>Switches…Part II


I seem to have touched a nerve. In my last post, “Switches”, I related an anecdote about racial equality. It didn’t sit well with most.

Through this little tale, I was attempting to illustrate the negligible quality of racial differences and their instilled “pride”. The tribe in charge has plenty of that for everyone. Feeling left out because you are in the minority…or threatened to become so soon? Take pride in the fact that you are…I dunno…White, Black, Irish, Asian, Amerikan Indian, Arabian…you name it. There are more than enough reasons for you to reflect in satisfaction upon that achievement of choosing (cough) to BE of a certain color or “heritage”. That word scares hell outta me. Heritage. Fuck heritage.

Anyway…I must not have effectively communicated my thoughts. I have had little agreement on the post. Even some…well…heated remarks that I chose not to publish.
I have re-read the post…it seems clear to me. Clear that I was juxtaposing true personal achievement and the random happenstance of one’s birthright. There’s another word that pisses me off…birthright.

So most that felt offended by my remarks, (I think)…were Caucasian. Hmmmm…I wonder why that is? Well, only to prove my point…that would make sense. White folks have enjoyed majority rule in the Occident for some time now. It is what they are used to. It is embedded in their memories. It is changing. The reasons that this order of things is being altered, was one of the major points that I was trying to make. Of course it is because of the “tribe”. I thought that was clear. Divide and conquer…all that. That is the way things are. It is one of, if not THE most important weapon in their arsenal against the Gentile.
My post…and my position on this matter is that we must defuse this weapon by not only rejecting their racial profiling…”Unidentified Black Gunman”…we must USE our human similarities against them.
There is no reason to have pride in anything racial. Period. As Carlin put it : “being Irish isn’t a skill…it’s a fucking genetic accident”. To me, someone that touts racial or ethnic “pride” has got to be some kind of sorry underachieving SOB. If you must resort to the pigment or lack of such color in the dermis, to somehow bolster your very identity or even let it enter your mind that such differences have any importance in the universe…then you haven’t accomplished much in life. That is a fact. Which would explain judaism, the KKK and much of life’s similar stumbling blocks.
To fall for this obvious pot stirring, reminds me of the tale of the nerd that seeing a group of bullies approaching, picks out two of the biggest ones and says “do you know what he said about your Mother?”
I dunno, perhaps I am seeing something that isn’t there…perhaps I don’t see something that is. But again, I must assume that at an early age, people that don’t understand what I am trying to explain, have had a wet-ware switch turned off. And most likely, that switching can be traced back to members of a certain cabal that see the advantage in encouraging such idiocy. But that’s just me.
In the tale that I related, my father spent most of his adult life sans the company of someone that he truly liked…because of this type of separation…this “separate but equal” horseshit.
Some of my detractors on this issue take exception to the idea of “multiculturalism” . I hear ya. The way it is postured by the jewish press…it sounds awful. And it is…even in practice. It is a huge group of races and ethnicity, all clamoring for recognition that they feel they deserve. They have been fed this. They eat it. Gobble it up.

And why not? It doesn’t take any effort. And you don’t have to be ashamed of your particular group, or “groups” as in the case of say a “trans-sexual Vietnamese-Amerikan Buddhist Mason with a foot-fetish”.
Do I speak of a world that cannot be, as most of my critics decry? Or do I speak of a door that the jewish open for us to enter…and being dutiful cattle for them…are happy to do so?
It amazes me that so many that appear to be aware of the machinations of the judaic…on every front…will quote violent-crime statistics that PROVE that people of different backgrounds cannot live together peacefully.
As I said…many did not care for my first installment of this particular two-parter. Several even suggested in rather vulgar terms that I leave race alone. Well, not being one to disappoint, I will…after the following:
I am, through( believe me)…no choice of my own, a Caucasian.

