>Class Action…


Dear Gentile,
Our records show that you purchased “The American Dream” in the specified time period of 1948 to present, in good faith from our Government Of The United States.
Therefore we are including your purchase of said product in a class-action legal proceeding against “Judaic Inc”. Withstanding the contract in which “Judaic Inc”. acquired the merchandising rights of said “American Dream” officially on May 14th, 1948; your birth coincides with the period in time which the litigation covers. The above litigation is due to be heard on the 15th of this month. You need not attend nor send legal representative. This is merely notification that your purchase is being considered along with over 350 million other litigants.
It is alleged that “Judaic Inc.” defrauded the collective plaintiff of an amount to exceed 50 trillion dollars in the time frame limiting the prosecution; 1948-present.
If said litigation is decided for the plaintiff, you are entitled to a portion of the court award in the amount of: $772,314.31.
This will be a standard award to be divided equally among the many plaintiffs.
The court has been notified that such a decision in favor of the plaintiff in this case will bankrupt “Judaic Inc”. However plaintiffs in this case are guaranteed satisfaction, whether in the form of coin-of-the-realm remuneration, or personal retribution(i.e. you get to slap the shit out of the defendants and their families and associates). Personal injury, wrongful death, and all other civil cases against the defendant will be docketed at a later date. Criminal prosecution of the principals of “Judaic Inc” . is slated to commence summarily after this class action suit is settled.
Thank you.

9 thoughts on “>Class Action…

  1. >Just wanted to say helloI was a steelworker from the late 70s to the early 90s. During this time some of my best friends at work (and after) were "bikers". We would go to bars, parties, get pissed, whatever just good fun. Then in the mid 80s my biker friends began giving me leaflets about how the jews run the world. Needless to say at that time I said they were nuts, still on good terms they nicknamed me Commie. Fast forward to 1996, hooked up to the internet first thing I searched for was do jews run the world, low and behold YES!I am 52 years old and have been aware of this cancer for over 25 years. And now the World is beginning to wake up. But and that's a big but! Not only do they still control the main stream media, they also control the internet. When you here these events in the middle east and Africa are started by "tweets" and "facebook" you have stand back and say WTF.(interesting side note here in Canada most of these "social networking sites" are free on a cell phone data plan, while the rest of the internet costs $35 a gig.)And now Obama wants a bill passed where no "bullying" on such sites is mandated, meaning no jew talk.Another thing why are so many truth sites on blogger, I mean sure its easy to post stuff, but why hand every IP address that visits to Tel Aviv automaticaly?Anyway THANKS! Timster for the words I think, but not being a wordsmith shall never see print unless through people like you.blue-collar Rob

  2. >Hey Timster,…woohoo, I can't wait to help you spend your share, I'm so happy for you and the other amerikan dreamers, do you think there's a chance we'll get a shot at the yids downunder? Anyhoo, you get the first round in and I'll fix you up when I borrow a couple of bucks of ya when your cheque clears, your newest best mate… "Painful"P.S I have not been arse-ing around the debate because for some 'strange' reason my internet speed is at about 9kbs to 21kbs, which is less than dial-up speed (64kbs), my plan is for 7.2 mbs, so yeah, it's a real chore to get on and surf the blogs. Can't post, get timed-out. My blog was hacked again this week, two for two, I'm on a hat-trick so if I get hacked again next week, yeehaa, I get to pick anything off the top shelf! Stuffed-toy anyone?Anyhoo, let me know when the cheque clears and I'll pop in and have a brewski, I assume you've got some in the fridge? I'll call ya from the airport in Oz.luv ya like a brother…verita$

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