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I have no partners here. I could use some help. But I probably wouldn’t utilize it even if it was offered…probably.
Although this is not a news-gathering site…opinion only…it is time consuming nonetheless. Not that I don’t love writing these open letters to those anonymous readers out there. I do. And you write back. Communication. Neat stuff.
After whining to a friend about my site not reaching enough people…or the right people…or some shit that I was whinging on about, she asked “What do you want?”. Simple enough question. In reference to my writing, I had to reply that I wanted millions of hits…millions of readers…millions of everything. But even that isn’t it. I would go on with this drivel even if no one read it and I used this blog for its word editor alone. I’m that nuts. That driven to explain my view of things. Why? What could I possibly have to say that I feel is that important for the masses to hear? Clearly, not much of substance. Not much wisdom to impart.

Just the balls to type what you think. That has always been my strong suit, or so I have been told. Unafraid of making a fool of myself. I have done. Many times. But it’s a trade-off I think.

I am everyman. We all have a conscience…well, most of us. I try to bring that to life for you. For me. I understand little in this world…but one thing I do feel I have a grasp of is the human condition. What we all need, what we all want. I understand that if you won the lottery and had millions…that you would play around with luxury for a time…then get down to the business of helping others. It is in you and I, to do this. I haven’t won the lottery,so my words are my winnings…my currency. I played with self-indulgence using these winnings, for a time…poetry, clever letters to friends and the like. Now it is time to try and help others using them.

I know that most Gentiles have at one point or another given at least a passing thought to rational anti-semitism. That is to say, how could they not? Jews wield their media power to keep themselves at the forefront of our everyday lives. People that have never even met a jew, are ready to accept or reject this controversial being, simply because of this constant exposure. They hear much about the sin of hating jews…more so than the sin of hating anyone else in the world. But a person is not stupid. Everyone knows the old lie of “well, I’ll have to run your offer by my manager”. As well as they know the lie “your check is in the mail.” They understand these oft repeated lies for what they are. And they know that if they go to purchase a car, they will inevitably hear that worn-out ruse. They don’t believe it. People understand the tale of the boy that cried wolf. They are not as foolish as the media would have them believe. And the boy cries on and on. It’s annoying to those that have no vested interest. The wolf isn’t coming to get us. We know this. We should not have to post a guard. False cries of “wolf” are like false flags…they are eventually seen for what they are. False.

There is no wolf coming to get the Gentile…the predator is out there threatening the jew however. He is the offended Muslim, the oppressed Arab, the German tired of being blamed ad infinitum for crimes he did not commit, the Frenchman sick of political correctness favouring the ashkanazi. And he is the amerikan awakening to the fact that his republic has been hijacked, with his media full of israeli propaganda. Yes, the wolf is out there… his eyes catching the light in the woods… but he isn’t looking at us. I don’t blame the judaic for being paranoid…I blame them for most everything else.

I watched “Triumph Of The Will” again last night. That is a forbidden(in case you have never heard of it) piece of celluloid that can truly bring history alive, if you watch it with an open mind. Besides the fact that it is jaw-dropping in its cinematography and direction, it gives the viewer a rare glance into the mentality of the German people of the mid 1930’s. Yes, it is propaganda from the word go. Yes, it only shows the human side of the Third Reich…but there are some things that cannot be glossed over by slick direction and editing. People’s faces and their body language. I look to the back of the crowd scenes and the speeches for these give-aways. They are there.
This was a country full of pissed-off people. A people that had been shat on for years. A populace that simply “weren’t going to take it anymore”. Of course the National Socialist movement fed on this anger…this humiliation…and stirred it. That is obvious. But I see the same body movements…the same glances…the same distrust and mind-numbing anger…in the crowds of protesters that we see all over the world today. I didn’t see that in the 60’s. I saw and participated in many, many protests then. I rallied with the best of them. There was indignance, there was hope, there was solidarity…but there was little if any blood-letting, unreasoning hatred. I see this in the crowds today, and I know where it is directed. The Middle East revolts are not about changing this regime to that one…they are about “we aren’t going to take this anymore…from the jews”. They aren’t desperately seeking Susan, OR democracy, no matter what CNN tries to tell you. They are seeking jewish blood. They have had to live under the blunt end of zionism and its minions…not the coercive softer side that we in the West labour beneath. And they have had enough.

