>Imprinting And "For The Sake Of Argument"…


Today we are going to make some assumptions. Just for the sake of argument. I know…when you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME. But for the sake of at least understanding…let’s assume a few things.

I think I was hacked again. I’m not sure, but then again…I am not sure about a lot of things. But for now, I will assume that this is the case.
Apparently someone didn’t like my website. Well, that’s OK. I have been hacked before. Once my whole site was shut down and I traced that episode to somewhere in Indonesia. Probably bounced from a few different places…originating from, I dunno…Tel Aviv? Anyway, this latest one got a few friends thinking and doing a little investigation. At the same time of my latest attack, Anthony Lawson’s site was hit, along with a few others, I hear. What do all of us have in common?

Well, apart from all being a tad “antisemitic”, for one thing, it seems we all sidestepped jootube’s censorship of Mr. Lawson’s video about the holocaust and posted an alternative version. Hmmmm…ya think?
Could be. But let me operate, trying not to be too paranoid, on that assumption. Why that video?

Well, let’s make another assumption. That you the reader, are jewish. I know. It’s difficult. But for a few minutes try to imagine yourself having been brought up in a home in which this fairy tale of the holocaust was taken as gospel. A home in which stories about the suffering of your kind were taken as a given. Fact. No room for discourse. It is your suffering…your ancestors experienced it…you own it. You feel the hate from those outside your family. Hatred for your very identity. That must be a tough thing to live with. You have only your family and jewish friends to rely on to understand the whole suffering mantra that is prevalent in your culture.
And it fits you like a glove. You always understand that in your dealings with Gentiles that you are one rung above them on the ladder of life…BECAUSE of this suffering and hatred that has been imposed on your people for centuries…but most graphically in WWII Germany and Poland. It must be a sense of personal and familial pride to know that you are the offspring of such courageous and abiding people. This hatred must be a wellspring of inspiration for you.

Well this hatred that was felt and acted upon in such a horrendous fashion back then, as your parents have related to you over the course of your life…is not so much anymore. That is, your people have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps and not only regained their place in various societies around the globe…but taken it to another level. Your people have assumed their RIGHTFUL place ABOVE all those that have vilified the jew over the centuries. For if nothing else but this horror story of jews being gassed in German ovens, the talmud and your parents support the notion, that you are among those chosen by god to lead.

Ok. So now you have a bunch of things rattling around up there in your brain-box that you know to be truth. Really. You don’t catechize in the least. How do these things effect your everyday life? How will you treat your fellow human beings? Especially those that are NOT of the chosen few to which you belong.

I knew a family…(and this IS gospel truth), that personifies what I am trying to get around to(eventually). This family consisted of a man and his wife, and 12 children. The couple married and had all these children in a period starting in the early 1920’s. So the last of the children have recently passed on. Now, the father figure in this farming household was what I like to term, “a horse’s ass”. The quintessential S.O.B. A drinker and carouser…a wife-beater and a ne’er-do-well. Unlike most families that lived through the Great Depression, this clan got along rather well, due to the simple fact that there were so many of them to work the farm and sell their own produce. The father figure did little work on the homestead. But he did do many other things. He drank and caroused yes,…but he also had an inclination toward child-sex. So this “father” would often take one or more of his own young children out to the back 40 and essentially rape them. As far as I heard from a couple of the surviving children in their declining years, none of them were excluded from this horrific abuse.

This in itself is of course despicable and very sad. But it gets worse. Throughout the years that these children grew to adulthood, in their scarred lives…never a peep was made about these episodes. By any of them really. Not only that, but they all told tales of how great their father was. How he was a strong disciplinarian…but fair, and raised a bunch of wild kids through these hard times. The frequent incidents of incestuous pedophilia were hidden, as they often are, behind a constructed set of memories that omitted this child abuse.
This little tale is not really that uncommon. Now or then. But it vividly illustrates my point. Almost never, under even the most disgusting of circumstances, will you defame your own parents. They hold an imprinted image/memory of right and wrong for you…even if their particular fashion of child rearing flies in the face of reason and common sense. These children that I use as an example spent their whole lives trying to come to terms with this filthy upbringing and yet at the same time they would not vilify the father that essentially ruined their lives.

I have been in jewish homes. I have been in Christian homes. It doesn’t matter what is taught the children in these homes, it will be taken as fact by the offspring…in almost every case. Imprints on young minds are our salvation and our curse, as a species.

So on one level…yes, I can fully understand why a jew would go ballistic at the thought of revising all that they were taught at that young age about the “holocaust”. It makes their world crash down on them to have these myths questioned in the very least. I understand this. I do not forgive. As I do not forgive, but pity those children that were led to the back fields by their father, for not coming to terms and speaking out sooner about their imprints.
But humans are humans. Deal with it, I say.


4 thoughts on “>Imprinting And "For The Sake Of Argument"…

  1. >John – Yeah, a bunch of us got hit on the same day it seems. Thanks for the new link to "…all the proof in the world". I'll change my hyper. I just now got my site back to the way it was. Yiddish kids…

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