I was trying to explain some things about Earth to an alien yesterday.  He is from some far-flung planet in a nebula that I couldn’t pronounce, but I liked him nonetheless. When he tries to speak his name, I have to go to the bathroom…so I call him Ted.  He’s OK with that.  He’s a no-BS kinda guy that has a childlike curiosity.  That incessant “why” thing, unlike a child however, soon gave way to “well, that clearly doesn’t make any sense”.  When I tried to elucidate on war for instance…well, he just didn’t get it.  My constant use of the phrase “just human nature” seemed lost on him.  Well, that would make a great deal of sense.  He isn’t human.  It was much like the old adage of trying to explain what a banana tastes like to someone that has never indulged, and without using the word “banana”.  Some things are like that…can’t be explained to an objective viewpoint.  Or so I thought.  I liked the guy, as I said, but he did have an attitude.  A superior one too.  He didn’t understand a great bit of human behaviour…and most of what he didn’t get, he merely dismissed as error.  Well, maybe he was right.  I dunno.  He also went on and on about the “infield fly rule” , and designated hitters, saying they both were quite unfair.  I dunno about that either.  I’m not a big baseball fan.

I like clean things.  Houses.  Cars.  Garages.  Toasters.  You know…the sparkle of material that says to you…”you don’t have to worry about me…I don’t need washed or polished or straightened or maintained.  You can just give me an admiring glance on your way to more important matters”.  This was one of the things I was trying to explain to my visitor.  He got that bit.  It made sense to him…and he asked if it went beyond the material.  Did I, for example enjoy the cleanliness of my own philosophy, or emotion?  Did I routinely remove clutter build-up from around ethics and lower-level animal reactions that I owned, as well as vacuuming out my car?  Well that seemed a dumb query at first.  But as often as it does…from the mouths of babes, comes such a self-defining wringer.

Yes, had to be my response.  We are constantly, as humans clinging to this whirling rock, reexamining our view of things.  We are influenced by all that we encounter…in one way or another.  And we can grow and mature in this fashion.  He liked that.  So do I.  It happens all the time.  Not as much as maybe it should, as he observed, but it is a part of our experience that I depend on and yet hadn’t given much thought to, until he plotted it out through his quizzing. 

So this led to news.  I don’t remember just how.  One of those meandering conversations that ends up somewhere you don’t expect.  Anyway, he did something very distasteful.  He insisted that I turn on a TV.  Well, rather than go through how I had matured and come to understand that there was no good to come of it…I relented and did as he asked.  He wanted to skip quickly past all the childish entertainments and commercialism(whew), and go directly to the news channels.
Why…he posed…did humans create turmoil and then tell everyone about it sitting in chairs in suits and dresses?  Wouldn’t it be better for our species if these horrible people were isolated and kept off of our televisions?  Then few of these horrible things they are bragging about could happen.
Well, I had to laugh before I explained the idea behind journalism to him.  “No, no”, I stated.  “These people and the TV companies they work for, don’t commit these atrocities…they merely tell us about them when they happen…it’s their job…they are paid to do this”.  
Then came the childlike “why”.  Why would we want to know about this sort of thing?…and was I sure these well-dressed humans weren’t in some way responsible for all the carnage they spoke about? 
Well, on my way to explaining about human nature one more time I sashayed down the “judaism” path, as I am wont to do when explaining things to those that don’t hold my views.  He was intrigued.  “So, it is your contention that this cult, this tribe, have been responsible for continuing to further the negative side of this “human nature” that you speak of?”  he asked.  I had to agree with that.  “Let me check your facts and suspicions with my database”.  he suggested.  In seconds he announced that I was correct in my view of their role in history and in the present.  And much more of which I wasn’t cognizant. 

“So…would you like me to get rid of them?”  he queried rather matter-of-factly.  “Wha…?”  I answered.  “Get rid of them…kill them…make them all die in their tracks”. he said, looking at me with those piercing alien eyes.  “You mean ALL of them?  Instantly?  You can do that?”   I said(even though understanding he was an extraterrestrial, I wasn’t prepared for powers like that…although in retrospect, it shouldn’t have surprised me).
“Of course”  he answered.  Well, I had to think about that for a few seconds before I asked, “but you mean ALL jewish women and children and those that have denounced their own culture would die as well?”
“All means all…clean is clean” he quipped.  I barely had to think before I hurried the answer “No, I don’t think so…that would make me as monstrous as they are”. 

