>Of Black Swans And Lepers…


You might as well start now, if you already haven’t. Here is a list of surnames to familiarize yourself with the enemy.

I read an article on shunning today. I also read a review of a documentary about the Wall Street ponzi schemes and how we got into this financial mess in which we find ourselves. Neither the film that was reviewed, nor the article on shunning had enough bite for my liking. But that’s just me.
The article here on the movie “Inside Job” is well written. Its criticism centers on the film director’s obvious deletion of mentioning that all the major players in the most recent banking/mortgage scamming were, are, and always will be members of the tribe. I applaud Gilad his review. Although I haven’t seen the film in question, I can imagine it through his description…but I never was a fan of anything economic. To me, the whole subject is a sleeping pill…and I have long ago concluded(and yet to be proven wrong), that all things financial have a hebrew bent, and I simply cannot stomach them. So I probably won’t be watching it. However, that being said, his review tells me yet again that I am correct in my assessment of the underhanded jewish dominance of making money from money. Good article. Give it a read.

The article on shunning is also a good one. It details methods that I have suggested in the past for peaceful rejection of all those things that common sense tells you are simply wrong. Standing up and turning your back to politicians or just generally disrupting their flow of bullshit in any creative way you can think of, is good advice. Reject and or avoid them as you would the plague. Of course, I would take it a bit further and narrow the focus of such Thoreau-ish resistance. That would be a total…and PERSONAL BDS program against all members of this criminal tribe; judaism. Do not do business with them…do not socialize with them…do not read or listen to them. In effect treat them as the social lepers that they are.
Prejudice you say? Yes…a measured one. Once bitten, how many times must we stick our hands in their mouths? The adherents to that disgusting religion are also akin to the leper in that they require segregation from decent healthy folks. The filth they spew is catching…horribly so. It infects your children as they worship the box in the corner…and you allow it. It flows from their silver screen, and you watch and listen to it. So until we can physically segregate this leper from the rest of the world, I say inoculate yourself by way of isolating the ashkanazi in our midst.
How do you recognize him? The list of surnames linked above is a start. Get to know them. After that…well, just follow the stench. If there is something that goes against the grain of decency…look for the judaic behind it….then boycott. Follow the money as well. It will always lead to his greedy digits. Do business at local retailers only…the Gentile ones. Do not patronize Big Box stores, Big Banks, Big Mortgage companies, Big films…Big anything. The bigger and more nation or world-wide a corporation is, the more money is flowing into israhell and the amoral businesses that you wish to segregate and strangle by your lack of trade.
“This is a monumental task on a personal level”, I hear you saying. Yes. It is. It isn’t for half-assed whiners that merely complain about the jew, then turn around and enable him at every opening of the wallet. It isn’t for those willing to give him every leisure hour viewing and listening to his diseased tripe through his media. It isn’t for wimps. It is for those with the courage of their convictions, however. You. Those that read these thousands upon thousands of blogs warning you of the evil of that “religion”. If you have the moral rectitude…the integrity to stand up to this evil…you billions of humans that admit to hating the mess that they have gotten us all into…then we have him beaten. Beaten at his own game. Then we can begin to plan the physical separation of this beast from the rest of us…the “jewish colonies”.
But then comes the “Black Swan” thing. That is the surprise. When you are used to seeing only white ones…a black one confuses. Is it a swan? Are there “good” jews? Of course. Jews are humans after all. Just humans that were brought up incorrectly. So, in my opinion…and on a personal level(although I know there are those out there that will disagree), you must decide for yourselves which of the judaic that you judge to be truly decent people that are humiliated and ashamed of their cultural heritage(hint: it won’t be freakin Natalie Portman). That is a personal choice that you yourself must make. I have been burned by venturing trust to such people, and also rewarded. It is a hard nut to crack. But obverse to the supposed ethic of fair law…we must presume guilt, until innocence is proven. That…they have taught us. Many decent people will be caught up in the coming pogrom to end all pogroms and punished unfairly. I do not doubt this.
But when you deal with lepers…you must exercise caution at every turn. Even a leper will tell you that.


