>But…But …


What happened to all that “Multi-Culturalism” that you preach to the 
world?  Not for the jews-only state?  It couldn’t be that YOU are racists, could it?  Talk about hypocrisy.
Besides, like the man said, “who will do your shit work?”
A real view of jewish zionism.   Sheesh…


14 thoughts on “>But…But …

  1. >Oooops!First we have the most moral army in the world killing women and children with white phosphorous.Now we have the only democracy in the middle east calling their immigrants alcoholics, thieves and rapists."After we saw all the damage caused by zionism through the creation of the state of israel in 1948, and we realised it would not be possible to save it, I talked with the UN chief and gave the order to 'pull it' and we watched the country of israel collapse." Unlucky Larry

  2. >I couldn't find your piece on victims of zion. This one outlines one of the greatest greatest thefts involving religion and area I consider myself a serious researcher. (Others may not, grin) The star of david was stolen from the vedics. http://gosai.com/writings/satkona-star-of-david-or-star-of-goloka"Its use in Christianity and Islam, and its eventual adoption by the Jewish faith in the 17th century as a popular symbol of Judaism.""In the oldest known Vedic literature, Sri Brahma-samhita [in that it has been attributed to Lord Brahma and composed shortly after creation], the Sat-kona is mentioned in a description of the supreme abode of Goloka, the abode of Krsna."

  3. >I have to agree with the jews on this one. All nations developed along ethnic/language lines for a reason. In multicultural societies violence along ethnic lines breaks out during hard economic times and during times of political strife. In Israel the immigrants might be lesser criminals than the jews (cmon we are talking about the criminal jews after all) but that is for sure not the case in the USA. 8 of 10 white rape victims are attacked by a minority. 7 of 10 white murder victims are killed by minorities. 8 of 10 thefts with a white victim are perpetrated by minorities. The founders of the USA recognized that white people are the smallest minority on the planet. They set up the USA as a nation for people from 11 white European countries. US immigration laws had the word "white" in them. The founders felt that the people from these 11 white European countries would assimilate and become a single people. They also felt that allowing anyone else in would be dangerous. They were right on both counts.The jews behavior proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how "in group" mentality is dangerous to to the individuals of "out group" menatlity societies. Most non white ethnicities are extremly in group mentality. I would never try to send US blacks back to Africa as their ancestors were kidnapped and brought against there will but I would have no problem sending back the Mexicans. The 1960 census found so few latinos/Mexicans in the USA that they did not rate their own catagory. There was less than a million here and now we have 25 million. In 1960 the USA was 90% white European, 5% black, and 5% other. Latinos in California are demanding that we redistrict political districts so that a latino will win the seats in gov't. Redistrict not for a political party but for an ethnicity. Any white politician that made this request would be tarred and feathered but the jew media gives the latino politician a pass and op ed's agree with the latinos. Jews are pushing for non white immigration in every white homeland so they will have workers to keep their Ponzi money schemes viable. I also believe jews hate white people and want to erase us off the planet. I believe this because Youtube is full of jews saying it.I don't hate anyone for their ethnicity. I just see the logic of not mixing everyone together. Just like the founding fathers of the USA did.Lastly immigrants are being used as a weapon by jews against the citizens of all white nations. Taking a weapon away from a criminal does not mean you hate the weapon. It just makes common sense.Scott Mollett

  4. >Mick – Yeah…about that…Well that was a mistake. It was an idea I had been playing around with in my draft file. Accidentally hit "publish" instead of "preview", and didn't even realize it till I started getting emails about how offensive it was. And I could see that. It was, kind of. Anyway, I took it down. Sorry.

  5. >Scott – Well, I can see both sides of the issue, like you. However, I am glad to show the racism inherent in zionism, while they preach multiculturalism to the rest of the world. I liked the statement made by the young African about who will do the jew's menial work…they certainly won't do it for themselves…haha…he nailed that one!

  6. >This multiculti expert (tolerated by Sweden) is in the wrong place:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scRwcY0i_fA&feature=related"Leading Jewish activist: 'Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe'""Open borders" (Soros will pay for it, won't he) and maximum "cultural diversity" for IsraHell NOW! Until then – they get zero aid of any kind (they'll just extort and steal it anyway), no visas of any kind to any nation, and in particular, no dual-citizenship status…etc.

  7. >Watched this – it made me sick as does anything emanating from that country.It never ceases to amaze me how non Jews will continue to defend these entities which makes you realise the extent to which money is entwined with Judiac power.Without the financial resources that Jews have (meaning influence and power), Israel would have been left to rot decades ago. My only hope is that Iran acquires a nuclear weapon or three because if there is one thing that Jews fear most it is death. Iranians, Arabs and Muslims have no such apparent fear.

  8. >The US gov't will not compile the data but there are tons of sources for the minority on white crime in the USA.I never post links because I have found that people attack the link instead of the information. If you are not lazy and know how to do an internet search the info is relativly easy to find.Asking for proof on the internet denotes a lazy and low intellect in my opinion. Prove me wrong. I never click links prefering to find out for myself.Scott Mollett

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