Geeze…what a Tuesday.


14 thoughts on “>Clean…

  1. >Hey Timster,…Excellent conundrum you offer us. Me, I have thought about this question many times, both as a young Soldier, and subsequently as an aging Father. Sentimentality is the one thing that people don't take into account when they enter into a fray. When shown the cold objective act required to achieve total mission success; when posed with the opportunity of hitting the big red button and "Nuking" the enemy horde, or wrenching on the lever that drops the floor beneath the child-molester with his head in a noose.When posed with such conundrums, most folks think about the children and the mums, huddled in terror amid the mayhem and murder of the wrath they unleash, this has a tendency to weaken the resolve of the individual.Perhaps if as devil's advocate you add the tenet that those about to "die in their tracks", were to do so painlessly and without the terror of foreknowledge, rather than as a result of some terrible furious flesh shredding, bone crushing bombardment lasting twenty-two days.That is to say, offer the individual you put on the spot the solace of knowing that the enemy they are to terminate on command will not die in the way that that enemy has caused so many millions to do, generation upon generation of that enemy/tribe's existence. I believe that if you made it seem like they would not be brutal "like" their enemy or horrific “like” their enemy, they would not hesitate, the hypocrisy you would find is the most disturbing aspect of the responses you would find.Mere instantaneous eradication, really doesn't bug people anywhere near the manner of eradication; a nice "clean" process of eradication you might find achieves 100% compliance, much like a brutal war on terror fought miles away and redacted through a bought and paid for media. “Surgical precision”, “Smart Bombs”, “collateral damage”, all these things clean it up for the cowardly hypocrites in talmudvisionland. The four or five percent that actually fight wars and affect revolutions, do so without the “moral” hindrance of bourgeois sentiments.I became a Journalist/Photographer after I left the Army for the very purpose of showing people what jingoism and patriotic fervour manifest for the inhabitants of the third world. I wanted to rub the noses of the sheltered folks back home, firmly in it. No such luck, the tribe didn’t want the clean image of their lucrative franchise bloodied-up by me, war was a noble pursuit and our “Diggers” are all clean cut fucking heroes.Funny, aliens with enormous godlike powers never ask me if I’d like to zap that disgusting tribe of monsters. As for there being good-monsters, google the polls for community support for Cast Lead, then deduct the children that aren’t polled from the numbers and then I’ll give you five minutes to round up the hand-full of yids that voted nay, before I get your little green mate to, turn it up!Human nature works both ways my brother, at gunpoint your good neighbour would sell you and yours in the blink of an eye to save his own arse. See Rwandan genocide.Excellent Post, hopefully all your readers participate in this important excursion into morality. Perhaps we should all walk a mile in God's shoes before we judge him?Love Light & Peace, for those that deserve it.maranathaveritas

  2. >I think the french-maid is more attractive than the info-babe.Uh, wasn't that the real question in your post?No. Hmmm, sorry. We can't kill the zionist virus that has infected the world – some of them are woman and children and/or honest zionist denoucers. But we can't live with them ruining our world either. The answer is there is no answer.I hate everyday these days.Anarchist

  3. >Maybe a compromise with the little alien; ask him to transport them all, at same time, to Birobidjan and put a real big wall around the whole place; on second thought, ask the alien to make them build the wall (and fund it) all by themselves (you sure that's an alien and not just another clever hairless monkey poseur (except for the face hair))

  4. >If you fail to understand what motivates the Israeli pilots to drop bombs on civilians from aeroplanes decorated with Jewish symbols, (jewish) law professor Gavison provides the answer;“Israel will do whatever it takes to remain a Jewish state for as long as it takes.”If you ask yourself, how is it that 94% of Israeli Jews supported the IDF genocidal measures at the time of Operation Cast Lead, then Gavison may have some insights to offer.94% OF ISRAELI JEWS SUPPORTED THE IDF GENOCIDAL MEASURES AT THE TIME OF OPERATION CAST LEAD“The Jewishness of Israel is the meaning of which the state of Israel is enabling Jews for the first time in many years, to take control of all aspects of their lives”They certainly do: Israeli brutality is beyond comparison.The end of israel is nigh…Not A Sabat's Goy

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