>Nutshells And The Seams…


I have learned over the past year or so of this venture, NOT to get into religion too deeply. That is to say, the three Abrahamic religions. It is an inherently offensive topic about which, it seems…everyone is an authority. But I will try to give an overview of my take on it again, because I don’t feel that you can accurately portray the modern jew without some sort of reference points.

I’m about half way through the epic “The Message”. This is a film directed by Moustapha Akkad in 1976.
Yes…I’m going to go on about film again for a bit. This is an interesting film in that it remains the only historically correct movie about the beginnings of Islam and the life of Mohammad. Well, at least the only one in Technicolor starring Anthony Quinn. There was a disclaimer at the beginning stating that historians and scholars of Islam put their official seal of approval on the accuracy of the venture…so I’m going to have to think it’s pretty close to the truth, since no jews were involved.
I am actually learning quite a bit about Islam that I am ashamed to admit I didn’t really care enough about before to even investigate.
No…I am not turning Muslim.
Even being the foreign film-buff that I profess to be, in all these years I had not heard of this one. It was apparently so important to Akkad to get the message of Mohammad put to film, that he filmed this epic twice…in Arabic and English. I am watching the English version.
Even though I have read quite a bit of the Qur’an and enjoyed its pleasant poetry, I knew very little of the life of Mohammad. This movie to me, is like another flavor of the Biblical epics that hollyweird churned out over the 60’s and 70’s. However this film, (because it is considered blasphemy to portray the image of Mohammad), has the added unusual feature of allowing the audience to view the events of his life through his eyes. That is, there is no actor portraying him…all characters speak to the viewer as if they were Mohammad. Interesting directorial concept and far ahead of its time. Other than that, it mimics the same Biblical techniques as hollyweird. The same technicolor, sandy locations and pretty-boy coiffed disciples. But with a different leading character. Not Moses or Jesus…the other guy.
I don’t mean to belittle the beliefs of almost 2 billion people of the world, by that statement. It’s just that tales about desert prophets will always remain that to me…just tales. But that’s me.
Anyway, I was watching this film and wondering why I had never heard of it before. There is no patent antisemitism in it. It had a few hollyweird stars…was decently directed…inspirational…respectful of Christianity, and even judaism. So why didn’t it make it in the Occident? I think as innocuous as it was, there are two reasons. One – there was little money to be made from it by jews. And Two- The ashkanazi that are in charge of such things as film promotion and distribution have that hate thing going on with Muslims. I guess I didn’t really get it. They hate but tolerate the Christian…and make money off him. But in no way will a jew conscience Islam. Seems a little unfair…I mean if you are going to spread your hatred, spread it evenly, I say. But that’s just me.
The reason, I believe, is that Islam calls the bluff of the ashkanazi.
Until the Christian world understands this fact…they will never understand the vilification in kind that the “jew” practices through their media.
I do not wish to get into a debate on the history of the Abrahamic religions of the Middle-East…as I stated at the beginning of this thing. However I think it is important to understand that “judaism” or at least as it is known in the vagary of ancient holy texts is not in any way related to the zionist reform judaism raping the world today. Even though its talmud reveals it to be the most ridiculous, callous and evil of the big three…that is not really what is practiced under the guise of judaism today.
According to this film…the very miracle of Mohammad’s penning of the Qur’an was first predicted by the truly jewish living in Mecca at the time. There was no enmity between Islam and the jewish then. What happened?
Well, the jews in the Holy Land moved shop. That is to say they took to converting the unconvertable. The dreaded Khazar. Now these guys weren’t too nice of a crowd. If they were to adopt a religion, it couldn’t be based on the “love your neighbor” ethic as Islam an Christianity were. It didn’t really suit their mantra. So the Khazarian tribes(and a few other nasty ones) used this filthy talmud as license to continue their rape and pillage lifestyle…and the rest, as they say…is history. I believe at last count…world jewry are 80% ashkanazi Khazarian decedents. The rest are REALLY disgusting. I may be a bit off on the actual numbers, but I think we get the gist of this thing.
The new jew, doesn’t HAVE to tie a little box to himself and mimic certain oral/sexual motions with his head, if he doesn’t feel comfortable doing so. He can continue to rape an pillage however as his hijacked good-book tells him. Kinda “judaism-light”.

Be that as it may, the seams are coming apart. It’s becoming a bit difficult for the chosen to get the entirety of Christendom( about the same numbers…roughly 2 billion) to hate their Muslim brothers for any great length of time. Even with their control of the media. It just ain’t gonna last. The stitches are popping out all over. Outside of politicians pushing the notion of Muslim terrorism, and useful idiots like Pastor Hagee, few are buying this crap anymore.
Well, that’s my view of the whole jew-Muslim thing. Skewed and simplistic as it is in its little nutshell…it explains quite a bit in this skewed little nutshell of a world…I think.
But that’s just me.


7 thoughts on “>Nutshells And The Seams…

  1. >Oi vey Timster,… I'm gob-smacked that you hadn't seen this incredible flic before. The enmity the 'synosat' (synagogue of satan, grin) has toward Islam has a lot to do with the money-lending thing; you can't lend someone money at interest in Islamic countries.Cool flic though, I saw it as a young teen, on the big screen, they were still making epic flics in those days, remember Tora Tora Tora, Sand Pebbles, Kelly's Heroes; who could forget the theme song?…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxYC350nqRM&feature=relatedNice yarn.veritas

  2. >V- Well, they aren't big on letting the Muslim being portrayed as human here in the states. Much akin to jewish censorship. I'm amazed that you had seen it…that must have been before the jew-takeover of Oz. Yeah…I liked the epics. Bridge over the river Kwai was one of my favs. Talk about great theme songs…we whistled that one for a few months, I can tell you.

  3. >I read somewhere that Ghengis Kahn impaled victims by making christmas tree ornaments out of them. This custom so horrified the Romans that they retaliated by nailing Mongels up on crosses. Not that the Romans were strangers to gory practices themselves. Now that we,re civilised, we can make hamburger out of people and they never knew what hit them. Just like cows to the slaughterhouse and you don,t even have to leave home if you live in a growing list of countries. America is on that list but the people don,t want to believe it. One minute you.re chewing your cud, the next you are a cheeseburger.Wait and see.

  4. >Hey Timster,Just had to share this little tidbit from our favorite terrorist/pirates:World Fears Shortage of Kosher Hotdogs in Event of Nuclear Strike on Israelhttp://salem-news.com/articles/march182011/kosher-hotdogs-bf.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Salem-news+%28Salem-News.com%29Me, I'd gladly give them up in exchange. But there will ALWAYS be an over-abundance of unsavory, unshaven, organ-harvesting religious supremacist zealots to mutter incomprehensible incantations ineffectively over our food, in order to pretend their mythical god is pleased and mor importantly, to PROFIT from it. And there will ALWAYS be the other 98% of us to pay for it too!And this from the people who championed the art of making big productions out of nothing. But while the world bites their nails over the possibly loss of nothing, we get this from the incomprehensible incantation mutterers:Israelis fear sushi shortage after quakehttp://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4042347,00.htmlJust the crown of compassion aren't they?Amerikagulag

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