An individual is complicit in a crime if he/she is aware of its occurrence and has the ability to report the crime, but fails to do so.
This is a legal definition of the word complicity. It is the definition by which criminals are tried for their role in crimes in most courts of law. So many of us, were we in the dock on this charge pleading innocent…would be found guilty as charged. So many of us unfortunately would go free. Those that are not “aware” of a crime. But to whom would we report such a crime, if indeed we were aware of it? To the police? To the court system? Or are they also complicit?
The crimes I speak of are all around us…on a daily basis. It is the occupation of and illegal influence wielded by foreign nationals in our state and federal government and using such power in our country as a base of operations from which they wreak havoc on the civilized world. It is the trust, or monopoly that is held in the media, disallowing dissenting voices. It is the illegal usury applied to matters of finance and private central banking which our Constitution specifically forbids.
So we that understand these crimes are by definition complicit in their continuance. We that have done nothing to impede these crimes. Those that do not see this occupation, are innocent of any wrongdoing. I think this verdict is probably correct. Justice would be so served. Sort of.
There will be such a trial. Those found guilty will be punished. Those found complicit will also. Claiming you did know that these crimes were happening…and that you screamed your head off about them yet no one listened…will not be a viable defense. You did know and you spouted off to your fellow citizens about it, but your partners in crime continued their activities.
You’re fucked. The old saying “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” applies here, I think. We are outcasts in a corrupt society because we choose to scrutinize it’s corruption and yet are powerless to stop it. And we will be judged as complicit in any just world to follow, because we knew.
We will feel like those German officers on the dock at Nuremberg while being accused of almost super-human acts of evil. They could say little to nothing in defense…what’s the point…they were already tried and hung before the trial. The rest is awaiting the gallows. The rest is silence.
Well, that’s ok too. If it serves. In what will be the reverse-Nuremberg. If it serves a better world, I will sit there and allow the assassinations of my character proceed to my demise. That’s what I got into this for in the first place.
Prosecuting Attorney: “So, you would have this court believe that you did your utmost to impede zionism in your lifetime?”
Me: “Yes”

Prosecuting Attorney: “…even though you worked in their factories, voluntarily I might add…and paid taxes that you were fully aware were going mainly to subsidize the wanton murder of innocent men, women and children around the world, furthering the cause of zionism?”

Me: “but I tried to tell them…”

Prosecuting Attorney: “Your Honor, I would have you direct the accused to answer the questions I put to him with either a yes or no.”
Judge: “He is so directed…please answer with either yes, or no”

Me: “…yes”

Prosecuting Attorney: ” You sir, say you “tried” to tell them? To whom are you referring?”

Me: ” Well…everyone. I had that blog… and…”

Prosecuting Attorney: “Yes, we are well aware of your writings, sir. They were ineffectual at best…this has already been proven in these proceedings. Isn’t it true that in these writings you played more the “apologist” role rather than a critic of…

Defense Council : ” Objection. Your Honor, my client was only an apologist by way of stating many times in his pre-war writings, that jews were only people; and as duped by zionism as were the Gentiles of the time…a fact that has been proven time and time again throughout these numerous trials…”

Judge: “Objection overruled.”

Prosecuting Attorney:” Your honor, I have no further questions for this sorry individual. May he feel the wrath of the New Gentile Government in their punishment of such spineless individuals as this man…that was not only cognizant of the activities of the zionist infestation which nearly destroyed our world, but failed miserably in his meager efforts to save his own skin by his…”writing”.

Judge: “Guilty of complicity….next case”

Me…ambivalence. Silence.