I feel no pride whatsoever in this physical detriment. I don’t feel any cohesion toward this group of humans. Quite frankly to speak outside the confines of this “race”…you people bore hell outta me. Your culture is on your “I only watch a few shows” bullshit televisions. You are scared of your own shadow…until it comes to bombing brown people from a mile-high. You work your existence away for jews thinking that this accomplishes something in your sorry-ass lives. You slave for someone else so you can watch your damned televisions in the faux-security of your tawdry “living”-rooms. You cry about this and that…while you dutifully pay taxes that you are fully aware go to a five-sided building in your capitol to buy more weapons to bomb more people with truly interesting cultures. In your heart-of-hearts you secretly believe all that dung that they indoctrinated you with in school. It is truly your base theory about the state of the world and its history…whether you choose to accept it or not. You have no “heritage”. This country and every other one that was “settled” by Caucasians that you laud as heroic or noble, in reality was settled by “multi-cultural” criminals and cut-throats, usually doing the bidding of jewish bankers. And yet you have the descendents of these cockroaches automatically deposit your life’s work, reduced to pixels on a screen, in these banks, so you can draw it out judiciously and give it to Wal-Mart or Tesco. The whole lot of you make me sick. You are mashed potatoes in this garden of a world. You live your lives out with the mistaken impression that you as a race, hold in your “heritage” something sacred…an exclusive copyright on the sanctity of life with your European ideals of right and wrong.
I don’t want to be a part of your “race”. You embarrass me. You disgust me. There is little if anything about your culture(or lack thereof)that is redeeming in the grand scale of things. And as I said before…you BORE me.
So what’s a “whitey” to do, when he is put to sleep by his own culture? Well, according to the David Dukes of the world…I get to “admire and respect” the varied cultures of the world…from afar. Not from next door. Fuck that.

So that being said(rather plainly I thought)…I will leave you to sort out your “racial and ethnic” differences, and I will not speak on the subject again. Unless provoked(grin).


40 thoughts on “>Switches…Part II

  1. >"Hmmmm…I wonder why that is?"It's because ONE racial group isn't permitted to pursue a group destiny, timster. Evidence?Let's see: Two world wars?VDARE website at the moment has an article by Jerrod Taylor about just this. It's an introduction from his new book. He too was/is colorblind in many ways but he confronts something here, the OTHER part of the issue.You focus on individuals of this group or that. Destroy the group and what happens?The Tribe has marked the European peoples for destruction. How come? Maybe self-assured Europeans are a hurdle to world control. Maybe something else. I don't know.But check out Jarrod and see for yourself. This too has to do with free choice. I spent most of my life working with nonwhites and their group destiny is assured. I can't say the same about my own. Try to learn the reason why.

  2. >Franz – "group destiny". What is that?Yeah. Let's do that…destroy all groups. "The Tribe has marked the European peoples for destruction. How come? Maybe self-assured Europeans are a hurdle to world control."They have marked everyone for destruction but themselves. Self assurance isn't a hurdle…it is a victory for them. They implement it by instilling pride in things that do not deserve it. I have read this over and over again. I ain't interested. But thanks for reading.

  3. >I've noticed that people who argue the notion of racial pride are often a hair's breadth away from uttering some nonsense about whites being the master race. What they don't seem to realize is that in doing so, they are also fully endorsing the notion of Aztlan and other truly horrifying prospects.When I read the words "white heritage" the first question that comes to mind is, does this mean English? Scottish? Irish? Russian? German? Etc.. Am I to savor the culinary delights of kidney pudding to indulge in white pride? Will submitting to the authority of the Pope be an expression of my white heritage?The white 'race' is the biggest bastard stew in existence. There is more genetic diversity among blacks in the African continent than the rest of the whole world.The only "us and them" that matters is the Gentile and the Jew, and rest assured, the Jew is laughing while you scramble to stay on top of the shit pile of entitlement.

  4. >Re: Anon @2:25haha! Was that a man in the frilly moo-moo?I know, I can express my white heritage by putting on flip-flops and hammering out a couple of teeth!

  5. >Hey Blammo and Anonymous, take yer shame to South Central L.A. or Detroit, move in, explain yer pain to the natives, and when you end up in bits, see who steps in to finger the perps!HahahahahaIn other words, put up or shut up!Idiots.Btw Timster, that "nice guy" you met in Liverpool at John Lennon's house, alexei sayle, is a commie kike, from a family of commie kikes.Funny though.Hifuckinglarious!Oh how we laughed.I like broad brush strokes and platitudes as much as the next guy, but c'mon. Really.Cannibal Rabbi

  6. >Well, yep, we're the "noble race"; we only rape women and commit serial crimes of every sort whenever we are away from home, in some others' lands – most often while "liberating" peoples in another goddamned talmudist-media-instigated-for-maximum-profit-simultaneously-goy-destroying war -for most of the 20th century (hey, like we always say "(talmudic) war is hell and anything goes …" – until we get back home and become "noble" again, above all, …).Seems like a lot of us are saying: "the tribalists get away their exclusive jews-only clubs – of all levels of society and globally, -and we want ours (again)!" So we are just like "them" (or "they" are no better than us)?

