>Tarzan And Common Bigotry…


I have been assessing my readers. I like them. What I would call really decent people. Although I won’t quote Will Rogers here, there are few people I have met in my life, with which I can’t at least find some common ground. The human experience is like that. It doesn’t really matter what version they are…there are some basic “core” programs that sync with each other…little organic computers, that we are.
I watched a film, “Until When…” and it got me thinking as I felt the pain and also laughed along with the subjects in it.
My second “wife” was a Black woman. And unless she has contracted some horribly disfiguring disease that has turned her into a Caucasian…I would have to assume that she still is. I put the word wife in quotes because although we had the license and had lived together quite some time, we didn’t get a chance to stand before anyone declaring our undying love publicly. Some pretty nasty things kept us from finally walking down the aisle. I think you can imagine what flavor those things were.
Those couple years together taught me more about people than I had learned in the score before them. People can hold opinions instilled in them by the media, and their upbringing that do them some serious harm. Decent people. People you can depend on. People that can also shape-shift into aliens right in front of you…for reasons that you can’t even fathom. Nor can they if the truth be known.
My best friend for a long time as a kid, was(here we go again) a Mexican. That also caused some problems. I liked Reuben for many reasons…but chief among these, was his ability to do the Tarzan call even better than Johnny Weissmuller.
But that’s as may be. The point I guess I am trying to make, is not to lecture about the benefits of multiculturalism…although there are many…but to address those that will not allow themselves to “see” humans operating with a version other than their particular “bigot: 2.0” program. And where they get such notions.
I still harbor some bitterness about the breakup of that multiracial relationship that ended mainly because of pressures from a racially prejudiced world…yes. But it is a bit deeper than that. That experience taught me to hate. Not people…but hate itself. The same hate that pours into your living room, pumped out by the tribe that seems to have an endless supply. If you were to tax all that malevolence gushing out of the minds of the jewish through their media…you could bankrupt them in a day.
But anyway, up there at the beginning of this rainy-day post, I said something about never having met anyone with which I couldn’t find a common bond. A shared human experience that made us relax and be ourselves…at least for a few moments. I tell a lie.

Even though I will usually do all in my power to find that commonality in any human, if it isn’t written on their face for all to see…I find myself recently abandoning that policy when it comes to members of the “tribe”. That bothers me. Like any self-respecting bigot(is there such a thing?) however, there is a twinge of guilt when I opt out of conversations with these people, saying to myself that I already know them, what they are going to say, how they feel about this or that…you know…real prejudice. And I blame them. Well the leaders of their cult anyway. That’s the easy way out. All of us bigots know that. We merely go into group-think mode and ascribe all sorts of horrible things to anyone representing a group, in our minds. This is how bigotry works. We are almost always the good guy. Anyone belonging to a group that has hurt us, or we believe that can somehow, is the bad guy. I suppose that comes from some cave-man DNA and has to do with avoiding poisonous plants or snakes or some such stuff. I dunno.

Before a Mr. Cohen can tell me that he abhors israhell and everything that his family lineage has ever accomplished, I find myself classifying him as the enemy. More often than not, I am correct…but I sometimes, in my most humble moments, allow for the possibility that I could be wrong about some things. But that is rare.
That also is the way we bigots think. Condemn first. Once bitten, twice shy. I get it. You get it. But I try to be smarter than those instructions that guided my great-great-great grandfather Og…or what ever his name was.
But this isn’t about race. This struggle with bigotry that I have with myself constantly. It is about pre-judgement of people. People are people. The waitress that learned to hate “niggers”, so wouldn’t wait on us in that restaurant, isn’t processing any less intelligent thought patterns than I do when I shun a Shapiro or a Goldstein. Her parents may have had a bad experience with a Black person at some point, depriving her then of the joy of meeting another human with which she may be delighted. That’s the way prejudice works. That is the bond that the tribe wishes to preclude by their Islamophobia and their black exploitation media, and so on and so on.
So am I any better than that particular waitress? No. And that is the point of this whole thing. The only difference is that I struggle with myself over this…she may not.
I harbor a prejudice toward the jewish. I demand that guilt must be dis-proven first. Because I see them as the prime movers of such prejudice, my guilt is less than it could be. Less than if I judged by skin color or race. But I still struggle. They as a cult and a force understand and feed this guilt in me. Which is why this cult…this syndicate, will constantly waffle on this issue of jewish “race” or “culture”. But I have overcome this designer guilt of theirs. I don’t lynch people because of some cult they belong to…but I will demand that they not adhere to such a group’s philosophy before I look for that common ground between us. The human-affirming one. Not the one that produces the prejudice with which I have struggled.


22 thoughts on “>Tarzan And Common Bigotry…

  1. >Your resolving the plot piece is "gone" from everywhere accessible in Sweden.Page not found – does not exist (sic)This piece exists (so far). You can put me down for a 'ditto' for every sentiment you have expressed about the mr. or miss Cohens of this world. I also am aware that by my own definition I am prejudiced against the tribe. And I am openly against zionists.Mouser

  2. >Mouser – Yeah. About that…I was editing it(I didn't really care for it)…and oops. It got deleted. No big loss…it was kinda mean-spirited anyway.

