>Sisyphus, Morality School And Cigars…


“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. This quip is attributed to Sigmund Freud. Although if you have read any Freud, you will understand why he couldn’t possibly have uttered such a wisdom. A cigar was always a penis to this jewish sicko. But that’s as may be.

I was reading a bio of somebody the other day(can’t remember who), and I came across their religious beliefs. It was probably on jewipedia. I like jewipedia. It’s a barometer of sorts, in one way…and a “your slip is showing” ,in another. The jews that edit this online pack of lies mixed with trivia can be depended upon for one thing. They are proud of being jews. They will toot their own horns till you can barely hear anything else. So if you have suspicions that this-person-or-that is, was or ever even thought about being of the yiddish persuasion…you can bet your best flyswatter that they will proudly announce it there.
Anyway this bio stated that the guy in question was raised in a strict Presbyterian home, but had rejected these teachings and sent his children to “Morals School” on Sunday mornings instead. This was in the Victorian age. And we think we are progressive over a hundred years later. My point is that I like that. It’s a good idea. The whole concept of religion morphing into an on-the-street morality code.

Why do I like this idea? Well, as I see it…all religions save one, possess essentially the same humanist ideas about how to behave together. Oh, I understand that they all have their goofy rituals and funny hats…but when it comes right down to dealing with each other on a daily basis, only one religion comes to mind that is contrary to the flow of the true nature of humans. That “religion” of course being judaism. Which isn’t a religion at all…but a financial/military syndicate.
It is the jew that fucks everything up when it comes to how we relate to each other. Now if these ashkanazi shitheads were still in southern Russia, where they belong…I wouldn’t even mention them here. But they aren’t. Due to their LACK of common morality borne of common sense(as are most major religions) they have lied, cheated and murdered their way to the seats of power in our world.
It’s their Freudian “nothing is sacred” coda that is being pushed onto an otherwise logically cordial world.
It must be like the task of Sisyphus for them. They keep straining to push homosexuality, the abortion industry, holohoax lies, usury, war, debauchery, kiddie-porn, drugs, and senseless/useless technology on a dumbfounded populace. It must truly be an uphill battle. I’ll give them this…they are tenacious. They are patient. They are tireless. But then again, most religions have a personification of this force. It varies from faith to faith…but in most of their myths…they are spot on. The devil.

Now I don’t want to say that I subscribe to any religious mythology or their characters. But when you think about it…it makes sense. If man is capable of doing good, that is to adhere to a basic common morality founded in regard for one’s fellow man, then the antithesis is also possible. Somebody said that “whatever man can think of…he can accomplish”. I think this goes for everything. Even the worst of which we are capable.
I paint a picture of Gentiles as angelic. You know better. We are not. By any stretch of the imagination. We are humans. But as non-judaic we all have a leash attached(the sane ones, that is),to a general set of rules of humanity. These aren’t often questioned by us…because they are self-evident. To us. When we deviate from said shadow rules based in a common regard for one another, we are prosecuted and persecuted. By our fellow man…or ourselves. This is the nature of humanity. It seems that it is also in our nature to deviate from these rules on occasion. When it becomes dangerous is when those that choose to side-step this basic morality, get together in a group dedicated to do just that. This has happened very few times in our short history, but the most prominent instance is zion. It is as if someone took everything that you could think of as anti-humane and made a religion of it. If normal people understand something to be counter-productive, then it goes in their book as holy.
This is the “cigar” of which I speak. It is simple. I don’t know why more of us cannot see it yet. A cigar is a cigar. Jews are jews. One is a tobacco product. The other is a person that has a bunch of shit crammed in his head to the point of believing it to be true. Included in this “shit” , is the belief that because he buys all this crap, he is a step above those of us that know better.
You would think that this being such a simple concept…that folks like myself wouldn’t have to spend a great deal of our lives trying to wake people up to these facts. But among these common-sense rules to which we all generally adhere…is the one that says “don’t offend”. Be as nice as you can be to others. If they say that their grandparents were gassed in ovens or some such tall tales…well, then give them the benefit of the doubt. Until, such lies start to encroach on the other rules to which most Gentiles adhere…like “don’t lie for your own benefit”. Or “don’t kill”. Or “don’t cheat”. Or just generally “don’t be disgusting pukes”.
Like Sisyphus…pushing this boulder to an unnatural state of rest…it will not work in the long run. No amount of pressure will get this rock to the place the pusher wants it to be.
But we can abet the natural force of gravity. We can push back, assuring this rock-pusher’s failure…and save ourselves a lot of trouble in the bargain…by teaching our morality…in Sunday schools if you wish…but no matter where, we must quicken his demise by clearing the air of all his obfuscations. Simple is simple. And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


