>Maybe I’m Nuts, But…


Just a short one today.  A lot of stuff that is time-sensitive that has been coursing through my head like so much hydraulic fluid that activates the mini-pumps in my fingers.

Has the world gone flippin insane? Judgement day is tomorrow?  Obomba calling for 1967 boarders in Palestine?  Semi-trucks full of Mexicans?  Some boogie-man was killed in a daring raid by Navy Seals, but you can’t see the body?  I guess my question is “what won’t you believe?”
How far can the MSM push this?  This gives yellow journalism a bad name.  For the first time I can remember…the tabloids in the grocery stores can’t compete with the Jew York Times for headlines.  How far can this go?

Maybe it is my age.  Maybe I have slipped into a coma.  But for the life of me, I cannot even process the silliness of all this.  And people just go on with their daily lives as if all this is normal.  I remember a time when stories in the press were vetted.  Well, somewhat.  They were certainly more believable on most levels.  Are “they” tenderizing us?  We all know that tabloid stories are fictitious.  We all understand that this type of journalism is borne of sensationalism.  So why are we reading the same thing in our normal papers now.  I just don’t get it.  Do normal people accept these things as truths?  Or do they just not really care?  Are we being deliberately numbed-down as well as dumbed-down?

When I first read the story of Obomba’s speech about ME policy change concerning Palestine…I thought, “Is this guy TRYING to stop a bullet?”  “Is he nuts?”  Then, understanding that nothing is as it seems, I look for reasons for the unexplainable.  Why would a puppet of AIPAC appointed to this office deliberately berate the people that put him there?  Well, as we all expect the next false-flag to happen soon…the one that will drag us into yet another front of “The War of Terror”…I’m thinkin.  This could be it.  I wouldn’t be surprised at anything I read in the papers anymore, so likewise I wouldn’t be surprised if an assassination(real or faked) is their next move.  Another false flag blamed on yet another extremist patsy, for yet another world war.  An assassination of good ole “We Are Change”.  We know they could pull it off.  They have done much less in the name of their quest for war.  
And everyone will fall for it.  Again.
Now, I’m not staking my reputation on this.  I don’t even have a reputation…well, not that kind.  But there is something in the air.  I think they put it there.  It smells to high heaven…which by the way, Stephen Hawking has dubbed a “fairy tale”.  I met him.  Hawking.  Well, I said hello to him.  His computer said hello back.  Kinda neat.

Anywho.  It seems everyone is in the business of presaging.  That alone is not a good sign.  It means they are  guessing with the past as a hint.  The recent past could portend just about any scenario now.  Alien beings in our drinking water…yes, the bottled kind.  Dogs sleeping with cats….you name it.  The field is open.  When I hear someone say “it’s anybody’s guess” that says to me that there is no real reference point from which one can draw a conclusion.  Without reference there is no truth.  There are no facts.  We are free-falling.  And maybe…just maybe that is what they want.  To the claim that there are extra-terrestrials in our bottled water would seem so outlandish that something a little closer to reality could seem believable.  It is all a matter of degree and relativity.

Of course all these ruminations could be fantasy on my part.  I really could have gone off the deep end.  And the world is just as sane as it used to be.  It is my imagination that has gone careening down a hill with no brakes.  I could be nuts.  But being so…I doubt it.


14 thoughts on “>Maybe I’m Nuts, But…

  1. >Hawkings is human proof of something very suspicious going on in the now vapid world of intelligentsia. There must be a competition between politics and education as to who can shuck and jive the masses with the most grotesque dummies. R. Olausen.

  2. >Crazy people dont know that they are crazy which is partly why they are in the first place. We are sane only so far as our thoughts are humane. This makes me crazy several times a day. To me you are the pinnacle of sober thought which is why I read you. You help more people than you know. Thanks for doubting your sanity and keep up the good work.

  3. >R. – I dunno. He seems like a nice enough guy. Just comes up with some odd ideas. Maybe he spends too much time inside his own head. Or maybe it's just me.

  4. >Hey Timster,…Now this is why you got such a loyal bunch 'a chumps, this Post is peeling back the brown paper, that's it brother that's where you are – oh by the by, I have recently completed a large chunk of study into Duke and yes you are right the guy's a shill, the yids love these painted ponies and obvious fruitcakes: None the less we should be targeting them not us regardless of our internecine rivalries, we need to purge after we win, yeah? That's what the yids do!love light & peace to you & yours brotherveritas

  5. >The Jewish carpenter will be showing up in the mothership later to whisk away the true and chosen. He realizes giving a monkey a brain was a bad idea. I was hoping Hussein Hopen Change would tell the Jews to go get fucked but knew that was about as likely as tits on a boar hog. O well the teevee is on I must pull up closer and feel the lobotomy, have a worse day.

  6. >Timster, You are my favorite blogger. You have a great, wry sense of humor I agree with you, mostly. What I wonder is whether or not we live in exceptional times or if what is going on now is just business as usual for the human race. There are more people so that means more trouble but I wonder if anything has really changed besides the date on the calendar.I always look forward to reading your stuff. McCob

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