>This Is How It Is Done


For those international readers out there…before you choose democracy…this is what you are letting yourself in for.

I recently listened to this interview with the wife of jailed Edgar Steele. The First Amendment defense lawyer that is sometimes referred to as “The attorney for the damned” . I was not surprised at any of what she has to say. I know as an amerikan that this is how justice is always served in this country. This is sad..that I understand this. It is a comment on our society that you understand this. It’s interesting to hear however. She details how her husband was set up for a non-existent crime, by the jewish PTB.
It is an old story, but should be heard nonetheless.

In her tale she relates how the ADL was proven to have called and threatened the lives of her and their young children. And people wonder what I am on about here. Zionist jews are NOT holy people, folks…they are demonic. Her tale also relates the many attempts to set up this framing of her husband that failed and yet he is still in jail. She tells of how the perpetrators of the set-up crime, had worked with the FBI in the past and are now going to go free on a plea-bargain. She tells the listeners of the hell that this silencing of her attorney-husband has been…and yet when you read the wikipedia entry on Mr. Steele…he has ostensibly already been found guilty.

This is how justice works here. It is justice for those that can afford to fight the powerful yiddish law-machine…and prison for those that can’t.

What was Mr. Steele’s real crime? What was his transgression against the ashkanazi? He chose to speak his opinion about them. He chose to write volumes on how they have taken over this republic and turned it into a “democracy”. He is an attorney for defense of the First Amendment to our constitution…and he is being railroaded into prison because he chose to exercise these rights. You can cut the irony with a knife.
Well, when you write “It’s the jews, stupid”...you are asking for trouble in this country. I’m sure he saw it coming. Perhaps not as blatantly and as clumsily as it has…but it will serve its purpose to silence him for the rest of his life.
In her explanations in the interview, his wife rightfully explains that even if you aren’t familiar with her husband’s views, or even if you are, and disagree(even I disagree with him on some points)…it’s bigger than that. It is about the destruction of our republic’s rights that is on trial here. And they will win. Not our rights…the jews, stupid.
This is what it has come to. This is what our mob-rule democracy prescribes. Silencing those that oppose it. Threatening children is nothing to these people. Using the criminal court system to achieve their ends is what they are about. Guilt or innocence does not matter there…it never did.
Mr. Steele will lose. He lost on the day he was arrested…and we lose another voice. Even if somehow the ADL and the FBI pull out of this particular case…which isn’t likely…Ed will already have lost, and so will we. We have to face the deterrent and the precedent which is being demonstrated for us here. Don’t step out of line.

I don’t normally address issues like this here. I don’t get on bandwagons for causes. I couldn’t care less if Charley Sheen never works on jewvision again. I think Mel Gibson can take care of himself. But this case is against one of us. A writer. A blogger for the truth against the tribe. He has been missed by us all since his arrest. And although I wish him all the success in his trial and dread that final purchased verdict from a jewish-corrupted system…I feel this particular martyrdom a bit more deeply than the many that have gone before. This is an articulate writer and an intelligent warrior in our army, and that is why he was targeted. People were beginning to listen to him carefully…and “they” won’t have that.
So, donate what you can to his defense fund and remember, it is you that sits in jail there with him…it’s only a matter of time.


7 thoughts on “>This Is How It Is Done

  1. >Timster,Glad you wrote about Edgar Steele. He has been screwed hard. I feel bad for him. He has some of my money. I've given to Michael Hoffman too.What a sick nation we are. What amazing hypocrisy. We talk about separation of church and state, freedom of speech, democracy, yeah, sure. Just don't mention the Jew. That buys you prison. Don't question the Holocaust. It's dogma. No different than the Inquisition. You dissent, you get broken. If you are an Arab, you get taken to some hole where torture is not frowned upon. In Europe, they can just cart you off for the hate crime of speaking, here in the US they still have to pull off a setup.In reference to your last post, sometimes I feel I don't belong here. The people around me, the sheep… perhaps they deserve what is coming to them. The zionists can go a lot further. And they will as long as they are allowed.Still, it feels like there may be a little awakening. Just this year maybe. A few cracks. The talking heads in the media look more useless than usual. They are playing whack-a-mole with more people, it's looking more obvious. Maybe.

  2. >I have been a subscriber to Edgar’s ‘Nickel Rants’ for the last few years. I was saddened to hear of his very serious health issues last year. He was very lucky to survive those and then the trap was sprung. I normally don’t do plugs but I have made a contribution to his defence fund and I would ask others to do likewise.http://www.free-edgar-steele.com/

  3. >Chucky – Yep. Me too. Thanks for the link. I meant to put it in the article, but forgot. His final trial is set to begin Monday, as I understand it, if there are no more continuations.

  4. >Hey Timster,…Wonderful piece; you are at the top of your game mate; you really suite this style of protaganist editorials, bravure…For Mr. Steele:“Sound, sound the clarion, strike up the fife,and throughout the sensual world proclaim:One crowded hour of glorious life,Is worth an age without a name!”- Thomas Osbert Mordaunt (Prussian Field Officer: 1730-1809)From a Poem, said to have been written by Major Mordaunt during 'The War of the Fourth Coalition' (Napoleonic Campaign).We have to win.veritas

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