  7. >timster –"Group destiny" was the term at least one rabbi used when he defended Jewish tactics in Europe. He stated that Jews NEVER inhibited Europeans from their group destiny, hence Jews have the total right to — hehehe.Trust me this is not White Nationalism. Many times I wanted to be part of other groups that I've considered far more together.But like or not, there is something very odd going on between the Tribe and Europa. Is Jesus a franchise? Are they protecting a strategy they also might be a bit divided on? Why do they seem to have rights in for instance England and Germany they never claim in Thailand or Nigeria?This question puts me back in my ancient days as a boohoo of the Neo-American Church back in '67. The dumbest thing one of our briefly-famous leaders tried to do was tell the incipient Black Panthers that "race don't matter". But their grudge was a group grudge and their goals were group goals. The heirarch actually was telling them… that they didn't exist.But they existed all the same.The extended families we call race were turned into liabilies by "globalists". And who were they? Gore Vidal was right: Race is silly to me, but very important to most of the world. The policies we make should reflect that fact.

  8. >Well, Priest of Baal (kohen of baal=cannibal a.k.a. those who wore the robes turned black from the soot of funeral pyres and who were known to enjoy a little roasted long pig while cremating their victims); so addin' the rabbi is kinda redundant – "idiot"),No pain, just frustrations. I'm excluded from the talmudics "just-for-us" clubs and now you're given me the boot from the "noble race's just-for-us" clubs. Damn.Thanks for the offer to relocate, but I don't need to go anywhere; stupidity is everywhere – (or you exclusives-only-clubbers got some secret locales with absence of morons?).Well, off to slavemart (not in south central, nor detroit, but right here in the heart of the land of the noble-race). Hey, on relocatin'; maybe you should relocate to Tel Aviv – lots of just for us action goin down there.

  9. >Hey Timster,…Keep it comin' honey, get it out there, get it off your chest cuz, pretty soon you'll feel better about yourself and go back to being insightful, interesting and entertaining; that whole condescending, patriarchal factoidite sanctimonious toss-pot guise, doesn't suit you brother. None the less here I go, cooooeee…I support the indigenous population here in rothschalia, where I can, with their claims of native title; a huge part of their claim describes their cultural and spiritual “heritage” or is THAT BULLSHIT TOO? As a native of the region of northern centre of the Isle, known two thousand years ago as the land of the Setantii Tribe of the Greater Northern Clan of Brigantes (Hadrian built the wall because of my ancestors, I’m so proud! grin): pursuant to this, I too claim native title; or should I? Do I deserve my native homelands, as the indigenous and "Traditional" owners of Gondwanaland do? Tell me Timster, what are my rights to a traditional homeland given my identity is shit in your eyes?Perhaps your father’s joy and pride at your achievements on the football field had something to do with family pride, not racism, maybe not; perhaps the Black chap that shouldered you out of the way on the football field was a token friend? Many white people have token friends; it gives them an opportunity to gloat at the Cafe. Given that the extended families of yore were the basis of villages and then tribes, perhaps pride in one’s family on an extended level is not the “Pride” like a nut-job snot-bubble fucking skinhead might grunt about, but more so an extension of a familiar cultural and anthropological identity, that one ‘feels’ in a comforting positive way that helps one to survive in a harsh world?I for one can’t wait for you to Post a hit-piece on Farrakhan, now that there is a boastful racist with “Pride” in his “Heritage”, so go get ‘im Timster.I do love a good moral crusade, it makes hypocrites feel superior and justified on their pedestals, like people that attend Kirks on Sunday and fuck their secretaries on Monday and short-change their customers on Tuesday and pay shit wages to their staff on Thursdays and then back to Kirk on Sunday, the whole cycle of middle-class toss-pot ecosystem! Whoo hoo, yay, gooooo moral crusaders! Your bullet proof because your pandering platitudes are like wings of steel, just like Bat-fink, only you’re not a bat.Cheers Timster, I don’t normally drink this early on a Sun-worship holi-day, I just felt the need to celebrate your latest Post…Gawd luv ya bro’ my life would not be the shame without joo, cooooeee…aint larf grand!veritasP.S. Hey guys how much fucking fun are we having? Timster throws the best Race Party in town, cos ‘es not a racist!

