct here in the trees. The rapture of life as we know it can be. Procreation…all that.

A wise man once said: “Two hundred billboards does not an apocalypse make”. I think that’s how that goes. With all the silliness that the jewish media loves…making fun of Christians(their favorite thing next to demonizing Islam)…people are turning away. Not just from the silliness. They are abandoning the “plane” itself on which we scratchers live. They are throwing up their hands. They are looking to the skies. We have been through this before. The Reformation, the Inquisition, St. Vitus’ Dance…all come to mind.
When the Rothschilds of this world make things…I dunno…a little too real. A little too seedy and embarrassing…well, instead of seizing back their world and governing it with a bit more common sense…they look to another plane for salvation. To hell with that. You can preach apocalypse all you want. It isn’t going to stop some shithead firing a rifle into a schoolroom full of children in Palestine. You can believe that some invisible dude in the sky is going to tell us that “all bets are off” and the bad guys go to hell and the good guys get all the things they always wanted. It ain’t gonna happen. Just as six-o-clock will come and go this evening…in every time zone that we have manufactured on this spinning rock…so your favorite teevee show will be on at seven.
This, I WILL stake my reputation on. What I have left of it.

Even aside from the side-show of predicted judgement days. Apart from the good reverend Hagee preaching love for the very cult that is destroying us all…to my knowledge, nothing good is going to happen unless and until we make it happen.
People can talk about astral planes and deities until their asses bleed…and the cult just loves it. They know better. Have faith in all the karma you can imagine while the world with your children in it, is sacrificed to a much more tangible “deity”…the judaic. Many people nowadays like to quote the anonymous wisdom: “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist”. I agree. Not on some ethereal plane. But in our reality as we know it. Let’s do a little translation of that quote. “The greatest trick the judaic have ever pulled was convincing the world that they aren’t bent on subjugating the Gentile world into slavery for their pleasure”. The judaic like to play the role of the Christian devil. It is fitting, since they abhor everything about them. But these are real people…not evil biblical beings. Real ass-wipes killing, cheating and lying to real Gentiles. I am reminded of the scene in Life of Brian, in which Reg, the leader of the PFJ states:” What Jesus fails to appreciate is that it’s the meek that are the problem”. I will also say amen to that. REAL time truly IS running out.

I fully understand that it is exhausting. Life here on earth at the moment. We, through meekness and kindness for our fellow man…yes, there is a LOT of that left…have allowed a cult of disgusting creepy monkeys to climb on our backs to the top of the tree. And I am aware that it seems insurmountable at times…almost biblical. But it isn’t either. Unless our focus is maintained and these “self-appointed head monkeys” are dragged off the upper branches of our family tree…you are going to see something that will dwarf any biblical apocalypse imagined by some ancient goofballs that wrote that crap. The REAL deal. Real fire and brimstone.
I don’t know about you…but the last image I want to experience in this life is NOT to see the flesh of my loved ones being seared off their bones seconds after a blinding flash of white light. A white light not coming from some damned imaginary heaven…but from a nuclear device being set off by the jew’s next false-flag. That just doesn’t set well with me. And unless they are stopped now…count on that to happen. As Carlin tried to pound into your heads…“They don’t give a FUCK about you!”
That…you can ‘believe in’.

We live on one plane and one plane only. All else is speculation…some thoughtful, some just downright ridiculous. But as long as you choose to even consider ANY interventionary help from extra-plane deities, in what is OUR battle…you have already lost. And not just for yourselves and your miserably short lives…but the precious lives of your children and generations to come.
And, as much as I hate to offend…you can put that in your “astral-plane mentality” pipe, and smoke it.

We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents.
  • Mark Twain “Concerning the Jews”, Harper’s Magazine (Sept. 1899)


14 thoughts on “>Plain Language For Plane People…

  1. >YYou ain't too sharp dude.Quit while you're behind.Saying that, you are a yank.What age did you say you were?God help you!It's yer best hope.Cannibal Rabbi

  2. >Hey Timster,…That's my whole point, he's not the messiah, he's just a naughty boy; We are the force, The energy, The Will, that can liberate us! We just have to get our collective shit together and we ARE GOD, we Will defeat satan, the yiddish khazars. We will survive our mediocrity!Oh, cannibal rabbi, are you self-medicating mate? Timster; love light and mung beans brother.veritas

  3. >The old, new world order is offering simplicity in place of complexity so as to enslave what it thinks of as ,it's masses. Example; sex, booze, drugs, and violence to solve the angst brought on by human development. Borrow money to relieve material envy and deal with the debt slavery later. These people are our tangential enemies because their weakness is lack of moral resolve. You Timster spoke eloquently of the runaways on the other plane. So think of complex systems to avoid the depredations of those who would enslave the free. Fix yourself to the sticking point and you shall help yourself and like minded others be free.Thanks Timster for knowing your sticking point, R. Olausen. By the way I was my own worse enemy for quite a while until I gained some complexity.

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