>Here We Go Again…


One more time,kids.  Democracy is 3 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.  Why don’t normal people get that?  This is not just a “cute-ism”.  It is fact.  I am like sooooo tired of reading and hearing purported anti-government, anti-war, anti-jewish people going on and on about how we need to get back to “democracy”.  I gotta be missing something here.

Ok…let’s go through this step by step.  The U.S. was founded on the principles of a Constitutional Republic…yes?  That is…the rule of law.  Written law.  Law which no man, party, PAC, foreign government, or corporation can change.  Ok…so when you have these laws…this Constitution, set in stone and unalterable, you follow it.  You don’t debate it, interpret it or pay money to a body of whores to change it without the will of the people it governs. Yes?  

Administration of these laws should be no more than a minor government function. A computer function.  A dummy could do it…if the laws are well written.  And aside from the somewhat archaic language form…I think the Amerikan Constitution is a fair one.  I mean it is comprehensive…not obfuscated by legalese and it’s user-friendly.  If we were still a Republic and an administrator of  these written-down laws…say a cop…stops you while you are driving to work, and wants to search your car for something unlawful…you tell him that unless you were disobeying a law for which he intends to arrest and charge you… go fuck himself…and drive off.  Legally.  But of course he wouldn’t stop you in the first place.  If this country was still ruled by law.  He would be busy administering that law to those that have broken it.  Not shaking you down for undisclosed infractions.  But in reality…that’s what happens constantly.  Daily.  This is what democracy brings you.  I would much rather live under the rule of a monarch than a corrupt(and there is no other flavor)democracy.

Don’t fasten your seat belt?  Ticket.  Shake-down.  Shake-down for the insurance companies….essentially.  They pushed this law through.  Whether it is a good law or not, isn’t relevant.  What is relevant is that a group of corporations got this law on the books for THEIR benefit.  Not yours.  Their actuaries benefit through a lower number of injury claims…therefore they make more profit. This is not a law that was made by people that “care” about you. And this is just a negligible example of a minor “law”. This is how democracy works, folks.  The ones with the power subjugate the ones without it.  Us.  Same old story of any type of government ruled by a few.
On one level this could be legitimately called organized crime…and it is.  But it also can be termed democracy…because it is.  And yet those that are the most negatively effected by this shell-game are the ones screaming for more of it.  It baffles me.  Fuck democrazy.

Well, the reason they are screaming for one more lash of the democracy whip, is that they are told that it is a form of government FOR the people.  And it is. The PEOPLE at the top.  The top of corporations and government. Mostly jews.  They have slid us into this mire of corruption.  Taken away our Republic.  Until sixty years or so ago…the word democracy was not linked with our way of life in the States.  As well it shouldn’t be.  That time in our history coincidentally coincides with a great deal of other negative things that began happening here…and indeed in many Western countries.
But if you think it is a daunting challenge to awaken people to the threat of judaism…try telling them that democracy is NOT what they want.
Anyone can fix an election.  Elections of these administrators of law that I speak of, are not elections in any sense of the word.  You know this.  However…even if they were honestly administered, they would still be contrary to the notion of a Constitutional Republic.  Because this democratic system gives those “elected” power OVER the rule of written law. People in government seats should have no more significance than which janitor you choose to clean City Hall.  These offices should be filled with truly public SERVANTS…not rulers.  The rule of law is the ruler.  Why can’t people see this?

In a perfect world…this “democracy” as we understand it might work.  All those elected would be noble honest wise men that wish only the best for each and every one of his constituents.  People that are  above malfeasance.  And with all the power inherent in these offices, they would make new laws when needed, and repeal old ones with only the will of the people and their own exacting wisdom as guides.

Yeah, right.  What planet are YOU from…that believe this is in any way possible?  You cannot depend on anyone to lord over your rights.  These rights must be agreed upon in advance…benefit ALL people and be written down. They must be based on individual rights…not the will of a mob.  Not the bloody majority.  A majority that can be swayed by media lies and agenda.  These laws must be carved in stone.  In like…a constitution.  Oh wait…we already got one.  Well…had one.