6 thoughts on “>Sisyphus, Morality School And Cigars…

  1. >Thank you Tim. I'd never heard of Sisyphus before. Interesting. Speaking of morals and Sunday school as an effort to push back against the khazarian NWO, I would like to give a really good sister site to yours named: De-NWO You Heart And Mind.On a completely different note, what do you think of IMF tribe member Kahn taking 'liberties' with the hired help? Brings the notion that the IMF is actually screwing the goyim to a whole new level doesn't it?I have read there are more brothels per capita in Tel Aviv than in any other city on earth The reason is that slaves, both male and female – as long as they are not jewish, are fully condoned by the 'religious' talmud. I have also heard the human trafficing to 'staff' the brothels around the world, mostly run by jewish organised crime, amounts to 800,000 young women and men sold into prostitution every year. Finally, a girl of eighteen from an eastern european country, who is lured to Tel Aviv with the promise of secretarial type work, but who instead is forced to work in a brothel to service the israeli talmuders, has a life expectancy of only 2-3 years. After that she is all used up and/or diseased, and is unceremoniously disposed of and buried (sic).This khazarian synagogue of Satan is into somw really evil and immoral activies from what I can glean.Thank you for your writing. It is important for the truth to be known in order for many necessary changes to occur.Mouser

  2. >I laugh, at bet your flyswatter…I like the Morals School. Major lack of today. Don't offend is a major flaw. If everybody simply spoke their piece and moved on without hurt feelings or pissed off it would be so much easier. In normal everyday conversations, someone may spike your interest and then they over-crap-i-size!!!ENJOYED THE POST TIMSTER

  3. >I like your writing. You have a good sense of humor and I think you are honest and your arguments well thought out. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you:I think people are really fucked up. Always have been and always will be. People on the bottom can always blame corruption on the rich and powerful. But, the people on the bottom are really more of the problem than they want to admit. The powerfull elite know they can use the materialism and greed of the lower classes (which includes me) to lead them around by the nose. As long as everything is okay in our neighborhood we are quite content with bread and circus.I don't believe there was ever such a thing as the "good ol' days". People have always been greedy, violent, perverted and dishonest. There may be a few angels amongst us but very few, indeed, by my reckoning. Greed, corruption, injustice and murder are the price of civilization.One important debate that has arisen from the time of the enlightenment is: does advancement of science and technology really help people. Maybe people were happier when they were hunters and gatherers frolicking in the forest. Maybe they lived longer and were bigger, stronger and healthier. (They almlost certainly had better teeth.) Who knows? But, I will say that as techonology advanced the science of destruction outpaced the science of building and healing. Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a carpenter to build one.I love the great authors. I think they are the smartest people moreso than the great artists or mathematicians. People like Shakespeare and Tolstoy seemed to be able to look into peoples hearts. All great literature seems to be about conflict and characters making the wrong decisions about how to resolve that conflict. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the author talks about how people have the ability to create works of genius yet lack the strength necessary in order to assume the responsibility for what they have created. If Dr. Frankenstein would have showed a little kindness,…, you know the story. My point is we have created a monster. If we as a society valued kindness over selfishness there would be no monster. The monster is the sum total of our greed and complacency; and purposeful delusions which we need to separate ourselves from the cruelties which we profit from lest we become overwhelmed by remorse and guilt. 911 rubs our nose right in the monster's shit.A word about cigars: If one were to put a vat of fresh pigshit in a small room and then light a cigar in that same room then one would not be able to smell the pigshit for the aroma of the cigar. How any one can stand to smoke cigars is beyond me.McCob

  4. >McCob – Have to agree with you on the cigar thing. Every time I walk into a casino…there is ALWAYS that guy that has a turd stuck in his mouth…and he follows me around!I think our technology is perverted…or has been perverted would be a better way to phrase it. We have such capacity as a species to move ourselves out of these dark times…and what do we invent? Playstations and more efficient ways to kill people. Technology has become all about toys to pacify the dumbed-down masses and media to keep them comatose. Such a waste.Thank you for reading!

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