Many out here say that we dummies in the West get all we deserve for allowing zionism to take over our lives. I disagree. That is almost biblical in its “eye-for-an-eye” mentality. It is the jewish way. Let the buyer beware. No. I won’t have it. People are generally trusting and uninterested in politics and finance. It should not in any way be on their brow to suffer punishment for not posting a lookout against those that would injure them for profit. However…I DO feel that, even though I am not a proponent of violence in any form myself…that the jew should get all he deserves from those injured. And he will. It will come home to roost…no matter how he tries to spin these revolutions that he is instigating for his own benefit…they will spin out of his control. And he will pay for past sins.
I think I am considering almost everything in this scenario. Well, most things anyway.


13 thoughts on “>Most Things Considered…

  1. >Hi Timster,i'll keep it short i've had a drink.You are able to put into words what i think but can't express.You are some engineer thats for sure.Respects and thanks.

  2. >Hey Timster,…Yeah, what he said! And put ya foot up their arses as they bolt for the door!Seriously though: One of the true inspirations in my working life, particularly as I set out to become a photojournalist and cinematographer was Leni Riefenstahl; I had no idea as a young bloke in the 70's that I was an anti-semite, I was just seduced by a talent so incredible I never thought about the crime I was committing: Riefenstahl, was not just an accomplished cinematographer, she was a brilliant Stills photographer and as a design engineer for cinemagraphic devices, ahead of her time: The yiddish media minions still use her concept of 'flying' rail and line cameras to film the Stupid Bowl today, truly; and who that appreciates dramatic effect doesn't see the genius in those nightscape images of the Nuremburg Rallies.As a documentarist, I'm sure we all have recorded scenes we found disturbing or offensive; being condemned for being the messenger is as base as an argument can get: Good riddance to the yids when they're all gone, the sooner the better.veritas

  3. >V – I hear ya! What a delightful gal. I saw a documentary on her once…probably banned by now. The interviewer kept trying to implicate her in all manner of crimes…but she wasn't having any. It did document her way-ahead-of-her-time abilities as a director though. I would like to have known her. Her name is pragmatism.

  4. >A few centuries ago communication over distance was scribbled by hand in meticulous word form because the author had to do his damnedest include nuances so the reader at the other end, hundreds of miles away, would best understand the importance of the message.As the slow rider or boat delivered the note & returned its answer weeks or months would pour through the hourglass. Modern communication has instilled that immediacy mindset in too many of us.One can still 'embarrass' the self via post or email or blog, but the writing is itself the key to communication whether one or thousand read it.You are not yelling in a soundproof room. What you say has echo effect & over time will sound penetrate those minds so long distracted by the Jewish press and entertainment dominated mind-ruining cabal.Sometimes you only need one word, phrase, or paragraph out a long text to make it all worth the time to read it. May not be 'enlightenment' as it were, but it becomes something you didn't know, remember, or think about before you read it.Tucked away with your other word memories it becomes another piece of the puzzle of what the hell are we, really.Since I have been accused of having multiple personalities, you can consider my reading your writings as several more people getting it.If not, then I alone thank ye. For what that's worth.

  5. >You my friend Timster are like the little energizer bunny, you keep em coming and coming and we keep reading them and reading them. What kind of batteries do you take,ha!, ha!. Glenster

  6. >Anon@5:34 – Thank you for what is probably one of the best comments received! You get it. And it is to you that we write. You should blog yourself…

  7. >To anon@5:34 – you are a wordsmith. Where is your voice in all that we do? The time is short and you need to get your finger out.What can I say Timster. The trigger is out there for each of us. We are not so different from sharks after all. It always takes a little blood in the water. That’s all it takes. That is the danger and what the bastards that have called the shots for centuries want.I sincerely hope that this time we can use the ‘truth’ as a cudgel. We are not going to follow the script. We will work together. If not we will merely complete the cycle and off we go again – no lesson learned.

  8. >Chucky – I agree. Sometimes I hate that "anon" thing. But better that than nothing. We all need to do what we can. Some of the comments I get are much better than anything I could write.Thanks for the input.

  9. >yes.. you have a way, that makes me feel unafraid…. for a little while.. but those moments are glorious.. and stacked together.. they make for a rift in time.. and i speak…

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