>The Vision And What To Do With It…


Some have asked me over time, why I am not more current. More topical…in the now. Well, I would argue,(and have done) that I am, to a fashion. My efforts here are to expose the judaic among us for what they are. What they always have been. What they will continue to be. I have yet to study a time in history since the 6th-11th century khazarian khaganate, in which its descendants haven’t been at the center of most of the troubles of the world.
So for me to nit and pick about this or that bad thing in the news, that can be easily traced back to one or more of the followers of this ancient cabal…is a moot point. It’s a given for me.
I think that once you start from this premise, that world history falls together like a film of breaking a porcelain pot, being run backward. All the parts inherently snap back into the whole…the whole being the talmud and its teachings(if you can call them that). To me, the talmud and the torah and the old testament, besides being singular in purpose, are license for anyone that adheres to them, for some pretty nasty human behaviour. But that’s as may be.
I watched a clip today featuring an ashkanazi professor in israhell explaining the game plan to a willing audience at an AIPAC hate-fest. Now, she uses some pretty fancy language and emotional appeals to restate some awfully anti-human precepts. I never went back to college for my PhD, but…I know a professorial pigswill artist when I hear one. A doctorate does not make one wise…it can make one clever however. It’s like reading Ayn Rand. At first you are mesmerized and in awe of the definitive language and its fluency and legitimacy. Anyone that can speak this eloquently certainly can’t have something as mundane as faulty logic in their arsenal. No one can argue with such impeccable use of the human form of expression…be it written or spoken. So you think. But these yiddish academics are brillianty espousing death and destruction…with which a child of six could easily find fault. If you really listen.
A friend of mine…a journalist…covered a speech by Barak Obama when he was on the campaign trail, a few(what seems like) eons ago. This particular journalist is no dummy unlike most of those attending the rally. The writer listened to the opening set of rallying points made by our now, commander-in-chief and turned off the portable recorder. No more needed to be heard or transcribed. The message was clear as a bell to the reporter. He was an eloquent bullshitter….IF you listen.
This kind of hearing is not really taught on college campuses nowadays. You can be born with it. You can nurture it in college. But you do so at your own risk. It is a bullshit filter that activates quickly and such diatribes become as naked as a newborn…to those with the gift of “the vision”.

This gift can also be a curse. It causes one to abandon hope in the future when we(yes, I am similarly cursed) can immediately recognize ancient plotting and lying for what it is.
You the reader also have this gift/curse…or at the very least, the propensity for it. Or you would not be here right now. You too see talmudISM for what it is. A supremacist, racist and controlling set of rules for those that value the material over the human.
So what do you do with such an ability? You write. You organize. You make an ass of yourself. You be the jerk in the back of the crowd that says “give me an F’in break!”
But after that, you better be prepared to duel with the best of them. They have shiny new educations to sell their ancient party line. They are not easily talked down. They clearly have an advantage over the common man that is left empty-handed by their evil deeds that are masked by obfuscation and eloquence. And they enhance this advantage by actually believing this disgusting drivel.
You will be overmatched if you think you are going to yell “kike” at them. They have battled your type before in their many, many centuries of experience defending their dark purpose. Don’t expect a level playing ground. They live by the notion that “nothing is fair”.

So where does that leave us? We that know the smell of feces before it is being fed to us. Between a rock and a hard place unless we too educate ourselves. I can’t emphasize this point enough for my liking. You must relearn history from this new point of view. The one that is easier to learn because it simply makes more sense. Leaders are not assassinated by lone-nut Gentile extremists. Banks don’t just happen to fall into favor with nations by luck. Wars are planned by those that would benefit from them. The history of the world as it is taught to most of us, that baffles us; the war and suffering that we have been told were brought about by very complicated circumstances, are not that perplexing if you understand that the key to all of these horrible happenings is greed. And the purveyors of greed since the times of the nomadic tribes of khazaria,( if you make the effort to look) have been those tribes. The ones that adopted judaism as their cover religion. The rest is steeped in eloquence, subterfuge and deliberate confusion generated by this cult and their minions.

However, the biggest obstacle in battling the jewish, is the fact that these lies and the deeds that they hide, have been going on for so long around us, that even their offspring now believe them to be truths. And nothing solidifies a position in a debate than belief in your own position. It isn’t like high school debating class where you were given a position to defend, by drawing it out of a hat. These ashkanazi on the podium and writing the speeches of our politicians, genuinely believe this evil claptrap.
So our mission’s path is fraught with many pitfalls. Those being that not only must we follow this path due to our vision, and the calling to inform other Gentiles, we must do battle with an adversary that has a well engineered version of his own cult, and the strength of actually buying it himself as he sells it. A dangerous foe to be sure. But not invincible.


10 thoughts on “>The Vision And What To Do With It…

  1. >Hey Timster,…That old shrew is straight out of a scene from THEY LIVE: "I've got one that can see!"If she's not propagating perpetual apartheid, who is?Yiddish Shrew: "The problem with peace is that…it's not that important."And folks out here think I'm militant, we're doomed, doomed I tells ya!Nice Post, you're getting good at this, try doin' another one, we'll see how ya go, huh? Then maybe we'll let you have the passwords to the modem (grin).veritas

  2. >Hey Timster,…Mmm, wellll, let's see how ya go with ya next Post honey and we'll see, we'll see, uuukayyy?Hey, how's Libya workin' out for y'all in tha jU ess of A? (Sound of Crickets)Uuukayyy….So, how 'bout those Mets?Damm farn writin' suurn, damm faarn!veritas

  3. >Could not agree more with you here Timster. When you relearn history, with the correct perspective, things really DO make a lot more sense. For me, WWI and WWII NEVER made sense really, but now they do, after reading what people like Benjamin Friedman had to say, among others. Same with more recent events, like 9/11 and the "War on Terror." For a while there I just took things for granted, but I wised up quick enough once I got out of college and had time to actually pursue my own intellectual interests. Modern education is brainwashing, pure and simple. I'm so disappointed with my college professors, and I've expressed this to them in emails and Facebook messages. I think they're brainwashed, too. People just simply lack integrity when it comes to the real history and forces controlling the world, even though it's right in front of our faces. I don't know what it is with me- I just want to know the truth about how things really work in this world. The way I look at it, I've only got one shot at this life, so I may as well not only make the most of it, but understand the most of it, if you get where I'm coming from. And I'm certainly not going to sit around and let this madness unfold around me without at least attempting to point out what the fuck is going on, and who is doing it.

  4. >Hey Timster,…OK; I found a video today that has inspired my faith in our nature, once again. I will post it up now, and dedicate it to Mssrs: Timster and John Friend and all those of the resistance that "Graduated". I did not; I have only a Second year High School pass, the PTB by way of a magistrates court decided I would better serve my community as a heavily armed teenager in the Australian Regular Army.The video is a recording of a young lady who is delivering her valedictorian speech at graduation – it is fucking amazing! There is hope gentleman, there is hope!!!Is it Blogger that makes us defiant and bold, or is it us that makes Blogger defiant and bold?maranathaveritas

  5. >John – Wow. How did that happen? Great comment…but I never read it! I didn't even approve it. Things get curiouser and curiouser around here since my latest hack. Anyway, sorry about the SNAFU. Didn't mean to snub.

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