>This Is Going To Be GREAT…


I have decided to cash in…like…I dunno…WhatReallyHappened or Prison Planet. Yeah, that’s a way to get more folks on my bandwagon. I’ll reprint stuff that other real journalists have written, and by their content I will set up a kind of “shadow philosophy” that my readers can change to fit there own. I’ll be like the jewish publishing moguls. Nothing editorial. No real opinions that tie me down to a view of things that my advertisers(I will have a bunch of them) won’t like. Maybe just some snide comments that can be read in many ways. Yeah…that’s it! If it’s anti- NWO-Masonic-Illuminati-Big Government-even israhell(as long as I don’t actually vilify judaism), I’ll reprint it. Why didn’t I see the potential here before!? I could be rich! I could be famous! I could have a “following”.

Ya see…Ted stopped by again. For those of you that don’t know Ted, he is an extra-terrestrial dog that gives me advice. Well, suggestions anyway. Ted and my wife are tag-teaming me about money. It’s their contention that if I am spending so much time and energy on this little effort of mine to be a thorn in the side of the jew, that I should at least make a wage doing so. They have convinced me. Time is money.
So from now on, I will be selling t-shirts, DVD’s and Dr. Shapiro’s youth serum.

(advertisement) THE ELIXIR THAT THE NWO HOPES YOU WON’T FIND OUT ABOUT! Available here only…Dr. Shapiro’s Anti-Cancer, FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SERUM!
Guaranteed to make you live forever. No treatments…no stretchy-face surgery…just nature’s own HEMP-based cure for what ails you…Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

“I have been using this stuff for years and I am still alive!” – Timster
Dr. Shapiro has spent years in research developing this miracle cure for the NWO, that only he knew was coming. Now for a limited time only, you can purchase the power to OUTLIVE the NWO douche-bags and their hegemonic plans! Just think how much money you can make if you live to work forever! Only 5 small payments(…of $6,000 USD or 3 Euros)will bring you all the elixir you will need to outlast even cockroaches! Order now!

There won’t be any of my opinions flying your way from now on. No profit in that. There will however, be the opinions of others. I am going to concentrate most of my efforts from now on, in bringing you more real news, truth and pundit opinion.

If there is a family in Woodland Hills, California that have had their basketball goal ripped out of the ground by evil neighborhood associations….I’m on it. If there is an 80-year-old woman being fondled by a TSA goon…I’m going to give you the gory details. If you see chem-trails in the sky over your neighborhood…I am there for you, and filming. I am going to start reprinting Max Kaiser’s column about what to invest in to make money off the NWO. He knows best and is on OUR side. You will be reading endless examinations of the fraud on Wall Street. Who got what bonuses. Who is running the biggest ponzi schemes across the world. Buy the T-shirt! If I don’t make 3 million dollars by the first week in June…the NWO is going to shut me down, fellow readers… and put me in prison!

I will have a special correspondent covering the next Bilderberg meeting, no matter what it costs me in hotel bills and HD filming. I am just that concerned about informing you about these Illuminati bankers and Masonic hand-shakers…the bastards. Get my DVD and find out more!

I am taking off the gloves here. For you. So you won’t have to. And I PERSONALLY guarantee Dr. Shapiro’s youth and anti-cancer serum. I look years younger and I am told by the good Doctor that I may live forever. Order a bottle now.

I am also going to start making personal appearances. I feel my public will demand this of me. So does Ted. He has taken on the role of manager. He says…go one way…or go another. Don’t sit on any fences. I tend to agree.
Of course to you the reader…this means benefits all around. You will be part of a REAL movement. A club of sorts to beat the bad guy back to stone. You will, of course have to join(hit “join” button) to take advantage of all these savings on products and “special” announcements. But by joining(a mere $2,500 USD or 20 Euros per month) you not only get my opinion…you get the TRUTH!

I think this is my calling. I always wanted to be an affluent celebrity…living on a tropical island somewhere…now Ted has shown me how…on the backs of my readership. You will no longer get the “truth” for free…hey, I got a lotta costs out here folks! Like everything else in Western society that you have learned to pay for…now you pay Timster! Yay!

or not…


26 thoughts on “>This Is Going To Be GREAT…

  1. >Hey Timster, send me your bank account info and I'll transfer $10 grand your way for that anti-New World Order Fountain of Youth serum, that way you can support your family and keep writing great stuff for us to read!! On a serious note, I think Rivero presents some pretty good information and makes a lot of good points. He certainly doesn't go far enough in exposing the Jew World Order, but I do listen to his radio shows (I gotta pass the time at work you know…) and find them not only interesting and informative, but entertaining. He's actually quite a dick to people that bring up topics he disagrees with (HAARP, the Rothschilds criminal banking network, ect.), which pisses me off, but I still listen to him and read his site every once and a while. I first got started down this path with Alex Jones, then somehow stumbled across Daryl Bradford Smith and his website, http://www.iamthewitness.com, and wised up real quick. Now I don't even bother to listen to or read his stuff.

