I made the mistake of attempting to actually watch the NCCA playoff game tonight. Yes, on television. OMG. How do you people actually stomach that electronic bar mitzvah? I haven’t had that kind of blood pressure peak since that time I was knocked off the freeway in a compact car by a semi. And it was almost as enjoyable. Shit. If that loud offensive horseshit doesn’t piss you off…you aren’t in this world…I don’t know what world TV watchers are in…but I don’t think it has humans in it. I literally felt ill.

It’s like that night I was hungry. I mean I hadn’t eaten anything for like 30 hours or something…I was driving and it was 3am. The only thing open at that ungodly hour is…you guessed it…McDonalds. I pulled around to the drive through and made the mistake of rolling down my window. The smell of that…I dunno what they call it…food, I guess…hit me square in the face and I start dry-retching. This is not an exaggeration. Nothing to barf. Just my body trying to reject that smell, I guess. I hadn’t eaten at a Mickey Dees for at least a decade. I discovered why.

But it is more profound than that. It is a matter of tolerance. You can startle yourself when you opt out of something for a while, then try it again. You can see immediately that your previous choice of abstinence was probably the correct one. I realize that using the word “abstinence” here(normally used in reference to sex),may seem a bit odd. But I think it fits. You can build up a tolerance for being screwed in any orifice. You can build this tolerance for the most disgusting things, if you are constantly exposed to them. TV. Bad films. Bad music. Fake food. Jews.
Which are the purveyors of the above mentioned items…and a lot more that we have grown “used to”. Things that no human in their right mind would even acknowledge, let alone participate in. But kosher money-making enterprises kept in our line of site on a daily basis, wear down human resistance…and they know that. You know that. So why don’t we just stop the music at the source? Go and strangle or at least threaten to throttle the DJ.

Some of us do.

She is going to get in trouble for this. Just watch. They have already started their ad hominem against her, one of the most original artists to ever compose and record, IMHO. They won’t stop till they destroy her legacy as they destroyed Helen Thomas and hundreds of other Gentiles that deserve our respect…not our compliance to their personal smear campaigns. The ones that dare to point out jewish duplicity publicly. We know better than this. We were raised better than this. Why do we take this shit? Because we are weak and susceptible and tolerant. It seems we have “tolerance” for no one but them, when it comes right down to it. We can’t throw our televisions in the shit-can…we can’t have that much conviction. “I only watch that one show”. Yeah..yeah…I hear that all the time. “Well, McDonalds isn’t that bad really…and besides, it’s cheap and it’s on my way home”. Yeah…so is your kitchen. “I only keep the radio on for company”. With that kind of company as an option, I prefer solitary confinement in a prison cell.

Holy Shit…what the hell is wrong with us?
Needless to say, I didn’t even finish watching that game. It was probably rigged anyway…most all sport is nowadays. Rigged by the man for shekels. Shame really…I like basketball.
But I worry about our young. Not in this world really…they know how to navigate here…who’s ass to kiss. Though I see no rebellion. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have our music to make them stop and think…I dunno.
If we older folks had somehow beat the judaic sometime in the past and rid the world of his greed. If we then had constructed an almost perfect world without his influence…and our youth rebelled against us and the world we had strove to attain…I would applaud them. They would then be the gatekeepers that would keep us on the straight and narrow. There is room for protest in the most unlikely of places. There is room for little else here and now.
But I see none of that. On the whole. From our youth. I see acquiescence. I see purchase. Genuflection. I see tolerance.


13 thoughts on “>Tolerence…

  1. >Leafy spurge. Nearly jooimpossible to eradicate. Even Agent Orange has to be used in multiples of high doses to stunt it. (Roundup, that gift from Monsatanto)Like Dylan. Irritatingly invasive of my Wagner likings.Like television. My brain is already sick of being called a consumer instead of a citizen without being consumed by spewing screed from a tube.Like youth today. Trying to live in a reality show that is so phony they believe if get booted or shot they can hit 'replay'. They might protest having to learn or waiting in line for gameboy, et al. But a protest they aren't and the system will swallow them whole.The whole lot of it is about to hit a lot people upside the head, and not gentle like before.Tarkus. Out of the blue.

