>Repairman At Wit’s End…


If you can’t tell from my writing…I am easily frustrated.  I get irritated at the most seemingly harmless things.  A jewess starts a wage revolt for teachers in Wisconsin, and I see a broke state that will have to be bailed out.  With our tax dollars…somehow.  Maybe we can put all teachers and state workers on the Federal payroll.  Sure…that would solve a lot of problems.  Sheesh.  As if.  I’m suspicious that that will be their final answer.  I appear to be alone in this anti-anti-revolution thing.  Oh well.  I’ve been alone a lot before.  I am in sparse company as I see the revolt in Egypt and the entire Middle East in fact as being engineered by zionists.  It is cheaper to change regimes, in money and lives, when you stir the people to do it for you.  I am annoyed that people can’t see this.

I get annoyed at those that seek company in their views.  That sounds a bit silly perhaps…a bit contrary and nay-saying. Much against what I am trying to do here…to convince others that I have at least one foot on the right path. Heaven help me if I was taken seriously.  Then I would have to revolt against myself.  But if I see the herd going one way, I often ask why not the other path.  Crowds scare me.  Group-think spooks me out.  If the majority of people believe something, that to me is good enough reason to question it.  But maybe that’s just me.  I am annoying, and annoyed.  A lot of us are.  I think we creepy people are where change for good starts.  Like an inventor that sees the way the world is perfectly happy snapping off the top of a soda and tossing it on the ground…then he develops an opener that stays on the can.  The curse of an engineer.  Always look for a better way.  Never be satisfied.  Tough way to live.  Maybe that’s a small part of human nature.

But you are like that too.  Or you wouldn’t be here.  I look at the world as a faulty machine turning out faulty parts.  After a short time tinkering and fiddling, I announce “well, HERE’S your problem…right here with this main gear that runs the whole machine.  It will need to be replaced”.    I announce also that there will be quite a bit of down-time to replace it, and the world doesn’t want to hear that.  I tell them that if they don’t they will keep getting defective parts, and they tell me they can make-do with what is produced.  I scratch my head in disbelief of their denial.  Sure, it will be costly.  Sure, there will be many changes that will have to take place to repair the damage…but eventually the whole thing will break down if you don’t.  They don’t want to hear it.  Oh well.  I keep trying to convince them.  I show them that the judaic gear that is running the machine is defective by design.  They don’t want to hear it.  They don’t even accept the fact that that faulty gear IS running the whole machine.  They think I’m daft.  They can’t afford it in any event, they tell me.  I tell them they can’t afford NOT to.  They don’t want to hear that either.
What are you gonna do.

I’m losing patience.  I am running out of reasoning power.  Only the defective gear disagrees with my assessment of the problem.  The customer…the world knows I am right.  They know there is a defect in the design and understand that it is getting worse and they really don’t need me…the guy bent over the machine with his butt-crack sticking out…to tell them why there is a problem.  Maybe they allow this annoying repairman his diagnosis because they know that one day they will have to fork out the cost of the repair.  They need the grounding, the common sense solution to be out here at least. They will keep seeking second and third opinions, and on and on. They will keep turning knobs..tweaking this…adjusting that.   The solution that they avoid is right in front of them as the problems mount in a mathematical proportion, all pointing to a single gear.
A single driving force for eventual destruction.  As a wise-guy once said: “Its the jews, stupid”.  I can’t add anything to that.


19 thoughts on “>Repairman At Wit’s End…

  1. >yeah and now us sending carrier to libya. funny that did not happen in rwanda when there was real large scale murder.fuck the fuckers, i hope they get blasted straight out of the water.okay breath deeply, eyes on sprinkler she retreats.vw. mulatedg

  2. >Hey timster,…NFP if ya don't wanna…Yeah I wasn't being facetious…I was just saying that you are tending away from your peceived base; what do I know? Nada!Forget it,lotsa luv mate;you've got my email if shit gets a bit much. Not that I would suggest that I have anything to offer, however, I know stuff…sortaPainful Paulielove light & peace:

  3. >Man and I wanted to think that this was a real people revolution. They are going to work the machine until it breaks then make a new one that looks different but does the same thing with the same problems. Insane.Dave

  4. >I exasperated with people in general. Their willing to be inhuman for a paycheck only adds to their mounting despair. But they refuse to make the connection that that is the point. Despair renders a person helpless. And if you can make them blame themselves for not managing their lives better they won,t even complain that they have been robbed of everything. Its just too painfull to admit.

  5. >Well, I've certainly been in the position of having a thing, a car maybe, that is damaged. People that know tell me that the item will fail. But, I don't have the time, or means, or desire, or whatever to fix it. Then, one day, it fails. That's all folks! My luck runs out, I don't get even one moment more of function, no matter what my need. Then, then it has to be fixed. Downtime whether I can afford it or not. Mandated by the universe.Sometimes, that's just how things have to work. I know that the item will fail, the repairman knows it, the game just goes on till the inevitable happens. And, for our world, it will. The time is coming. It's inevitable. The defective by design world Jewry will do a collective Bernie Maddoff. I'm sure of it. What will happen then? We'll see I guess. Don't lose patience, it's coming. Don't reason about it, it's unreasonable (other than from their point of view). Stick around and wait for the grinding crunching noise that will herald a new time for us all.

  6. >Frog – I hope you and I are around to witness it. It will be awesome, in the classic sense of the word.Yeah. How long will it take and how many celebs that they create, then turn on them…before people begin to notice that there are too many, and that they are all saying the same thing?

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