13 thoughts on “>Complicity…

  1. >Timster,Yeah, I wonder the same. I posted a similar thought on one of Visible's blogs recently.When I die, the divine sits me down and says: Did you pay taxes and work a corrupt system? Did your money fund illegal wars, murder, torture, deception, drug sales, etc around the world? Did you not donate towards the slaughter of innocents? What do I say? Yes is the right answer. I had orders, I was threatened, I had a family to watch out for. It 's a dog eat dog world your Honor. I get screwed either way Sir.I try to do good to my fellow man or woman, those within my sphere of influence, those that don't try to screw me anyhow. Talk what I consider truth to those that are willing to listen. Close enough? Darned if I know. Don't ask for whom the noose hangs…I suppose this is a part of why Christianity (how I see things anyhow) makes sense to me. It does not excuse evil behavior, you still pay your bill, however, mercy is available to the repentant. Otherwise, the pointlessness of it all is, well, pointless.BTW, Nuremberg was quite a scam, wasn't it? As a kid, I thought Nuremberg trials were Justice incarnate. The remorseless unrepentant evil guilty punished by stern judges, vicars of the good. Then I read about what actually happened there. Route dismissal of factual evidence, admission of a single incredible testimony was enough to hang a man.Men who turned Tokyo into a firestorm, who killed civilians on purpose in Dresden were decorated by the allies. The German Julius Streicher (read: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/ds1.htm) was executed for what he wrote. Wild stories bordering on myth were made into truth. What a dammed place and time.

  2. >Frog – Yep we all will pay…according to our transgressions, I guess. We all know we can do more. "What a dammed place and time". Well put…what time and place isn't where judaism rules the day?

  3. >The quandary you raise is apt. The best we can hope for is more people will at least acknowledge their complicity. At the senior age I am, I cannot but place much blame on my generation that too easily tuned out to drugs, rock n roll and fantasyland movies and t.v. .Not being the spiritual sort even a Baptist upbringing I tried to judge myself as harshly as a god might. I have walked away from jobs when the line was crossed even w/kids to feed and took some hard jobs just to provide til better times.There is no salvation in a totally corrupt world, so I have no exaltation as I depart because too many things are fucked and even with some right choices of mine, it small consolation to the suffering my and your children will endure.We know those who capitalize on these things as you so astutely advice. I wish them only what they wrought that might taste of blood we bleed.Philospher and poet be damned. There is no good day to die and there never was universal love or peace. There is only knowing and not knowing and thanks to men like you, some us know what others are too ignorant or lazy to see.

  4. >A simple man is hung before he's born. Since the beginning the peasants have been plucked like pheasants. Hope seems bleak but a flame fueled can become mighty. We can only hope, it's not to late. Glen, nice piece.

  5. >Timster,Kinda off the subject but funny. Another Hollywood hispanic, Charlie Sheen, gets fired:http://www.tmz.com/2011/02/24/charlie-sheen-two-and-a-half-men-chuck-lorre-argument-radio-talk-show-tirade-turd-thomas-jefferson/Now Charlie sounds nuts, and has been for a while. He's been crude, arrogant, the usual I guess.But, his real crime here is near the top of the article.He called the show producer, Chuck Lorre, a turd, a clown, and said his real name is "Haim Levine".Ooh.Zap.Another goyim steps out of line.You can promote drugs, debauchery, whatever.Don't blaspheme against the Chosen though. Don't use their true names in vain and in public. Only death can follow.Ah, maybe Charlie can hang out with Mel.Anyhow, kinda funny to see this stuff happen and get buried. I wonder how many goyim see and learn.Take care Timster.

  6. >Frog – Yeah I read that this morning. He committed the ultimate sin…he named the beast!May he rot in the eternal retribution that is smear…hahaha…what a clown.

  7. >Frog – Oh…AND…does anyone out there find it ironic that HIS surname "sheen" is an Anglicization of Estavez, his true family name…Mexican, and that his father changed it for similar reasons as the judaic? Hahaha…does this irony never stop?

  8. >Yeah, I've had a soft spot for his brother, Emilio Estavez, who went at it with his real name intact. Maybe he kept his honor intact too. I suppose that's why you don't see him in the cinema too often. BTW, the irony is indeed there. The universe winks at people who can see pretty often.

  9. >Great article, one of the best I've read on your site, including the thoughtful comments above. What do you propose we do to become un-complicit with this system we find ourselves in?

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