>It Won’t Be Pretty…


We were talking about scatter guns.  And how when one goes off, it would be better to be on the back end of the pattern than in its spray.  That it would be better to be behind the shooter than in front of him.
You don’t have a lot of time to get there.  This short period shouldn’t be spent examining the landscape in front of the firearm. There will be time for that later.  You never know when the intended prey will expose just a bit too much of itself to the hunter.  There will be little crossfire.  Stay behind the shooter, and you should come out of this coming revolt in one piece…though you are going to be witness to some gory scenes.  It won’t be pretty.  It won’t be potato salad and hot dogs.  It won’t be swimming in the sunshine.

I have a friend that is almost convinced.  Almost convinced that I am not entirely out of my mind.  Well, I don’t mind playing the fool, if a fool is what it takes.  If I must seem like a maniac obsessed with tracing most all of the ills of man, to a single tribe…a criminal network that hides their tracks in their media…well, then so be it.  Talk about me.  Ridicule all you want.  I don’t mind.  I will play the clown.  Actually the more you ridicule the better.  It keeps the conversation at the fore. Court jesters were always known to elicit their humour by way of truth, even at the expense of the royalty they served.

I serve no one but my own conscience.
But anyway…back to this foreshadowing of worldwide revolt.  I don’t want anyone hurt.  But then again, I know omelets require the breaking of eggs.  I am happy to eat the final product, understanding what had to happen to set the table.  People will be harmed.  Fatally.  As the judaic/zionist love to decry about their mythic holocaust…it will be mostly jews that will suffer. Zionists and their apologists and enablers.  They will at last live their self-fulfilling prophecy and feel the true hatred that has come back to them.  It is as inevitable as the sunrise.  It must happen.  It will happen.  As fate gathers in a Thomas Hardy novel or a Shakespearean tragedy…providence will out on a global stage.  What has been sewn shall be reaped.  
It will be an awful thing to watch, and we are witnessing its beginning at this moment.
The small revolutions that you see the tribe desperately trying to manipulate in North Africa and the Middle East…are not about deposing puppet despots.  Not on the streets.  They are about the jew.  The jewish zionist and his futile attempts to protect that hell-hole of a terrorist state. His criminal headquarters.  Israel. 
I believe all wars of our planet’s history will pale in comparison to what is coming.  It will be an excruciatingly painful birth of a new age…a Gentile-only age.  A period in our development in which the very whisper of the word “jew” will be viewed by all as the ultimate profanity…recalling a time which all would prefer to forget.

At this point, I told my friend, it is not important to understand all of the underpinnings of this coming of a new age.  It isn’t compulsory to have waded through the mire of altered history and found the judaic to have been the historic culprit of our ills.  As you do not need to know all the players on the field to cheer for the winning team…you need only see who will win in the end.  Who is ahead at this point…and who has the better team.  It is not so difficult.  But it is important for one’s own safety, to understand which team has the odds in their favor.  It isn’t the team that cheats.  It isn’t the team that tries to bribe the officials.  We all know “bad calls” and “thrown games” when we see them now.  We have seen enough.

So yes.  I am seen by many as the jester, the fool.  But there is a growing number at court that are not only laughing at me…but understanding my mockery…and laughing WITH me.  Laughing at those that sit on the throne temporarily.  
It doesn’t matter that I won’t always quote line-and-verse of all the references that I have supporting my position of rational “antisemitism”.   All the reading and uncensored research that I and many many like me have accomplished, will mean nothing compared to the horrible retribution that will be visited upon those that would silence us now.  The curiosity which has driven us to uncover the judaic’s dirty deeds going back to the hanging of the Rothschild shield and even beyond, will be understood later.  After the mob of the last ultimate revolt has accomplished their unpleasant task of ridding the world of this tribal evil.  Then and only then will we, that understood it fully at this point, be vilified and finally understood.  It doesn’t take much to move out of the path of the coming final gun-blast’s riddling.  One merely need step out of the path.  You can verify everything we have been telling you from this safer vantage-point.  It costs you little to get behind the hunter right now.  You don’t even have to be as vocal as we that see what is coming. Don’t be on the wrong side of the gun.  If nothing else…just get out of the way for your own sake.


