>Mirrors And False Perceptions…


None of us really are what we think we are.  That is, we do not see ourselves as others see us. I have written a lot about jews in the music industry…this time I will do a little picking on a Gentile.
“Oh GAWD!…You are not going to drivel on about the ancient sixties AGAIN?!?!  Shit! Get into the 21st century, will ya?”….you might well comment.  The judaic are an ancient curse, and at times I admit to falling back on the rule of writing what I know.  That time and it’s people, I know.  So, yes…you will have to put up with it at least one more time.

Last summer I stood in the living rooms of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s boyhood homes.  It was a thrill.  To walk through John’s and his Aunt Mimi’s house with the ghosts that wander through there was to me, a high point in my life.  I admired John that much.
I also sat in the chairs that he and Paul used as they wrote many of their early hits.  That was also a thrill.  These comfy chairs in the modest McCartney home, and the caretaker/tour-guide that I spoke with, made me think a great deal about humble beginnings and how people perceive themselves.
I was never a fan of Paul McCartney.  I have no ill feelings toward him, however.  He was very talented.  He made it.  Good for him.  That in itself is an accomplishment in show business, for a Gentile.  To have had such a lengthy career and to be regarded as a legend while still alive, however makes me wonder how much he and others like him knuckled under to the JPTB in that industry.  The ashkanazi ownership of “rock” is well known and has been since its inception in the 50’s.  Unfortunately for the kosher, however, they have had to contend with us troublesome Goyim to squeeze all those shekels out of an adoring public.  They had to molly-coddle these talented people to a great extent…or kill them.  When they got out of line(Lennon, Joplin, Hendrix, Holly, Jackson etc..) they had to be dealt with.  So I am sure…especially since he married one of the tribe and provided more jewish offspring to the world…Paul was always a favorite son of the cult.  That’s a shame…but what’ya gonna do.
There are many many stories about Paul and his proclivity to surround himself with yes-men.  Those that, unlike Lennon in earlier days, wouldn’t tell Paul no. No, when he would bang out those samey-sounding simplistic tunes while crooning silliness.  Many also speculate that this is the reason that his music took a “silly-love-song” tack after the break-up of the Beatles.  At the time, and even now, there were claims that there was a “substitute”  look-alike Paul after the Beatles called it quits.  I don’t think I want to go there…I really don’t care.  I think that Paul has over the course of his career, simply constructed an image of himself that not many others share.  He was able to retain this view in his mirror because of his success.  One brought about and paid for by the tribe that profited from it.
Stay with me here…I think there is a point to all these Beatle references to be made yet.
I saw a film clip of Lennon during his “peace-in” days in which he and Yoko were staying in bed for peace.  I know…talk about silly.  Well, even he defined himself as a clown most of the time.  He also saw someone in the mirror that most of us couldn’t view.  I don’t want to get into the whole “Yoko broke up the Beatles”  thing.  But I think you see what I mean about personal perceptions…we all have them.  For the most part they are skewed.  Hell, I even see myself as still being a tall, stunningly handsome and tan young man…though, I know I am no longer.  Self-perception is a funny thing.

  But anyway, John was having an argument with Al Capp, the creator of the “Lil’ Abner” comics, in this clip.  Really.  No shit. Capp had shown up at this event by invitation…I think John wanted to confront him with a defamatory statement he had made about the Lennons, or something.  The two were going at it and at one point Capp stated that this demonstration wasn’t making Lennon any money.  Typical jewish take.  Lennon then stated that he could spend an hour writing a song that would bring in more money than a year of Capp’s comic strips…and the song would have lasting meaning, unlike anything the jewish cartoonist could accomplish with his “Lil’Abner” , if money was all the jew was concerned with.  Capp (Caplin) was silenced. That impressed him…and me.  From then on I understood what Lennon was all about.  True rebellion.  Probably the real reason he was assassinated.   From the time the yiddish began marketing the Beatles, to that fateful bullet to the head, Lennon had a deep dislike for the tribe marketing him, then with the other hand marketing war.  It didn’t set well with him.  I understand that.

But Capp didn’t.  And that’s the point.  There was disconnect then…there is disconnect now.  I have said this before…and I will keep saying it.  Jews do not understand or care how they are perceived by Gentiles.  They do not necessarily plot their evil deeds together.  It is a philosophy taught them.  Nothing that we hold dear means anything to those that have been schooled in greed and profit.  I would say that they “can’t help themselves”…but that wouldn’t be true.  They can see that they are playing our game with their rules.  They understand this fully.  But those jewish that play by their “screw the goyim” rules and attain power and wealth, then simply behave as they have been taught.  And above all…they see themselves as “above all”.   They see themselves as successful people…not the monsters that we percieve.  That is why when say, revisionism is brought to the table, they react so violently.  They really don’t understand their crimes and lies to be anything but normal.  Trust me on this.  I grew up around them.  I know what is taught in their homes.

So we all have an image in our mirrors that often doesn’t align with reality.  I think the power and longevity of this faux image depends greatly on how much power we have individually to push it on others.  Some of us succumb to it because it is flattering…some because it is profitable.  The kosher, I think…because they know nothing else.  And with the power they wield  now…there is no one to tell them NO.


2 thoughts on “>Mirrors And False Perceptions…

  1. >Hey Timster,…Heads-up: The cursor keeps disappearing from the comment box, however, I have found that you can still write and submit. I can't post comments at 'alawson's channel', either, same syndrome as here, however the comment whence posted disappears immediately the page is refreshed.My mate says they are pushing hard again, as they did a month or so ago, it's just that their resources are stretched very thin, remember; those young scumbags selling toy helicopters and other shit at kiosks in Malls are trained soldiers and specifically experts in hacking and demolition. They are sayanim.I get hacked about three times a week, I'm surprised you don't get hacked more. Rest assured if you are drawing off their stretched resources, you are a valuable member of the resistance; next we deal with their ammo dumps…yeeeehaaa!CheersPainful

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