>I Can’t Wait…


I just watched a video made by Anthony Lawson…a kind of open letter to Sergei Brin, jewish owner of Google and jewtube.  It was about the video that Mr. Lawson had posted there:”Holocaust, Hate Speech And Were The Germans So Stupid?”.  I posted the Vimeo version here.
This video was censored by jewtube.  The reason given to Mr. Lawson was that one James Alan Kahn had made a claim that the original video had infringed on a copyright.  I hate copyrights.  If you would like to call and chat to Mr. Kahn about this little battle…he can be reached, I believe at this number: (212) 960-5400 ext. 6964.  This is a jew.  He apparently teaches at Yashiva University in Jew York, Jew York.  I’m sure he would be glad to hear from you.

Some might say this is a small matter.  Academic at best.  Bigger fish to fry and all that.  I can see that argument.  But I love the videos that Mr. Lawson films and narrates…and I hate jewish censorship. You can watch both of Lawson’s vids and decide for yourself if it is indeed jews taking steps to insure that no one hear anything contrary to their holohoax lies.  I think it’s pretty obvious.

But that isn’t what I was going to write about today.  I was going to express my gratitude to all my readers.  Since I started this thing a little over a year ago, I have enjoyed a large success.  It is a constant source of amazement to me that anyone would want to read about anything that I would have to say.  I thank all of you that have stuck with me over this time and kept coming back…even in the face of those times that…well, I didn’t have much new to say.
I am aware that I do tend to repeat myself.  I also understand that most of my readership is not neccessarily because of my talent for putting one word after another…rather the subject of these rants.
This tells me that I am not the next Jack Kerouac, but merely another person that has the unmitigated gall to post articles about a subject which is becoming hugely popular.  Rational antisemitism. 
This is heartening.  This gives me hope.  The more I understand that the almost half a million hits and over two million page views that this site has received is because of the subject matter…and not my writing abilities, the more ambivalent I feel.
Sure.  I could just practice my creative writing here, but I dare not
because that isn’t why you come back. And I wouldn’t impose. I understand that and it makes me feel as if I am giving people something positive in life.
I try to combine the two…some creative writing and a lot of socio-political opinion, as often as not…but venturing too far into narrative prose would be a vanity to which I strive not to be a slave.
We need these types of sites.  For two reasons.  And these two reasons are the ones that will insure that I won’t stop my efforts here any time soon.  Firstly, those out here that agree with my point of view concerning all things judaic can find unwavering support for this 
cause.  That is important.  It is easy to get caught up in daily life.  To neglect those that have it worse than yourself by being under the thumb of this tribe and all the ills they bring.  I know it’s tough to make ends meet and raise children decently, apart from acknowledging the very system against which you fight to pull those two ends together.  The ashkanazi system.  So I and my fellow bloggers are out here to remind you of the reality of “why” you must struggle like this.  
Secondly, and just as important is the mission to bring this understanding to readers that have otherwise not even considered it.  To teach.  To reference.  To unveil.  This is an awesome responsibility, and I think most out here doing the same thing are cognizant of this.  That we must be accurate.  That we must be vigilant and above all that we must retain our dignity in the face of ad hominem and censorship…as my friend Mr. Lawson has recently encountered.
No matter how you feel about Sibel Edmonds, she had something poignant to say about focus the other day.  I agree with her article calling for and defending narrow focus for bloggers. 

Probably the most important rule that any course in creative writing will stress is : Write What You Know.  Beyond that, your readership will lose interest and you will lose your credibility and your narrative position.  She decries sites that cover everything from blueberry pie recipes to the NWO.  And I agree.  You can have an opinion on most every subject…but not be an authority on more than a few.
That is why I have chosen the op-ed end of online journalism.  I have an opinion about many things that I cover here…but only how it relates to my particular version of “antisemitism”.  I don’t report news.  I am not a news service, nor do I have any aspirations or the resources to become one.  I don’t claim to be an authority on anything save my own views.  In that…I am unequaled.

So when people ask me what I am going to write about next, I tell them “I can’t wait to find out”.  I have an unlimited reservoir of opinions all relating to my understanding of how the jewish mafia is ruining an otherwise beautiful existence.  But I never know which tack my boat will take until I sit down and start banging away.
Again, thanks to all my readers and your comments.  Take heart.  We are winning.


10 thoughts on “>I Can’t Wait…

  1. >Timster, you keep calling it out and we'll keep coming back, and god speed the day when we never have to utter the J-word again, all we have to talk about are blueberry pie recipes.

  2. >Hi Timster,Don't underestimate your literary skills old boy.Your 'talent for putting one word after another'is very important in conveying the message that you wish to put across.No one wants to hear a hate filled rant calling for blood and thunder on this subject or indeed any other.Your literary style is both fluent and rational and encourages the reader to investigate further the claims that you make here.And in my case after a little research your arguments are always proven to be correct.The way you deliver your facts about rampant judaism and all of the misery it entails is just as important and equal to the revelationary and educational aspects of your blogs and is equally responsible for the readers coming back.

  3. >I have known men who have taken knowledge to their grave. The loss to mankind is immeasurable. Not enough seekers in the world. A word here, a phrase there, a conjecture, or a Devil's Advocate. Since the days of JFK I have tried to read 10,000 words a day, including a lot of bagged and bound bullshit.Duty to oneself includes obtaining knowledge. Expecting a begging treat for doing so is moronic. If you're not bravely curious you will die brain dead.There are worms that destroy the brain and worms that make the brain a furtile growing medium.The worms you offer are essential and that comes from an old farmboy whose had years of jew piss on his back they want me to believe is rain.Good wine should have a wisp of mature used to fertilize it with. That's good shit. So is your writing.Keep banging.

  4. >Consider me part of the choir of the already converted. I don’t often post but I do pass by. No inference should be made from my silence. I like to defer to a real writer. It is what it is Timster. We are repulsed and rebel or we don’t. I’ve always had a rebel’s heart and I will not kiss the ring of power.

  5. >Ever since I've found your site I've found you to be a great writer, and a big inspiration for myself. When I first came across these facts, about a year ago now, I thought, "Holy shit, the bigots and anti-Semites were right all along. The Jews do run everything." LOL- the facts and realities of this world run counter to everything I've learned, by design. It was difficult at first to convey my ideas and thoughts, discovering the reality of 9/11 and the total control that the Zionist Power Configuration, as James Petras would put it, had over my life and information I consumed. But you've been a big help in overcoming those fears and anxieties. I wish I could shake your hand right now. http://www.petras.lahaine.org/

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