>Drawing The Line…


I have a problem. It’s an addiction. I won’t seek help for it however. It’s espresso. For twenty-odd years I have been hooked on the flavour and the rush of 4 shots of a dark aromatic squeezing of that bean that the angels gave us. Even as I write, I am high on the exuberant feeling it provides. I think Napoleon said it best: “Strong coffee, and plenty, awakens me. It gives me warmth, and unusual force, a pain that is not without pleasure. I would rather suffer than be senseless”.

After first tasting the stuff…I couldn’t get enough. Every day, more and more. On my way to work in the morning. A couple shots or a latte at lunch. A mocha in the afternoon to lift me till the day’s end.
I was a junkie. Sort of. Still am.

Anyway, when I kinda-retired from engineering, I decided to go into the espresso business. I found out quickly that I am no businessman. I don’t value money that much. I drank up or gave away most of my profits. My shop was always filled with addicts like myself…and I liked it. But my accountant and the bank didn’t care much for my dream of purveying this drug to others like myself that were similarly afflicted. A few years down the line…Starsucks came on the scene. They were more expensive than my fare and much glitzier. They sold mostly fru-fru drinks. Kinda-coffee drinks with more sugar than caffeine. Although they espresso-ed a decent blend of coffee…mine was much better…to the connoisseur.

But at the time, there weren’t that many of us out there. So fru-fru whipped-cream sugary drinks and jewish marketing stole my dream of selling what I loved. Oh well. Jews happen.
Anyway, that isn’t what I wanted to ruminate on right now. What I do want to tackle is of a personal nature.

On one afternoon a week, I meet a friend for coffee(make mine a tall 4-shot ristretto mocha). Yes. We meet at Starsucks. I know…I know…I know what you are saying. “How can the Timster sell out like that?!?!” Well, it comes to this in everyone’s life. Where do you draw the line?

I am not relating this horrible admission of guilt to clear my conscience. I am fully aware that this coffee chain is owned by a zionist jew, and probably a great deal of profits from his ridiculously large business is funneled to jews in occupied Palestine. Howard Schultz(CEO) is an asshole. Everyone knows this. Even before espresso could take off in this country…outside of Seattle where he stole the idea and bought a real espresso shop… he changed it into a horribly expensive habit to acquire. And in the bargain managed to put people like us that really enjoy the drink, out of business. I am not bitter. My business failure is my own fault really. I am not jewish. I would never prosper selling anything.
But that’s as may be.
The point is that if I want to go out for coffee in this country…a REAL strong espresso drink, either I try to find a one-owner coffee house…or I just give up and drink Starsucks.

I also like ketchup. I cannot buy a bottle of ketchup in this country without the little circle-U (or other kosher symbols) on the bottle…meaning that some ass-wipe rabbi is getting profit from my proclivity to have this tomato extract on my sandwiches. I am not giving up ketchup. The good rabbi knows this. He owns my conscience on this matter…as Schultz owns my espresso habit(outside of making it in my garage on the machine left over from my shop).
You draw your own personal lines. Those little gutters in the dirt that you draw with your toe, that mean you will not…and no one else better…step over them. Mine is somewhere beyond espresso and ketchup. I can live with that, because I am trapped within my own likes and dislikes. It is easy for me not to patronize television, cosmetics made on and from stolen Palestinian land, or diamonds. I have no use for, or hate all of them.
But even that’s not the point. I support the BDS efforts to boycott israhell. Even with my own money. But I won’t assume guilt for any of my money being funneled into that terrorist state that come from my day-to-day purchases. There is little money in this country, and most of the Western world, that is extracted from the Gentile through their commerce and taxes that isn’t subject to supporting the jewish takeover of this age we live in. But I refuse to own the purpose or the destination of these funds. I place that on the head of the jew himself. I will continue to fight the talmudic values on every front here. I will vilify the judaic in all their inhuman actions as I see them. I will hurt the jew as much as possible with all my efforts…but I will not sit in a cave bereft of all that life has to offer BECAUSE of his intervention into the lives of the Gentile. He, nor no one else will make me take responsibility for the money that I spend to enjoy my existence. I do not give him that power.

Anyway…I have been a regular at Starsucks for so long that I have gotten to know some great people that work there. They are Gentiles. They are decent humans working for a living. They routinely give me my espresso at a discount or for free…and I tip them generously.
There. My conscience feels a little better now. Not perfect…but we all have our lines to draw.


