>Stages, The Com Words, Splintering And The Kings’s Speech…


I just finished watching “The King’s Speech”.  A hell of a film.  I also read about jewish splintering concerning the movie’s historical correctness.  For once…some jews have got a bit of history right.  King George VI was known for not wanting to play along with the set-up of Germany by the jewish plotters behind Churchill’s government. He did not want war.  He was said to have admired the leadership of Hitler.  He was not a stupid man.  Yes, he did try to keep Palestine zionist-free.  It is no secret.
However, this movie script was written by a jew…produced by jews…and distributed by the nice jewish boys…the Weinstein brothers.  And yet is being anonymously(cough) smeared by…you guessed it…jews.  Individual ashkanazi ambition knows no bounds.  But it will.  And soon.

I feel that the world is in the midst of some stages concerning the ashkenazim and their influence.  The first stage was reticence. In the pre-amerika world, jews were kicked out of every civilized country that they attempted to seduce…several times.  You name the country…they were expelled.  For jewish reasons.  Usury usually.  Oh, they had the various accusations of blood rituals concerning Gentile children…and I am sure some of these incidents actually happened.  But generally speaking, they weren’t expelled from any country for just standing around being jewish.  There were reasons.  There are always reasons.  Look around you today…I am sure you can come up with a few.
Anyway…that was the first stage.  A moral backlash to their un-Christian behaviour.  It went on for a thousand years or so.  Then(because of the unprecedented judaic patience) came those horrible “com” words of which we Gentiles were and remain guilty.  Compliance.  Complicity.  Complacency.  This has been going on in the Occident for many decades, and is about to end.  The human spirit…that borne of common sense and our drive to survive…will out.  It must.  Whether it springs from religion on one end or pure disgust on the other…it will once again show its beauty.  As I said, we Gentiles have been guilty of being compliant to the rule of this inhuman cult.  Many of us, subject to the greed which they taught us are also guilty of complicity in their criminal and immoral behaviour.  We have all…at one point or another, been complacent as they lay claim to our planet.  But as I also said, this stage is coming to an end.
The next stage begins with the splintering within their own cult that we see now.  Of the seven deadly sins…the long forgotten wisdom of the ages…to me, ambition is the one to be feared.  That is the sin that is splintering and will eventually lead to the downfall of the judaic.  A sin which is taught too well in their homes.  It has come to the point, that a jew now will almost instinctively throw even a fellow jew under the bus to further his own ambitions.  When this becomes common practice…and it will…we will begin to see their efforts as a group, diminish.  Then only the most extreme faction of their syndicate will rule. 

Using the history of the khazar as a guideline, we understand that the stages of which I speak, begin and end with a monumental event.  The expulsion of jews from Spain in 1492 at the same time that explorers drug these animals to the new world was such an event.  The recognition of a terrorist state in Palestine was also a watermark in the decline of the Occident.
So I have no doubt that a horrible judaic-driven catastrophe will mark the end of their reign over us all.  It could be nuclear.  It could be something less horrific…but it will not be pretty.
When the next stage is thrust upon us…the jew will suffer ten-fold what he has brought down upon the brow of humankind.  Those that were complicit in his crimes will fall with him.  Even the most unaware today, will know the name of “jew” to be anathema.  These will be terrible and wonderful times.  Many will suffer needlessly.  Many will be punished rightfully.  A different time will be upon us.  Ambition will be seen as a cursed jewish ethic of long ago.  I wish I could see the times after this stage.  But it is not to be.  My small job is to help lay groundwork for what is coming.  For the final summation, if you will.   To be a “(lack of)character witness” for the prosecution….at least historically speaking.  As I and most of us here will be long gone when it all comes.

So I grit my teeth, like most of us out here…waiting.  Waiting for that stage-changing event.  We can rest assured that it will be for the good of mankind…no matter what the cost…if the Gentile survives.


7 thoughts on “>Stages, The Com Words, Splintering And The Kings’s Speech…

  1. >Good post Tim,I get a sense of rightious anger coming out of that! Good for you!We are all waiting for THE CHANGE and I believe it will be here sooner than later, we will be seeing the wrath against the synagog of satan in the not too distant future!

  2. >Will the gentiles survive? …or even to awake? If the gentiles were to be wiped out, there would be no more problems…threats…etc against the jews. Don't you think?

  3. >Anon@3:55 – Uh…yes, I do? But then we wouldn't know about it…and that would be ok. They could have their hell-on-earth. Then THEY would have to deal with kvetching jews at wal-mart all day.

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