>Don’t Tell me…


I am contrary. I have been doing a bunch of getting angry lately. I can’t help it.

Ever since I was a kid, I hated being told what to do. I was one of those guys that would question everything…to the point of absurdity. If someone told me that monkeying with that thing was going to blow my legs off…I would do it anyway…just for the experience. I still have my legs. Most things in life that you are told not to do, are either hella fun, dangerous, fattening or some combination of these. The danger of these things often lies in the fact that you will be stepping on someone’s toes. I like doing that…figuratively speaking of course. I don’t like trouncing on feet for any sadistic reasons.

There is a huge disconnect in Western society. That is to say that everyone knows something…that doesn’t make any sense…and I’m damned if anyone will explain it to me in real terms. Everyone knows that israel is to be protected at all costs to the Western world. This is a given. I don’t get it. Why? What possible reason could, say Canadians have, to want to protect that shitty little country, half a world away? Why would a Scottish person, or a French citizen care what happens to these zionists in the least? And to the point of sending their money and their own children to fight in wars for this apartheid terrorist state. And yet every modern Western state seems to care…if you listen to their politicians. I cannot for one moment believe that the entire Western civilization cares in the least about these people. And yet it is in the news every day that some leader or other has declared his or her country’s allegiance to the security of this outpost of hatred. Why?
What is this fool’s errand all about? There aren’t even any particular reasons given. Well, I tell a lie. There is one. The holohoax. How many more lives is that fabrication worth? Jews have spent a huge amount of our time and money fabricating this lie. I know from the first hand experience of talking to a “survivor” of those labor camps, that the account we have been force-fed of that period in history is 90% fabrication, exaggeration and bald-face lies. You would understand this too…with only a minimum of research.
But anyway…back to stepping on toes.

What kind of person does it take that will open that box that he has been told not to? What mentality does it require to zig when they are told to zag? Who are these people telling us all what to do and what to think in the first place?
They are wealthy…as they always have been. The one with the gold makes the rules. It has always been thus. Right now in our part of history…wealthy means the judaic.

I think I could more readily understand these taboos if they were in some fashion legitimatized by facts and figures. As in “don’t stick your fingers in that fan…the fan blade will cut them”. That kind of “don’t do that” makes sense. I can, without even attempting it, understand the negative outcome of such a venture. But when you tell me “Don’t question the holocaust”…I gotta ask…why. If it indeed happened as you say, then my research into the facts and figures of it, will produce the conclusion that you are right…and righteous to have claimed it in the first place…yes? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by my verification of your narrative. So what’s the big deal? Why is it a criminal offense in so many countries to research these assertions about jewish suffering and wrongful deaths under Nazi rule? What could possibly be gained by keeping proof of these atrocities, a government protected secret? It does not make any sense. Like “don’t open that box”…I’m gonna do it. Come what may. What I am writing here is against the law in many countries in which it is being read. If I won the lottery tomorrow…I would bet it all on the fact that sometime in the very near future…such a law will be passed in my country as well. But let it be known(and this is a warning to those that fix the lottery), if I won such a prize, one of the things I would do would be to set-up and run…at my own expense…an ANTI-Holocaust museum. In such a museum would be the proof that no such event happened. Just to step on a few toes.

Don’t tell me I can’t do something…just because you say so. Don’t tell me that I can’t speak my own mind. As a matter of fact in my advanced years, I pretty much know all about the dangers of life; of fans and fingers…so don’t tell me anything.


15 thoughts on “>Don’t Tell me…

  1. >my sentiments exactly.. when i was a kid, my grandmother said that i would argue with angels. and i have done that too.. my thoughts are rebellious.. and that has made a concern to others in the past..i hate to be told what i can do.. or can't do. conventional wisdom is ridiculous.

  2. >Ilike your style Timster.You know George Orwell's novel(?) 1984 is never more relevant than it is today.I find it is perfect in explaining how the modern world works.

  3. >The only reason I think that our "leaders" support this shitty country of hate is because you can not get up and drink from the taxpayer trough unless you get on your knees and open wide in Tel Aviv.The Judaic own the media and the money and both are required to achieve that false power over their countrymen.Most go along to get along and just ignore the Israel-Palestine issue altogether even went that issue is slapping them in the face. Cowardice maybe? Or just following the white guy?Dave

  4. >Dear Timster, thanks to the Internet each day the Jews are unmasked more and more. Thousands of sites among which How Dare I bring their sordid practices under the attention of the people. I live in small country somewhere in Europe, here too the zionist jews are lord and master. But we do our best… We have here some popular blogs, on some of them I write my opinion concerning that "people" by means of proofs. http://vodpod.com/watch/5212300-leading-jewish-activist-jews-will-play-a-leading-role-in-multicultural-europe Here too we have people such as Geert Wilders,a jew puppy dog, who was elected in the Netherlands last year to preach hatred between Moslems and Christians. I think even this or next year "they" go for the final kill: The many millions non-Europeans who live on benefits in the large cities in their own getto' s and with the revolutions in North Africa (set up by zion) still more poor people will run to Europe… The Jewish banksters will close the money tap… The day money stops comming from out of the wall…keep up the… Gilbert

  5. >Gilbert – Oh…BTW, I found this at the jewtube comment section on the vid link…"Christ has already changed his mind. Instead of him, Hitler will return."Good for a chuckle.