I understand that new things bring new requirements for legislation. Our founding fathers that wrote the constitution did not foresee, for instance…an Apple software application that completely simulates the sexual experience.  By merely plugging this app into your I-life unit and holding it in your hand, you are transported mentally into a wild virtual life-like sexual adventure with the partner(s) of your choice…anytime…anywhere.  Well, when Apple came out with this, they didn’t envision that High School kids would be virtually banging their teachers in the classroom while their back was turned.  So….some sort of law is required.  Well, when common sense fails, in some instances a new piece of legislation is needed…perhaps(although it sounds fun to me).  So using technology to solve technology…and electronically tapping into the common sense of all people affected, through their I-life units, the question is asked.  “What kind of law do we need to curb such behaviour with the new Apple I-screw app?”  Almost instantaneously through approximately 400 million transmissions, the proposed law is formulated with an algorithm embedded in the mainframe that is checked and double-checked in an almost infinite amount of 
permutations…in milliseconds.  The new law is sent back to the constituents… they approve, or disapprove…it is tweaked and set in stone.  It is fair for all concerned.  No human leader or his agenda is in the loop.  The people truly decided for themselves.  Perhaps the I-screw will be banned entirely.  Perhaps it will be limited.  But the point is Apple’s profit margin is not in the algorithm.  This is the only way that a new law can be implemented in a Constitutional Republic.  When all people take a part in their government by mandate.  Like a small village.  But our society isn’t structured that way.  THEY understand and exploit that fact.  Our new form of government is now a group of thugs doing anything they want, without input from anyone outside their group.  I think an astute pol/sci major would tell you that democracy is a convenient  stepping stone to it’s very close cousin; fascism.  It is the nature of the beast.

Of course the above is an extreme scenario, but when people scream for democracy…I don’t think they understand that they are begging to be exploited.  There is no form of government that is more easily corrupted than one that is based on the supposed integrity of one, or a small group of people.  People that can be purchased.  People that can be blackmailed, or threatened. Psychopaths that enjoy lying.  A person is weak.  The written word is strong.

I dunno…maybe, as I have said before…I’m nuts.  If I’m not seeing something in my simplistic view of the universe here…please point it out(politely?).

>Plain Language For Plane People…


One would think that it can’t get any plainer. It can’t be any simpler. And it is just that…plain and simple. There is a group of we monkeys that are never satisfied with how much control they have over the rest of us monkeys. That’s all there is to it.
They have always been around and they teach their young about their glorious dreams of lording over the rest of us. So it continues. And with each successive generation, it gets worse for most of us out here in the trees. Whether you believe that this group of primates grasping at the reigns of power, are of a different species, or whether you hold my notion that it is just an un-monkey-like sect…it is happening. There is no monkey-god that is going to save us from ourselves. No rapture, other than what we can construct here in the trees. The rapture of life as we know it can be. Procreation…all that.

A wise man once said: “Two hundred billboards does not an apocalypse make”. I think that’s how that goes. With all the silliness that the jewish media loves…making fun of Christians(their favorite thing next to demonizing Islam)…people are turning away. Not just from the silliness. They are abandoning the “plane” itself on which we scratchers live. They are throwing up their hands. They are looking to the skies. We have been through this before. The Reformation, the Inquisition, St. Vitus’ Dance…all come to mind.
When the Rothschilds of this world make things…I dunno…a little too real. A little too seedy and embarrassing…well, instead of seizing back their world and governing it with a bit more common sense…they look to another plane for salvation. To hell with that. You can preach apocalypse all you want. It isn’t going to stop some shithead firing a rifle into a schoolroom full of children in Palestine. You can believe that some invisible dude in the sky is going to tell us that “all bets are off” and the bad guys go to hell and the good guys get all the things they always wanted. It ain’t gonna happen. Just as six-o-clock will come and go this evening…in every time zone that we have manufactured on this spinning rock…so your favorite teevee show will be on at seven.
This, I WILL stake my reputation on. What I have left of it.

Even aside from the side-show of predicted judgement days. Apart from the good reverend Hagee preaching love for the very cult that is destroying us all…to my knowledge, nothing good is going to happen unless and until we make it happen.
People can talk about astral planes and deities until their asses bleed…and the cult just loves it. They know better. Have faith in all the karma you can imagine while the world with your children in it, is sacrificed to a much more tangible “deity”…the judaic. Many people nowadays like to quote the anonymous wisdom: “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist”. I agree. Not on some ethereal plane. But in our reality as we know it. Let’s do a little translation of that quote. “The greatest trick the judaic have ever pulled was convincing the world that they aren’t bent on subjugating the Gentile world into slavery for their pleasure”. The judaic like to play the role of the Christian devil. It is fitting, since they abhor everything about them. But these are real people…not evil biblical beings. Real ass-wipes killing, cheating and lying to real Gentiles. I am reminded of the scene in Life of Brian, in which Reg, the leader of the PFJ states:” What Jesus fails to appreciate is that it’s the meek that are the problem”. I will also say amen to that. REAL time truly IS running out.