14 thoughts on “>Of Black Swans And Lepers…

  1. >Spooky one Timster. We both were reading similar things of late.Every time we put money in their pockets we shovel another load of dirt on our graves. Indeed the very reliance on their money places the chains upon us. I haven’t figured out how to do away with it and step out of the rat race but we can fight the war of the flea.Sites such as freecycle are good ways to give stuff back into the local community rather than dumping it. It is truly amazing what gets exchanged and asked for. The main point is that no cash is involved. We all have accumulated so much crap that we barely have space to store it. Re-learn the art of barter and get to know your community again at the same time. In regards to civil disobedience I’m not sure how practical some ideas may be. Turning your back is very effective in small areas but next to impossible to organise in large and open areas. People always want to ‘do something’ and being passive can feel unnatural. Silence is extremely effective but hard to implement. A large but silent crowd is particularly unnerving. I would recommend ‘booing’ as a more practical alternative.One tactic seeing a lot of current use here is in throwing paint. Small balloons work well. Another option is the use of children’s super-soaker water guns filled with paint – this is excellent for use against CCTV’s. While this may seem like a bunch of kiddie toys against storm troopers/SWAT teams the whole point is civil disobedience rather than violent resistance. Once we can be portrayed as violent then all the toys of repression come in to play.The use of the usual agent provocateurs in London yesterday proved the point. 500,000 turned out but only a few hundred got all the headlines. The media are liars and our enemy. They will try to turn every action against us. Kev Boyle’s article goes into some of it http://kevboyle.blogspot.com/2011/03/uk-anarchists-are-part-of-mi5.html

  2. >Chucky – I think you are right. It seems we all have arrived at the conclusion that something has to be done…now its down to defining that "something". Thanks for the link.

  3. >Good post.I believe that fractional banking (money for nothing) owned in 192 of 197 countries by the Rothschild family is the quintessential root of all evil.Think of a mafia boss with his own money printing press in every country he controls.No mortal can ever end his reign.Mouser

  4. >Timster,Suggesting strongly that the world we think we are experiencing is nothing more than a dream. Every flaw that we think we see is actually the flaw within our own self….because we don't KNOW who we are.To wake up in the Lucid dream is to regain the awareness of WHO we are…..a product of our imagination only as is 'everything' we think we see.Religion, all religion, teaches that there is a god 'out there'. Nonsense…there is no god anywhere but Imagination. Waking up is to awake to the perfection of WHO you are [and have always been] and for the first time ever we begin to understand that we've been limited to the concept of 'good and bad'….less than perfection, and had not even been able to imagine IT [perfection].Ponder the word, Perfection. Don't even try to picture what it would look like [because we've never seen it before].Watch [just a little while] and wait. Perfection is the 'magic' word that will manifest your heart's desire….which is unknown until it manifests magically. You will immediately recognize that everything you ever thought you knew is not true….never needed to be….and all the wonder's of LIFE reflect your image [as a mirror] back as your reality.Too easy….children do it all the time. The light corrupts everything we see in our present dream….fault will be seen every where…..Perfection is just that…Perfection….no fault, anywhere…ALL we need to know is that it's POSSIBLE.

  5. >One man cannot make a difference? I beg to infer the lever & fulcrum here.The lever is your buying power & the fulcrum is everyone you talk to.By not buying in to the pornographic entirety of what the jews purvey & relaying the message the one man becomes a force to be dealt with.All men are created equal only if they are clones or if they believe all the bullshit they were taught in school.

  6. >anonymous 6.07 – liked what you said.timster,as a gorgeous nubile teen i had to have a tooth crowned at the university dental hospital. all the students that did medicine or dentisty were jewish. this one guy martin, i can't remember his surname was my dentist and he dragged the sessions out. he came to visit me a few times.he was rather ugly and about as interesting as a shelled peanut. one night he told me he could sleep with me but would never be allowed to go out with me. i asked him why and with the most fervent conviction he told me because i was way too inferior.you know to the teen me it was like a shrug the shoulder moment. nothing more than that. my introduction to deluded people. he lives in australia now along with all the jews who have left here. happy to live amidst apartheid but not willing to be here when it fell.good riddance.

  7. >Hey Timster,…Nice Post, aren't we the little militant lately, hmm?Su, if you can tell me where your uber-yid lives here in rothschalia, I will endeavour to find it and put my foot firmly into its arse!Your Knight in tarnished armour,veritas

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