>Old Grudges…


The following may be seen, in these times of woe, to be petty and negligible…but I can hold a grudge. Oh yes. Oh my, yes. Forever if need be.
It’s probably not good for my blood pressure. They say it’s not a good thing to let festering anger consume you when you are reminded of someone that always got your goat for some reason.
I disagree. To me, grudges remind me of who I am. They are grounding. “Oh yeah…I remember that bastard!…let me tell you why I hate him”. On and on we go with axes that are supposed to have been buried long ago. But if the reasons that we replay these feuds over and over in our minds remain, well…I say keep a good grip on that grudge.

I remember the first time I heard about the notion that amerika was actually dying. It came in the form of a stolen melody and jewish lyrics. And I thought. No! We can’t give up that easily. The idea behind this country was a good one if we would only stick to it. We must be vigilant in our preservation of this republic. Who is this jew telling me:
“We come on the ship they call the Mayflower We come on the ship that sailed the moon We come in the age’s most uncertain hour and sing an American tune But it’s all right, it’s all right You can’t be forever blessed”

Well, the author of these lyrics may or may not have been Paul Simon. Who knows who really writes the songs that jews like he and Bob Zimmerman collect the royalties from. Anyway, Simon sang them to a classical melody that no one recognized at the time as being stolen from Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion”. I’m sure he didn’t mind that people thought he penned that gorgeous melody…or the music that he appropriated from Ladysmith Black Mambazo later in his career. But that’s just jews. And a jew would say “homage” when he is caught lifting…oh well.

Anyway it struck me at the time as being too cynical. Way too “who the hell are you to say that our ills can’t be cured?” Well, of course, who ever actually wrote those lyrics was correct. It is dead…our nation. It was his tribe that killed it. I hated this ashkanazi for recording that statement in song. To me it was almost gloating. I hated Simon and Garfunkle. They were not beat poets, but harbingers of ill-will, like Zimmerman and his bag of stolen music and cynicism-for-cash. Their slick stolen tunes and jewish manner depressed me…to know that they could become so popular in their anti-popular popularity. Making a buck off anything they could put to vinyl. Even the grammy for Scarborough Fair, one of their biggest hits, had to be rescinded when Simon himself admitted that it was just an over-produced recording of an archaic English folk song.
But that’s as may be. And not really what I started out to talk about. Just another jewish thorn in my side that I had to pull.
It is about the constant barrage of all things judaic that permeates our society that can keep me in a state of rage and depression. There must be a word that encompasses those two emotions. Like ambivalence but with more attitude. I don’t know the word…but I hate the feeling. I hate that I have to feel it. But I do. It keeps me sane when I understand that many out there have these same grudges against the thieves and oppressors.
As long as I am airing my grudges against Simon in particular today…I also remember an appearance he made on the Dick Cavett show, pushing some new shit he and his jew-buddy had recorded, in which he stated that it was impossible that Lennon and McCartney had written any of the music they recorded. Really. He actually SAID that on the national airwaves. He stated very authoritatively that without the type of classic musical training that he himself had received at Juliard, they couldn’t have possibly understood how to pen those melodies that made them so famous.
I remember my jaw hanging open…just as Cavett’s was. How could he attempt to legitimatize his jealousy in such a childish way as this in public? What an elitest jewish shithead. I was aghast at such a statement, as was the audience and the host. I think Cavett just kind of let it fall on the floor, and moved on…but. Hello? I know you are saying to yourself ” Dude…move on. That was eons ago…what the hell could it matter now?”.
This incident was although insignificant to most, an epiphany of sorts to me. It laid bare the yiddish soul…or lack thereof. For me anyway…and I CAN hold a grudge when I am so offended.
It’s part and parcel to the beginnings of my “grudge” against the judaic mentality. Their use of the Gentile for his back-breaking labor…AND his creativity which they either steal outright, exploit to the max…or denigrate when their efforts pale in comparison.
The thing that keeps this grudge of mine alive, I think, is that it hasn’t changed at all since those days. This outrageous behaviour of the jew in his media has only gotten worse over the years. There is no one to stop them there. They own the only game in town.
Forgive me my pettiness. As I forgive yours. But I won’t forgive the likes of Paul Simon till they put me in a box. May he and his whole tribe rot in hell.
There. I feel better.


30 thoughts on “>Old Grudges…

  1. >Excellent. Would you provide a little more on Zimmy's scamming. I know he was doing shit versions of other's folk songs and am keen to know if he continued to steal in more elaborate ways. Fine quote from Simon on Cavett. Will try to find.

