>The End Of The World…again


I don’t deify leaders. Never have. I figure they have enough admirers without adding my critical adoration to the mix.


I met Jack Kennedy. When I was a little kid at school, we were out for recess on our asphalt playground on a chilly autumn afternoon playing a game of “scrub baseball”. A block-long black limo pulled up and a man in a suit got out. No cameras. No reporters. An unscheduled stop. Our teacher called us all over to the iron fence and this handsome young man shook our hands and poked and teased us and asked who was up next. When he saw my friend with the bat he said “keep your eye on the ball”. That in itself was nothing. Our fathers told us that all the time. It is amazing though, what that little piece of advice can do for a kid’s swing. If a child is really listening to the coaching…he can clear his little mind of all other distractions and smack that ball as easily as slapping apples from a tree. Focus…that’s the thing.
He waved goodbye while telling us to make sure that our parents went and voted for him in a few weeks. I was too young to know what that meant. I don’t know why he stopped and kidded with us. Maybe he just liked kids and he had some time to spare between whistle stops. Anyway, it was in all the papers.
Like Bill Clinton often said about meeting Kennedy at a young age…it made a huge impression on me. But obviously the impression left on me, was of a different bent. It was more and more important to me as I grew…and of course he and “Camelot”, did not.

Not long after that, the world ended. I was about ten I think. The young man that had poked and kidded us was making an announcement on our television that clearly frightened my parents. This then frightened their children. This was about the Cuban missile crisis. I understand a bit more now of what was actually going on behind the scenes when that message was delivered to us. But it was unprecedented in my lifetime till then. It was the first time most had ever heard official warning to a populace of an impending nuclear exchange.
Well, the jewish took care of Jack for Dimona, refusal to sell israhell f-16’s, attempting to abolish their federal reserve scam, Northwoods and a slew of other ashkanazi reasons. But that was then. To me at the time…when they had him killed…the world ended again in a way. Some innocence was lost and I stepped into a much larger world. Even the radio airwaves played a song which, although had nothing to do with Cuba or communism or jews, nonetheless kept that phrase on the tip of our tongues as we sang along…“don’t they know it’s the end of the world?”

The world has ended many times since then. For all of us. Not just radical change in our personal lives, but the world outside our heads.
I also met Bobby Kennedy…well, his wife anyway. He was speaking at our town square…a small republican town. After the speech, he and Ethel went to the Democratic headquarters in town…and a few friends and I were milling around there getting bumper stickers and pins and such. We didn’t know they were coming so it was a surprise when they walked up to us. Ethel shook my hand and thanked me for my support. Me? I wasn’t supporting anyone…but that was a nice sentiment. She was so exuberant and pretty and open-faced. It was hard not to fall in love at first sight. Bobby was across the room engaged with others…I didn’t wait to talk to him. Sorry I didn’t now. Oh well…it was in all the papers.
But jews put and end to Bobby too. Shame.

I look around and see the end of another world. There is no innocence left. They see to that. Amerikan Idolatry and faux revolutions, and the world we used to know is no longer good enough for them.
Maybe I am not getting across what I want. Perhaps I am not “communicating effectively” to use a phrase that in Jack Kennedy’s time would have sounded very odd. Things change. Worlds end.

So anyway, I was just thinking about all the things that have happened since that autumn day when the soon-to-be-assassinated president told us to keep an eye on the ball. I still am, Jack. I know who is pitching it. I know who killed you and your brother… when that world ended.


7 thoughts on “>The End Of The World…again

  1. >A half century later and the world is worse off. No Knights in shiny armor to lead us from the brink of destruction. The leader we have, has charisma and reads from a play book. We all know who pulls the strings. The war seems lost, we're out of hope and each day brings only more doom.Nothing short of Immaculate Orchestrated Harps can save us Timster and I have no hope for that. I lost hope many years ago and at times, I wish for the last page of my life to be over.The phrase "it ain't over till its over" has lost it's lustre.BEAUTIFULLY DONE, MY FRIEND!!!

  2. >A poignant post Timster.Is the world changing or are we? As we lose sight of our childhood innocence do we expect others to view the world the same way?I find myself on spring evenings looking out at the beauty unfolding as the days lengthen and I feel almost like Sarah Connors’s character in the Terminator film awaiting the coming war. I will not let them rob me of these moments and my heart is a rebel heart. If you can still see the beauty in a sunset then they can never win. They can kill the man but not the idea. That’s Jack’s legacy for me.I would die on my feet rather than live on my knees but either way there is no power in their all their arsenal to break a man that does not want to be broken. Peace and blessings Timster.

  3. >that was epic.. like a narration to a sweeping event.. only the event leaves you broken in a wrinkle of time… thanks.. it was needed today.

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