>I DO Wanna Spoil The Party So I’ll Go…


I mentioned a few posts ago down there, that I was to be interviewed about the sixties.  As wise as I am…the young naturally flock to me for guidance.  Well, I set a few things straight, you will be glad to know.  But that’s as may be.  And just more “I, me, mine”.
I do a lot of that.  See?  I just did it again.  It’s all about me, after all.
I am reminded of a gentleman(I use the term with tongue-in-cheek) in this little town who’s child was in my son’s class a few years ago.  He took on the responsibility to host a Christmas party for the kids and we accepted his invitation to attend.  I understood that this man was an ashkanazi, but I thought that little harm could be found at a Christmas celebration for the kids.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I love when I do that.  It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm to be so “liberal”  at the starting gate. We traveled out to the wealthy area of the city…far away from the real-life streets of town, to his abode.  You could have parked a 737 in his living room, if you were so inclined….perhaps for maintenance.  Suffice to say that for his 3 person family…the size and grandeur of this home was a bit much.
Anyway, as we walked through the front door we were almost knocked over by all the young fathers vying to get a brief audience with the head of the household.  He is a powerful local business owner whose company, as he so humbly puts it “makes some little plastic parts”.
Well, after the Christmas party and Santa visit, the host brought out a menorah for his son to do his hanukkah thingy.  You know me.  I was seriously offended.  Scooped up the family and we were outta there.
A friend that was there also, was shocked that we would make such an obvious and ill-timed exit.  I expressed my feelings about this host’s religion and that culture briefly in explanation, and the friend thought I was nuts.  I didn’t even KNOW our host, he pointed out.  Admitting that I may have acted a bit hastily, but not regretting my actions, we kind of let the issue drop.  A couple years later I ran into my friend again.  He told me that he had recently had occasion to do some business with that man…and in his words “what an asshole. This guy treats everyone like they are inferiors…you were right!”
It’s like a magician that wows the audience with a trick that if explained would make them feel foolish and gullible.  It was no feat of paranormal powers of human judgment that led me to get my family out of that man’s house.  It is just a simple trick.  Assume that at some point, a jew will act like a jew.  If he doesn’t and behaves himself, you can be pleasantly surprised.  But more often than not, somewhere down the line, he is going to drag out the menorah.  At some juncture he is going to impose his cultural upbringing…and you are going to want to drive the porcelain bus.  Trust me on this.
We all have our “jew” stories, I know.  I welcome my readers to contribute theirs…I have read some amazing ones.  But further than that, this one is typical.  Typical of khazarian hubris found in most that are reared in such horrid homes and taught to foist their rotting stench of a filthy cult upon unsuspecting Gentiles.  As if there was something noble in such a display…a show of power…and superiority. 
My reaction to this little display was much like the Islamophobia that I see being instilled in Gentiles today.  Disgust.  Disgust for the abnormal among us.  But, I have reasoned my revulsion.  I know the religions and culture of Christianity and of Islam.  There is little that is revolting there.  The S&MSM would have you believe that all Muslims are potential “Extremists”.   I know better and so should you.  I would posit that the ashkenazim are extremist by the very nature of their religion and their upbringing.  Christians do not teach their young that they are better than others.  Nor does Islam.  Only the twisted judaic do this.  This is dangerous and requires revulsion at every turn.  It summons that stomach churning that warns to be afraid.  Be very afraid of this ancient cult.  It is not for the innocent to monkey with.  My friend now understands what I was talking about, and if for only that purpose, I am glad that I left the party.  Let’s all leave.

10 thoughts on “>I DO Wanna Spoil The Party So I’ll Go…

  1. >You know Timster, one of my best friends from high school and college is Jewish. Well, his mother is an Irish Catholic, and his father is a Polish Jew, but I think he'd consider himself Jewish. He certainly went to synagogue and got all the Jewish scholarship money to fund his education out in Washington, DC. I'm sure I've mentioned I'm from Omaha, NE, but now live in San Diego, CA. We've grown apart over the past 2 or 3 years, but I still consider him one of my best buddies. Anywho, after we graduated from college in 2008, he went to work for Obama's campaign. I was happy for him- he got a good job doing something he loved and was passionate about. I told him Obama was a fraud, was funded by the same people as McCain, and the entire Dem/Rep thing was a scam (this was before I knew about Zionism, 9/11, ect.). I sent him a few articles I'd written about 9/11, and about how Israel and it's traitorous Zionist agents that have full control of the US government carried out the operation, lied about it, and covered it up thanks in large part to the complete Zionist Jewish ownership of the media and virtually every bit of information we consume. He wasn't too happy about it, and largely dismissed what I was trying to convey to him. I just don't know what it's going to take to get people to grasp the concepts we're throwing at them. http://www.johnkaminski.info/pages/articles/a_tale_of_two_lies.htm

  2. >Interesting, the only point I would like to object to, is that you seem to limit your observation to the Ashkenazis or Khazarian jews, don't Sepharadim are the same. I would even go so far as to include some protestants cults in the mix. In fact a good yeardstick is to look which part of the bible is emphasized in that cult. Old testament, people will suffer from "election syndrome", new testament, people will reject the "election thing".Your point on Islam is absolutely true. I've lived for several years with african muslims, and being an atheist is much easier among them than among Christians.

  3. >Gallier2 – Two good points. I mainly concentrate on the ash-can-nazis because they make up the mainstream "jew" here in the states. But anyone that follows that filthy book, is not OK in my book.Thanks for reading and the comment.

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