Change is good.  That’s my opinion and I’ll stick to it.  Technology is a good thing.  It always has been.  The thinkers and the planners and the inventors of our species doing their part to ensure our survival and progression from the caves to the heavens.
Changes in our attitudes toward one another is a good thing.  The more we bury our prejudices and communicate with others on this rock…the better.  No wrong can come from this.

Heaven knows there are a lot of changes that need to happen before any kind of star-struck ideals that we have, come to fruition.  But most of that change that we depended on to distance ourselves from our Great Grandparents in the caves has been retarded.  We are being throttled as a species by a few of our genus.  Not group think.  Just a few…that wish to live in the past.  That particular past includes being fed grapes by dancing girls at an orgy paid for by the rest of us.  Opulence.  All that the fruits of other’s labor will buy for them.

The gurus of this ancient quest for luxury are the ashkanazi.  They of course have their minions…the wanna-be judaic.  Those gentiles that subscribe to this simplistic philosophy, and wish with all their little black hearts to share in the flowing wine and free sex.  Those types, mankind can handle.  It is the kingpins of this anti-human behaviour that are the problem.  For they not only want to drag the rest of us down to their level of slave-master…they genuinely believe they are entitled to the latter of those two roles, by divine right…or some such shit.

So to keep their dream alive…this dream of ruling class forever…they must strangle every challenge to their aspirations.  And by definition of their philosophy, they have gained the power to do so.  
Oh, I’m not saying that we haven’t advanced technologically since they first began to grip mankind with their usury.  We advance daily in techie things that have no real meaning to mankind.  We are only allowed to use these technologies for child-like play.  New and higher quality methods to access “their” media, from LCD large screen TV’s to the latest Ipod, or the most recent trendy car, do not in any way that I can discern, advance our species one step.  But it does keep the Gentile busy working at their jobs to acquire the latest of these insipid little toys.  But you know all this.  You know all this and yet you and I keep buying.  We are purchasing the past.  In hopes that we can somehow stay abreast of what the jew allows us to purchase.  If there was a Renaissance…this surely is the opposite.  I would say dark age…and that would describe it, but the oppressors of true beneficial change are fully out in the open sunlight as they pull back on the reins of time. The only caveat to their “work-in-lack-of-progress”  is that they have misjudged the power of electronic instant communication, from which they could not resist profiting.  It will be their downfall.

As I dare to say that change is a good thing(I think I said that up at the top), I will also venture that the only technological advance that has been made in the past 100 years that truly benefits mankind as a whole…is the technology that brings you these words right now.  This internet.  This easing of communication between those that have been under the thumb of the currency of the jew.  Their currency being all, whether in the form of banking or media… based on the precious LIE.  For after all, that is their trade.  That which they deal in.  Falsehoods that produce opulence for them.

So when I hear swellings of techno-fear in the world, I can understand it I think.  Truly advanced technology is being used against us.  That, we understand all to well.  The toys…they sell us in blister-packs.  We don’t need  bigger and better 3-D screens in our living rooms, we need to throw such ridiculous toys in the dust bin.
As an intelligent species, we should have discarded monetary systems hundreds of years ago.  We have also had the technology to destroy corrupt political systems for 150 years…one man-one vote is simple to facilitate, if you remove those that would not benefit from it.  Those few.  The same few that are still nibbling on grapes.
I say the only thing we need from the past is our forebear’s recognition of the tribe and their effect of decay.  The wisdom to recognize, as our ancestors did, the one religion that thrives on this adherence to harmful age-old memes of superiority among men.  

True change cannot happen until we turn off these childish toys given us, and grasp our own innovation with both hands and make it work for US…not those lounging on pillows at the orgy.


5 thoughts on “>Change…

  1. >Not ever having had much, by the time i got to the point where i could acquire "things", i realised i didn't want or need them.Apart from a guitar.I prefer people to things.Change? From what to what, and why?Progress? From where to where?To what end?In caves eh?Really?Who told us this?Is it true? Or just a generally accepted idea, because people are too busy to investigate, and are happy to accept what kike history feeds them.I think everything, every aspect of your, and my life, is built on a false premise, fed to us, again, by the filthy satanic kike.Every medical, and scientific advance, is first investigated for its malevolent capacities, rather than it's general benefit to Humanity as a whole.As in, all "progress", is a by product of weapons research, flogged off, to pay for more weapons research.All scientific, medical etc, research is weaponised, by the above mentioned satanic entity.The crumbs scattered before the masses as "progress"."Oooohhh!! that's amazing"Why am i un-amazed?Unimpressed?Because, in the final analysis, something at the back of my mind is saying, "it's just shit though, isn't it?".It's like when yer kid brings something home they made at school, and you praise it, while thinking, "my kid's an idiot".The vast fortunes spent on space exploration, defence, and so on, is the equivalent of taking all the wealth of Mankind, and pissing it up the wall, so as to keep it out of the hands of the impoverished, lest they realize their actual condition, and purpose.I know you are not of a religious bent, but personally, i feel that Christ said it all, about these demons, in words, more eloquent and brief, than you or i could articulate. I just feel that His message has been lost, due to the kike and its acolytes, running interference between His, to me, evident truth, and His intended recipients.Us.Change.That's all there is left.Small change.Rambled a bit there, but you get the idea..Anyway, great stuff.Thanks for your hospitality.Check this out. You might like it.The don "the kike" arden quote at around 08.34, is their whole act.Just passing through.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s2cj6xMZSECannibal Rabbi

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