  2. >WOW- I missed that piece you wrote back in August. And I never knew he was backing Obama in '08. He talks a good game, for the most part, but certainly doesn't expose the top tier of this criminal enterprise that is decimating humanity as we speak. He bags on Obama all the time now days, but I've only been listening to his radio shows for about 2 months now. Maybe he was bought out, at least for the election season? BTW- is Rivero of The Chosen?

  3. >Hey Timster,…Haaargh haa haa, I'll 'ave a gross 'o' the stuff! I'll rub it on me old fella and we'll see 'ow we goooo!JF: I don't know if you heard, I was a 'guest' on Rivo's show about a month ago, it was more like a "random caller" thing than a real interview, however it went on for an hour or so, I had a lot of fun and got away with a tongue-in-cheeky slight or two aimed at gillard and israhell; afterwards, he asked me for a heap of personal info' as he was interested in something further, they don't have a stringer in rothschalia – nope, hasn't happened, he has absorbed my details and now just blows me off with excuses for either not receiving the info' (twice) or being busy and yesterday in his latest email he said he has been too sick for three weeks to contact me. Whatever.It's just us boys, so keep your powder dry and don't fall asleep on guard duty; The life you lose could be the guy's next to you!maranathaveritas

  4. >Can I be your special correspondent at Bilderberg, huh, please?I can multitask, camera in one hand, bullhorn in the other, mouth running at all times. Will work for hemp pills, I want to live forever too.

  5. >Sounds like the Jew got to you. Only thing I would buy is the T-shirt. Looks good to me. Other than that I get my Jew trash fix for free. Gotta hit them in the pocket book.Dave

  6. >Dave – Well, y'know I secretly wonder about Ted. Y'think?T-shirts are $250. They come in sm med lg and amerikan. You can have any color as long as it is black.

  7. >Hey Timster,…Do ya got fatt basst'd?I'll take two, if not may bee yoo got fuk'nhoogez? two pleez.tubstaAaargh! You are not going to buy this:wv: jujou – NOT SHITTING JOU!

  8. >Timster, good on ya! Nice link on Mikey. I've been bitching about him for years for his Hitler Boogieman routine, his Marrano Jew attacks on faith, and his complete refusal to present the historical documents which prove the Jews are the issue.One of his recent "thoughts" for the day feature a quote by the revolutionary butcher Marat, described as a "visionary." Puke? Laugh? Or do both at the same time?I'm hot for a shirt if you ever

  9. >*OFFICIAL NOTICE *From: JTO – Jewish Tax OrganizationPlease be informed that unless you immediatly hire a Rabbi AND have your NWO Elixer marked as Kosher, we will take all legal action necessary in order to have you detained and fed foreskins for whatever term OUR judges impose sentencing!Sincerely,Hymie GoldfiekerPresident, JTO

  10. >Hymie – Oops. Sorry, I'll get a rabbi out to the settlements where they bottle that crap…I mean the ELIXER OF LIFE…right away, your holiness.

  11. >On the web master idea for a site dealing with everything Rivero leaves out sounds like a needed service to the web of truth:1) khazarian zionist Rothschild international bankers (not junkie monkies)2) a missile hit the pentagon (not a cherchez le Boeing)4) the holocaust was <275,000 without any gaschambers (not 6 million with)5) the zionist jews killed ca 150 million civilians in the Russian extermination according to Juri Lina, 2002 (not holocausted by christian communists)6) the NAZIs Hitler was reacting to jewish infiltration of all levels of German society (not unlike zionist fascism of the present)Go ahead Tim with said site, I'll send you an article a week. But you won't get many (any?) sponsors because the jewish mafia will never let any registered company advertize on such a truthful site.MouserWV: ovens (I'm not making this up – the zio-ogre must have twigged to the word 'holocoast' because exactly as I wrote it my screen blinked and my cursor hop-skip-jumped)

  12. >Hey Timster,…"Tim" (Mmmm?) Geithner says, "Congress will increase the debt ceiling" (he knows?), does that mean you guys will be fuckedER than you are now?Haart-dawg aar mayd a furnny; coooeee, aar crak mai uuurp!cuzz'n veritas-mcCoy

  13. >I want to market Elie Wiesel Temporary Holo Tats™and I think this is the place to get started. These arenumber A 7713 tattoos that remain on your arm (or wear them on your feet at the beach) for up to two weeks. Instant dignity, moral rectitude and financial security can now be yours with these. Move to the head of the class or into the head office with Elie Wiesel Temporary Holo Tats™ today!

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