>Adam And Eve On A Shingle…


Ok. Either I am entirely nuts, or I am the only person in the world that holds the particular sociological views that I have. Which I think would make me entirely nuts.
I find that about once a month or so, I have to go back to basics and address the following issues…again. I apologize to my regular readers for this repetition…but some people’s children…

I knew when I started this site and I put up my menu, I would get orders for the usual fare that I offer. Of course I have the basics…jew-world-order(with fries)…9/11-was-an-inside-job(with a salad or soup de-jour)…Mike Rivero and Alex Jones(with your choice of kosher sides)…etc. All these dishes are standard. But when I began offering Race-sashimi, and Bigotry-al-a-Duke on the menu, I got complaints at the counter.

“What kinda restaurant IS this anyway?” People also don’t seem to care for my “I reserve the right to refuse service…” clause and accuse me occasionally of censorship. Oh well, you can’t please everyone, I guess. So, the logical conclusion to this quandary in which my little diner finds itself, appears to be to stick to the basics. The standard fair for “alternative” sites. I can offer different side dishes…chem-trails, TSA fondling, crop-circles even…but for main courses I should stick to the “comfort foods”.

Fuck that.

Written on the shingle that I hung outside my little establishment I announce my cuisine. ANTI-JUDAISM. That’s the basic fare here…as it is at hundreds of thousands of sites. But with a twist, apparently. I won’t hate. I won’t call for the blood of the jews. I won’t thirst for the blood of anyone. And I do not subscribe to the notion that judaism is anything but an exclusive club…one to which I do not belong…although I have even been accused of that…go figure.
I strive to make mine is a bit more rational approach, if you will, to the matter of judaism.
I don’t want to reprint the Mission Statement that you can find over there to the left, but perhaps as a friend suggested, I SHOULD make it blink in bright neon colors…something that draws the attention of even the most avid of the “I’ve already made up my mind” types. Those folks that having read a few of my posts(they say) and find it to be their sworn duty to set me straight on a few issues, when I wander off the beaten path…time and time again. Then demand that I offer only just the basics. I don’t understand that mentality, I guess. If you disagree with someone…fine. If you wish to debate an issue with them on a polite congenial level…again fine. But when you go to a site day after day that offers a fare that doesn’t agree with your digestive system…you are asking for heartburn. Perhaps these people with indigestion over my menu, should start their own bistro? I dunno. Maybe that is beyond what they want. Maybe they just enjoy bitching about the food. But they spend so much time back in my kitchen telling me what to serve…you would think they would be successful in their own venture. Your guess is as good as mine. I’m sure every site out here has similar problems. But it is beginning to get me down. Maybe that’s what they want. Perhaps this is an INCREDIBLY sneaky hasbara technique of which I wasn’t aware…I doubt it, though.
Of course this is a delicate subject…social politics. Especially tenuous when the opinions expressed name the judaic as being the cause of most of the problems in that category. And enormously dangerous when you are dealing with a typical mentality that would side with such views, without reflection. That is to say a rush-to-judgement. Those that are happy to hate. Hate groups of people, just as easily as what some in those groups do. Or in the kosher case…most. Most but not all.
Some wise guy once said that jews see Gentiles as stupid. I agree. I don’t know why they wouldn’t. Gentiles have a tendency to either go along with all the chaos and horror that the jew causes, for fear of offending…or blindly hate them, sharing the exclusionary view that the judaic themselves purport. Either camp is an easy target. To those that fear the label of anti-semite, and remain silent while their world crashes down around their ears…well, they will continue to do so. Those that scream “filthy kike” are just as easily discounted as racist nut-jobs. The judaic fears neither. And they shouldn’t. They are both ineffectual groups in the battle to regain our Gentile world.

What the ashkanazi DOES fear, however…are those that correctly identify them not as a race…not as a religion…but people in a cult. Then they are judged within the scope of human attributes such as the ability to “choose” to follow the dictates of this evil syndicate, or not. Then and only then can they be accused of deliberate evil. Not because of some makey-up race and imaginary DNA instructions. Nothing bares the criminal like proving that at some point he made a conscious choice to be one.
I hate to rant on about these “ranters”. I understand that most of my readers…well, do just that. Read. They take my views in stride and occasionally add to a point I try to make, or call me on something I missed in my meanderings. To those, I say thank you. You and those that perhaps find my opinions to be revealing of this cult of which I speak, are why I opened this greasy-spoon. To the rest…I dunno…if you don’t like the food…go to another restaurant. Please.


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