  10. >Hey Timster,Culture, Heritage, Race, Nation etc. As you say, an accident of birth and the arbitrary lines on a map. Just one of the more tried and true means of labelling us. I'm surprised some of the readers of your blog haven't figured this out yet. While we're at it, the gentile/jew distinctions may be cause for concern. Practical, yes i know, but kinda still playing their game maybe. I dunno. As uncomfortable as their pursuit of their ideology makes me, they are just another group of humans. But i guess we still need to use the language available to us, as inadequate as it is.Anyhoo, good one, i hear ya

  11. >AnonymousI'm not "just for us" anything.Why would i wish to be surrounded by shit-kikes anymore than i am now, by going to occupied Palestine?I'm white. Where does supremacist come into it?I'm white, that's all.Not especially proud. But definitely not a fucking shamed.Rolling in shit, wearing a hair shirt, for the supposed crimes of ancestors. Fuck that!And fuck those who indulge in such stupidity. I despise them more than kikes.So ALL yer sixties dreams came true. You're fucking looking at it!Now what?Great big fucking melting pot right enough!Hurrah! Fucking HAPPY now!That worked! You're looking at it.So what's your fucking problem?Pitiful, pathetic, despicable.Road to hell? Good intentions? Paved?BlammoNo you don't.But if you do, and you're white. Run like fuck.ASSHOLE!Hey look! A black man agreeing with ME!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeA7OOBhlDk&feature=player_embeddedhttp://library.flawlesslogic.com/rape.htmhttp://www.racismeantiblanc.bizland.com/005/06-02.htmhttp://niviusvir.wordpress.com/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqiWFLsgVi4&feature=player_embeddedhttp://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/05/05/hundreds-of-girls-raped-murdered-in-tanzania-for-black-magic-aids-cure/I like pretty dreams too. My favourite was when this unicorn turns into a magic carpet that talks, and tells me to jump aboard. We went everywhere. It was great. Then something woke me up.Never could get back to that dream. God knows i've tried!Cannibal Rabbi

  12. >Hey Timster,…When I write like you at my place, they haven't got the guts to respond, at least you can get these fucking tools to step up: Power to you brother, don't ever forget, we're mates and I'm on your team!Don't be intimidated by my comments – we rock!? (what ever)DEUS VULT!veritas


  14. >There is nothing wrong with looking at a particular group of people and observing how fucked up they are. But when one thinks there own race is somehow better then there is a problem. We are people and any of us can be a monster and any of us can become part of a mob. Color doesn't have too much to do about it. People are either good hearted or they are not and where they come from doesn't really enter into the equation. But any of us, even the most good hearted, has the potential to be a monster.Racial Prejudice is a very tenous thing. Consider: If there were 2 cultures in proximity one white and one black. And both of these cultures are ethnocentric and xenophobic; I mean they really seem to hate each other. I submit that even under these conditions the people of these 2 cultures would still fuck each other; and quite often. Asumptions of racial purity and superiority will always be trumped by the sex urge.Hence I conclude that people who claim to be supremecists and display racial bigotry don't really have their hearts into this sentiment and probably are just bitter assholes who need someone to hate and the reason for hating doesn't really matter that much.But, by all means, let's keep bickering amonst ourselves. It's very constructive.McCob

  15. >V – Mates till the end!(which may be closer than we think…this Bin Laden thing has a purpose, and I think we are just about to find out what it is).

  16. >Facts and realities pay no mind to opinion, sentiment, or smug self congratulation.They just keep rollin'. Relentless. Heedless. Deaf and blind. Actual.Best to narrow the possibilities of being caught in their path.That's the best you can do.All you can do.And don't gamble with your life, or especially the lives of your loved ones.The house always wins.Want to be a writer?Read this. Or don't.This is a writer. http://www.vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres6/CELINEtrif.pdfCannibal Rabbi

  17. >Your magic essays are going to awake the slumbering masses and change the evil powers that be. They will have an epiphany and change their ways then the tapestry of diversity will unfurl and we will all circle jerk with our brothers while singing Kumbaya.