  6. >You travelled the Route 66 of life, questioning the bankers & the government contented in power to blow a duststorm up nostrils, because you dared to question. It's not that you can't question, you just don't have their permission to question their statements, which you are dubious of for one reason or another.My father was self-educated during the Depression & after serving in the Pacific during WWII, the second war that didn't end all wars, he bought farmland. I was about 4-years old and lost a wrench he needed. He wasn't mad & told me to find it. I explained I didn't know where to look.He said the best place to start looking is where you lost it.Same applies to truth. I'm in that dirty scoundrel category with you of questioning. Rather than crying at birth I asked the doctor why he was hacking at my throat with a scapel. He simply said that I was born dead, strangulated, and he was trying to set me free.Having already been dead leaves for advantages of sorts, you already know. Somehow you know the lie. And what are they gonna do to you for questioning it, kill you. Already been tried on me, assholes.Timster, the Germans were meticulous records keepers. The census of 1930 accurately reflects the number of jews in Germany. Unless they killed millions of them more than once, then 6 million is never the right answer.Even the Popa (pause) Popa cabana! now cleanses the jew for the killing of Christ. A well-known blogger went out of his way to explain that the jew was innocent of the crucifiction because of x,y, & z. All plausible, but infairyland everything is plausible too.Whilst said blogger may esteem hisself (sic), he's full of zionist bullshit. And his avid drinkers of his bullshit ….You remind me of a Shelley, Percy Byssche by name, where he spoke of the poet as the lawgiver.They want to outlaw your truth, old chap. As previously stated, you find it where you lost it, or are forever without it.

  7. >Personal note.The blogger I referred to was Mike Rivero. The Jews were the machination for the murder of the Christ regardless, if you believe in religious tales.Just as the Seven Little Hitler's were responsible for the the deaths of 6 (count them, six) million jews.Drunken men on wine tell of conquests. Some bloggers are so drunken on themselves they covertly abet the enemy – known to me in my military days as pSy-ops, which I participated in during the 10 thousand day war.S stands for "shit".I have a good grasp on what and who you are. You are truly hated my man. A badge of honor for the brave that understand there is no salvation for any of us.Personally, I have read documents, investigated men, used my security clearance for enlightenment and taken down a bad guy or three.I'm not special in that I did what needed to be done. The Israeli owned puppet traitors, John's Kerry & McCain, being the false phrophets they are are responsible for the deaths of 1000 American MIA's and countless others.Knowledge is not power, knowledge is dangerous. When you understand wht you do, and what I know, you are a target.I wanted a career of taking down the bad guys. The zionist traitors. I know them all. I know the Turk connections, the Pak issues. I know dirty nukes, I know dirty politicians. Jew controlled, the lot.I spent some time in lock up. (personal note. Your eyes only.) The Army has its ways to break men. I broke them by taking all they could offer. Being ded from the beginning has some benefit. "Is that the best pain you can offer?" I refrain from the expletive-deletives I used.Timster, I have been beat on, cut, stabbed, hit by fast moving metal objects, sodomized, and otherwise subjected to military interrogation.I walked in 1971. My best friend, subjected to same, walked in '72 and made it til 2001 before he put a bullet in his brain on a ride of the vallkyrie to a better place.I'm too stupid to give it up.You know what I know and express it well.Dirty nukes are walking. Jews control what they think is the masses. MSM is shit on a wide screen t.v.You say. Truth.Same thing.Endangered species act. Same thing.You can shut the fuck up, put a bullet in your brain because you think its too much, or take the hits and continue.You are one gutsy motherfucker. I give you high marks. You are also a target, dude.Its a shame when they can't shoot for shit, and keep the poor boy of dedicated truth down.Youncan runthis to print. Your call. I got past worry and paranoia of death the moment I was born.Being dead ain't so bad, it's livin' in a zionist world that offers the fucking challenge,.So, what powder do you have? What is your fear level?How much pain can you endure?Based on what you say, you' re one tough fucker, and I'm proud to know you. (Virtually for now)

  8. >Denny – Wow. First…thanks for the undeserved praise. Second…I marvel at your ability to write…and obviously your ability to lead with your chin. Proud to know you as well…as I am proud to have you reading my efforts. Keep commenting and start a site, if you haven't already. They can dish it out…we can take it.

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