  2. >Wellll…If all your facts are correct, you seem to have a valid point.I have the same combo of rage and depression at the zionist controlled system.Gretings, MouserP.S. Was Richard Starkey added to the Beatles by 'force' so that the group would have a member of the tribe. Who was the groups drummer before Ringo?

  3. >Anon@3:08 – There isn't enough room here(grin). Here's a starting point. There was a black street singer out of San Diego from the early 60's (pre-Zimmy) whose entire style and some simple tunes he stole…that is the most blatant rip. Can't remember his name..I'll look it up.

  4. >Hey Ghandi…oops Timster,… How's this for a schwerd: "Bellivalence"Belligerent; Aggressive, argumentative, quarrelsome, Loud-mouthed, stroppy, confrontational, Cantankerous, (antonym: easy-going, haaargh)Ambivalence 1. Conflict of ideas or attitudes the presence of two opposing ideas, attitudes, or emotions at the same time"Bellivalence" an attitude taken by one regarding a subjective present tense, that is conflicted with a sense of aggression towards a position held that one has been manipulated by deviousness in the past tense, manifesting a belligerent yet ambivalent stance for the future tense without commitment.Hey, yeah.. whaddya thunk?veritas

  5. >Hey Timster,..It's your word brother, anoint it or no…it is now out here! Haaargh!"Bellivalence"©Timster 2011. Usage: May be applied retrospectively or used as a pretence to a present tense statement, whether interrogative or as a closing argument.Example: "I have a certain bellivence toward this sneak-thief yid Simon…"Official inclusion on Blogger words:To be referred to as a "Timsterwerd" and used by bloggers, like any clipped abbreviated or truncated group of letters is used by twits on twitter or for numb skulls using SMS etc.veritasP.S. Those yiddish 'pop stars' have always been part of the problem, I was sucked in as were you and many others who now know the truth, "Power through shared knowledge!"INGSOC

  6. >I have a recurring vision where Tennessee Wiiliams & David Lynch duo to make :Mulholland Drive Fiddler on a Hot Tin RoofA yid fiddles on the hot tin roof of a building that holds the remains of all Earthly humanity his people have destroyed and set afire.

  7. >Any good study of classical music will show the lifting of lines by many modern artists, most knowingly so.SiGar either leaves a bad taste in your musical ear or you have no real music appreciation skills. Train station. Troubled water. Bridge.– German trains. Lisbon to Palestine. Balfour.Forgive me if I connect dots that shouldn't be. The sordid hysterectomy of music from the vagina of Mother Music is a tragedy. And complicit are those you mention, with too few real critics to say so.When you own the swine in the studio sty you can produce all the shit you want and label it genius perfume. Because there is no competing shit being produced you monopolize the genius perfume market.I'm too depised for my lifelong admiration for German composers. Along with an Italian opera or three — because I'm a fascist (closet variety) according to my critics. Do I care? These are the same fucks that would tell you be sure to go to your grandmothers for Thanksgiving only for you find when you got there that they had beaten, tortured, raped, and mutilated her and then roasted her remains for you to feast on while telling you it was for your own good because she was going to feed you unclean pork.They are pharaseecal. And a permanent hebroid in Earth's anus. That's why it's called Prep H

  8. >Wow. Interesting particulars there, Timster, which I hadn't heard before.I must admit that I was slow to realize the depth and breadth of the corruption in Entertainment. As you know, I've been reaching back and putting all my favorites under my new microscope (such as Mark Twain).I second the motion by a previous commenter encouraging you to give us more of what you know on Bob Zimmerman Dylan.Off topic: Thanks very much for the link. Oh the irony, though, that it's atop Mrs. Edmonds, who I've argued is not working for the good guys.Best regards.

  9. >James – What I had about Zimmerman was a few years ago. I have some documents somewhere. I will try to find that guy's name that he stole Maggie's Farm from…and also the busker from S.D. county. Actually, I think this stuff is online…you might try a search.I dunno about Sibel. She has balls, I think.

  10. >Don't believe I can add anything except, let's all put our lips together,as when we were kids and push air through to create a good motor boat sound to them bastards.P-uuuuuuuuuuuu.