  18. >Hey Timster,…LMFAO! You cynical fark! I only learned what "circle jerk" means about a month ago, haaaargh! Not a wonder the jooSA is so faark'dup. Hey anon-e-mouse, Do you guys actually do that weird shit? What, College cumming of age rite? Haaarrrghh! Get an identity up ya…veritas

  19. >Superb article, Tim! I really liked both of 'em. Even though I am not religious but I have no problem believing that we are all created equal in Allah's eyes – yap, that bad guy Allah also known as God. He doesn't give you special privileges for being light skinned, dark skinned or yellow. In my case, he made me tanned. That is something I learned being born in a Muslim household, is that "multiculturalism"?If you had asked me to identify a jewish individual in the crowd twenty something years ago …I would be totally clueless. david duke or abe foxman, they all look same to me then – white. These days, can't stand either of 'em.Also can't stand farrakhan and his anti-white tirade. nation of islam is nothing but pure satanic cult, with the word "Islam" slapped on it.Oh … also add the saudi wasabi pickles as well!We should all say fuck to supremacy of all types. How's that, Tim? ☺

  20. >To go on and on about white pride when not a single comment you allowed mentions it is strange. If you got white pride comments you should have posted them seeing how you attacked them. Otherwise it just looks like a straw argument. It is brown pride that is the problem not white. Whites have been trained to never ever look at themselves as a people with common interests just like every other group is trained to look only to their common interests.I would bet a dime to a dollar you live in a mostly white place. I do not and I see ethnocentrism against whites everyday. Not long ago a Mexican man told my 66 year old mom that Los Angelas is not for whites and she better move. This is the real problem and your diatribe against whites is straight out of the jew playbook. Jews know that we cannot all get along that is why they are pushing collectivists on every white country. Again if your multicult scenario was possible I would be all for it. The problem is that collectivist immigration in large numbers means a fractured society no matter what. The founders of the USA knew this and there have been no scientific breakthroughs to negate this fact.Blaming whites who see what you refuse to see because as you admit your mind is closed is silly. Scott Mollett

  21. >Scott – Well…your comments are just a sample of "we poor white folks" whining. You disagree with, because you miss most of what I am saying(which makes me wonder why you come here at all). However, to explain it for the last time…you can give L.A. back to the Mexicans…couldn't care less. We all can't get along because people such as yourself can't turn off your television. They mix the pot and you get angry at "brown pride". Oh please. Do a little growing up? Let's attack the source…not the the manifestation. My mind isn't closed. My eyes are open.So unless you can ferret this out for yourself(you might try really reading my past posts this time), I'm afraid I am going to have to delete your comments. No ad hominim…no name calling. Agree, make intelligent critical and polite remarks…or move on.

  22. >My experiences with minorities have most definitely varied, but not to any greater extent than they have with whites. I cannot possibly place myself in their shoes, therefore I see nothing to be gained by listing my grievances with them, nor would I presume to attempt to sooth my conscience with them.The fact that I'm uncomfortable or self-conscious around some and friendly and at ease with others is rooted entirely in my own perception of the individual. Some people behave badly. It's not because of their cultural norms, it's because they were raised wrong. Travel abroad and you will find yourself almost universally treated with the utmost regard and hospitality among the natives, particularly in countries with strong tribal and familial bonds."…shit pile of entitlement" -as eloquent as it is, I probably plagiarized it from someone. I hereby proclaim it copyright free!

  23. >If broad separation of the peoples into mutually respectful Nations is the only viable bulwark against Noachide Law, the I'm a Kinnist and a racial Nationalist.An establishement Jew Max Dimont wrote in his book “The Indestructible Jews”, that the destiny of Western civilisation was “ The diasporisation of man into one world, and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center.”Wizen up Fella.

  24. >Hey Timster,..Look what I found!Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap ‘rapist’By Guy Adams in DallasWednesday, 4 May 2011A teenage girl who was dropped from her high school’s cheerleading squad after refusing to chant the name of a basketball player who had sexually assaulted her must pay compensation of $45,000 (£27,300) after losing a legal challenge against the decision.The United States Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a review of the case brought by the woman, who is known only as HS. Lower courts had ruled that she was speaking for the school, rather than for herself, when serving on a cheerleading squad – meaning that she had no right to stay silent when coaches told her to applaud.She was 16 when she said she had been raped at a house party attended by dozens of fellow students from Silsbee High School, in south-east Texas. One of her alleged assailants, a student athlete called Rakheem Bolton, was arrested, with two other young men.In court, Bolton pleaded guilty to the misdemeanour assault of HS. He received two years of probation, community service, a fine and was required to take anger-management classes. The charge of rape was dropped, leaving him free to return to school and take up his place on the basketball team. More Here.Story of the victim’s account and CNN video interview here.–AdminHere ya go:Black Girl White Boy?http://www.davidduke.com/general/cheerleader-must-compensate-school-that-told-her-to-clap-rapist_23703.html33 THOUSAND white women were raped by Black men last year in the JooSA; 4 Black women were raped by White men last year in the JooSA!Just sayin'veritas

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