14 thoughts on “>Drawing The Line…

  1. >Hey Timster,…I can comment after all, now I'm pissed off, so yeah, keep on drinking at starfuks just whinge about the place when your in company elsewhere, haaargh.I used to check barcodes like counting steps or rocking back and forth, if I stopped consuming everything the yids own, I'd be eating water crackers and bird-seed. Faaark!veritas "The Brand that says, fuck israhell"!

  2. >Sometimes one can be studying an area for years and one day stumble upon a writing that is like an epiphany of the truth. Yesterday at Kenny's Sideshow, I had one of those moments. Everything written in the following short summary I already knew was true somewhere deep down in my brain, but when I read it in the printed form, the truth struck me like the loud gong of a big brass bell right beside my head.It is an attest on the near total control of the society that we live in here in April 2011, including politics, economics, media and movie industry, that this clear signal of a comment was signed "anonymous". I give it to you now with references and leave it to you the reader to decide if what you are reading is true."The gas chambers never existed. 6 million dead Jews? never died. The 911 planes? Computer Generated Images. 3000 dead in the towers, including 350 dead firefighters? that's right, most of them made up. The Palestinian suicide bombers in the markets? never existed. The jews just set off a bomb and showed photos and video of a made up girl. The family of 5 in Israel who just got killed? that's right, they never existed. Made up bios, fake photos, google 'vicsims'.Victims of Jew Bolshevism, banker Jew agitated ww1 ww2 etc 150 million Christians.Jews died in club hitler? 270,000How to you combat lies and disinformation? with historical revisionism, facts and evidence. http://sixmillionmyth.blogspot.com/p/six-million-myth.html http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/Under_the_Sign_of_the_Scorpion_by_Juri_Lina.pdfHappy Easter, and remember they are Easter bunnies not spring rabbits despite what 2% of the population incorrectly tell you.Peacewv: turideWe need to take back our stolen hearts and minds if we ever want to get off the sabat's goy turide.

  3. >fuck it timster.capital fuck it – if i could be bothered to capitilise that is.since forever we have had ban all products with 729 in the barcode.hmmmpppphhh.so not so long ago i find myself in a household coming to terms with enormous grief. and in between normalcy and madness take turns.my friend is given this state of the art facial pack – yeah you guessed it from the dead sea.she put it on and spent the next half an hour telling me how warm her skin was – how alive it felt.mmmm. it sounded really good, my skin could have used the boost and anyway i was not buying it just using it -and then you appeared in my mind.with your rantings and ravings and that made me decide no fucking way.and after missing out on this i read you drink starbucks – definitely fucking time for me to head into the mountains again.no intelligent life down here : )

  4. >It's almost impossible to avoid kosher in coffee. The tribe congregates at the source. In USA Costco sells Jamaican mountain beans, in Canada and upstate NY, Tim Hortons coffee shops sell tins. I like both and can't find the kosher symbol on either.

  5. >V – I don't know about your birdseed down there…but it's all kosher up here. I HAVE noticed the little guys songs are starting to sound…I dunno…kinda "kvetchy" though…

  6. >Hey N AS's Goy,…"The 911 planes? Computer Generated Images." Yeah, so what were the dancing yids video-taping, prior to the first hologram striking? Or were they holograms too? The hologram theory is way out there. Anyway, 911 is a done deal, why keep banging on about something that all sane people know to be a false-flag?Time to concentrate on annoying the yiddish perpetrators, with embarrassing, ineffectual Blog Posts that make them lose their temper, and not waste time trying to "educate" dumb-fuck goyim that weren't listening then and are not going to listen even as they are being pushed into cattle-trucks.veritas (Pissing into the wind since 2006).

  7. >…In 2004, the US Congress passed the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act. The Act defines a person as being anti-Semitic for holding any of a number of beliefs.1. Any assertion, “that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world.”According to this, it doesn’t matter whether the assertion is true or not. Truth is not an issue. Simply making such a statement violates the Act. In itself, that fact provides strong evidence of control of the US government.2. The expression of “Strong anti-Israel sentiment.”Any criticism of Israel can thus be considered anti-Semitic. Israel can mangle Gaza and get away with it.3. Expressing “Virulent criticism” of Israel’s leaders, past or present.

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