I fully understand that it is exhausting. Life here on earth at the moment. We, through meekness and kindness for our fellow man…yes, there is a LOT of that left…have allowed a cult of disgusting creepy monkeys to climb on our backs to the top of the tree. And I am aware that it seems insurmountable at times…almost biblical. But it isn’t either. Unless our focus is maintained and these “self-appointed head monkeys” are dragged off the upper branches of our family tree…you are going to see something that will dwarf any biblical apocalypse imagined by some ancient goofballs that wrote that crap. The REAL deal. Real fire and brimstone.
I don’t know about you…but the last image I want to experience in this life is NOT to see the flesh of my loved ones being seared off their bones seconds after a blinding flash of white light. A white light not coming from some damned imaginary heaven…but from a nuclear device being set off by the jew’s next false-flag. That just doesn’t set well with me. And unless they are stopped now…count on that to happen. As Carlin tried to pound into your heads…“They don’t give a FUCK about you!”
That…you can ‘believe in’.

We live on one plane and one plane only. All else is speculation…some thoughtful, some just downright ridiculous. But as long as you choose to even consider ANY interventionary help from extra-plane deities, in what is OUR battle…you have already lost. And not just for yourselves and your miserably short lives…but the precious lives of your children and generations to come.
And, as much as I hate to offend…you can put that in your “astral-plane mentality” pipe, and smoke it.

We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents.
  • Mark Twain “Concerning the Jews”, Harper’s Magazine (Sept. 1899)

>Maybe I’m Nuts, But…


Just a short one today.  A lot of stuff that is time-sensitive that has been coursing through my head like so much hydraulic fluid that activates the mini-pumps in my fingers.

Has the world gone flippin insane? Judgement day is tomorrow?  Obomba calling for 1967 boarders in Palestine?  Semi-trucks full of Mexicans?  Some boogie-man was killed in a daring raid by Navy Seals, but you can’t see the body?  I guess my question is “what won’t you believe?”
How far can the MSM push this?  This gives yellow journalism a bad name.  For the first time I can remember…the tabloids in the grocery stores can’t compete with the Jew York Times for headlines.  How far can this go?

Maybe it is my age.  Maybe I have slipped into a coma.  But for the life of me, I cannot even process the silliness of all this.  And people just go on with their daily lives as if all this is normal.  I remember a time when stories in the press were vetted.  Well, somewhat.  They were certainly more believable on most levels.  Are “they” tenderizing us?  We all know that tabloid stories are fictitious.  We all understand that this type of journalism is borne of sensationalism.  So why are we reading the same thing in our normal papers now.  I just don’t get it.  Do normal people accept these things as truths?  Or do they just not really care?  Are we being deliberately numbed-down as well as dumbed-down?

When I first read the story of Obomba’s speech about ME policy change concerning Palestine…I thought, “Is this guy TRYING to stop a bullet?”  “Is he nuts?”  Then, understanding that nothing is as it seems, I look for reasons for the unexplainable.  Why would a puppet of AIPAC appointed to this office deliberately berate the people that put him there?  Well, as we all expect the next false-flag to happen soon…the one that will drag us into yet another front of “The War of Terror”…I’m thinkin.  This could be it.  I wouldn’t be surprised at anything I read in the papers anymore, so likewise I wouldn’t be surprised if an assassination(real or faked) is their next move.  Another false flag blamed on yet another extremist patsy, for yet another world war.  An assassination of good ole “We Are Change”.  We know they could pull it off.  They have done much less in the name of their quest for war.  
And everyone will fall for it.  Again.
Now, I’m not staking my reputation on this.  I don’t even have a reputation…well, not that kind.  But there is something in the air.  I think they put it there.  It smells to high heaven…which by the way, Stephen Hawking has dubbed a “fairy tale”.  I met him.  Hawking.  Well, I said hello to him.  His computer said hello back.  Kinda neat.

Anywho.  It seems everyone is in the business of presaging.  That alone is not a good sign.  It means they are  guessing with the past as a hint.  The recent past could portend just about any scenario now.  Alien beings in our drinking water…yes, the bottled kind.  Dogs sleeping with cats….you name it.  The field is open.  When I hear someone say “it’s anybody’s guess” that says to me that there is no real reference point from which one can draw a conclusion.  Without reference there is no truth.  There are no facts.  We are free-falling.  And maybe…just maybe that is what they want.  To the claim that there are extra-terrestrials in our bottled water would seem so outlandish that something a little closer to reality could seem believable.  It is all a matter of degree and relativity.

