>Gentleman’s Agreement…


I remember(oh oh…here he goes again) when I first saw that film. Gentleman’s agreement. Up until then, I loved to watch Gregory Peck. This was one of his earlier films, but I did not see it until after I had seen his truly great movies, like Moby Dick and of course To Kill A Mockingbird. To me as a youngster, Peck WAS Atticus Finch.

The movie has a strange history. Darryl Zanuck decided to do this film from the novel, amidst protest(as the story goes) from Louis B. Mayer and other jewish hollyweird moguls. Jews that ran these film factories allegedly thought it too hot an issue at the time. However, it was a hit. Probably more because of it’s novelty than anything. If you haven’t seen it…I really would recommend it. Not because it is a particularly good film or performance for Peck, but it is a window into the beginnings of the “poor jew” persona that tinsel-town has been hawking ever since.
Probably what really happened is that Mayer decided to put the book to film…then found Gentile patsies to produce(Zanuck) and direct(Elia Kazan, who hated the idea of the film but had to direct it under contract) in case there was a lot of fallout from it’s subject matter. That would be my guess. But that’s as may be.
The film centers around a journalist that takes on a project concerning anti-semitism in 1940’s New England. The journalist played by Peck gets so involved in the piece that he decides to pose as a jew to experience the alleged discrimination that jews felt at the time. It’s a whiny piece of celluloid actually…with only one jew (John Garfield) actually starring in it. I remember at the time that I saw it, thinking even back then…that it was hardly fodder for a decent story.
But beyond that, the title bespeaks the entire plot. A gentleman’s agreement was one uncovered of Gentiles not allowing jews to join country clubs, stay in ritzy hotels…etc. Well, the implication was that since these poor jews were now people of means…this is the only place that they felt the bigotry…and they damned well weren’t going to stand for it. In this, it was an accurate portrayal, since it takes place as stolen jewish wealth was beginning to accumulate(again…in 1947-48) and israhell was just about to become the officially recognized headquarters for their mafia. A gentleman would not stand for that pushy behaviour. That was the storyline. Maybe this attitude portrayed by the wealthy Gentiles in the film should be revisited today.
I always loved that word “Gentleman”. To me it alludes to dignity. It refers to a man that is above many of the seedy things in life. Interesting notion. Archaic notion. Gentlemen agree on certain things. Things that have to do with morality and decency. Not implied bigotry that the film attempts to ascribe and the guilt that it lays on Gentiles for their disdain for the jewish. But that is hollyweird in it’s early days of the thousands of guilt trips it has laid on its audience.
For nothing else, this film and the simultaneously released “Crossfire” were milestones in those negative feelings that hollyweird loves to provoke. Mixing the positive connotation of the act of a gentleman, with bigotry and hatred. You could easily see these well-heeled antagonists in the film ordering the death of slaves in the south, or flipping the switch on a gas-chamber full of jews in Nazi Germany. This depiction was that obvious and divisive.
I would tend to say that few films have come out of that Southern California bar-mitzvah that are as obvious as this one…but then I think of the crap that Steven Spielberg has churned out in the name of zionism…and I hesitate.

Strangely enough, two of this movie’s actors were involved in the House Un-American Activities trials during the communist(jew)witch-hunt in hollyweird. John Garfield and Ann Revere. Garfield died before he could refuse to testify. Revere…herself a Gentile but married to jewish theater director Sam Rosen…took the fifth amendment and was blackballed for many years.
As I have re-viewed this film recently, I find myself cheering for the bad guys. I love that about older movies. Time and its record on film has given us the privilege of seeing ourselves go through changes that can actually reverse the polarity of many once-held beliefs. Back to the time when perhaps, as in this film, the feeling that was being demonized was actually the correct one. If we only knew then what we know now.

I think most Gentlemen could agree on that.


9 thoughts on “>Gentleman’s Agreement…

  1. >Timster, I'm becoming a devotee. You remind me to wonder about the blacklisting of suspected Commies (Jewish traitors). Patriotic Jewish studio heads punishing traitorous Jewish underlings? It feels a little odd, no?I've suspected for some time that the McCarthy Files was a psyop to construct a firewall against future questioning – "oh, that's McCarthyism."Here's what's at the Dicky:The first systematic Hollywood blacklist was instituted on November 25, 1947, the day after ten writers and directors were cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to give testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities. A group of studio executives, acting under the aegis of the Motion Picture Association of America, announced the firing of the artists—the so-called Hollywood Ten—in what has become known as the Waldorf Statement. On June 22, 1950, a pamphlet called Red Channels appeared, focusing on the field of broadcasting. It named 151 entertainment industry professionals in the context of "Red Fascists and their sympathizers"; soon most of those named, along with a host of other artists, were barred from employment in much of the entertainment field. The blacklist was effectively broken in 1960 when Dalton Trumbo, an unrepentant member of the Hollywood Ten, was publicly acknowledged as the screenwriter of the films Spartacus and Exodus. A number of those blacklisted, however, were still barred from work in their professions for years afterward.

  2. >NJ – Ha. Thank you. At least I'm part of something to do with a woman and a bed! I won't burn out…got a million of them…besides, you came back.

  3. >Hey Timster,…Nice post. If you want to see some contemporary anti-gentile pro yid nonsense, you should watch the latest 'cult' classic teen angst movie, the feature star is Kat Denning, the only goy actors are three young guys that are gay, they are a cliché on toast. There is a scene where a group of homosexual drag queens take the piss out of the Christmas nativity in a cabaret style hate-fest, the main male character (jew) is almost sexual assaulted by bums (all goyim) on the steps of church(!), it is just the most vulgar crap I have seen in a long while. Kat Denning even goes so far as to pause for a thoughtful moment in one scene and recite her "favourite" paragraph from the Torah(!?), some horse-hockey about love and cuddliness.You've gotta put yourself through this, just to see the kind of racist (all the goys in the flick are clichéd homosexuals or losers!) propaganda and social engineering goy teenagers are getting fed nowadays:"Nick and Nora's infinite Play-list" Starring Kat Denning (jewess) and several other jugen yiddischer.veritasP.S. Send lawyers, guns and money. Dad, get me outta this!

  4. >Another interesting observation! I love the (oh oh, here he goes again) part. I agree tho, Jew is a cult of evil. It's not a religion, not a race, not even a genetic trait – although severe inbreeding has developed them an unmistakable proboscis 'the hook'. Anti semitism claims no longer apply as they're from every corner of the globe and have no historical connection to Palestine. They wrote a book of fairy tales and flung it all over the globe and people are still believing in the tooth fairy with the golden pliers.I'm particularly incensed at the kosher tax. That little bit of financial support all us goy have to pay on our food. Any ideas on how to counteract this?I had an idea once (the de-kosherizer) A little blue FED flashlight I would take to the store and, in the presence of people run over items with the 'mark of the beast' telling them that I'm removing the curse placed on it. Alas, but it does piss me off that 98% pay a tax on food so 2% can pretend their mythical god is pleased. I guess that's my personal quest.Keep up the good work. Amerikagulag

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