>The Dream Is Over…


I guess it is. Over.
The other day while being interviewed for that “sixties” thing, I was asked the question “what is the biggest thing that you took away from that era?” I have to admit that made me think. I kind of had my answers all lined up like ducks before the interview…but that kind of threw me a bit.
I said that…as Lennon put it: “The dream is over”. And it was that. A dream. We really thought we were going to bring an end to war…an end to consumerism, and commercialism. An end to the “plastic” life that awaited the G.I. returning home from WWII. That suburban cookie-cutter existence that we rejected. But… “that was just a dream some of us had”….as Joni put it.

It is sad seeing a dream die. We all witness this on different levels, mostly personal I guess. But this was cultural. I told the interviewer that they had beat us. They had more power than we did…they made up names for us…hippies…and mocked us in their media. They demonized us…black panthers, Yippies, MLK, Angela Davis, Malcolm X…etc. They incited violence in our name. Made us the bad guys. They beat us at every turn. They took off the gloves. We had no defense.

No defense for what the judaic wanted out of us. For after all, it was he that accomplished this death of a dream. He wanted our compliance, our labor, our children and our money. And he got it.
Maybe our vision wasn’t real enough…wasn’t practical. I dunno. We looked to our Grandparents and their generation. Living off the land. Self-sufficiency. No government intrusion…no TV. They were our allies…but they were old and we were young and foolish and dreamers.

The jew is not such a dreamer. He is a pragmatist. He has patience. He has greed on his side…and no rules to hamper his efforts. He is going to get it all eventually. From amerikans at least. For this is his feathered nest…this is where he lives. He operates his mafia out of Palestine…but he lives here, in the luxury that he has stolen from us. He makes the world believe that we support him with his false-flags and his union-busting melodramas and his tea-party. And he lives well here, in this filthy nest he has made for himself. It too is a dream I had. A bad one. I wish I could wake up from it. But it is all too real…and we are living it.

But maybe we will awaken. From all indications, no dream lasts forever. Good or bad. We all wake up eventually. We all see these patterns of synapse-firings for what they are. To understand that we are, after all, the ones in control. We do not have to live this nightmare. We are so many…and he is so few.
The next step is the obvious one. He took off the gloves years ago. We are no longer dreaming kids. We know a nightmare when we experience it…we know how to end it.
So our consolation is in a song and the reality that his dream is also over.
However, as I reminisce and dig for feelings within myself to identify that particular point…that moment when I realized that I had truncated my own dreams in acquiescence to his nightmare…his end will be the definition of “rude awakening”.
He will not look back in melancholic nostalgia for a period in his “dream” at which it gradually began to be washed out to sea. His will be a falling off point. The time when the violence he visited upon others will come home to him…in spades. There will be no controlling the mayhem when he pushes us dreamers a step too far.
Then he can deal with the loss of a dream forever.


3 thoughts on “>The Dream Is Over…

  1. >I hate to use this old chestnut, but… I hear you.I wondered myself if the dream was at least partly engineered?For us it started in late '64 with the "filthy speech movement" though we were nowhere near Berkeley California.Here it was almost 20 years after World War II and it was still a garrison state. There was some excuse for this under Ike, but not by the mid-sixties.But while we were trying to restore sanity, somebody hijacked all the "movements", or most. Sherman Skolnick, the now-dead righteous Jew from Chicago, nailed the Chicago riots as government black ops while the "conspiracy" trial was still going on. Did they steal movements to later discredit them? There is doubt in my mind that independent movements in America were ever possible. Look at "tea parties" now… what do you see? Sixties II — The Ugly Version? I don't know.

  2. >Franz – Well, I can tell you from experience that the "sixties" movement was real, and grassroots. But it was not violent until it was hijacked however…you are correct. Yes, the '68 Chicago riots were black-ops indeed…as were the "yippies" that instigated them. All jews, I might add. The tea party shit IS the ugly version indeed. Just a different generation of jews directing it.

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