  2. >Timster, you're on a roll!If I can support one part of this: In 1966 I was trying to learn guitar from an actual performer, and I made the blunder of bringing the published HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED songbook.The guy looked me right in the eye and said, "Dylan? DYLAN? Who ever writes his stuff is pretty good."Nearly from the start the professionals had his number. Naturally I stayed delusional for a long time anyway, but it stuck with me. Now even the little stuff comes out. Wow.

  3. >Franz – Well, I have always lived by the rule of thumb, that if a jew is lauded as mega-talented…look for fraud. It usually pans out. Eventually. From Einstein to Zimmy…it's all the same program. Steal and take the credit. I think that is even in the talmud….haha…

  4. >Went to the store today, came out and found a flyer on the windshield for "Zimmerman Painting." (big grin)Maybe I've lived an isolated life but I've never known a real Dylan fan. Despite his promotion we never cared much for him and that was when we didn't even think in terms of jew.Joni on the other hand is maybe the best female guitarist ever in addition to being a fine songwriter. She tops the 'fake' hands down.

  5. >Great post Timster, it really resonated with me, especially your analysis of the youth in this country.I see not only acquiescence and tolerance, but outright embrace of this Jew World Order. Aldous Huxley wrote:"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."I'm afraid he is correct. I can't even watch TV anymore, aside from sporting events, which I usually put on mute so I can listen to Bob Dylan. Haha- just kidding!

  6. >Hmmm. Watch the video clip at the end of this commentWhat do you think?Is it possible the zionists want all non-khazarians to be color marked for easier identification and elimination?Can it be the zionists want the only white race in the world to be khazarian jews?As support to this theory I point to the fact that Black jews in israel (from Ethiopia etc) are NOT accepted in israel as 'real' jews.There are rumors that Black jews in israel even get their organs harvested.I don't know.The videos of the whitesavagechick and truthisahatecrime seem to have a valid point.Color-code the zionist enemy – making elimination/subjugation easier based on color.I do not consider myself a racist. I am not anti-black or anti-brown or anti-yellow or anti-red or pro-white or anti-muslim or anti-jewish.But I am anti-zionist and anti-israel.And if the zionist israeli plan is to integrate all gentiles into a 'grey' race while khazarian jews remain 100% white, then I naturally am against that plan.I am not offended when my friend Charles from Nigeria says his family wants him to marry a black girl. I do not think that is wrong or negatively racist at all. So why is it wrong for me or you to want to marry with a person the same color as ourselves?The political correctness of the times – imposed by the khazarian zionists – state my natural desire to have my children look like me is wrong.Is it? At the same time the khazarian jews only marry other white jews.Something is going on here. Something that feels like 'do as I say, not as I do'. Hypocracy.One thing is certain. The white khazarian zionists are definitely "those who call themselves Jews but who are not, they are the synagogue of Satan".http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDWM5qWDtLc&feature=player_embedded#at=197http://vimeo.com/15502015

  7. >really great writing!Joni is an original. Bob sounds like Woody Guthrie.Bob, mr Fuc*%ing 'protest singer' is sure quiet about the times we live in. He cries (like a Jew) about the symptoms, never address the root of the problems. And I agree with you that the media will attack Joni. Bob is their rabbi. But Joni has the 'don't give a f%CK' attitude essential to REAL artists. I love her- she promised Mingus, on his deathbed, that she would not use an electric bass player on her upcoming "Mingus" LP. But then she found Jaco Pastorius, she knew Mingus would understand.When Joe Zawinul first heard Jaco's demo tape, he said 'great, do you have something with you playing electric bass', Jaco said 'that was electric bass'i like this site too:http://melgibstein.wordpress.com/

  8. >Anon@2:22 – You and I are in complete agreement. I have no quarrel with anything you say here. Thanks for the comment and the link. Yes, I linked that vid when it came out a while back. I LOVE her take and the guts it took to lay it on the line!

  9. >Timster, sorry but that dylan is a fake, I heard that some time ago.Years ago like many youngsters, however, I could listen to the music of Mr zimmerman, although I have never bought it . One day I heard that he had given 40 million dollar to the fascist Jew state,and that is over 40 years ago…Then I knew he was a flthy jew. ( Before we did not…) In 1969 I was in the USA, bought over there each LP of The Rolling Stones. I had them all… Back in Belgium, in the seventies I heard the Stones did a live preformance in Chile, in same the stadion where a year before thousands had been locked up by Pinochet, I threw them all away…Some jewisch filth:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJESohBEr1wgilbert

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