  11. >Timster, if i might be so familiar."There was a black street singer out of San Diego from the early 60's (pre-Zimmy) whose entire style and some simple tunes he stole…that is the most blatant rip"That recalls to me the relationship of Tee-Tot a black geezer, who cast his pearls before swine, to Hank. Although i think Hank had something to run with. Beautiful heartbreak.Even then you got Acuff/Rose.Should we be grateful?I don't think so.I feel that most of these once in an existence spirits would have at least been notable.See the jew tries to control the choke points, restricting all of our access to beauty, as if it's in their gift.Jew taint.We'll see.Happy St Patrick's Day to you all.Veritas6464You do great polemic.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVr0M7WCBu4Cannibal Rabbi

  12. >One band that I really hate is the GrateFulDead, or JewishFulDead. I had the chance to meet Garcia's first wife. She was going through a divorce. Her ex was this bagel doctor that left her for a Chinese woman. Well, she might as well be from the tribe. What surprised me the most is that they are all Jews. This little pile of heroin eater used to live in the Haight/Ashbury. What a surprise! If my memory is not betraying me, she is teaching some Jewish psychosis classes at Stanford.

  13. >John Coleman makes the same accusation against the Beatles in his book 'the committee of 300'i'm not buyin' it:quote:Following the Beatles, who incidentally were put together by the Tavistock Institute,came other "Made in England" rock groups, who, like the Beatles, had Theo Adornowrite their cult lyrics and compose all the "music." I hate to use these beautiful words inthe context of "Beatlemania"; it reminds me of how wrongly the word "lover" is usedwhen referring to the filthy interaction between two homosexuals writhing in pigswill. Tocall "rock" music, is an insult, likewise the language used in "rock lyrics."here's his vidhttp://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=170819614143019768#McCartney was a prodigy. There is a good book called 'the day paul met john' At 15 Paul could tune the guitar, play '20 flight rock' etc so in his 20's his output is believable IMO

  14. >Anon@7:19 – Ringo IS not jewish(he is still alive y'know). This is true. His real surname(paternal grandfather) is Parkin…a Welsh moniker. He is married to jewish Barbara Bach. There was no real reason ever given to anyone that I am aware of, why he replaced Best. Odd that.

  15. >I read 2 reasons for the drummer switch-1- George martin was not impressed with Pete:GEORGE MARTIN: Well, after that first test, I decided that the drums, which are really the backbone of a good rock group, didn't give the boys enough support. They needed a good solid beat and I said to Brian, "Look, it doesn't matter what you do with the boys, but on record, nobody need know. I'm gonna use a hot drummer," and I used the guy who was the best session drummer of the period. Brian said, "Okay, fine." Now it was pretty tough for him and I felt guilty because I felt maybe, I was the catalyst that had changed his life, so I'm sorry about that, Pete. end quotethere are some anthology tracks which credit Best, I don't know if it is in fact a session drummer. But the drumming sounds pretty nice.reason 2I've read that Pete (an established 'name' drummer with a following)was too good looking, an individualist, and attracted too much female attention from the fans. John was the leader and didn't like that

  16. >Anon@8:00 – Yeah, I heard that too. Both stories. Also that no one really cared for Pete's Mother. It was in her house that the "Casba" club was and where the early beatles played a lot. She was a bit controlling of all the kids that came there including Lennon and McCartney. The too good-looking thing doesn't really hold water…I mean look at Paul…damn. Best is twice the drummer that Richie ever was, so that doesn't wash either…a mystery really.

  17. >i always figured Simon put his name on Scarborough fair because -if he didn't his publisher would take the composer royalty. Similar story with 'the lion sleeps' Pete seeger listed it as traditional, meanwhile an African guy actually wrote and recorded it and was screwed out of a lot of money. Seeger just made an honest mistake. In the documentary Pete seems sad about it.In retrospect Pete should have put his name on it, not to fool anyone, but to ensure that he could personally pay the composer when he found out who the composer was. I believe the publisher got the composers moneyBut when Scarborough fair got covered by Sergio Mendez etc, Simon got paidultimately- publishing is a Jew racket. when you look at 20 th century american music it's dominated by blacks and jews. The Jew's position is due to control of publishing and all mass media etc,they will say 'look at our great contribution' but it's not legit, they rigged the game20 flight rock:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GELymGpXHQ

  18. >oh..BTW, it was Ringo that was replaced for the early sessions, not Best. Martin thought Ringo was what he called an "outside" drummer. Too raucous. He was replaced by Andy White, a session drummer. Martin judged Best's skills by listening to the German recordings the guys had done, which were horrible quality.

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