>I Thought…


I clearly don’t belong here. I don’t recognize much anymore. Not that I feel any loss for things that have gone by the wayside over the skipping years…it’s just that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to orient myself in this insane world.

There comes a time, I suppose when all people outlive their usefulness. When they should just move on. Old and in the way. Nothing to preserve in them.
No. I am not going to tell you that I am too old…and the world is moving too fast for me. I am not going to tell you how much better it was in the “old days”. Fuck that…it wasn’t. It sucked then. It sucks now. The world isn’t moving fast enough for me. Since…oh, around the turn of the 19th Century the world got stuck in a loop. Innovation and beauty died. Inventions were driven by popularity. Entertainment lost its wisdom. The written word and the media documents the decline…nothing more. The rest is history. History of a time when human kind was on the path of glory and got lost. We can’t even look back…our history has been so altered, and the path is now overgrown.

I look to the jew and his money. I see this ancient means of control still being used for its original purpose…to control. Why did we not get beyond this. Around the time that the Red Shield was hung outside the money-changers hell-hole, we began the decline back to the grunt and sweat for tribal leaders. We have been coerced into trading all that we are as humans for the paper that is jewish. We measure our personal worth by it. We live and die for it. The world will never change while it is around.

You may find these observations a bit pedestrian. A bit too simple. The Bernankes of the world would have you believe the opposite. That life really IS about this intrinsically worthless paper. That it is a measuring stick for your value in this one-and-only life of yours. It SHOULD intervene in all that is human and honest and good. It should break up families. It should separate us in nations. It should be ‘life-interuptus’. That there is nothing of value outside its influence. I beg to differ. I would go as far to say that there is nothing of value under its influence. It does not drive innovation or creativity. It destroys it. It does not foster beauty. It mars it. It does not exalt, it cheapens.

Well…we are stuck with it. Or so they would have you believe. Now we are bent on world-currency. A more universal and balanced slave trade.

As a kid, money to me was a game. Something fun for a while. Save your allowance and go to the movies on Saturday. Save it for the whole winter and buy a new bike in the spring. Just silliness. It never really got beyond that for me. It’s still the same. Saving wages to buy toys. Giving back most of it to the parental figure of the bank. It’s a simple game to play. Work is just life. Not something that to me, was ever within the sphere of economics. Until I lost a job. Then it hit hard. You know the routine. The lack of this paper can affect your very self-worth. You begin to question your value…you see yourself declining in the eyes of your family and friends. All for want of money. Then it is no longer a game. It is an instrument of torture. That is the nature of this paper and how the judaic wish it to be.
You see it all around you. People are desperate for it. It is a drug, and the peddlers of it are allowed in a school zone.
How have they brought us to this? Ages of conditioning. Centuries of our listening to them and not to the wise among us.

I know. At some point…probably from the beginning of this article, you will dismiss these thoughts as sophomoric at best. A childish rumination on the state of the world. And I do simplify for the sake of clarity. I admit this. I could go on for thousands of words about how the judaic produce nothing of value to this world and you will think that I have deep-seated prejudices and hatred for a group of humans…nothing more. It goes deeper than this but admittedly I do want you to hate with me. Hate a belief system that enslaves you. Hate what it has brought to our lives. Your life.
We all know that we can cure the common cold. We all know that disease can be discarded into our dark history. We all know that automobiles can be electric and driven by satellite. We all know that their tires can be made to last the mechanical life of these cars. We all understand the concept of designed obsolescence. We all know that mag-lev trains can carry us to any destination on our planet for free. We all know we can end world hunger. We all understand our capabilities. We all envision the heights to which we can scale in this human existence together. But we all also understand that these things will not happen until and unless the jew is paid. He knows this too. His mind is in the fictional biblical world of the Middle East. His mind is still in the usury charged in the temple. His mind is still counting gold coins to purchase the filth that his religion esteems. The child-sex, the drugs, the wars, the diamonds, the vanity…on and on…the worst that our species can achieve.
And we allow this to go on. We are bullied by his paper.

As I said up at the top, I clearly don’t belong here. I thought it would be different. I thought it would get better.


15 thoughts on “>I Thought…

  1. >Timster,Hmm, hard to comment but I feel I should.First: end world hunger? Kinda self defeating proposition, isn't it?You said "we are bullied by his paper". Well, and the deluded people who accept the paper for killing those that argue. Like us. That's truly depressing for me. The long dark night of the soul. The realization that for everyone who's eyes are partially open, there are 10,000 slaves who will beat you to death, shout you down, all in return for a few federal reserve notes. Parents that sell their children for trivial return. The moral and spiritual poverty of most of us as a species.Right? People that post here are by definition abnormal, away from the normal/average of the masses. And they won't do a thing unless every last thing is ripped away and they face starvation. They will beat you down if you threaten their pretend world in any way.And so we get to "I clearly don't belong here". Yeah. If there is not a divine, and we are born as moral creatures into a corrupt material world, that possibility is a tragedy. Truly pointless torture.Money? More than a game. It's a way of people of various trades and skills to barter for their needs. A convenience. Even a necessity for many professions. Our fiat currency debt based system is an abomination. I'd try the people that signed off on it for treason. Even though they are dead. Still, the we the people let it all happen. Just as long as we get our collective pizza and beer. We ignore the writings of the founders of the USA, of Eisenhower, so on. What can you do or think about this willful ignorance? We'll get what we deserve one day, probably sooner rather than later. Justice.Eh, enough, like you said, we could write for a long time.

  2. >Frog – I think you are correct. However…about ending world hunger, you said:"Kinda self defeating proposition, isn't it?" I'm afraid I don't understand your reasoning there.

  3. >Timster,World hunger. The more you feed people, the more children they produce, the more consumption. The world has finite farm space, human population growth is geometric and infinite (oversimplification I know, population growth may be self limiting). Anyhow, enough people and you are back to hunger. By definition you must hit a limit somewhere and run out of food, unless planetary population stabilizes at a sustainable level. Do you see things differently?

  4. >Anonymous 11:35:Not paper, paper is made by people. It's all stopped by people. People who consider themselves more equal than others. Who feel that many must give so that they can take. People. Not paper. Not red tape. Not laws. People make all these things.Maybe this is petty semantics on my part but. We complain about laws, red tape, whatever, but the bottom line is that there are people who make these things and other people who support them. Farmers and cattle.

  5. >Frog – Well…you call them farmers…hahaha.Yeah, well I remember that population scare thingy. I'm not having any. But of course the converse to solving world hunger is eugenics, yes? That's a slippery slope. It's also about elitist philosophy of shortages, which I think are all along these lines…Like Carlin said "well, we know what they want…they want more for themselves and less for us"

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