  3. >Hey Timster,…To me your introspection is always so melancholy; it makes me worry. You are indeed a lovely fellow, I don't know you from Adamstein, yet I get the feeling you are solid mate to some nice guys.Thank you for the time and energy you commit to sharing your thoughts.veritas

  4. >Multi-culturism and divircity are code words that mean anti-white. It is not the other races skin color that we need to worry about it is their in group collectivist attitudes. Most whites are individualists and the founders of this nation knew that allowing collectivists in would be dangerous for the individualist whites. At the time the collectivists they did not want to let in were jews. In California I see Mexicans beginning to behave just like jews as they gain power. They call anyone who does not like their invasion racist just like the jews call anyone who notices their crimes anti-semites. Read what Ben Franklin wrote about whites being the minority on the planet and that the USA was to be a haven for this minority.All nations evolved along ethnic lines for a reason. Your childhood best friends ethnicity was a tiny minority of the USA at that time so he had probably assimilated into our culture. Since then Mexicans have gone from less than 1% of our population to over 25% and they no longer are willing to assimilate and now behave like jews. Every collectivist group will favor their own as soon as they get a little power.I have no problem admiting that the jews drive to polarize our socity so they can divide and conquer has turned me into a white nationalist. I am not a racist. I have recently opened my spare room to a black friend of 20 odd years due to him losing his job and his savings running out. White nationalism is a tool to fight the jews and it is one that you ignore. Unfortunatly we are not all the same and it is becoming more and more clear everyday that not recognizing this is dangerous for the whites of this planet.My kids are white and if I need to take a page out of the collectivists book and use their own idealogy to protect their future you had better believe I wil. Scott MollettBTW you had a post awhile back about anonymous commentors. I use anonymous and sign my name because Google and Yahoo jews keep deleting my accounts.

  5. >Tim, how sad for you that you have fallen for the jews BS about whites being evil. Almost everything bad that whites are blamed for was done by jews. It is also sad that you can't see that if whites do not band together the jews will win for sure.Your reply is a joke that ignores everything I wrote.How very jew of you.Scott Mollett

  6. >still reading … i have to say.. i have experienced so many of these things that you speak of..and generally.. in my circle , i was the only one. sad.. that we had insights, but our peers who generally were following the culture, were the only ones validated.

  7. >Keep it simple- Jews and non Jews. The winning formula is-Blacks, whites, Mexicans, Arabs, Chinese all against the Jews. In fact if everyone supported and patronized their own 'group' exclusively, the Jew would starve: too many parasites and not enough hosts.

  8. >My husband and I work together. He is Palestinian Arab, I am American of German stock. We meet alot of people in our line of work and I will say something about someone and he will say "that guy's a Jew" and I will say "really?" It must be 4 out of every 5 people he will say "he (or she) is a Jew" and I say "really"? It goes on and on. I don't know how he recognizes them and it isn't just the name. He just knooows. It doesn't make much difference to us. It's just trivia. Like my gay cousin was always telling me who was gay, 4 out of 5 people..lol…and I would say "you're lying!" but he was always right. Well anyway. Don't know what point I just made…none! There are too many Jews? Ha! I just liked your post. Don't be too self analytical, it will drive you crazy! Followed a link to you from equalpartyusa. Wanna exchange links? I linked you already.

  9. >Well, Scott…I'm sure you are nice guy. I'm sure you want to do what is best for your kids. And I am sure you are frightened. Frightened by many things that "they" want you to fear. Multiculturalism and immigration is one of these. The only ones that should fear and hate a mixed society are the jewish themselves. And they do. Look at israhell – a "jews only" state. When they preach and accomplish a multicultural mix for the rest of us, they understand that by fomenting friction between different peoples who then HAVE to live together…there will be division. Just as your "white nationalist" thingy demonstrates. With this division they conquer. They would prefer that you find "pride" in any difference with other races…they open the door, and you walk in. It serves their purpose while they live with their choice of people in their ivory towers and in israhell.Of course I understand that no amount of writing on my part will make you see this. It has to come with a lot of reflection…but I think it will. Your heart is in the right place…and you DO see who the real enemy is. You just have to find out for yourself what his real plan is. Happy Easter.

  10. >Genie – Absolutely! Just read your site. You have the right idea there. I will link you now.About your comment. I liked it. Yeah, I can usually tell too. They certainly have an air of "I have enjoyed a privileged life" about them that is hard to hide. Ha.Thanks for the comment and keep reading, as will I.

  11. >Tim, sorry for the long reply time. Your post would be relavent if multi-culturism could work. It cannot. The only reason Western Europeans were able to assimilate was because they all came from individualist societies. The immigrant invasion is of collectivists they will never assimilate if they come in such large numbers. This is a fact that the founders of the USA knew to be true. When blacks were 5% of the US they assimilated now they are 13% and are no longer interested. Now with jew inspired multicult even the immigrants with small percentages are not assimilating.This is a recipe for violence when resources run low. Our ancestors knew this to be true and none of the gadgets made by science have changed this basic fact. Scott Mollett.

  12. >Scott – So….you are black then? You must be. You speak for them eloquently. Take your time on replies…not a problem. I got all the time in the world.

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