17 thoughts on “>It Won’t Be Pretty…

  1. >"Well, I don't mind playing the fool, if a fool is what it takes. If I must seem like a maniac obsessed with tracing most all of the ills of man, to a single tribe…a criminal network that hides their tracks in their media…well, then so be it. Talk about me. Ridicule all you want. I don't mind. I will play the clown. Actually the more you ridicule the better. It keeps the conversation at the fore."Precisely.No applause.No material gain.Quite the reverse.It's all for the LOVE!Cannibal Rabbi.

  2. >This can be the start of the 3rd world war.China is vocally against the allies invasion of Libya.Putin is against it but the Russian president is for it.Turkey and the Arab league are against it. And here is the game breaker. Germany has pulled out of NATO because it is against it.After years of financial compensation to world jewry and to israel for an event that was exagerated to the point of becoming a 6 million gas chamber lie, Germany has had enough.I applaud them.The allies (read zionist controlled nations) can very soon find out the rest of the world has had enough of Rothschild and international fractional banking and of Rothschildlandia itself.My prediction:israel is going to be blown off the map and the land returned to the real semites, Palestinians, arabs, Bedouins as it was before the 100% false Balfour declaration.Bye, bye israel, I would be a hypocrite if I said I will miss you.Mouser

  3. >The only problem I see is that the enemy is Zionism,..not the average Sephardic religious jew. even those jews hate the zionist who have taken their name and become the "synagogue of satan" that we read of in Revelations. Many of them even now sound the alarm against Zionism.I fear in this coming time of tribulation much innocent blood will be spilled.

  4. >I have only one concern about Israel: they have nuclear weapons. They won't go down easy. They will cause a major nuclear disaster taking the entire planet with them. You are dealing with mentally unstable sick people.

  5. >Honk – I hear ya. I have thought about that much lately. When rats are cornered, they don't stop fighting…and that is the type of vermin we are talking about.

  6. >TimsterI've had my turn.People i love, are coming after me.We're all dust at the end of the day.Even if all the power we have, is to mock and laugh at these degenerate scum, it's something.Right and wrong.I choose right, and to say NO!When you admit to yourself that you've been mugged and bilked by the very people, you trusted open heartedly, your whole LIFE!The furies are unleashed, and War is the only avenue of redress. A personal war perhaps, but war nevertheless.I ain't afraid 'o dyin'.I'm afraid for loved ones, and of being a coward, in the face of these filthy, satanic, rats' bastards.I can't imagine a punishment severe enough for these grotesque monstrosities.But i try.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpZjvbSC9_MThe time of trying to ameliorate their sick philosophies, sophistry and perfidies is gone.HELL WILL MEND THEM!Death is too gracious.Cannibal Rabbi

  7. >I have a bee in my bonnett and this is the first place i considered airing it.this whole stuxnet thing is much deeper than we can imagine.i used to think that israel had blackmail on all the leaders , personal blackmail related to sex and such.kind of interested to see if berlusconi withdrew support from any war recently and with that withdrawal whether all these sexual stories suddenly came out.but actually it is much bigger than that. i think israel is holding countries to ransom and abeyance through their outdated (often nuclear stations) and the stuxnet virus.japan carried a very strong warning. see how little you can do to stop it becoming out of control. death to your population, so would you be so kind as to go into libya right now.of course you would.she insists israel stops savaging gaza and her helicopter nearly wipes out.so i take my hat off to her when the next day she rolls up her sleeves angela merckel declares that german troops will withdraw from nato in the med, and then almost in the same sentence mentions that their nuclear plants have been turned off.last night lying in my tent and mind playing i imagined what it would be like to be in any countries top secret service briefings. they must all be looking at two rogue nations in particular, laying the game plan out so obviously.what i want to know in those waking hours is what can any world power do about them?

  8. >Su – I never really thought of that. Beats having nude photos of everyone ant the Christmas party. You may be on to something there…Well…we can't call the police…that's for sure.

  9. >Filth, what more can be said of this tribe? I am old and tired, but I see Japan, stuxnet and other such shit being slung, it is nothing more than blowing smoke up our asses and making us look like the fools they believe we are.Stick to facts no need for nano bombs, no planes whatever. Protocols, Talmud, Federal Reserve its all there in black and white!Corral the 50 wealthiest jews and there will be no wars. – Henry FordRob

  10. >having re-read my comment i must say i cut but did not copy.i was talking about angela merckel. sorry about that.if we can't call the police who we going to call – ghost busters?

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