Of course all these ruminations could be fantasy on my part.  I really could have gone off the deep end.  And the world is just as sane as it used to be.  It is my imagination that has gone careening down a hill with no brakes.  I could be nuts.  But being so…I doubt it.

>It Was Here Just A Minute Ago…


I seem to have misplaced a few things. Again. Well, I have been known to do that on occasion.  Coffee cups.  Keys. Socks.  The usual fare.  But these things are more important I think.  I can’t seem to find the word “rape”.
Ah…here it is.  Right where I left it.

Rape– a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person’s consent.

 Right there in the good old dictionary.  But for the life of me, I can’t seem to find it in any of the papers.  At least not in connection with jews and the liberties they take with Goyim.  Now if a Gentile allegedly committed a  “sexual assault”, I think that would be the first word in every story reporting it.  But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe that word, and its harsh implications are old-hat.
I have recently found myself clinging to my righteous indignation.  I don’t know why.  Probably because I see so many out there not using theirs.  I have mine at the ready, just in case they say that…I dunno…my grandparents supplied the zyclon-B that killed 6 gazillion jews in the century past…or something.  I think it will come in handier than a defense attorney.  I will stand up in court and laugh maniacally while flashing it at the whore on the bench.

I also lost the fourth Amendment to the Constitution.  It was just here, I swear.  You know…it was the one about illegal search and seizure or something?  It was written on a yellow piece of paper.  I didn’t use it that much…so where has it got to?  I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached.  Some say there is a danger of that if you lose that Amendment thingy.  I guess I’ll see…cause I can’t find it anywhere and I’m beginning to get worried. 

Another problem is that…besides losing things all the time…I get embarrassed easily.  Embarrassed for my country…the State in which I live…even the town that I call home now.  There is so much to feel shame for around here.  Lee Hamilton, Mike Pence, Republicans, Democrats, 4th Amendment loss, Eva Kor….my gawd the list does go on.   It bridges on humiliation.  I guess we are all in that leaky boat of having to own up to a democracy, and how it doesn’t really work.

I have yet to lose my purpose.  I misplace it every once in a while, but I always manage to find it at the bottom of a coffee-cup.  I lost my virginity, my innocence and my hope many years ago.  I guess I will never find them again. Bummer.  I kind of miss them in a way.  I carry my moral compass around my neck.  It’s waterproof so I never need take it off.  Not even in the shower…although it isn’t really indispensable there.  I can’t say the same for my youth.  If anyone finds that…please return it.  
I keep my pride and my sanity in a box.  These are too bulky and precious to carry around.  I guess if the police do break down my door without a warrant….before they put kiddie-porn on my computer hard drive…they will probably take those too. 
It’s kinda like that.  You are born with all these things that you lose over time.
It is a process.  Losing things.  I lose respect all the time.  Like trying to contain so many Mexican jumping beans in your palms.  Remember those?  Probably not.  What were we thinking?
This respect for others…this admiration…slips away revealing, well, just humans.  Humans with egos.  Humans with agendas.
I never had any faith to lose.  That’s a good thing, I think.  Saves on the grief thing.
I lost my ass in a poker game once.  I have lost a lot of money…good riddance I say.  
I’ve lost a lot of dreams.  Gone by the wayside.  Most of them silly in retrospect…as I wave goodbye to them from here on the ground.  Could have been…could have been.  But then life wouldn’t be what it is without loss.  Loss of family.  Loss of home.  Loss of childhood.
It’s what these things get replaced with.  That’s what matters I think.
You lose your idealism and replace it with a real and solid set of rules that work on the ground.

Principles.  Those are things that I will fight to the last to keep.   They haven’t changed much over the years.  Sure, they have a few scratches and dents.  But basically they are the same as they were when I got them.  They can take it all …but leave me those.  I can bring them with me to jail.  They can’t be used to spring me…like a saw or a file.  I won’t be able to hang myself with them…I’ve tried.  Just let me sit there with them in my cell…and I’ll be fine.  They are just about all I have left.  So lest I do that “oh, happy dagger” scene…leave me those.

Now where did I put that ability to communicate effectively.  It was here just a minute ago…I swear.